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Wenger confirms Arsenal “are active in the market” – Are we excited?

Arsene Wenger is hardly well-known for buying players in the winter transfer window, in fact he said last week that he would rather it was banned, as we have heard him say every January! But we have heard him say every year that the League Cup is purely for giving his kids experience, but this season is obviously different..

For a manager who hates the January window we have already seen the arrival of that Greek defender and Arsenal have already sold Francis Coquelin. It has been also confirmed that talks are ongoing over Theo Walcott’s future and Matthieu Debuchy has made it clear he wants out as well and of course we have the Alexis Sanchez saga.

And now today Wenger has confirmed that he is far from finished his trading, as he was asked in his press conference if there could be some more arrivals this month. “I don’t rule it out – at the back, in midfield or up front.” he responded. “We are in the market and we are active.

“But I don’t want to give news that I cannot confirm. Things change very quickly.”

I personally think that this means that he isn’t going to announce the departure of Alexis Sanchez until he has made sure he has secured a top, top class replacement for the Chilean. With the profit from the summer’s dealings plus the cash from Coquelin, Walcott and Sanchez he can surely afford a player in the 100 million-plus bracket. Are we all excited that we could all be getting a belated Christmas present from Wenger?


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36 thoughts on “Wenger confirms Arsenal “are active in the market” – Are we excited?

  1. Sean Pearce

    Arsenal is crumbling bit by bit,what top 100m pound player would want to play for us.

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    1. Nothing changed

      What top 100 million player would make a difference as long as Wenger is in charge? Sanchez and Ozil didn’t.

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    2. Gunner2212

      We don’t need £100million players

      Mkhitaryan swap deal Sanchez
      Malcom £40million
      Mahrez £40/£50 million

      Behind lacazette….that would be a force

      We could genuinely make something like that happen if there was an appetite for it!!

      One can dream

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      1. Nothing changed

        Sanchez won’t go to Man U so you can forget about any swap deal with Man U for Sanchez.

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    3. Handyandy1

      It seems a lot easier for Wenger to sell players than to buy them that’s for sure! Have we got enough players for Bournemouth today? lol

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  2. Innit

    He said more than that this summer
    Even when he tries to get someone (who costs big money) he messes up.
    He got Xhaka and Mustafi easy because he paid more than their worth.
    We had Lemar on a silver platter and Wenger ruined it by dithering .
    LEMAR AGREED to personal terms
    Now Liverpool or United could get him

    We are muggs to believe he will do anything to turn us around.

    If the board keeps him in charge all i can say is “Madness, madness, madness ”
    (I watched Bridge Over the River Kwai during the holidays innit)

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  3. pires

    get a remplacent for Sanchez and clear him out….he is a far better player since joinig us,wining trophies …..Wahtever,Nowdays the players are mercenaries.So good luck.

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    1. Jeremy

      I think it’s all about players exiting and none coming in. Arsenal have long pockets and short arms when it comes to transfer of players.

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  4. Darryl D'Silva

    Yeah we will probably secure the signatures of a few 2nd raters who wil end up being 3hd raters once Wenger gets his hands on them. Tell me with all honesty which player from the top drawer will be willing to sign with Arsenal?

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    1. Handyandy1

      Yeah a couple of ‘one for the futures’ from France for 10 quid each no doubt. Whoever we get in seems to turn to crap anyway. Check out Lacazette before he came to Arsenal!

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  5. GB

    I like the look of Malcom but who is going to be managing next season?
    Wenger? (hope not and doubt it), Ancelotti? (strong rumours and better than Wenger), or is someone else already sorted, someone younger, with fresh ideas? I really hope so!

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  6. Ivan

    The biggest problem we have now is that we are no longer attractive to top players and even the likes of Mahrez, who in my mind is no more than a show pony, are saying they would prefer Liverpool over ourselves.
    The dinosaur was on the TV today laughing at his own glib comments and ignoring the fact that our best players don’t want to play for him anymore. The quicker this man goes and we can get somebody in with some ambition (not to mention all the other qualities he no longer has) the better.

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    1. Maks

      We need a meteor to get rid of Wenger!
      In the meantime we fans have to find interest somewhere else, and follow Arsenal without feelings… at least supress them.

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      1. Arnold

        He will be gone soon “catalisty of change” is already happening and everything is in place wenger just needs to take with him his coaching staff, asst, manager, head coach and mr Boro

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  7. Matt

    If we’re selling Alexis and Theo then Malcolm and Draxler make sense. That will give us a front three of:


    I’d be happy with that. Can’t believe what a little bitch Alexis is. Hope he rots on the bench somewhere or gets f&*^ed up by Ryan Shawcross

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    1. Coldzero

      Nice front three! Here’s hoping but let’s be honest if AW has anything to do with it we are stuffed.

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    2. bloodgooner

      If i was Alexis i would have made the move after we won the FA last season. You just being emotional about the player who is an employee, remember Alexis is NOT a fan of the club. We paid for his service and he delivered.
      Is it his fault the club cant compete, and the manager who always talk about top, top quality ends up buying players below par?.
      Please be realistic…it isnt Alexis fault, but the manager and board.

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      1. Ivan

        He wanted to go but Wenger did not agree it until very late in the transfer window and even then it was conditional on us finding a replacement. Unfortunately by the time we had bid £90 mil for Lemur it was late in the day and then Lemur turned us down. Wnger then cancelled Alexis move to City.

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  8. Gelz

    Yes Wenger is in the market selling our players at 1990s prices then wondering why other teams won’t do the same.

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  9. rkw

    the yogurt manager said the same thing in the summer and the summer before and the summer before that and before that …….

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  10. RSH

    Wenger doesn’t understand why you all aren’t satisfied? We just bought Mavropanos? Sanchez replacement complete

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    1. Arnold

      He was brought in by SVen without even consulting wenger thats why he took a swipe on him fews days ago

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  11. AB

    what will excite me is the news of wenger’s departure. Don’t want him to make any buys.

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  12. shark

    In the past, players used to say that they signed for us to play under Wenger (a great manager back then). Now they are running from us.

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  13. Ryche

    Signing Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Lemar, Dybala, Icardi, Malcon when our Wenger (Mr Bean) remain in charge will turn out a mediocre. I like wenger but time for him to say GOODBYE.

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  14. Colin

    I don’t often listen to Arsene Wegner , but i do believe he for once might be telling the truth about Arsenal being active in the winter transfer market ,and my belief stems from the fact that he is no longer in charge of recruitment ,small crumbs of comfort I know ,but any hint of his reign of terror coming to an end fills me with optimism and hope for brighter times are on the horizon .wegner out.

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  15. Naghar

    Very very very very excited and i can sleep,eat or drink, jumping up and down look like a little kid out of excitement
    Can someone pass the massage to Wenger to get out of my club, he has done enough damages to last life time.

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