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Wenger confirms that Alexis move was all about the money – not trophies…

Alexis Sanchez has left Arsenal to become far-and-away the highest earning player in the Premier League with a reported 14million a year contract, over £500,000 PER WEEK in fact. This is an obscene amount of money and represents much more than most Arsenal fans will earn in their whole lifetime IN ONE WEEK.

Everyone thought that Alexis was wanting to move to Man City because he wanted to win trophies, but Wenger has now confirmed that it was purely for the money, in fact even Manchester City refused to give in to his demands. He was asked if he had done everything he could to convince the Chilean to stay, and he replied: “We did what we tried to do and went as far as we could,”

“Even Manchester City moved out of it in the end. That tells you we had no chance to give him a contract.”

Asked if he could understand Alexis’ decision to go, Wenger said: “I understand nothing. I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal – but in 30 years of doing transfers you learn a lot about human beings. As a professional, it was perhaps his last contract at the top level and an important contract. After that, I accept that because we accepted that we would let him go. After that, we analyse the pros and the cons.

“There is always life. Arsenal Football Club is 130 years old and many big players have left. Will it go a bit less good? We will see but there is always life afterwards.”

I am actually glad that Alexis has finally gone if he was just after more money. It is easier to handle losing a money-grabber than someone who wanted to win more trophies near the end of his career. As Uche said yesterday, there is simply no loyalty in football any more, except perhaps with Jack Wilshere…

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33 thoughts on “Wenger confirms that Alexis move was all about the money – not trophies…

  1. John0711

    10 m a year is also available obscene
    And tickey prices for under achieving team but what do I know

  2. Andcliff

    It has to be for the money. Which top footballer would choose play for Mourinho rather than Pep?
    Enjoy your money Alexis because you won’t enjoy the football.

  3. Coldzero

    There you have it- all the fans saying it’s because poor Alexi wants to win things, we aren’t ambitious enough for him….yeah right!

    Shown himself to be the greedy Herbert that he is and good riddance to him. I am just glad he is no longer going to be playing for Arsenal and not of all creating mayhem in the dressing room-
    As without doubt that’s what he has been doing.

    Good riddance!

    1. The Defiant Man


      And the so-called journalists were spreading lies for so long, but now won’t even admit they were wrong: it was all about the money. No attacking player would choose Mourinho’s United over Pep’s City.

      The journos now claim United WON THE BATTLE for the Chilean. Yeah, right, like you win the battle for a prostitute when you’re the one who pays her the most. lol

  4. jon fox

    Surely the real truth is that Sanchez does have way too much ambition to ever stay with ous, as we are now a club bereft of all real top level ambition, and he has known this for some time. BUT, he ALSO wants to get the best financial reward in what is probably his very last big and increased cointract. So, yes, he IS a mercenary, undoubtedly BUT he also quite rightly wants to win top trophies. Further , I say that all Prem players are at least as mercenary as their own talents allow. You can be two class levels below Sanchez and still be a Prem journeyman earning a regular £50k per week, not to be sniffed at. But most such players would gladly move anywhere for an extra dollop of cash, how much depending on personal circumstances, kids at schools etc. But don’t kid yourselves that Sanchez is any different from most other players in this money respect, because he is not ! In the real world money talks. Always has, always will , under a capitalist system AND THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. Ten brownie points if you can think who first said that last phrase. Thatcher, no less! And she wasn’t exactly skint either! But you can be a mercenary and also have ambition; they are not opposites.

    1. jon fox

      I should have added, of course, that there are a very few exceptions in the Prem to the mercenary rule. Wilshere may-or may not be one. We may shortly find out when he is formally offered a new deal but with a lower basic wage, which many on here have also called for, though I NOW BELIEVE HE SHOULD BE OFFERED A LONG TERM CONTRACT WITH A SLIGHT INCREASE ON HIS BASIC. To me he is clearly an adult now, at long last, and deserves to be treated as one. A reduction would be rightly regarded as an insult, esp as he is the only actual Arsenal fan in the squad, something he has proved time and time again. I mean, who among us can imagine Lacazette or Koscielny getting fined for singing anti-Spuds songs at the cup final? Nor can I !

      1. The Defiant Man

        It’s not a decrease.

        It’s a moderate increase if he plays a lot.
        Only moderately less if he’s injured A LOT.

        Fair deal for both parties.

  5. Istjamaicanarsenal

    If Ozil is the quality player we say he is why are there no top European manager trying to acquire him and they could get him on a cheap not even.
    on inquiry or offer he doesn’t score a lot of gold he doesn’t take on the Defender and create chances so he only performing games in gameswhere the opponent give us space and a lot of room we will never win the title with him why are Liverpool doing better than us even when we have Sanchez and ozil

  6. Samij

    Sanchez said he wants to win major Trophy then Man city came calling which is d only team capable of giving him dat but rejected them and decided to go to an average team which is a bit better than Arsenal. My Big question to Sanchez is are u sure really wanted to win a Trophy or it is money u ar lookin for ?

  7. Sue

    Jesus that is pure greed!! It’s not like he even needs the money!!
    I was gutted about him leaving us… but not anymore. I wonder how we’ll get along without him, but surely no one is irreplaceable!
    I know he wants to win trophies… but to me it seems it’s more about the money, we were dropped like a hot potato so he can show boat at old trafford almost as if the last 3 years meant nothing!

  8. COYG_CA

    Of course it’s mostly $$$$. Also, that ManU squad is now going to be full of “look at me”, “I am the best”, “the highest paid” players. Not the best recipe for long-term if you ask me. Jose never stays or lasts long either. Could be a big drama factory over there before too long . . . .

  9. Ray

    Well, “Generally” speaking, most South American could give a s**t about the club. Money talks..

    If you want an honest “footballer”, don’t even think about look that far down the globe!

  10. Innit

    £500,000 per week. Who does he think he is? Pure Greed!
    I don’t blame Wenger. I thought he wanted £300,000 pw which is still high. But Alexis didn’t appreciate that we have a budget. He didn’t care about the club. He just wanted to be the highest paid player in the world. He’s greedy innit
    I still want Wenger out though lol

  11. Gelz

    Sad to see him go, but not surprised. Whether its trophies or money a footballers career isn’t a life long job, he’s going to want to earn as much as he can in that time. I’m disappointed that we are going to see him in a Man U shirt, but glad we got to see him in ours for a short time. As for calling him mercenary you can bet that Man U will still show more ambition than us and go after more world class players to show they are ambitious, where Wenger only reacts once we lose a player instead of adding to help keep them.

  12. Invincibles49

    I call BullS. Wenger has stooped to such a low level that you save his face, he will put the blame for transfer an ambitious player to the rivals in the middle of the season, on the player itself.

    Wenger just ask yourself if for the same offer, Sanchez will still not join MANU ?? And why is HE still at the club if not for easy money ?? We are stuck with such a fraud. Any of the Arsenal’s legacy that has Wenger associated with feels like a sham now. There is no joy in thinking of good times anymore. Such a sad state of affairs and worst part is nothing can be done. NOTHING!!

    1. Ian wrights bruva

      The club has been offering an improved contract for about 18 months if not longer. The reason Sanchez has left is because he is Greedy and signed for the highest bidder. If it was about the silverware he would have gone to the strongest team in England Mann city not Man U (where he could earn the most money).

      Well done Arsene for calling out Sanchez

  13. McLov

    I find it funny to compare 500k a week to a normal person who earns that in his life, when a 100k week player earns that in 5 weeks but that is not so frivolous.

  14. Robin Vanpayslip

    The most satisfying bit about the whole going to united bit is that mourinho said he can’t compete with city and then pulls a stunt like this.

    Sanchez is a top drawer player but this farce actually almost saves the club face.

  15. summerbreez

    I strongly believe salaries should have a maximum and not exceed the maximum else football will turn into a boring game for the wealthy and you will have the top rich clubs on top and the rest dangling down the bottom in essence you want an equal opportunity to all clubs to make it interesting and loyal else the gap will grow further and further to what limit ????

  16. Ken 1945

    In my opinion, Manure have just bought another RVP from us.
    A Judas who let the club reserect his career and then did the dirty on us.
    Let’s hope that we have obtained the better deal, I just wish that it was all over and done with.
    As the manager says I cant believe anyone wanting to leave Arsenal
    But many have and many will in the future…however the club will go on and on, as it will when Arsene leaves us after his contract expires next season.

  17. Chamber

    Most if not all footballers are mercenaries.Human being are inherently greedy hence the economic system called capitalism.Honestly I hold no hard feeling towards Sanchez.For most working folks commenting here if another job offer comes paying 3 or 4 times more than they currently earn they would swear they never used the term company loyalty during the interview that landed then their job.

  18. RSH

    Most footballers are about money. You think Ozil moved here thinking he’d win UCL/EPL/ and all these trophies? Asrenal offered him good wages. And are we really going to pretend any of us would turn down 500k per week??? If United want to offer ridiculous wages then they’ll get the best mercenaries out there. Sanchez going on 30, only a few years left to make your millions, so of course he’s gunna take it like 99% of people would.

    1. Chamber

      “And are we really going to pretend any of us would turn down 500k per week?”

      LOL..I would..If the counter offer is 600K

  19. Yossarian

    The whole Alexis saga reminds me a bit of when Carlos Tevez was in the Premier League. I reckon he’ll only be at Man Utd for a couple of seasons before he starts having problems again.

  20. Vlad

    Alexis showed his true colors. Great. If I had any respect left for him, it’s now gone. So long, Little Chilean Le Sulk. You won’t be missed.

  21. Handyandy1

    I’m just glad this is finally over. I was getting sick to the back teeth with it all. What I’d dearly love now would be to win the title next season to shove Sanchez’ face in it but that’s not going to happen unfortunately. Here’s to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, may your career with us be a long and happy one!

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