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Wenger confirms that Gibbs will replace Clichy

If you listen to the consensus from all the Arsenal rumours flying around you would expect that Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas will be leaving the Emirates imminently, with Nasri set to follow Gael Clichy to Manchester City.

But Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem at all worried about losing either Nasri or Cesc and seems to indicate that he actually wanted to sell Clichy so he could promote Kieran Gibbs to the first team.

He said: “The reasoning is that Kieran Gibbs at some stage has to get a chance to play. And Gael had only one year to go.

“I rate Gael very highly but I rate highly as well Kieran Gibbs, and he is now at an age where he has to play. And that’s the main reason behind that, to give Gibbs a chance”.

I would certainly agree that Gibbs is a great talent, but the obvious problem is that every time he has been given a run in the first team he gets injured. Wenger must be confident that these problems are now behind him……

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77 thoughts on “Wenger confirms that Gibbs will replace Clichy

  1. P.P

    i would normally not agree, but somthing tells me that Gibbs is going to shine next season =)

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  2. E-papi

    Dats pure gamble..Gibbs is not experienced n he’s injury prone..
    D competition in EPL is getting stronger as d year goes by n our spot in spot shld nt b played with…

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  3. E-papi

    Sorry if I sound rude bt I think wenger should b examined psychologically if makes such a move..we dnt need to experiment fr nw..six years n counting without trophy n we still dnt knw wht our problem is..n whn ll our opinion start counting?..its really sad..

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  4. swazigunner

    The fact is that Gibbs is not yet ready!!!! He is very poor defensively

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  5. Funso

    I dont think he’s ready just yet and he is too injury-prone. Then, who replaces him when injured?

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  6. Aloysius

    This wil be disaster! The idea was to bring in Samba n Cahill n push Varmaleen to da left as Captain.

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  7. Sylvester Osiz

    Wenger shud buy a more mature nd experience players if he really want to win any trophy next season.

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  8. Salim

    who of u was knowing sagna, tv5, viera, and so on. Stop moaning

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  9. gunner

    gibbs is not but traore is,remember in d game against aston villa where fab scored 2 goals,traore made a fantastic lob pass and hes 6ft 1in……….

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  10. undisclosed

    Rb – sagna eboue jenkinson
    rcb – djourou squillaci bartley
    lcb – vermaelen koscielny miquel
    lb – gibbs traore botelho

    I know everyone is clamouring for us to sign cb and lb but really who is wenger going to get rid of? Having read the recent stuff from him u get the feeling that he is quite happy with his defensive squad.

    dm – song frimpong coquelin
    cm – wilshire diaby lansbury

    for me this is where we look to inexperienced but u can see wenger going with these choices.

    rw – walcott gervinho JET
    am – fabregas ramsey rosicky
    lw – nasri arshavin miyaichi

    this would be wengers ideal contestants for these roles. however 3 of these players may not be here next season so this is likely to be where new recruits are required.

    s – RVP chamakh vela

    i think wenger is more than happy to run with these 3 options there is also bendtner afobe murphy and sunu lurking in the background.

    gk – szcesney fabianski mannone shea

    i think wenger will run with these 4 keepers although almunia could still be 3 rd choice allowing the other 2 to go on loan.

    not in the squad – almunia denilson bendtner hoyte eastmond murphy sunu watt henderson ozyakup

    Some of these could yet still make wengers squad although it is likely that most will go on loan.

    that is my summary of the squad assuming there are no more ins and outs after gervinho signs. i have also assumed we will continue with 4231 formation as we play that formation at every.level from under nines up. it would be too much to change.

    if cesc and nasri are sold and botelho and miyaichi are refused permits then i expect that is where u will see new signings. also wenger will.decide.if frimpong and coquelin are ready to do a jack and takeover from denilson and eastmond (injured) as songs understudy. however u heard it here first squillaci koscielny vermaelen djourou or bartley may be in line to do that job allowing frimpong coquelin and eastmond (when he is fit) to go on loan.

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  11. mashulano

    I prefer vermalin rather than gibbs coz gibbs is not strong enough and at the centre back iwant a combination of cahill an samba this season is ours come on arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. B.N. Norway

    He is not ready. We realy need a new signing for this place.

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  13. ol'chux

    arsene is right here. kierran does need a chance to show what he can do. gael had a similar chance when AC3 left and he grabbed it with both hands. i hope kierran does too.

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  14. Tom

    Another example of wenger being tight! A real manager would get sufficient cover for Gael clichy! Everyone knows our back four were the reason we lost the epl last season! Yet he’s done nothing about strengthening it! Love arsenal, hate wenger

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  15. Zack


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  16. sam

    This is fuckin Bulshit. Another overated player coz he is English. This is a fuckin Disaster. The kid cant play 5 consecutive games. We want a left back like Baines.PERIOD. Wenger should remember what happened in Scotland. If the board Cant take action we will personally take action by jumping in the field and giving wenger a seroius beating just like what happened in Scotland. Fuckin joke.

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  17. Gooner

    Might not be a bad idea. Injuries dont always happen. Give him a chance, great if he shines. If he doesnt, vermalean is ready to replace him, given one more CB is signed. I repeat only one.. we dont need two more thats for sure.

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  18. OnDGooner

    The matte is that we have a lying manager who cannot be trusted! Just 2 weeks ago he was telling us he wanted Clichy to stay and he’ll be doing all he can to make this happen; then now this!!

    Also not long ago he was telling us to expect a busy transfer market but now that has changed to one or two players. How can any one believe this man’s utterances?

    Listen to what he is now saying about Nasri and Cescand how he will be fighting for them to stay; and by next week they’ll be history. It is now time for Mr wenger to be HISTORY! Thank you you faithful & honest gunners.

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  19. Dessy

    Hey guys, why the talks about AW, he’s done so much to put these team together, agreed he make silly mistakes at times but in most cases he’s right. Gibbs is more promising young English man, he’s fast and can make some neat tackles. Same thing happened to Clichy while Ashley Cole was commanding the left back position after his departure Clichy took over, now it’s the time of Gibbs to prove that he can also cement himself in that position or not, but tome me he’s a better player. in Arsenal I trust.

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  20. SHAWN O

    he should have said this after we tied nasri down this kind of news would make me want to leave

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  21. Tobey

    Clichy was always better than Gibbs did you see his form towards the end of the season in games against Aston Villa and Stoke he was Poor
    Atleast go for Enrique if you are that tight
    and traore is worse than Gibbs did you see his loan spell at Juventus
    i think Enrique and Gibbs would be good for the Left Back slot

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  22. adai

    I think both nasri n fab r not in anywhere near d authenticity n gr8t loyalty of d arsenal dutch legend Dennis B,he gave his all 2 arsenal n country witout complains n bragging yet he is a living legend.Arsenal play better football than all d first 3 if not 4 referee favouritisms,arsenal shld hv won d if they want 2 go,prof pls let them go we d fans r tired of their noises.sell those guys n buy som other players of their ages not minding d cash but d qualities,desire n hunger.let’s also continue 2 pray 4 d team against plans of d enemies such as referees n unnecessary injuries.Any foul officiating against arsenal dis season God will remove n ban such referees in jesus name.let somebody shout Halleluiaaaa,Gunners4life.

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  23. olaking

    will should not relay on Gibbs alone will have long season to go Gibbs should be a backup will quality player to replace Gael Wenger should grow up 6 years still want to repeat the same mistake, this man refuse to learn. God have him.

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  24. col

    gibbs is not a lb, he is a winger, the sooner wenger realizes this the better, gibbs is a good player but he can-not defend, his positioning as a defensive player is crap. it didnt take redknapp this long to change gareth bale from left back to left wing! we were defensively bad last season, then wenger said thats where we’re gonna strengthen but in my opinion we’ve gone backwards. get rid of squilaci too, he’s a donkey along with diaby! all i feel we need at the moment is 1 central defender (hopefully cahill, samba or huth people with premier league experience to hit the floor running) and 1 leftback (baines would be my choice) and if nasri isn’t gonna sign a new deal take 20m and get mata! the only positives i can see for the coming season so far are gervinho looks pretty good and i have a very, very good feeling about ryo miyaichi (assuming he gets a permit!)

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  25. Sina

    Baines n Enrique could be good replacements.
    In Arsene we rust.

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  26. Taryur

    If it were up 2mi…wenger wd sick n tired of hs bullshit.d board shd impose playaz on hm if dey wnt hm 2 stay…lemme tel u dis…Arsenal wd nt compete 4 any silverware.dey wd want out of all competition.stil a gunner. k

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  27. Daniel

    I think he’s a good player but his injuries bother me a lot. Arsene does this a lot. Sets all his stall on a player who then constantly gets injured

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  28. Sloppy Joe

    @undisclosed, spot on there! Most of the simpletons don’t think of the consequences when they demand “Cahill, Samba and Baines”. There age will hold players like Miquel, Bartley and Gibbs back. They will also take the places if Djourou and Koscielny, they did good for us last season and in nt opinion deserve to play. Players like Koscielny and even Squillaci will improve (it was their first season in the Premier League which is notoriously hard to climatise to). Things are looking good at Arsenal 🙂

    Oh btw, to all you simple middle aged men out there……don’t believe everything you read *cough* *cough* Fab and Nasri….

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  29. AFC by Birth

    We are not relying on Gibbs alone, there is Traore and Vermaelen. Also Koscielny, Eboue and Miquel are all capable left backs. How many Left Backs do people want us to have?

    As for the defence getting weaker and weaker, what crap!

    Gibbs is better than Clichy and but for some niggling injuries would have proved that last year. Traore will be better than Clichy as well and when he does get his work permit so will Botelho. Vermaelen is already a regular international left back. When you look at our defence in the CL run up to the final

    Eboue, Toure, Senderos, Flamini

    can you honestly say that is stronger than

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Gibbs

    even the back up defence is no weaker

    Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Traore

    Even when you consider what our foirst choive defence was that season, Lauren Campbell Toure Cole, it was not exactly a world beating team.

    I am sorry people are just scare mongering. We have 2 players for every position in defence all of them except Traore is a full international and he is an U21 International. Djourou Koscielny Squillaci and Gibbs will all be better this season as they are now settled in the team/squad and used of the EPL. The one thing that bothers me is the height against certain teams. However, that can be addressed by using taller players where possible. Djourou & Bartley are 6’4 and 6’3 respectively. Koscielny, Squillaci, Traore and Vermaelen are all 6’1 and Song is 6’0. If we play Stoke for example why not play a back 4 of Kos, Djourou, Bartley, Vermaelen with Song at DM.

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  30. aliu ezekiel

    I dont think wenger is serious at all.So,tell me if cesce and nasri see that u didnt buy experience player now,do you think that they will stay?Experience leaves,while inexperience and injury player replaces u think that we will win trophy this season?

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  31. para

    I just hope Cesc settles down and commits fully to AFC forgetting his dream, then i have hope for our season.
    If he is still unsettled it may well be a repeat of last season.

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  32. aliu ezekiel

    Pls mr.Wenger,try to buy experienced and matured players into this team to atract these duo(cesc and nasri)so that they will stay.Spend these money!!!

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  33. MikE

    arsene has to talk up what’s going on. if he was doom and gloom – like the rest of us – the club would implode. fall apart. go bust.

    government’s do it, celebs caught with their pants down do it, you do it if in a sopot of trouble —- it’s called spin and is part of life today. just like blogs and chat rooms and sites like this are.

    try not to panic guys wherever you are in the world including our friend in swaziland – my favourite african country!!!

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  34. Gun

    @Sam. i also think tt gibbs is bad deensively and that traore wld do a better job. but of course the best wld be to sign a gd left back. cissokho or baines wld do the job

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  35. gummy

    Plenty of back-up for Gibbs, TV5, New boy jenkinson, Traore, and Botelho. Options will be TV5 and Botelho, Jenkinson, as i expect them to offload Traore

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  36. jay r

    ARSENAL Z DOOMED, if he z serious with what he is sayin i predict a major unrest nxt season…GIBBS REALLY??? js get abidal n cash den giv dem fabregas u spare us the trouble

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  37. Baz

    I don’t think gibbs or Traore are ready to take over as first team left back!! That tight prick Wenger is at it again!! Wenger must be sacked!!!

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  38. Splotchy


    Your opinion will probably start counting when anyone can
    understand the majority of what you have written.

    Clichy has been a problem player for us for the last couple
    of years. It was his time to go. As much as I liked him and that
    he gave 100% in every game. He was prone to horrendous
    lapses in concentration, freezing on the ball when he should
    have tinker it into row z etc. We need a doer not a tryer. If
    Gibbs is past the worst with injuries I’d give him a go. Not sure
    about the quality of who we have as cover at the moment but
    there you go.

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  39. tordoo

    wenger is bordering on insane…………..gibbs??????GIBBS????same way he said he sold adebayor so the likes of nicklas and vela could perform…how did that end up???in the last 6 years wenger has only made 2 good decision…that was buying vermealien..evryfn else was pure crap….imagine our current squad…if we stil had toure….hleb..adebayor and all the other players wenger sold so these crap wuld come forth would take gilberto in his 40’s of denilson who was his so called replacement….

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  40. Nezquik

    Its funny how everyone’s opinion about our defence is the same. Saying its shitty, weak, or sucks etc.

    When the real problem is that the team is shitty defensively as a whole.

    If Arsene Wenger can get the players to defend like a team,just like how they attack as a team, Arsenal would’ve been league champions by now.

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  41. jeff

    ooooh well that confirms it…next season wel b fighting for a europa league spot with the likes of sunderland and newcatsle…better get your seaaon tickets for the europa league ready..GIBBS?????is he freakin seriousss????

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  42. Charlie

    I don’t have faith in Gibbs. Remember the way that Leyton Orient striker beat him and Miguel to score a goal in the Cup ? it was embarassing and that’s a substitute for a League One team. Arsene has shown his weakness in recent years for overrating the youngsters that he’s nurtured but he’s not learning from his mistakes. Clichy was a weakness last year and Gibbs was slightly worse. We needed to strengthen at Left Back, that’s the truth. Apart from all that Gibbs is injury-prone and only Vermaelen is really a top quality replacement. The reports that i read about Traore say he made only 10 substitute appearances for Juve and has been transfer listed. If you move Vermaelen to LB only when Gibbs is injured and bring in Koscielny you are actually improving the team in my opinion. I back using Vermaelen as forst choice LB and having Gibbs as backup but i don’t back promoting Gibbs and if Vermaelen is moved then a new CB must be bought.

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  43. Tobey

    You Guys Dont Understand Traore is like a LB Squallaci he aint consistent and always fades away during the later stages of the game
    we need to sell Traore and those who want Vermaelen as Left Back are you gone Bonkers he is our Best Center Back
    he played well in the CB position thats why we brought him form Ajax
    think of it Gibbs is great but he cant go 5 matches without a break

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  44. mac

    @ TOM you’ve obviously only started supporting arsenal since the last burst of trophies otherwise you’d never be saying “LOVE ARSENAL, HATE WENGER”. the man has done great things for this club, and there is no other manager in the world that could have maintained our place in the CL while giving us the best stadium in the world. I’ve never thought football was about going out and spending buckets of cash with a “my dad’s bigger than your dad” ethos…just look at the best team in the world right now, their team is built on the solid infrastructure built over decades. Yes, they can afford the spend about 10 times the asking price for ibra, but only because of the success created by their yout system and philosophy of football. wengers nurtured countless youngsters who the new wave brigade of glory hunting arsenal supporters thought were useless. Alex Song is one the best examples of this. next time before you leave a post, think to yourself “would an idiot post this”, and if he would then, DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT…

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  45. jbyno

    You guys should consider that if your expecting Cahill to come to Arsenal, den someone has to go…we already have koscielny, djourou, vermaelen, squilacci and jenkinson in central defense and only 2 can play. so since clichy is sold, vermaelen and gibbs would be drafted to dat spot which will make room for cahill/samba…easy math!

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  46. Clint

    Everybody stop talking,you are clueless. Vermaelen will NOT be pushed to LB because it’s an idiotic idea.

    Gibbs is ready to shine this year and I think he should be fighting Traore for a place.

    Baines will NOT be signed because defensively he is worse than Gibbs and his crossing prowess is quite useless for us.

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  47. miyaichi

    I think vermaelen should be our first choice LB nxt season,then getting cahill or jagielka to partner KOS will be perfect for arsenal,I don’t know why you keep criticizing arsene,remember he’ve helped arsenal to the top 4 finish since his first full season,and doing that with a very low budget and a very small salary scale,arsenal will still compete for all titles next season,what arsene just said was what I was expecting him to say,keep cesc and nasri and get 3 more players,already sealed gervinho,go for either cahill/jagielka/samba(will prefer english) go bid for essien(he’s looking unsettled in chelsea ) ,then mata/affelay if he must add a striker ,I don’t think we need a world class striker with the formation we playing,RVP is always the first choice ….I’ll prefer he gets Agudelo from NYRB , with this I think we are ready to go…what! Ooopppsss,forgot to get rid of the scums we have ….don’t forget to get rid of denilson , diaby (he cost us last season vs newcastle ) squilacci ,traore , rosicky ,bendtner , loan vela again till january

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  48. Mr Bond

    I think we have got used to Wenger gambling in the last few years. Dont personally believe Gibbs will be a success but hoping to be proven wrong. We have become a selling club recently and the board seem only interested in there pockets instead of winning.

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  49. realist

    traore and gibbs were originally left wingers. sometimes converting a left winger into a left back works, speaking from personal experience, id say i run the left flank.

    look at evra, that man used to be a striker, then he got shifted to left wing, and now hes a left back, and one of the finest in the league if it werent for his gobby mouth.

    our very own lauren and eboue were orinigally right wingers, they became capable right backs.

    BUT THEN! wenger experiments way too much! denilson was meant to be used in the CAM role, but got put into CDM. maybe this is why he hasnt got his game correct but i can tell you that he is utter shite, i do agree with that.

    along with a current squad members

    nasri CAM to RW
    wilshere RW to CM
    walcott ST to RW
    song CB to CDM

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  50. IvoryGoonz

    When Clichy came from Monaco he had already played half the season before in French league, and we had won the title just the year before that in 2002. When they went to win the Premier Division the next year in 2004, he played half the games and Cole was still there. Clichy didn have the pressure Gibbs has.
    At that time Wenger could take a gamble on Clichy and let ColeC what he did. But you can’t just take a risk twice bigger, with Gibbs only managing something like 20 games in the last 3 years. That’s just suicide, and not the same situation at all.

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  51. Arsene Wenger official:

    I believe decision making is such an important aspect in modern day football. Things will be perfect very soon. Just give it some time and trust the person who has been appointed to do the job.

    Thank You

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  52. Bouba

    Wenger is totally deluded and he is taking us with him to oblivion …!!!

    Gibbs has nor the physical attribute nor the quality to be a first team player…
    It is unfair for the kid to step up so early, unfair…

    Again Wenger and his greedy board menders are trying to save money and cut corners…
    Kroenke has been silent so far… Fair to him, he saw the business opportunity ( banked by the Arsenal fans ) and he knows that Arsenal is self sustainable …


    Nasri and Fabregas have my benediction and I wish them the best…

    How could you bring big name players if your best players are leaving the boat…
    Anyway he is not bringing experienced players, so that’s fine…!!

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  53. Gooner4life

    If was the manger i would
    sell cesc 45-40m to inter ,bendner10m,denilson 7m,almunia2m,diaby10m,squillachi 3m……
    extent nasri’s contract 110k/wk,cahil15m,sako15m/subotic 15m/lucio10-12m,vermalin as LB,fellaini 20m,falcao 25-30m/hazard/pato/benzema/llorente,given 4-5m,parker7-8m,william12m/segio canales12m,…….and the list may gooos oon….these kind of transfer may become fan favs but the fact is something else itz quite notable that the player value are inflated very much these days…most often highly anticipated and htped expensive transfers are failures…
    1.robihno to man shitty2.kaka to real3.zlatan to barca4.torres to chelsea,5.aquilani6.roben to chelsea then real, 7shevchnco.8.greedybyor and toure to m shitty,10.zeko 11.tocarrol wait and see…, so why the hell you ppl are crying like babies….wenger is one of best managers in the premier league history..He knows what he is doing….and knows the team more than anyone because he see them more than from ur televisin….guyz building a team is not eazy as in fifa manager…u have to consider many factors starting with personality ..for the better if u r a true fan of this great club …..just believe in ourself…..and have faith in wenger….

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  54. LtDan

    Gibbs, Traore……none of them are good enough to fulfil the left back role as they are too cavalier as indeed was Clichy. He always too risks at left back not clearing the ball when in imminent danger, his marking was bad, his distribution was bad and when he did venture forward into positions where he could perhaps afford to be adventurous and offensive and make something happen….he slammed on the breaks and passed to someone already marked. He used to love to try to rush in front of players when they were receiving the ball and had his back to him….only to get turned and ending up on his arse.

    I was at a game a couple of seasons ago when he was having a ‘daymare’ of a game and it got so bad that three of his own players were berating him during the game……glad he’s gone to be honest !

    But, back to the story that Gibbs will be his replacement is not good news. He’s another Clichy in wating, too cavalier and doesn’t pay enough attention to his primary role which is ‘defending’. Again, been to many games where he’s played and always out of position and even with his pace couldn’t make up the ground he’d given away. He plays too far in from the touch line and too far forward allowing long balls to be played diagonally which he never recovers from.

    Arsenals problem is they’ve had too many of the same type of player in that left back role in the last couple of seasons, rapier like flair players who think they’re wingers. Defenders should defend and leave all the flair and glory to those in front of them.

    When we had the old back four of Dixon, Adams, Bould, Winterburn, those guys done exactly what they’re job description said…Defend. There was no airs and graces about it, it was a case of ‘no matter what shit goes on in front of us, our job is to keep the ball out at all costs even if it means doing it in an ungraceful fashion’.

    I think the ideal replacement for Clichy at left back is Thomas Vermaelen as he plays that role naturally for Belgium and he is what I call a stalwart defender. He’ll use everything he’s got and all the tools in his armoury to defend first and foremost.

    Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou and Vermaelen will eventually work extremely well as a first choice back four and with time….may even take on the mantle of the old guard.

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  55. gunner

    @REALIST, U R VERY CORRECT.wenger played denilson in cdm instead of cam,and bendtner in rs(right striker) when he is a cf,so how d hell can d fans blame these players when they arent played in their natural positions??????????????? i cud be wrong,but i believe these 2 wil perform better in their original places!!!!! denilsons actually one of d best shot-takers from outside d box at arsenal!!!!!!!

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  56. Gooner4life

    One more thing somebody here mentiond about wenger lying and accused of cheating fans…dear bro…. Go to market[which ever] and tell u want something badly and look for the price….simple logic … We all know cesc want to leave if club manager also says he cant retain his best player what the price would be??…..itz very easy to accuse someone…

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  57. Dan

    Who is our backup LB if Gibbs starts?
    I don’t want any trash player from the reserves, we need to make a signing, and IMO you can make a LB signing a lot better than gibbs for not much more than what we sold Clichy for, and if Wenger doesn’t spend that trasnfer money goddamn I’ll come after him.

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  58. Emanuel

    We London Arsenal Supporters have to make a protest against Wenger,He is leading the team counterclockwise.We better have another Manager who will care for his fans.

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  59. JJ

    gibbs is worst than clichy season we wont even reach top 4

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  60. klmbo

    the way arsenal have defended in the couple of years how can it get any better with gibbs promotion to left back.wengers does not want to spend,this is his last season enjoy it wenger lovers.

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  61. D.Bergkamp

    shit gotta wait another year before wengs gets the p45.

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  62. deejay

    they r fucking happy smelling the money they have.. dont want to buy a lb, dont want to buy any1…. n he is still busy … wat is he busy with…. manu were busy…now they r relieved, wenger is always busy in transfer n always gets nothing… stop playing with our head… please dont struggle for each penny…. bidding pennies more after each offer rejected…. he now have habit of signing player at the last moment… even dat have become his policy…
    with this team i dont believe any other manager can do anything except AW… but atleast other can recruit the team… AW always fails to motivate from the january…onward… this has happened lot of time…
    we start well n at the end of the season the player get tired…coz we dont have any1 to backup..
    we 1st need backup for nasri n fab, if he can keep them in the club… they have been playing even with half of their fitness…. we need WC player at that point…WC player costs money. either spent money in 1 WC player or lose them both…. or mayb his transfer policy has already made them lost….

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  63. arightdavee

    should have just pushed vermalaen out to the left and samba and cahill in the centre

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  64. ace

    come on guys, wot’s all d fuzz about? U srsly want to win a trophy? Think of it hw many league-winning clubs want to sell 4 of their 1st team playaz wt out gettin a single bid for about 2 mnths? (laughs)…it’s not possible… If i were nasr or cesc, i’d want out too. We’re all strugglin 2 make ourslves beta nd playaz lyk dat will neva get that 4rm an unambitious club lyk ours. It’s only a privilege that we’re in the top 4. Fab reached his arsenal peak 2 seasons ago nd nasr, jst last season. In d nxt 4 seasons, we’d have won 4-6 cups, counting emirate nd amsterdam tourneys as trophies. 4rm a bittered gooner.

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  65. hollyweed

    gibbs worse then clichy?
    gime a break…clichy cost us the league against birmingham
    if you can remember (how dare u forget) lol
    anyone will be better in my book,i love to see wc left back don’t get me wrong,but how many of them now in world football?
    actually gibbs is a better defender,Wenger preferred clichy coz of the forward runs he makes,but clichy can’t defend his ass let alone our backline,am glad that jackass left,we can only get better at left back,trust me

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  66. josh

    It’s very painful to hear this from our fucking manager. Why would gibbs be our main man left back this coming season. For God sake, spend these money, it’s not for your father. Get us a better signings and hopefully we’ll be able to compete. For me I’m not saying we should buy all these neymar and co, but sign some capable people like mertesacker and mata as long as it’s not more than little above 20m. Cos I’m fed up of all these wenger’s French embassy. Pls wenger spend spend spend. Now it’s one or two additional signing and before it’s expect a busy transfer. I’m tired of this shitty wenger, go to ur P.S.G and leave us alone

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  67. Grant

    It really annoys me when people judge things that wenger does so negatively, first of all just think how long has e worked at the top level in football or football in general compared to yourselfs, he loves this club he would not do something that he genuinely thought would damage the team in any way. Moreover, we doo not see how clichy and gibs were in training or anything like that or how they interacted with the other players. I for one think that Gibbs is a great player with an exciting future ahead of him and this what the club needs British heart and spirit which we all craved for now he has added it to the team lots of people are moaning, let’s see how the season goes I think it will go better than people expect.

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  68. Chairman Gallant

    Gibbs as our LB next season spells complete disaster. Apart from his injury woes, he is too inexperienced.So this is AW’s idea of a busy summer. When Fab and Nasri leaves, i guess he will promote his Son Diaby and Lansbury to take their places in the midfield, then he will tell us he can win everything-like he did last season.
    Arsenal fans should not expect any further signings from AW this summer except Gervinho.Manu,beware,the gunners are coming for that title next season.

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  69. ssentongo5

    how abt joe barton? i cherish his midfield he does it just like tonny adams and patrick viera guys how do value him?

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