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Wenger confirms TOP quality Arsenal transfer plans

With some Arsenal fans beginning to get frustrated at what they perceive to be a lack of effort from Arsene Wenger in the summer transfer window, apart from the very encouraging and well received signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea, I have been thinking about how the Frenchman is going about his business.

As I suggested the other day, it looks like the boss is fairly relaxed on the transfer front, mainly because the Gunners squad is already looking very strong. As long as the bad luck with injuries does not come back with a bang, there is a good argument that Wenger already has the tools to challenge for the Premier League.

But this does not mean that he is not going to sign any new players for Arsenal, just that he is in no rush to do so. As reported by Metro today, Wenger has confirmed this approach and with the first games of pre-season just around the corner, he is clearly more concerned about the players we already have than those we might be getting, especially with seeing who is fit and injury free.

He will certainly have a list of possible targets and it sounds like these will all be of top quality, but is looks like Wenger is keeping his cards close to his chest and waiting to see what Arsenal really need before making any moves.

The prof said, “If we can still add some quality, we will do it.

“We lost (Mesut) Ozil and (Olivier) Giroud for long periods last year and they contributed a lot in the second half of the season. Let’s hope all these players will be fit and available.

“The best way to strengthen other areas of the team is to get the players who did not play a lot last year and keep them fit.”

So where do you think Arsenal will need to strengthen and who do you think will be the players to do it?

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55 thoughts on “Wenger confirms TOP quality Arsenal transfer plans

  1. Dan.M

    muzzi ozcan says the transfer of the season is still in talks .. be patient

    he was right about van persie campell payet schweinsteiger

    hmm have a good feeling about this but no idea who it could be ?

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      I’d imagine it would be one of his clients. Cavani is the biggest name amongst them, but who knows. It may just be a load of hot air like most rumours, or maybe even something silly like Giroud or Walcott signing a new contract.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Muzzi Ozcan said it was a matter of days….. This Arsenal transfer…. Its getting to weeks …how critical!

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      1. rpk

        That doesn’t know how arsenal deals with transfers!! We ll be linked to a player for a month before we sign..
        Yes, ozcan we will be patient but if the signing is not marquee, then we will not leave you!

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        1. seancali

          I have a bad feeling about this ozcan dude, its already been a week. Where is our transfer of the season????

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          1. k klin

            Seancali you are so full of shit-load of pessimism…what would it take you to be patient??. Everytime u say something here its a negative statement/assumptions…piece of advice, quit being an arsenal fan & go for manure or chelshit…they would save u the stress of having to worry about new signings – BOZO!!!!

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    3. seancali

      Wenger said “if we can still add some quality, we will”. How serious is he about adding a few more classy players? He said if.,..this if can have lots of different meanings. It could mean we don’t need anyone and it could mean we might not be able to find quality. We already missed out on a number of quality players like Martinez and kondogbia…so are we really after anyone??? I for sure hope so.

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      1. seancali

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        1. Sacrificial_Pizza

          Dumb and dumber over here.

          11 days.

          Manure signed a great CM (which we dont need) 3 years ago. Still excellent, but his best days are definitely in the past.

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          1. GoonerLad

            Not to mention he’s INJURY PRONE and has no experience in PL. Our midfield is world class anyways we don’t need a CM unless it’s someone like Vidal

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  2. Gigi2

    Wenger should learn from experience. If we lost a lot cuz of all the players out injured and if it has happened a lot…then we shouldn’t just work on fitness but also prepare for what experience tells us is usual. How? A few additions that can fill those roles when those good players or if those good players are out injured.
    Nobody would want to come with an “if” offer them starter roles in the cups.

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    1. napersie

      what pains me sometimes is the fact that Wenger bring in some talented wingers/strikers to the club but he later says they will grow up as CM. the just recently recruited Jeff Reine-Adelaide is a winger cum striker but he says he’s gonna become a midfielder. he love midfielders too much but we need to develop a quality striker.

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    2. seancali

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      1. jonestown1

        LOL. You must find the world a scary place!! If you were a United supporter you would be going ape about DdG leaving and Arsenal getting Cech. You would be wondering about the wisdom of Schweinsteiger as a short-term fix and why United didn’t we go for Schneiderlin or where will this leave Herrera. You would be s***8ng your pants about only having one striker in Rooney. You would still be moaning about spending £60M on AdM and be upset to see Ashley Young and Fellaini being your lynch-pin players. You would wonder why Arsenal had Kos and Merts at CB with a La Liga CB prospect waiting in the wings whilst you had to make do with Smalling, Evans and Jones.

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  3. kanewilson1989

    Muzzi Ozcan (football agent and arsenal fan) says that talks are still ongoing and he will update when possible be patient arsenal fans. This is a couple of days after he said arsenal may have made the signing of the season. He also broke the new of Toby to tottenham and Schweinsteiger to utd before sky sports. So the guy seems reliable just don’t have a clue who it is just have to wait. United look like there going to try to buy the league!!

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      Assume that the first eleven starts with Giroud, Alexis, Özil, Walcott, Cazorla, Coquelin, Monreal, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Čech…

      If most are fit, Wenger will potentially have Ramsey, The Ox, Gibbs, Debuchy, Gabriel, Welbeck, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Szczesny, and even youngsters in Gnabry & Akpom waiting to have a chance in the team. There definitely is some depth in the team as it is. Of course, as the season wears on, injuries will happen, fitness will be an issue, and there will be need to freshen up the team. However, I definitely think one or two of these guys will not be happy with lack of playing time. We all realize that a new signing may sorely be needed in some area, but that will most definitely further drown the chances of playing for one or two of these guys. I’m sure many of us won’t mind one or two of them leaving, if it came right down to it… I’m just interested to see how Wenger works this situation out.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Couple of days?… Did u just hear the News the day before yesterday?

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  4. Uzi Ozil

    Still gutted with that article about swapping Ozil for Pogba…Some Arsenal fans don’t appreciate our players. We don’t know what we have until we lose it. So many teams will die to have Ozil’ Honestly, I feel Pogba is soooo over rated. Good player but over rated..

    Yea, hopefully’ Another marquee signing is on the way. Team look strong already but needs 1/2 quality players…

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    1. vince

      right oN! seriously? selling ozil? i thought we were past such stupidity. i am just glad wenger doesn’t listen to fans.

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    2. nicolaile

      Agree with you on the article but Pogba is a wonderful talent. Maybe not worth the asking price but has all the ingredients to be a world class cm. If we could buy him, I would take him in a heartbeat.

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  5. Dee@ease

    He thinks his squad is strong enough?even Barcelona the best team in the world who won a treble are strengthening with new players,so who are we at Arsenal to not buy new players?

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    1. Seetsuma

      To be honest, Barcelona are NOT strengthening this transfer window, they are replacing. The only purchases that they have made so far are Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal, and that’s because they have lost Xavi and Deulofeu.

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  6. goonerwineverything

    i cant believe that wenger said it was a tough decision getting in cech.

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    1. PaddyGooner

      I wouldn’t like to have you striking the deal. No questions asked? Ha!

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    2. Robin Vanpayslip

      what like Ozil or Sanchez?

      When he said he didn’t know who Cazorla was and signed him a few days later, no one cried about that quote.

      He has been doing these kind of quotes for almost two decades. Why do people get their panties in a bunch over what he says? He is one of the most predictable managers in the EPL.

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      1. Seetsuma

        If Arsene is so predictable, why is it that I have the same odds of winning the lotto as the journalists have of reporting a signle Arsenal signing before it’s announced?

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        1. jonestown1

          The predictable part is that no-one ever has the feintest clue what he is really thinking/plotting. All smoke and mirrors – always has been. Amazed there are guys on here who think he ought to be doing press conferences to give us and everyone else an idea of what he is up to. Stupidity doesn’t even begin to describe that idea.

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          1. Seetsuma

            So he is predictably unpredictable? Much like Steve Kerr and his “Line-up” against the Cavs when he said that Bogut would start, and then told admitted that he flat out lied to the press to gain an advantage? In that case, Arsene should just announce that he is going to sign Vidal, Varane and Lacazette and that there is nothing the footballing world can do about it. Then he should do the least expected thing ever, and sign the targets that he just announced. Absolutely nobody would expect that, as he’s not once named a target of his before it’s guaranteed that we sign them.

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    3. Sacrificial_Pizza

      What is he supposed to say. Yeah we have 2 shit keepers so we signed this top class bloke. Shut up you utter embarrassment

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  7. goonerwineverything

    we still definitely need a least one more world class marquee signing to make this squad really believe we can do anything if we get the right one we could win the title none of this messing around wenger with cryptic comment meaning to misled lets just get it done and dusted hopefully either big goalscoring winger or striker

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    1. seancali

      I think we need more than one player, we need at least 2 players. A DM is a must and we need a striker/winger. We should believe that we can make those huge signings and just get it over with.

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    2. Vermont Gooner

      That was all one sentence. My god you’re a while man.

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  8. Rationalist

    Article headline in the Metro should read: “Arsenal looking to keep existing players injury-free, as evidenced by their backroom staff recruits” 😀

    ‘The best way to strengthen other areas of the team is to get the players who did not play a lot last year and keep them fit.’

    We all know how close to his chest he plays his cards, so I think at this point it’s not really worth trying to guess what AW will do. He’ll quite probably do what he often does — toss some throwaway statements around about big-name players he really likes, then bring someone else in while nobody is looking. This is if he makes further transfers.

    Guessing what AW will do in the summer transfer window has become somewhat of an annual game. Even the likes of Muzzi Ozcan are joining in, no doubt with ulterior motives I’m sure.

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    1. GoonerLad

      This summer everyone seems to think we want Benzema but we know that’s just bait, he really wants a LW to replace Rosicky and Cazorla in the long term

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  9. xamanus

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    1. k klin

      If u had said this sh#t three seasons ago I’d have said you’re spot on but not after the “twat” has signed the likes of Mesut, Alexis and Petr cech..

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  10. JStarrr

    I think Wenger is a person who really cares about his players as people and isn’t as cut throat as other managers (Fergie for example). This causes him to overthink in the transfer market instead of just making quick swoop for talent.
    For example, he might not want to buy a big name in a certain pos, because he is thinking of the progress of the players he already has in that position.
    Now, it can be frustrating for us fans, but I think the players really appreciate it and are willing to go the extra mile for him.
    But I think he is starting to learn that big name and talent really do pay off (Ozil, Sanchez), and the signing of Cech is and indication that he is changing a little. Nothing wrong with healthy competition between players.
    Hopefully he can add some quality to our squad, as we have lost Podolski and Diaby, and seem to get more injuries than most.

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  11. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I am in total support of the Boss to first get all his Gunners at Arsenal very fit before making any new additions. But just who are the Gunners that needs to be brought to fitness before the new season commence? Arteta, Gibbs, Debuchy, Rosicky, Oxlade and Welbeck were the 6 unfit Gunners at Arsenal for a long spell of last season. And they didn’t play much games. It is a paramount job the Boss to bring them to fitness level in the shortest possible time. Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott returned from big and minor injuries and have stayed fit upto the end of last season. Now, the Boss is trying to give some young Gunners the chance to prove their potentials at the Barclays Asia games. Let’s wait to see if one or two young Gunners will convince the Boss to continue with them after the games than later on. So, let’s give the Boss time to get his players in order.

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    1. NK

      Am hopeful that Muzzi is onto something… has anyone seen the reports coming out of Italy about Inter & Milan fighting it out for Zlatan? We could easily pip both those close for him if we wanted!

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  12. chukawilling

    we need a goal scoring winger like a pedro or Reus. i have so much faith in theo if he goes central. the man has been impressive anytime he’s had to play in that position. only challenge he has is being able to score headers and a goal of anyform will count…another thing that worries me is a competent cover for le coq buh there is still enough time left to strengthen. Here is hoping that wenger does the rite things and get us the championship.

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  13. arsenalkid1970

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    1. jonestown1

      Steady on son. What is it with the “prat” stuff? Do you get out in to the real world? What the frigging hell is he supposed to tell the world at a press conference??? All his player’s are sh*8te and he is absolutely desperate to buy a CF?? Get a grip.

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    1. Rationalist

      Calm down dude, it’s the internet 😀 People would thumb down “thou shalt not viciously kill thy neighbour with a chainsaw and eat their children alive”, lol.

      In fairness, a lot of Arsenal fans play too much Fifa. We do definitely need another linchpin of a DM to keep the team’s balance if Coq is injured or we decide to get a seasoned DM in, but the concept of bringing in *any* CF/ST worth 20 million or more without proper assessment is Fifa territory. First and foremost, in the attacking department we need someone who’ll score against the most stubborn defences, even if that player only scores 16 or 17 in 30-odd matches. And we need a bit of tactical savvy too, as displayed against a Man City side in their own backyard who many tipped as better than us on paper.

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  14. Midkemma

    Coquelin, Arteta and Bielik.
    3 players who can fill the CDM role…
    Unless something special comes along then why disrupt Coquelin?

    If Coquelin continues his form then we can hope to see him in 80%+ of the EPL games right?
    Arteta may be getting on a bit and not capable of playing every week at such a high level but he can still be played in 10-20% of the games, that will nearly cover Coquelin without hurting us.

    Bielik could be ready to step up, Wenger did say that he thinks he may surprise us all and not to rule him out. Cup games and cover for Arteta?

    Wilshere has done well in the holding role for England and if he and Ramsey can build up a good understanding then we have potentiall 4 holding CM. Wilshere may not be the tough tackling holding CM that some people scream out for but alongside a tough tackling Ramsey they could form a formidable partnership.

    Then there is Ramsey, he may be one of the best B2B in the world (and so is Cazorla in current form) but Ramsey needs to make sure he doesn’t forget his ‘basics’, to get back and defend quickly. Playing Ramsey in the holding role occasionally could help him develop as a B2B player, learn what a holding CM needs by experiencing it… Wenger likes to give players an education through experience… He put henry out wide at Monaco, put Theo out wide and now moving him into the middle, Ramsey played out wide (and did at the end of the season due to injuries) Wilshere has played out wide…

    Now I am not saying we do not need a CDM, I have raised a few thoguhts that MIGHT be going through Wengers mind when looking at our current squad.

    Hence only a special player will be considered, someone who wants to come to us because we are Arsenal and not just for a wage… A player who believes in our way… A player may be good enough on the pitch but how the player is off the pitch as well can effect the team, not as easy as picking a top rated player like FIFA or Football Manager.

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    1. Jimbeam

      Bielik is 17, not ready yet. Arteta is 33, he wasnt good enough to be a DM in Arsenal before and he wont be this year. That leaves us with Coquelin, he had a wonderful half a season. He may be as good as we all think he is, or he may not. 1/2 season is not enough to judge. Or he could get a serious injury.
      I know Wenger gave Arteta a contract extension and we will probably not buy a DM, I just hope we dont end up regretting this decision, specially in a transfer window where there were so many good DMs available.

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      1. Seetsuma

        As my next article will outline in depth, we absolutely do need another defensive minded midfielder, however he doesn’t need to be a pure DM. We need a box to box midfielder that is going to shield the back 4 naturally but is able to push forward, as opposed to Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla who are going to naturally drive forward, but will sit back and shield the middle of the pitch when necessary.

        We need somebody who is a bit more offensive talented than Coquelin, but not necessarily more offensively minded. Somebody that we can either sit right next to Coquelin to help protect a lead, or who we can take Coquelin’s role when we don’t need to be quite so defensive. Essentially somebody who’s a younger, more athletic version of Arteta.

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  15. Ronny331

    @jimbean. Maybe wenger is also considering chambers and hayden for dm? Personally with some guidance/work I could see Ox doing a job for us at dm but not to hit the ground running. Give me cavanni, lacazette, reus or benzema and sign james mccarthy or Lee cattermole as DM cover.

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