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Wenger denies Ozil contract breakthrough and agrees it is time to speak to Jack Wilshere

It was recently reported that Arsenal were close to an agreement with Mesut Ozil about him finally signing a new big money contract extension to keep the German playmaker at the Emirates for another three years. But this would appear to not be the case after Wenger’s comments at yesterday’s press conference.

Jack Wilshere’s future is also still up in the air, and the English midfielder is desperate to get some regular first team action so he can force his way into Gareth Southgate’s plans for this summer’s World Cup Finals. But with just six months left on his Arsenal contract, Wenger is unlikely going to let him spend that time on loan so he really needs to either sign a new contract or be sold quickly.

Wenger has been quoted earlier in the season that he wanted the Wilshere talks to be concluded before the transfer window opens, as from January both Wilshere and Ozil (and Alexis!) will all be free to talk to foreign clubs about a summer move. That doesn’t leave much time with just three weeks remaining, and games every three days until Xmas.

As reported in The Sun: But he (Wenger) is still no closer to knowing whether his midfield stars will leave as free agents in the summer, despite having a small army of negotiators and heads of recruitment at the Emirates.

Wenger denied reports that the club have made a new, improved offer to top earner Ozil, 29, whose current contract expires at the end of the season, and admitted that there have still been no talks with 25-year-old Wilshere.

The Frenchman said: “We are in December today, so now it is time to talk to Jack. But it has not happened yet.”

We all jnow that Wilshere himself has said many times that he needs to talk to Wenger, and he must be getting frustrated that there has not been any offer forthcoming from the Boss up til now. Is wenger just putting him off, or is going to play Jack in the EPL for a few games in December to see how he performs first?


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11 thoughts on “Wenger denies Ozil contract breakthrough and agrees it is time to speak to Jack Wilshere

  1. Jaydawg

    These stories are getting boring, no one knows what’s happening and Arsenal are probably the best at keeping the press guessing.

    If I were to guess and it is a guess the club have decided already to let the three go for free. Maybe Jack has a chance of staying. Ozil and Sanchez probably have agreements in place with other clubs already.

    1. Vlad

      It’s illegal for players to speak to other clubs before January transfer window opens. So I don’t think either Ozil or Sanchez know exactly where they are going to end up. Sanchez probably still thinks and hopes that he’ll join Man City, but fact of a matter is that they don’t need him. Sane and Sterling are playing lights out at the moment, and Sanchez might find himself an odd duck out. As for Ozil, if the rumors are true, then Barca, Chelsea, and ManU are all after him. My money is on United. Jose has worked with him in the past, and clearly likes him. Also, I think Mata and Mkhitaryan are gone in the summer, and Jose will need reinforcements.

      1. jon fox

        Isn’t it good to know that other teams never tap up players . As you say that would be illegal, so obviously NEVER happens, eh?

  2. gotanidea

    If Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere and Arsenal do not agree on the new contracts and the new clauses, Arsenal had better get a new player in January, to make the new player’s adaptation process faster. I’m still hoping Sanchez signs a new deal, because he is the most influential player of the three contract rebels.

    1. Quantic Dream

      Sanchez can easily earn more elsewhere at the same time winning more trophies e.g PSG, City, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern…he has no shortage of offers. As for getting a replacement early..I expect Wenger to pull out his usual “all the top players are away at the world cup” excuse to not buy anyone. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter who comes and who goes if Wenger remains. The objective will be the same and outcome probably the same: top 4 finish.

      1. Vlad

        You’re talking out of your arse. Juve, and Bayern are not known for paying a lot of money. Lewandowski is Bayern’s top paid player, and he makes around 150k per week, hence he’s very reluctant of signing a new deal. City and PSG don’t really need Sanchez. They have enough quality already which they don’t know what to do with. Chelsea? Perhaps, but I doubt it. So I’d say Ozil has more options than Alexis, and will likely end up at United. As for Wenger, if we lose our top 2 players then he’ll have no choice but to bring reinforcements. That’s why we got the “man with the plan” from Dortmund, and a fella from Barca to help out with recruitment, and signings.

        1. Quantic Dream

          Seriously you have hopes Sanchez will renew? Incase you have not noticed a pattern, all our top players dily dalying on contracts eventually jump ship with the exception of Walcott who actually signed the ting. Nasri, Van Persie, Ashley Cole, Clichy, Henry to mention a few. Sanchez will leave rest assured. As for replacements Wenger will say Arsenal creates stars we don’t buy them and the team we have is good enough to challenge for top honours. My guess Welbeck or Iwobi will take the spot..maybe even Ramsey or Wilshere will play on the wings its not like we haven’t seen that shenanigans before. Anyway, as I said before, it doesn’t really matter who makes up the team as long as Wenger is in charge. He has his limitations and even if you give him Messi and Neymar top 4 is all he will deliver.

    2. jon fox

      Well there is hope and then there is a wilful refusal to face facts. I know which one I believe applies to you, about Sanchez.

  3. jon fox

    Heres a scenario. After training this next week, Wenger says “Come into my office Jack” In they go and then Wenger offers Jack £70k p. w for a three year contract with an increase clause in money if he can stay fit. Heres an alternative scenario. Wenger says and does nothing and so Jack talks to West Ham in January and signs for them on a free next summer. We also lose Sanchez and Ozil for free next summer. Which do you think is more likely? Me too!

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