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Wenger – Don’t blame Mertesacker!

Every single Arsenal fan in the world saw Per Mertesacker duck out of the way when Martin Skrtel headed the equaliser for Liverpool against Arsenal last week, but of course Arsene Wenger has come out in defence of the big lumbering German. I’m not too sure of the connection but Wenger thinks that the problem is simply because we haven’t had a settled back four all season.

Wenger said on “I believe he’s on the way up,” (Not in the picture below obviously! – Ed) “He had a difficult start to the season but he’s been much sharper lately.

“Many people had a go at him for the corner at Liverpool but I looked at it and he had no chance to get that ball in the zone where he was.

“It’s not easy for him. When Koscielny comes back and with Debuchy being back, we will be more stable. Even in midfield we need to get our players back and to defend better.

“We had no stability at the back and when you look at the number of players who played centre back this season, it’s not easy.”

mertesacker Liverpool corner

So obviously if Koscielny had been playing then the Frenchman would have seen the danger and done something about it? Maybe he would have told Mertesacker to jump when the corner came in? So is Wenger saying that a defender with 100 caps for Germany could not decide for himself that his superior height may have been more helpful up in the air than closer to the ground?

Do me a favour Arsene…

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22 thoughts on “Wenger – Don’t blame Mertesacker!

  1. muda

    Wenger is shameless, no CB? Every one play there?? Now tell me who the f*** caused it?? #WengerOut

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      so it really isn’t mertesacker’s fault huh?……right then, i bLame u WENGER for not asking him to jump seconds before skrtel’s header

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      i’m sorry but someone has to take the blame ere…..two choices either you (Wenger) or the giant duck!

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  2. muda

    I am only watching Arsenal for the sake of watching, but I really have little or no hope at all, until something great happens (change) somewhere.

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  3. jt

    hope everyone had a great christmas! I think per’s age is catching up with him, but regardless the way he went up for corners against stoke and pool was embarrassing I wouldnt expect john terry or kompany to do that but frankly for me it represents the weak mentality behind some of our players which is then remedied by wenger constantly protecting his players instead of saying it how it is. Its natural instinct to flinch I get that, but at 6’7 with that grimace on his face and the way he ducked looked like he had never played football before never mind supposedly won 100 caps for germany

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  4. KickAssFan

    OMG!!! Have some dignity, dad! You embarrass me. What kind of stupid excuse is this man making for grandPer?

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  5. Twig

    Maybe if we’re to give Mertesacker a statue, it should be one showing him ducking away from Skirtel’s header.

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      Any statue that Mert got would have to have Kos saving his ass in it too. Statue would be too big l.

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  6. Greg

    Why not mr wenger? He has cost us a couple of games, so far because of this “slack” defending and ball watching! “Big mert” needs to get his act together or start nacho monreal in his place! We have got to get serious with complacentness! Coyg!

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  7. fed-up gunner

    Ihv noticed mert’s liability 4 a long time; we. Need 2CBs; if we continue with mert we’ll continue 2 see dat fragile mentaity; koscienly n chambers we’re looking good at the start of the season; but as usual. Injury messes up d team… Merry xmas 2 y’l ; temember 2 do something good 2 someone dis season n. Dat Jesus is the savior of the whole world

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  8. Justsoccerfan

    Every time wenger talk, you will know he is going to embarrass himself. Age really get into him or did he injured his brain, come on you should be out to the join Diaby.

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  9. Justsoccerfan

    Now I know why our players physical and mental are so weak cos they got a big daddy that pamper than when they cried.

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  10. Greg

    @ fed -up gunner
    spot on mate! On everything overall jesus is the reason for the season, lets all show some love, to an unfortunate brother or sister lets make a difference my fellow gooners! Coyg!

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  11. Ronny331

    I understand the need to not single out players at fault but there is no shying away from this one!
    It’s twice in a few games that Mert has ducked away from headers. Bravery and physicality is the minimum you demand from your CB. When did he become such a woos? is he getting beaten by his wife at home?
    @twig. A statue of Mert on the pitch may do a better job, at least it would be unable to duck!

    Shockingingly bad, this guy needs to be sold soon!

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  12. Ronny331

    On AW’s quote:
    “Many people had a go at him for the corner at Liverpool but I looked at it and he had no chance to get that ball in the zone where he was.

    Then get in the right zone I say!

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  13. Ronny331

    P.S. Monreal also being a woos in this photo, like the fact Flamini appears up to try and stop the ball.

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  14. jermaineBryan

    Reading these comments I’ve notice that no one picked up that chambers should have been position better he was the reason skertl had a free Header he was the only one not doing the zonal marking and just hating around at the back of the play when he realised skertl was going to win the ball he made an half assed effort to jump. But he is English so the commentators or use fickle fans didn’t noticed that. Chambers was the worst on the pitch followed by Gibbs then merts. Gibbs didn’t make a single challenge all game shocking.

    Instead Mertasaker got slated for ducking . Was he any were near the header?

    Gibbs also got slated for not going a to the post once it went over his head.

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