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Wenger – Don’t write Arsenal off for the title!

There is little reason that Arsenal can’t manage their third win in a row tomorrow when they face Burnley, despite an ever-lengthening injury list, so Arsene Wenger is trying to gee the remaining players up by saying that Arsenal can still catch Chelsea in the race for the Premiership title.

Arsenal are currently 20/1 to win the title with Chelsea very short favourites, but enger says these prices are false. He said today: “I don’t write ourselves off, we can do it.

“[The title odds] don’t consider who we played, the quality of the other teams, missing players.

“I believe we will come back and we can prove that on pitch.”

Arsenal fans know more than anyone (see last season) that a nine-point lead is easily dismantled with a run of bad results, so of course it is definitely mathematically possible for the Gunners to catch Jose Mourinho’s men, but from what we’ve seen so far the strength of Chelsea looks like they will over-run any team in the Premiership. They have already played Arsenal, Man City and Man United and still remain unbeaten, while they have won every single other League game, which must surely be continued this weekend at home to Queens Park Rangers.

Yes Arsenal can get up a winning run against inferior opposition, but for Chelsea to drop enough points for us to catch them? I doubt it somehow…

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52 thoughts on “Wenger – Don’t write Arsenal off for the title!

  1. JoJo

    Yeah… I’m pretty sure we won’t be winning the tittle this season.

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      …unless we get 10 more Sánchez (just to finish off your sentence) 🙂

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      1. KickAssFan

        Just wanna let u all know that there’s a new idiomatic expression that’s been added to my dictionary: The KickAss Definer (TKD), 2nd edition.

        “Be a Sanchez”: this means to be a serious and objective person.

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        1. Usmanov

          “Be Alexised” – To be made to look lazy and unserious. To be intimidated to the point of lacking enough energy to celebrate your team’s second goal against Sunderland.

          “To be a Wilshere” :- To do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results all the while.

          VERB: “Are you deluded, kid? You can’t continue doing a WILSHERE unless you’re Lionel Messi or Arjen Robben.”

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          1. KickAssFan

            @Usmanov, thanks for ur contribution. I particularly luv “Alexised”. But I’m gonna make it a verb in my next edition. The parent form will be “Alexise”: to make serious and purposeful.

            Also, I’d speak with my team of English language experts about a possible introduction of the adjective, “Alexuous”.

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    2. ArnSam

      what’s he smoking @wenger????? i mean after loosing so many points with his clueless tactics to mediocre teams and instead just looking at promoting a certain jack wilshere whats going to change about him

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  2. KickAssFan

    It’s football, any damn thing can happen.

    Off topic___

    Admin, I’m gonna send you an article I’ve written. Please, if don’t find it good enough and consequently won’t post it, just let me know by sending me a reply via my email address, I don’t mind. I’d simply post it in the comment section.

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    1. mike

      Before you send it, KickAssFan, make sure you spell check and grammar check it. I’ve not been giving JustArsenal clicks simply because they constantly post stories that have simple errors. These errors disrupt the continuity of the article, and simply make the site look juvenile, undermining the credibility it is attempting to garner. I’m sure it doesn’t bother many, but it screams of a lack of professionalism. Just sayin’.

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  3. Twig

    My team to face Burn Lee

    _______Gnabry Ozil Walcott
    _________Wilshere Flamini
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      @ Twig …….WOW…. Ospina’s gonna play in goaL? boy! i’m intrigued by ur medicaL expertise ……. What’s the eLixir called?

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      1. Twig

        Do I need to be a medical expert to know that Ospina “plays” in goal? :/

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  4. Sank89

    Wenger should act fast and secure a deal with Dortmund for Rues.

    Hummels and Rues are certainly gone leave.

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    1. Usmanov

      We’d be better-off securing a deal for Hummels.
      You just need to take a look at the players we have in attack to appreciate that we are set in that department for the next 2 years at least.
      However, Hummels (or a player like him) needs to replace Mertesacker (ageing and slow).
      Give me a Khedira or Pogba, and I will be extremely happy knowing that we are truly capable of competing against the big boys for the title.

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  5. Horliquegold

    its not over until its over..
    topping the epl by November does not mean one have won the epl.
    arsenal fans and arsenal players should never give up now..
    we have lost just one this season in the epl,so theres still room for improvement..
    instead of channeling our energy in insulting wenger lets use that energy to support the club…
    be a real gunner
    dont be a fault-finding-whining-sugar-daddy-plastic-irresponsible-glory-hunter-fan..

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    1. Usmanov

      The title race is over for us. The sooner you make your peace with that fact, the better for you. However, there is still next season and the season after that. Wenger is definitely to going to compete real hard for the title before his retirement. But it is not going to be this season. I want to believe Wenger himself knows. He just saying the “right thing” while he is gently building the team to reach the stage where it can compete toe-toe with the big boys. Next summer, I think he will be looking for a midfield beast -world-class (Khedira/Pogba) or prospect (Rabiot).

      #Rant over.

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      1. SaveArsenal

        Wenger competing hard next year, listen to your self.
        More plans for the future, more next year we will win it, more Wenger is building a team.
        18 fookin years building a team, if he hasn’t got it right now he never will.
        And what exactly do you think the other teams are gonna be doing while Wenger ‘builds’ his team?
        Sitting with their thumb up their ass waiting for Wenger to get his act together and leap frog them?

        And another vote for Khedira! Jesus he was out for SIXTY EIGHT GAMES for Real, do you even know about the players you want us to buy ?

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        1. Trudeau

          “18 years to build a team, if he hasn’t got it right now he never will”. Might want to check your history. He has “got it right” at least a couple of times.

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          1. SaveArsenal

            That is history, 10 years ago, what are you a Liverpool fan?
            A a a a a a a a a our history lad, boss history…

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  6. Truth Hurts

    It can happen but a lot of things depend on wenger

    1) What we do in our game against Man Utd(Chelsea have played them Man city on Sunday)
    Need atleast a draw(can’t afford to lose)

    2)Start Playing 4-2-3-1
    4-1-4-1 is not working almost 10 games played and not a single convincing performance

    3) Substitutions
    When we are losing a game whether makes the right substitutions or just sits on his a## like he normally does

    4) January transfer window The most important factor in defining this season
    Koscienly is on the ropes
    Chambers is playing tools many
    Arteta and Flamini are not cutting it
    He has to solved these problems

    Whether wenger will do it or not

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  7. 007

    – If you sign us the right players in January (top class DM, top class CB, I wouldn’t mind another midfielder too (say what you want but currently our midfield sucks)).

    – Stop trying to play players who are out of form and expecting miracles

    – Advocate for change in mentality to the players (apart from Sanchez ofcourse whose got the right attidute)

    – Rotate more in order to keep all the players happy, fresh, motivated, and less injuries

    – Deploy the right tactics and formation that suite our players best.

    Maybe, just maybe we can clinch it. It also depends on how our opponents perform too. But with hard work and determination, luck comes too, the universe is not that harsh, even 1 slip in a game can swing the title around as seen last season.

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    1. Usmanov

      This is one January transfer window that I wish Wenger wouldn’t be active in. I mean, if the guy has got a plan to build this team systematically, season-by-season, let him to do it in his own pace. What do you want him to bring in this January? Another Kim-“fcuk u all”- Kallstrom? My heart surely wouldn’t be able to go through that again.

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  8. Truth Hurts

    I have a mate who works for the sports mole website(he supports Aston villa)

    And he says if you watch an arsenal match closely you will see they are the most disorganised top team in BPL

    1)Players never track back leaving too much space which gets exploited
    2)Arsenal play a very bad high line system
    3)Not enough players come back to defend during

    He blames it on Steve bould and use of 4-1-4-1 system on wenger

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    1. Twig

      Ha ha. Arsenal really is disorganized. It’s a disgrace. Sometimes, you’ll finish watching an Arsenal game and don’t know if it was the OX who was playing CAM or if it was Ozil. We like doing it free style. And that’s why we sometimes record some record setting scorelines like 8-2, 5-1, oh, okay you know the rest :-).

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      1. Gooneristic Truth

        @Twig… I don’t know if Wenger actually points out to each individual players who should’ve been doing what after they make mistakes so they can rectify their schoolboy errors or he just generalizes in his criticism of mistakes & no one, as a result, takes ownership as a result. I don’t know! It sure is a disgrace!

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    2. Usmanov

      Your mate has just seen what a lot of these “stupid” pundits have been saying for sometime -The Truth.
      The truth is that, we need some sort of hold on our midfield DEFENSIVELY. Our midfield needs to be held together. By who? I do not know exactly.

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    3. Gooneristic Truth

      Disorganization certainly exists and it really shows when we don’t start well against tougher teams. Dortmund, for example! We don’t seem to get our act together quickly enough. Even if we have enough numbers tracking back, there’s a certain amateurish looseness about our positioning & a lack of conviction in our defending. Aguero scored while we had 4 or so defending players, then there were the 2 Dortmund goals that no team fighting for a title should’ve conceded.

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  9. marviniz


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    1. Usmanov

      I truly hopes his comes back with that FIRE IN HIS BELLY!
      Now he has so much competition from Sanchez, Welbeck, Theo and even Sanogo -all of whom can comfortably play the CF position.
      Competition can work wonders, you know?!


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  10. Usmanov

    Why, O why do you keep doing this to me Wenger?!!!
    Firstly, during the last summer transfer window, I hoped you were gonna sort out our defensive issues by getting a strong combative midfielder, or at the least, cover for our CB area. What did you do then? You brought in only a 19 year old Chambers (good prospect) and no other CB cover. Worse still, you did not get yourself the strong combative midfielder I wanted. I made my peace with it and accepted we were not going to be getting our own Matic or Toure or Pogba this season. I made my peace with it Wenger!! But what did you do afterwards?! You went about speaking in the media of how we need and would have wanted a Viera-like player, making me lick my summer transfer wounds. Making me think of what would have been. Making me relieve the pain again.
    Now that injuries have exposed our dire CB situation, and games against the likes of Chelsea (who are on fire with 9 point gap above us and with a balanced team at that) have shown how weak our midfield core is, I have to come to see that we are still a bit far from winning the league. I made my peace with this fact, Wenger! I have made my peace with the fact that OUR MIDFIELD IS NO STRONGER THAN CHELSEA’S OR MANC’S. I have made my peace with the fact that I may have to wait until next season or the season after.
    But what do you do now? You go about in the media speaking of how we can still compete for the title this season!!!
    Why are you torturing my soul, O Wenger?! My heart can’t take this no more.

    #Rant over.

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  11. SoOpa AeoN

    weLL, WENGER is the one with the PenciL and Eraser writing us out himseLf

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  12. Matt

    No surprise that sick note Gibbs and Jack Wheelchair are injured for tomorrow, delicate little flowers.

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  13. ronniec

    I believe in the performance we display on the field, not what you said, Wenger.

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  14. Mick The Gooner

    We have two major tests before Christmas:

    Away to Liverpool – can we avenge last season? Liverpool look a lot weaker. Sturridge will come back, but I still think we can get 3 points. Not guarenteed of course, but Walcott and Koscielny will be back in time. Positive about this one.

    At home to United. I think this will be a very difficult game. Our defence is in no shape to take on world class forwards like RVP Di Maria Rooney and Falcao. Unlikely we’ll have Koscielny back in time, but possible. But our attacking players should be able to get us some goals against their defence, plus it’s a home game.

    Last year we had a loss and a draw from these games. 1 point.
    This year we should aim for 4 points. 6 is possible, but 4 is more realistic.

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  15. rkw

    Just his existential French bs way of keeping the 4th place junkies stringing along…

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  16. LoCkAy

    “Wenger – Don’t write Arsenal off for the title”

    Here we go again…!!
    Another deluded statement from the “deluded one”… Or is he?
    This is a way to say “we are not in the title race” (which is clear and obvious), but you cannot really said that… Especially to the fans and the press.

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