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Wenger expects lots of goals in Arsenal v Man City game

Arsene Wenger was probably very glad of the international break, for a change, as his Arsenal team had been on a terrible run of form beforehand. “Yes, it’s a chance to regroup,” Wenger said on “It can be good for the players to get to a different atmosphere and come back refreshed and refocused. I believe on that front the international break was welcome.

“We were very disappointed by our result [at West Brom] and by our performance as well. So we just focus on the next game and try to think about how you can improve and what you have to improve.”

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Considering the quality of our defenders, we are conceding far too many goals this season, and we have only kept 2 clean sheets in our last 8 League games (against Swansea and Hull) so we really have to go all out to score more than City tomorrow!

“We have conceded too many goals.” Wenger continued. “For a long period in the season we were quite stable, but recently I’ve felt that we have conceded goals at important moments in the game. That’s where we want to improve, without losing our drive going forward.

“We didn’t create enough at West Brom and we are a team that likes to create chances. Incidentally we play against Man City this weekend and the two best teams in the final third are Arsenal and City, if you look at the numbers. So we want to come back to our strengths, and our strengths are to play.”

The facts are that there are always lots of goals against City, with the last 7 meetings averaging an amazing 4 goals per game, and Wenger certainly doesn’t expect that to change tomorrow. “It’s refreshing,” he said. “People want to see good football. I would say when you watch Real Madrid against Barcelona, when you are a neutral you want to see attacking football, of course.

“When you are concerned like we are at the moment then we want to be strong defensively as well. But it’s good that [Arsenal v City] is a promising game and people want to watch it. That’s as well why English football is popular all over the world.

“These are two teams that have a positive and attacking philosophy. That means both teams will try to be a threat in the final third all the time. The two teams like to attack, and when one team scores the other gives absolutely everything when going forward.”

Yes people want to see lots of goals, but right now Arsenal fans are getting sick of them being scored in our net! The one big plus for the Gunners is that the Cityzens have only beaten us once at home in the last 45 years, which is quite an amazing record. Right now that is one record Wenger can’t afford to broken again tomorrow, or there will be a lot of unhappy fans around the ground after the game…


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9 thoughts on “Wenger expects lots of goals in Arsenal v Man City game

  1. BUR

    I hope there is not another embarrassing afternoon coming tomorrow. Not that I think we will win but I am still an Arsenal supporter and I don’t want the club to be embarrassed through the inadequate management.

  2. vish

    Ofcourse he does. We are used to the 5-1 scorelines now. If Bayern can score 5 against us twice. West Brom can score 3. Then with ManCity’s offence 7-8 look a real possibility. Thank you Wenger for telling us the prediction which we already thought will happen. But hey please don’t give away more than 10 goals tomorrow because that would be just a “little” embarrassing.

  3. Brian Rotich chess

    This guy should just eff off if we are beaten tomorrow…………..We are THE ARSENAL not VENGA FC

  4. davidnz

    Arsenal must win to keep alive hopes
    of catching Liverpool or City.
    Chelsea losing to Palace is
    good for Arsenal because
    Chelsea will be desperate to beat City mid week.
    United drawing with WBA also is good news
    as Arsenal can go equal with United with a win tomorrow.
    The City game is going to be a turning point
    of the season for both Arsenal and city.

  5. john0711

    i want to win but look at the positives if we lose Davidz will dissapear until he finds another excuse

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    Wenger sounds more like a TV pundit, trying to sell the game ?.
    Our form is due to turn soon, you know the one where we finish the season on a good unbeaten run, but we’ll have to wait and see whether that run starts against City tomorrow? … I very much doubt it though ?

  7. SoOpa AeoN

    Yeah Yeah……Lots of GoaLs……. But he didn’t say into whose net!
    (Recalling Bayern-Arsenal clash, i guess that was a concrete case of multi goals)

  8. Jansen

    I hope we lose big until Wenger announces his intentions. From the bottom of my heart, I don’t believe he is the man to win us the PL or CL, in fact, he is taking us backward. A win will only increase the chance he stays and how can that be a good thing? SAD.

    Thanks to him we are facing a long spell outside the top 4. He has destroyed our future. Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs, Man U are all set with much better managers and with us about to lose a few top players and only 100 million in the bank we can forget about rebuilding and breaking back into the top 4 any time soon. He should have left three years ago.

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