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Wenger finally admits that Alexis is leaving Arsenal (and probably to Man City)

After a two-year period of contract negotiations with both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, Arsene Wenger has finally admitted that Alexis will NOT be extending his contract with Arsenal, although he still believes that Ozil could sign on the dotted line before the end of the season. “There is still an opportunity for him [Ozil] to stay. That’s very much open,” Wenger said. “It looks like Sanchez will not extend his contract. But we want to keep Jack, and we have an opportunity maybe to keep Ozil. So the rebuild will be less deep than if all three left.”

A rebuild is obviously neccesary with Arsenal finishing out of the Champions League places last season, and looking very likely to repeat that again this season, so it is obvious that Alexis is unlikely to get his wish to win a Premier League medal with the Gunners. If the Chilean can engineer a move to Man City in January he is virtually guaranteed at least the EPL and maybe even more trophies over the coming years, and Wenger has admitted that this is his ultimate aim.

“These guys want to win, and they want to make money as well,” Wenger continued. “So they want a combination of the two, which big clubs can give them. Incidentally he [Sanchez] won trophies with us. So he wants to fight as well for the Premiership. That’s normal when you’re at that level.”

So there is no other club in the Premier League that will pay the wages that Alexis could demand, and also practically guarantee him a League title like Man City can, so has Wenger just admitted that Sanchez will be moving to the Eihad? Or could he actually be talking about Man United?

Darren N

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43 thoughts on “Wenger finally admits that Alexis is leaving Arsenal (and probably to Man City)

  1. bloodgooner

    Obviously….we don’t need the comment of the manager to know he was leaving. Been all over the news weekly since June-August.
    My annoyance with the club/manager is why didnt they sell him for a higher amount in June?.
    The management of the club lack ambition and foresight. and frankly its mediocrity if the club celebrate him as a great along side Fergie with just 3 premier league titles and no European glory.

    1. Jhud

      off topic but as it looks like walcott is going too have to say when we signed ozil i was really excited to watch him unleash walcott with hos perfectly tome balls for a man of speed to run onto….i’d be interested to know how many games walcott and ozil played together….good luck theo…you got a hard time on just arsenal recently but you’ve always been a true gunner…unfortunately we have a manager who doesnt play to your strengths….respect.

      1. muffdiver

        ha! literally trynna blame wenger for 10 years of theo not performing
        im delighted hes off

        the whippet has left the building! who needs elvis
        hope he finds form under sam may benefit england

      2. jon fox

        I am appalled that you can write such utter nonsense. Walcott is dreadful , has no heart, no guts and when he shortly goes(as now seems imminent) , those of us who know the game and how some players are cowards, timid, LAZY and a complete waste of unearned wages , like Weed Walcott, WILL BE TOTALLY DELIGHTED AND MIGHTILY RELIEVED WHEN THIS AWFUL “PLAYER” is some other clubs problem. COUNTING THE HOURS NOW TIL CHAMPAGNE OPENING TIME!

      3. RSH

        yeah, Walcott is a one trick pony. Run, and shoot. If Arsenal aren’t counter attacking he’s useless. Walcott should’ve upped his game instead of relying on Ozil to make him look better. He’s gotten unlimited chances from Wenger. I can’t blame Wenger for any of the underperformers because he is constantly giving these players chances they shouldn’t have and they still let him down.

        1. jon fox

          Can you not see the clear self contradiction in your final sentence? Would you employ a manager, for ANY company , let alone a football club who kept giving chances to those who keep letting him down. But “you don’t blame Wenger”. Well my muddled thinking friend, tens of thousands of us DO and rightly BLAME WENGER. Since , unlike you, we countless thousands do not suffer from muddled thinking/ Perhaps you ARE Wenger; you certainly think like him!

          1. RSH

            I blame Wenger for selecting bad players, but Walcott is to blame for not producing. Sorry if that wasnt clear.

  2. Phil

    Seriously Wenger?Can you blame Sanchez for wanting out?You let him down by refusing to invest in the players we needed to put us on a level with Citeh and allow us to compete.We have the money.We can buy (almost) any player.It is YOU that has allowed us to go backwards and it is YOU and your antiquated,tired and completely outdated management that our best players continually want out.YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for where we are in terms of league position and as a Club.As regards Alexis-just get as much as you can and give it to the next guy to spend.YOU cannot be trusted any longer.

    1. Phil

      My wife has just said WOULD YOU PUT A GERIATIC IN CHARGE OF THE GB OLYMPIC TEAM?What is our ONCE GREAT CLUB coming to when MY WIFE seems to know more about what is fundamentally WRONG at AFC than INSPECTOR CLUELESS and his handpicked YESMEN?Thanks love 2 sugars please??‍♀️

  3. gotanidea

    I did not hear any interest from another club in Ozil, in the previous transfer window, I guess there is no real interest in him as well in this transfer window. I bet Ozil wants to run his contact down, to attract more clubs (so the other clubs do not have to pay for the transfer fee).

    Sanchez, on the other hand, looks as if he has decided to play work with Guardiola again. Maybe Guardiola wants to make him a successor to the aging David Silva.

    Looking at Sanchez’s great statistics in Premier League (122 games, 60 goals, 25 assists and 365 take-ons completed), it is not easy for Arsenal to replace him with another player. I hope the next player is not another panic buy.

    1. Alphie_Izzett

      David Silva’s just had his 32nd birthday and looks better than ever. He’s a ball retainer and passer, a creatormore thn a finisher, a different sort of player than Sanchez.I guess Guardiola is looking for Sanchez to be more of a complement to the attributes of De Bruyne, Sane, Sterling Aguero, Jesus and Siva than a replacement of any of them.

      Re-reading the above makes me wonder how Guardiolasleeps at night with that threadbare package of options [rolls eyes, leaves stage left]

    2. kev

      JUST IN:Got this info like five hours ago so I don’t know if I’m late.Arsenal and Everton are close to agreeing a £23m fee for the transfer of Theo Walcott to Everton.The salary to be offered is likely to be in the region of £100,000 a week.Let’s hope the salary does not become a stumbling block to the deal.

      As for Sanchez as things stands he’s staying since City pulled out after he told them he’s willing to wait and sign for free.If not for that he’d have been a City player by next week.Things may still change though and he might still sign for them this January but this is what is currently happening.

      1. muffdiver

        for once im glad to hear your updates

        23 million- pavon from boca -thats his release! WAIT NO
        actually a dm


      2. D mc

        So kev…. Sanchez is staying this transfer window but actually he still might go as well…..thanks for clearing that up you fountain of knowledge ???

    3. kev

      I like Ozil and he’s world class but I really wish we could get a different kind of player to him.It wouldn’t really bother me if he left.

      1. Salmonella

        Ozil is our 2nd best attacking player
        But I agree with Kev
        IMO It will be more difficult replacing Alexis than Ozil

      2. RSH

        have to agree. In form lately, but he hasn’t exactly been a player that took the league by storm. There’s been just as much frustration from Ozil at Arsenal. There are a variety of CAM’s out there we can go after. Sanchez will surely be harder to replace. Losing Ozil for free will still stink and should never have happened.

    4. kev

      I like Ozil and he’s world class but I really wish we could get a different kind of player to him.It wouldn’t really bother me if he left.

      1. Break-on-through

        Is it because you might expect him to go back to his old ways once the contract is signed. Or do you not really see much difference from this season to any of his others Kev. Personally I think Ozil’s running is allot more purposeful lately and I think there’s been a a small bump in his all round effort.

        Side note.
        Wilshere is a committed player on the field, with or without his contract running down you know you’ll get the effort and the care from Wilshere. That’s one of the things people love about him.
        His fitness though, yes allot of it was unlucky and it happens.
        My advice to Wilshere, however, would be ..dude!, you’re a great lad and we all want you to become a great great player ..but you know yourself mate that when it comes to fitness ..the real commitment comes from the time between the games.

  4. Sue

    Finally he admits he’s leaving!! It’s bad enough that he’s leaving for another premier league team but please not United…. I can’t stand them or Maureen

    1. muffdiver

      that would be shocking
      what i would say is 30 mill plus Sanchez for martial i would do

      mhiktyran is used goods – should have picked here- moron

      1. RSH

        mhiktyran under Mourinho is trash, obviously. In an attacking setup he might be better. If were losing Ozil, he’s not a bad replacement at all. Id rather see Sanchez at city than with United, but Arsenal should consider a cash + Miki deal if its on the table. You’re getting money and a replacement for Ozil who is also likely to leave, despite what Wenger says.

      2. jon fox

        Come on Muff! As if Moaninho would let us have MARTIAL! Moaninho is a miserable and anti -social old git, agreed, BUT he knows the game and the value of a good or great player. And HE at least would not be letting contracts run down to nothing of ANY player he wants to keep. That craziness is Arsenals monopoly.

  5. Jay

    Why have you stated it in the title as if it were 100% fact that Wenger confirmed this, yet then at the very last line of the article you clearly show that he didn’t confirm it and that it was just a guess that he did?

    Perhaps if you were actually a half decent journalist you wouldn’t have to literally make up lies in order to get people to click on your articles.

  6. Me

    The whole Arsenal thing is confusing for me.
    Why would Stan Kroenke spend about £700 million to become a majority shareholder and yet refuse to invest a single penny?
    If his plan was to make his money by selling of the players each season and pocketing the TV rights money and gate receipts it will get to the point where when he does come to sell he will end up losing tens of millions because the value of Arsenal will be so low.
    Surely if you want to make money you build it up to make money not neglect it for it to fall into ruin.
    And where does Wenger fit into all of this?
    A consistent under performer in the premier league and who seems to be more lost and out of touch each passing month
    I just find it all odd and impossible to analyse.

    1. jon fox

      Ever considered Wenger might have senile dementia? That would explain the inconsistencies, oddball decisions and apparently deliberate sabotage of our club.

  7. Fab

    There are three serious options for Sanchez replacement, arranged in particular order of quality: 1. Guedes (valencia, quality and cheap), 2. Justine Cluvert (Ajax, cheap and quality), Deogras Costa (Juve, may not be sold unless we splash the money, expensive option), Harry Kane (Spurs, expensive option but I remember solo Capmble was not Cheap since we’re enemies). Do research before you thumb me down, thanx

    1. muffdiver

      i did my research fab and you have already gave patrick kluiverts son a sex change
      its justin lol plus hes nowhere near ready
      u changed douglas costas name – hes always been inconsistent- great when on form
      guedes good shout
      harry kane really?! daniel levy would ask for 300 mill an a virginal sacrifice- being silly arent u

      dead list mate

          1. jon fox

            Muff, semi literate fans are also allowed to post. Trouble is , genuinely, that so often it is truly difficult to work out what they say and mean. I don’t care a fig if someone’s grammar is poor, PROVIDED I can understand what they mean.

      1. Fab

        Hahaha, you alredy did a research? what kind of research accomplished in less than 10 minutes? Ok then but do you agree with Guedes as the best option? I think apart from Kane he is the only one you know from my list

  8. Gelz

    We probably could of got Costa and Rodriguez at the start of the season, when they was surplus to requirements and sent out on loan by there parent clubs,. 23 mill for Walcott that would be good, perhaps that money could pay of the loan we took out to keep Sanchez aay Kev.

  9. Maxwell Smart86

    Last summer Wenger lied telling everyone he didn’t sell Alexis, then at last minute they accepted City 60 m£ and started looking a replacement the same day ??!? Wenger and the board couldn’t be more shortsighted…they incompetence costed us the chance to get back to silverware.

    Press blames Alexis for our poor form, he excelled last year and couldn’t drag our team back to CL….did the press seriously expect that Lacazette and Kolasinac where enough to reverse out demise ?

    Thx Alexis for great memories…sorry for not being IP to the task.

    1. Abel

      If Wenger had sold Sanchez to City in the summer, you’d all be blaming him for city’s unbeaten run and un challenged title charge.
      You’d also say Wenger had no balls. Well, he had enough balls to reject 60M for a player he risked losing for free in order not to strengthen a rival.
      Sanchez can no go to city as they have already secured the title (just formality) and even with sanchez, our form has been pants. Losing sanchez now will not have one major impact on our attacking play as he has been dreadful for us this season.

  10. Coldzero

    The important thing he mentioned was they will keep Jack. Couldn’t care less about Alexi but losing Jack would be a big deal with me.

    So all in all couldn’t be happier with what AW said.

  11. Peterhos

    You guys have to forget about buying/selling players who are not involved in the centre. No left back, left winger or left midfielder ever won the league. We need a world class and younger goalkeeper, a proper powerful centre half or three, and central midfielders who go left or right. Could the Greek centre half answer one of those questions?

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