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Wenger hints at new midfielder for Arsenal in January

At the beginning of the season Arsenal were awesome when Abou Diaby made a few rare appearances for the side, and as Thomas Rosicky has also been out injured all season it has been left to Mikel Arteta to act as the defensive midfielder in nearly every game so far.

Man Arsenal fans may blame Wenger for not bringing in someone like M’Vila in the summer while hoping that Diaby could stay fit for any period of time. That risk backfired horribly when Diaby went back (to join Rosicky) on the treatment table after just five games, and Wenger has now admitted that he may need another midfielder as cover.

Wenger had a chance last night to see if any of his youngsters or reserves were ready to bring through to the first team, but admitted that he still had a problem in midfield. He said: “I feel you discover the young players in these kind of competitions, and games like the one we had tonight. They have the quality.

“If everybody is fit we have a strong squad but in certain areas, of course when you have players like Diaby and Rosicky not fit, we are a bit short because we cannot rotate. We’ll see where we stand on January 1 and see what we do.”

Francis Coquelin was given a chance to shine last night but didn’t really stand out, while Rosicky’s return was probably the only good point to come out of the game. Maybe the worst thing that could happen is that both Diaby and Rosicky both get fully recovered for the whole of January, then as soon as the transfer window shuts they both go back into the medical department!

Who thinks Arsenal should be buying a backup in any case?


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82 thoughts on “Wenger hints at new midfielder for Arsenal in January

  1. Johnno

    Bring in M’Vila to play that defensive role. Arteta’s passing and skill are wasted there.
    M’Vila, Wilshere and Carzola would be a mental midfield line up. M’Vila has the brute strength and physicality. Wilshere and Santi both share their ridiculous work rate, amazing vision and passing skills.

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  2. imi

    I’d like to see Wilshere playing along side Mvilla, with cazorla infront of them that’s for a defensive line up

    for an offensive lineup i’d like to see wilshere rosicky and cazorla

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  3. BJV

    ME! Buy a DM NOW and have him ready to join training on 1. jan!! We need a world class DM – it may be the most important position in modern football and ARsenal doesn’t have any player in the first team squad to fill that role!

    Must say I feel for Diaby though – he seems to have the potential be exactly what we need 🙁

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  4. AFCF

    Bring in either FELLIANI,CAPOUE OR M’VILLA and we are good to go.Oh and a LB and Striker too.

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  5. 9jagun

    A defensive midfielder and a good attacking winger not the dancing Gervinho or a perambulating Ramsey

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  6. ams

    why do i need to trust this rumour…
    dont put to much trust in it..
    every year same story…
    i’m really upset..:(

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  7. shadgunner

    Who the F cares about transfers now…its still about a month to go for that…we have about 5 PL and one cup game before that…it doesnt matter who the hell is playing in the arsenal jersey,just go out there and play ur ass off…for ur fans,for ur families,for the old man wenger..who has placed his belief in each one of you….and most importantly play for ur ownself,ur own dignity and pride…remember the time,when u first kicked a ball…what were u out to achieve…to be humiliated like this week in week out…you know u can perform better…so get out there and PERFORM!!

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  8. Kalib

    The troublesome M’vila? No way! Capoue, Wayanma would be better.
    But like the post suggests, Rozza & Diaby may be fit enough in January to stop Wenger from buying

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  9. coyg

    ALEX SONG….how stupid of him to let one the best DM in the premier league to go…how badly do we need him right now!!!!

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  10. Mizz

    Fellaini is the answer, despite playing in the attacking mid role for Everton, his natural position is defensive midfield. Big, Strong, Can header, Passes, Tackles, BULLIES players, what more could we want? We would have to break our transfer record to sign him but why not? Around £20m should lad him and he will be worth every penny. Then sign another striker like Huntelaar, and may be if we can find a left back that is better than Gibbs and we’re sorted for January.

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  11. notorious GUNNER

    wenger should get R. Cabella from Montpell and Falcawo form Atletico.
    WE will win atleast one trophy and we’ll have a real great tim next year

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  12. Ali

    I would love to see Fellaini come in. Even though he isn’t playing as a defensive midfielder this season. But I don’t see Everton parting ways with him in January, especially letting him join Arsenal. I don’t expect them to be as daft as a club that finished third last season and then sold its captain who scored 30 odd league goals to the side that finished 2nd last season propelling the runner’s up to first this season and themselves plummeting to tenth.

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  13. ibrahim

    Wengar won’t buy any dmfd wenger is a useless man. As i always said lets arsenal fans home n away stop going 2 stadium n see w’re d money wil comefrom useless management.

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  14. Jagaban

    It’s indubitable that we have lost our once bright evasive Arsenal FC, no thanks to the ever greedy board. But Wenger shares from the blame, maybe because he also share out of the largesse at the end of every financial year.

    I want to see a world class DM and a striker, in the likes of Falcao, Huntelar or RVP. He should bring in Fellani or M’Villa while he combine Wilshere, Carsola and Arteta to join force with this new buy in January. But i can assure all fans that Wenger and the board will not buy quality player rather they will prefer to share the money.

    Please lets kick them all OUT.

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  15. Goona

    Etienne Capoue as the diaby replacement. Striker get eithe Lewendowski or Huntelaar. LB should be Jetro Willems

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  16. ken

    Arsenal wont buy anyone In jan except an unknown african with potential and future high value to sell.Instead the will keep faith with Diaby,Ramsey and others.
    Another disappointing season with the boards current policy of profit before trophys

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  17. georgegooner

    I would say get diaby fit for january and sell him and ramsay, which hurts me to say because i did rate ramsay, but he is proving game after game that he isn’t cut out for the top, he is a good player dont get me wrong, but good players dont win titles, world class players doo. In midfield i would sign kevin strootman over m’vila, because he is just as tough tackling and strong, but he is bigger and has a wonderful left peg and can give us another dimension in set pieces,i would also sign a younger attacking midfielder to fill the gap left by ramsay, preferably erikson / merkel / gotze (if only) / Isco ( for a player as talented as him, he only has a 17million EURO release causewhich is just under 14million POUNDS)or a more realistic target would be holtby who would cost about 7 million because of having 6 months left on his contract. On top of that signing Demba Ba or Huntelaar for 7.5 million due to release cause and contract length respectively.
    A question i have is why aren’t we looking at nani? the bloke is pure class and has been tearing the prem apart from both sides of the pitch for the past 3 years, has a year and a half on his contract and united won’t play him, so what better time to be able to sign one of the worlds best wingers for a cheaper than usual price?

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  18. braaf

    Need a DM for sure. A bit harsh Lecoq though. He is not meant to stand out now. He is still a young boy with bags of talent. I reckon he is not a real DM but rather a CM who can make good runs into the box and has the ability to tackle high up the field. HE should start before Ramsey, and Ramsey must be loaned out to rediscover his form.

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  19. sku

    @coyg I completeley agree with you there that is all I have been saying all along.All the attention was on RVP players like Song (DM) are never really appreciated.

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  20. Will03

    Would like to see us get Fellaini, but obviously that’s impossible for our greedy Board. However Biglia would be a great signing, at just £6m. I’d say we get Biglia, Huntelaar and Yanga M’Biwa for just £25m and we can get going again.

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  21. peter

    untill wenger is da boss he wont buy….Wenger should step aside or leave da club n let some new face take da club forward….he got nothin lelf with him now…he should go….

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  22. Gooner Cape Town

    Also need a CAM, a real playmaker. What about Diame? Fellainin 1st prize, Capoue 3rd. Striker we know we need and Yanga M biwa as he cn cover Dm as well if needed and plays across back 4.Hoping Wenger is gonna surprise us.

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  23. Venky

    Diame would be perfect right now. He has the physicality and the presence with not so bad passing. Diame, Huntelaar and a flexibility towards formation according to the games would be more than sufficient to win games

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  24. Faruq

    Get Diame less eyes are on him and wil be available at a very favourable rate…….strøng,skillful,passer,fighter,drives d bal 4ward hence creatin attack……he’s xactly wat we nid

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  25. caribgooner

    Gooners we have to be realistic…the following players will not come to Arsenal:Falcao,Gotze,Falleni…Why would they…Their clubs are playing much better than ours

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  26. Twig

    The people calling for Song are a joke. Song’s job description might be a defensive midfielder but how disciplined was he in that position? He was almost always wandering into the attack and Arteta had to stay back to cover for him. Last season, many of us even wondered if Song’s best position was in a more attacking role (especially after that his wonder assist for Van Persie). But then, it’s so easy to forget isn’t it? 😐

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  27. Sriram

    M’vila/Fellaini(replace arteta in starting lineup),,Strootman(better than ramsey),,A clinical striker like Pato(lots of pace nd gud workrate like wilshere),,A must buy left back like marcelo/baines/criscito(these players have experience nd can put more crosses nd drive through the wings during an attack…any one of them will do well),,A wing wizard like Zaha(way way way skillful than gervinho),,A shot stopper like Butland(very talented than arrogant Mannone),,
    Please AW buy these players nd show the world what we are capable of and deserve some respect…In ordre to bring our old arsenal back,we need to sell some deadwoods = squillaci,djorou.mannone,fabianski,diaby(sorry),chamakh,arshavin,santos,gervinho(maybe coz he brings oly frustration to de club)etc etc…Nd FIRE kronke+board…HIRE usamov+dein…Get KING HENRY on loan for atleast 4 months!!

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  28. davidrusa

    Nobody doubts that potentially Diaby is a very good player and similarly nobody expects Diaby to be fit for five cnsecutive games! What is the way forward then? Simple. Just buy a mid field player of good quality. My simple advice to Wenger is to forget all about Diaby the same way Ferguson forgot about Owen Hargreaves and allow him to find another club because he is not helping the team. We can’t always live in hope of Diaby becoming fully fit for a long time. It may never happen. At the same time he continues to draw a salary. Let Arsenal be pragmatic and do the painful act of saying farewell to Diaby. That’s what life is all about. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions. As for Rosicky let him stay because at least he gets fit for long spells and helps the club.

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  29. Terry Norman

    Sorry boys but until I actually see these new faces in the red shirts of Arsenal, on the pitch, I won’t believe anything that originates from either Wenger or the board. For years they have stirred rumours about possible transfers and ‘war chests’ to both sell season tickets and keep fans imterested. Why isn’t this just more of the same?

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  30. ayubu

    arsenal just need two players who are MVILA,and fellaini,they don’t need likes Huntelaar.fellaini understands the EPL,and Mvila can adapt very fast.if this changes are made arsenal can compete for a silver warethese season.

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  31. Gunner

    Gervinho and Ramsay last night were awful. We fell apart when rosicky came off

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  32. sku

    @ Twig Song wandered foward and created 13 chances I think Songs problem is that he likes to be involved in the game. What I personaly liked about him was that he could shield the ball in midfield and use his big body very well.When he played with Denilson he wandered foward and scored a few goals and I ask myself could that have been an instruction from the coach for Song to be an extra man in attack (suprise).I don’t mean to dwell on him he is gone there are other players like him and may be better but I would have him play for us in that position anyday. He always reminded me in his approach of the best player that played for Madrid and was also underapreciated his name REDONDO remember him what a player he was…


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  33. md31

    ever one is blaming wenger when we shouldn’t why not to blame the greedy board the board are holding back wenger he deseved credit for what he done

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  34. Uche

    Get Diame! End of story. He is a beast of a player, box to box midfielder, has an eye for goal, is physically strong and drives forward like an ox. The guy is a midfield bully with plenty of skill and a 6.5mil realease clause. It doesn’t get any better than this. I love Felaini but we cannot afford him and everton will not blow their top four chance by selling him

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  35. obatiku

    I have been following arsenal latest rumors for more than 5 years now let me remind you of AFC rumored to sign CR7, abramovic, Mata, and many more but they are all rumors thank wenger to be rumor originator ……… I know wenger and greedy board will not sign any player that will be instant solution to arsenal prob , we sold VP we get Giround and the other , Song no replace ment , many youth places sold no replacement for them , we loaned potential players out of our club we are wandering in no 10. My advise get Usmanov , David dein , and Klopp in BVB….. Sack all the staffs and recruits new face workers , then let David Dein deal with players negotiations and signing . However this man brought the likes of Henry, viera, backamp, pires and many world best players , remember it was Arsenal players that won France the world cup name them and remove the influence of those arsenal players partake from it . I love arsenal fc my son support Her but we both shed tears and laments whenever we are coming from stadium ……… not happy lets kick them with world protest

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  36. US4rsenal

    In the January transfer market, we Desperately need two important players:David Dein and Ulisher Usmanov that’s where we lacked depth for the last seven years!!

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  37. Rory

    I must admit I think Fellaini is amazin, and would love to see him play for Arsenal, and I can see why everyone suggests him as he is what you think of as a top notch dm, however it is only part of last season and this season where he has started to shine and that has been with him playing as a CAM, which is covered at this club through cazorla, arshavin and rosicky, so we need to turn our focus to someone that is incredible at playin DM day in, day out.

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  38. S.H

    I think Arsenal supporters calling for M’vila like desperate people don’t realise how inconsistent this guy is. I myself was caught in the hype, until I really watched some of his games. Frankly, he can be like a Djourou. There are many DMs that are more suited to Arsenal’s free flow style.

    There’s no coincidence in Wenger sending Frimpong on loan until Jan. He needs to keep Frimmy match-sharp and knew he wouldn’t have much time in the first team. This is Wenger’s safety card for a DM. If things change by Jan, we improve, Diaby is healthy, we will not buy and Frimpong will probably stay on loan until the summer. However, if things turn drastic and Diaby is still not fit, it might force Wenger’s hand to buy, but he still has the comfort of Frimmy on stand-by in case of injury.

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  39. sinero

    mr admin what a stupid question to ask. even a blind mind who hears of our compalints would realise that we need some new players. Arsene Wenger must stop scouting for other teams eg chelsea ( hazard and matta). He should buy the players we need and must be fast about it. no manager is bigger than the fans cos without us, they would be nobody.

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  40. Rick Rocket

    4 defenders, 3 midfielders, a striker and 2 wide men and we’re sorted.

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  41. stephen187

    Of course song would venture forward last season..big players act and grab the game by the scruff of the neck when many chipped through balls to RVP did he set up last season? Would we be in CL without songs assists? He and arteta shared the DM as song had to create when there was lack of creativity

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  42. indonesian gooners

    I’m prefer Benat Etxeberia from Betis or Lucas Biglia for our CDM..

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  43. Rick Rocket

    We need guys who can win the ball and pass it. And we need a world class finisher.

    Phil Neville and Kevin Davies.

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  44. Terry Norman

    Don’t forget to Include a proven quality goal keeper, it is Christmas you know.
    But be sensible, we’re got more chance of seeing the big fella in red!

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  45. adzz

    Mvilla Would Of Been A Great buy, Really Should Of Got Him In The Summer, a rteta can play inCazorla Role aswell As Dm… So Really Should Of Got Him,

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  46. ibrahim umar

    I believe buying players wont change a thing as long as those greedy things upstairs are there. i really have pity for Wenger cos he takes the punch for their greed. Get us strootman and Huntelaar now.

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  47. jimi

    Selling Alex Song was shocking! i mean he had 2 years left in his contract and the amount of money Arsenal have recieved wasnt that much either.
    and the second ridiculous mistake Wenger made is relying on Diaby’s fitness although he was out for the whole season, he should have replaced Song.

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  48. mzeey

    the Q: does wenger have money to spend and he does not spend becuse of some econimc princble or does the board dont give him the cash he need and he just work with scrap

    cazrola+podolski+gurod= 40

    same time

    rvp+song= 39+2 if manu win the pl

    i say f.,?<{

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  49. theRealgooner10

    Capoue all day long!! Can play centre back aswell!!!! More presence than over rated mvilla!!!

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  50. dardethrone

    How about we get Diame and Yaya Toure. Then they’ll play with Diaby. POWER MIDFIELD LOL just kidding.. But this trio are beasts

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  51. Invincibles nice (1)

    Dont like the look of MVila or Capoue, consentration levels with consistancy issues are a big problem with both.

    While Fellaini is now playing a forward role and capturing his signature a difficulty with him being in huge demand i still believe however him to be the best of all possible options being bandid about.

    Also Wanyama is a player i think best capable in performing solid defensive duties week in week out.

    To sum it all up, i hope we arent looking at the two France football playing midfielders and instead have Fellaini or Wanyama well in our sights.
    I believe we have missed out on a good option to spu with there capture of Dembele who looks like an all action powerhouse of a player.

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  52. sam alvin

    The only solution, is to sack this manager, he knows the problem of the entire team, look at our attacking options, we had the best attacking mid field, wonderful defensive and creative mid field, no mo, Now the BIG QUESN, is whom did he rplace with Nasir, Song,Fabrigas, remember he had the most wonderful and creative players no more,,, Sack this guy

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  53. Gooner trooper

    I think Wenger is brilliant but he needs someone to help him make transfer descisions. Who cares if the board are greedy? Everton have a minimum transfer budget and a class team. WE HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES!! We need to buy the Everton star trio: Fellaini, Baines + pienaar. Unlike gervinho all three get their head up and pienaar in RW to replace Walcott is not brilliant but its a bargain. These 3 equal Strength, crossing and most important of all CONCENTRATION.
    These are the guys we need. £32m would take them all and I would finally be able to put my trust back in the team to not be stupid.
    Who’s with me?

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  54. Gooner trooper

    Oh yeah also they are in the prem already so they don’t need as much time to settle

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  55. gooner4life

    Hey guys, i think that we really have to revamp the whole midfield area. Arsenal’s current midfielders aren’t what we expected them to be. We do not have any solid defensive midfielders who can really shield our defense when our offensive players go up. In my opinion, we should buy TWO defensive midfielders. Yann M’vila and Kevin Strootman are the 2 players who should play in front of our defense. Both players are hard-working box to box midfielders.So if either one of these players go up to join the offense, the other can stay behind. Both these players are also good passers of the ball.

    Next, so who are the three attacking players who will play infront of M’vila and Strootman? Of course, Wilshere should play at the heart of the midfield. He is the best player we have in the whole squad and also the future CAPTAIN. Ok so you might be wondering why I did not put Carzola in the middle.. When Carzola played for Malaga last year, his best position was in the wings. So by right, Carzola should also play in the wings. The other winger I play is Oxlade-Chamberlain. Hence our 3 offensive midfielders would be Wilshere in the middle and both Carzola and Chamberlain in the wings. I think that Giroud is a quality centre-forward but his performances is not just up to standard yet. For this role, we should really really buy Cavani. Cavani is striker who will put all the chances he gets into the back of the net.

    Ok so what will happen to the likes of Arteta, Podolski, Arshavin, Walcott, Gervinho, Couqelin, Chamakh, Diaby, Ramsey and Rosicky? I feel that we should cash in on Walcott who is not interested and buy Zaha. Zaha is a exciting player who can be the replacement for Chamberlain when he is injured. We must also sell off Gervinho, Chamakh, Diaby and Ramsey. These players are just too inconsistent and not good enough for Arsenal. Rosicky can play in Wilshere’s role when he is injured. Similarly, Arshavin for Carzola. Arteta is also getting old and abit inconsistent so he should be on the bench for either M’vila or Strootman. Couqelin can be loaned out to gain more experience and playing time. Podolski should also sit on the bench for the striker role. He can also play on the left wing. Hence, our bench would consist of Arteta, Podolski, Giroud, Rosicky, one keeper, Koscielny and one more defender like Jenkinson(for Sagna).

    ..Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna,
    Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Strootman,
    M’vila, Cazorla, Wilshere, Chamberlain,

    ..Subs: Arteta, Podolski, Giroud, Rosicky, Mannone, Koscielny, Jenkinson

    pls comment haha

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  56. atul bali

    Lads i am from india & i am an ardent suppoter of my beloved arsenal.It pains me the we r playing this season,it is not arsenal.keeping the ball,fluency in passing,killer balls,counter attacks at a million miles,fans like me riveted to our TV screens just admiring the way we play,that is what is missing.Iagree a trophy is missing but what is hurting more is the lack of the arsenal way of playing the beautigul game.Now with my limited knoweledge of the game i would suggest only buy those players who can play the arsenal way.Girould cant,, i can control the ball better at my feet.Padolski is not suited to our game he is best suited for a efficient german team not to our creative & spontaneous style.Mr Diaby needs to go harsh decision wasnt Song a harsh call ,reasons for him & RPV r best known to MR WENGER.GUNNERS come on JAN window exploit it,be smart,& dont give up our policy of rearing young talent only be market savvy in retaining them,thanx & good luck for SATURDAY

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  57. mohawk35

    I just want to scream. Wenger’s words suggest he has no ready midfielders in the reserves – yet Eisfeld’s talent and good performances are just oozing out of every oriface on his body.

    I guess what Wenger really means is… He does not have any defensive midfielders in the reserves – of course he does not want to highlight that fact because he is the one who decided Arsenal did not need to get one.

    Can Meade be converted to DM?

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  58. ripple

    Can anyone explain Gervinho? Vs. Olympiacos he makes a nice move to the bi line and cut back for an assist to Rosicky. Then later, he has only one defender standing flat footed and makes no attempt to get in behind him to go for goal or to work for the cutback. Instead he wastes the opportunity and just hangs on the ball until more defenders arrive then passes meakly backward. One moment, great move, next 50 moments… nothing.

    I think Gervinho’s problems are not physical – they are apparently the result of repeated brain cramping.

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  59. Sir Henry

    Tired of proposing what Arsene should do that he never does, all I do now is hope.
    Whatever happened to our beloved arsenal. 🙁

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  60. James A*

    I believe Arsenal could do with a central attacking midfielder and a central defensive midfielder.

    I think Ramsey is not good enough and gives the ball away too much for an attacking player, we need cover or another creative option to help out or compete with Cazorla & Rosciky.

    Players I believe could feel that role – Willian, Marek Hamsik, Mario Gotze or Joao Moutinho

    In terms of Defensive midfield cover we need natural defensive midfielders, as Arteta cannot cope with that much pressure and we have no cover for Diaby.

    Players I believe could feel that role – Lars Bender, Diame, Etienne Capoue or Yann M’Vila

    The fact is the only way Arsenal will ever be great is to sell & rebuild…. Build a strong core, buy explosive and technically gifted players, give these players a chance (Campbell, Miaychi, Denilson, Eisfield) And change our formation/ tactics as well as our mentallity.

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  61. TopGunner

    Diaby has played good game against Liverpool,now he is a hero. Since he joined Arsenal, we can count the number of good games he have played. Diaby and Ramsey are birds of the same feathers. 1 good game and 10 bad games.
    If Arsenal want to improve we should by:
    Christian Tello-Barcelona
    Pato -Ac Milan
    Keep: Walcott

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