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Wenger impressed with Arsenal’s new signings despite lack of fitness

Arsene Wenger has been busy this summer strengthening the Arsenal squad, and judging by hisreaction after the Man City game he is more than happy with his business so far. “I must say a special congratulations to our two defenders Debuchy and Chambers,” Wenger said on

“Chambers was outstanding. He played with a maturity and intelligence that I was really impressed with. Alexis [Sanchez] looked very exciting, very lively but not completely ready yet. He will be very exciting.

“It was a very good game,” Wenger added. “I think we started very well, we had a great first half with a lot of variation in our attacking and a lot of togetherness in our defending.”

“We could not sustain it completely for 90 minutes, but in the second half when we lost a bit of legs we kept the togetherness and the desire to fight.”

Considering Alexis is not fit, he still covered a lot of ground and made himself busy. I can’t wait to see him in full flight!

Wenger was at pains to stress that the whole team is still not fully fit, but he still has another week to prepare for the first League game. Even so, Arsenal will take heart from our second trophy in two months. “Of course [I take confidence].” he continued. “It’s a trophy. People remind you that you lost a trophy when you lose it and when you win it, it’s only the Community Shield. It was an important game in our minds and it can only boost the confidence and the belief of the team.

“Now we have a difficult game with Crystal Palace, it’s a London derby, they finished the season well last year so on our side it’s an important game. Ideally, I would have loved a bit more time to prepare after the World Cup but we did the best we could and let’s hope it will be enough.”

After losing last season’s opener against Aston Villa, Wenger will be keen to avoid another banana skin. At least this time aroundwe already have one competitive win under our belts….

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30 thoughts on “Wenger impressed with Arsenal’s new signings despite lack of fitness

  1. Dee@ease

    Tony Pulis and his spoiler tactics must be defeated,we need a good start this time around so it’s a must we bag 3points!

  2. Twig

    Would Kos be fit for the game? We might well end up seeing a back 4 of Debuchy, Chambers, Monreal and Gibbs 😀 . Good luck I’ll say!

    1. davidnz

      I think Mertesacker would play.
      He was fully fit for the
      world cup final a month ago
      and with regular maintenace work
      since should be able to step up no problem.

    2. Mick The Gooner

      Koscielny better be fit for the CL qualifier. Away game with a loud, hostile atmosphere in a foreign country.. Can’t rely on Chambers and Monreal as CB’s for that. Especially as we still won’t have a decent DM by then.

      1. DanielC1989

        can’t rely on Chambers? sorry what? Man City are better than Besiktas and he was MOTM vs them

        1. mohawk

          I don’t think it was a dig on Chambers. It is just that he is young and new to the club and may be needed either as RB backup or DM also. Just don’t want to push him too much, that is all. But I would trust him to do it – he has impressed me.

    1. xan

      Here’s a thumps up Twig…Big fan of Wanyama. I don’t know how big clubs aren’t after him. He clearly fits the bill. Would love to see him signed up. Not too sure we need the over priced Bony though.

      1. SaveArsenal

        Bony overpriced?
        Are you nuts?
        He has a 36/26 goal scoring record last 2 seasons, the guy is a force in front of goal.

        1. xan

          Well yeah, I’ve read his asking price range from everything between 19-30 mills over the last few months. I didn’t say he’s not a force coz clearly he is. I just don’t think a striker is top priority. With Theo coming back too, i think we’re pretty set in the offensive department.

  3. cheeterspotter

    I’m concerned that Arsene hasn’t bolstered our defence more with a class player or 2 especially after selling the Verm.City have paid 32m for a start,Mu are buying from Roma a main man,Chelsky are after a top defender also.
    Come on Wenger don’t go penny pinching on us now.You still haven’t spent what u promised end of last season. The Arsenal team puzzle is still incomplete. I

    1. davidnz

      Wenger is scarily talking up
      Chambers as CB and
      Wilshere Arteta (captain) Flamini
      Chambers again and Diaby as DM’S.
      Hope its all a smokescreen and we land
      what we needed all last season and
      will need this season a top class DM.
      Wenger said “If Verm leaves I will replace him”.
      So would Chambers count as a replacement?

      1. Mick The Gooner

        Javi Martinez = DM and CB problems solved. Decent, young, experienced at the top level.

  4. davidnz

    Wenger “pleased” with Chambers
    Debuchy and Sanchez.
    That is a huge surprise.
    Like I was REALLY expecting Wenger to say
    “Oh Sh#t I just blew 58 mill on 3 cr#p signings” 🙂

  5. Twig

    Arsenal always beats City during the holidays
    But City laughs it off and says “see you in May!”

  6. davidnz

    City see Arsenal 13th Sept
    and Jan 17th in the league.
    In May you mean ECL semis
    and FA cup final 🙂

  7. leo

    Höwedes, Gustavo & Carvalho are top of Arsenal’s shortlist with 20 days of the window to go
    howedes + carvalho + reus (maybe) would be great

    1. mohawk

      Leo. I would love to believe you but it has more than a week since the date you claimed Khedira’s official signing announcement would be made – unequivocally.

      In other words: You are just repeating the same unreliable rumors we all can read. When you repeat them they don’t magically become more reliable – they are still just rumors.

  8. kk

    Off topic
    Has anyone noted how Wembley is turning to be our second home ground.? We ain’t losing no games thea

  9. kk

    My good source tips khedira on his way to emirates before close of window plus a new cb. Now, with Ramsey, ozil, carzola, Sanchez, Walcott, awesome back 4 and chambers, I want both the title and the champions league.

    1. dan

      Kk please stop talking nonsense u know no more then the rest of us all your doing is picking up info from other sites and putting it on here pretending u have a source please don’t insult everyones intelligence!!

  10. rkw

    If wenger doesn’t bring in a DM he will regret it big time….it’s a huge gap and serious managers looking to be at top fill the gaps in their squad at all cost …. What’s the mans problem? …. Carvalho looks good if Martinez is staying put but Anyone know who replaced Martinez at Bilbao they have strong players with high skill level….for me more important than striker right now but would still bring in Vargas … Who is available it seems…. and sell podolski to give us more dangerous options up front and if the Turks pay out silly money would go back for the Colombian kid

  11. royalman

    Some Ppl here, all they r after is bring player, they don’t care if the player will be fit into our team or not, some think they know more than the coach, am not saying we don’t nid player, but, pls let’s allow d coaches their work. Our team is becoming better since last season up till now, that is d truth.

  12. fed-up gunner

    Defensive re-inforcement is a major key 2 arsenall season; if we settle it, we have a gr8 season at hand; am thinking howedes n carvalho

  13. Goontz

    The problem with our defense is we don’t have quality subs. That’s why a versatile quality DM must be bought, and Wenger fully suggested he will do so. Let’s not forget that there’s still more than half a month to go and it’s been pretty quiet for everyone.

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