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Wenger interview – Arsenal were tired and Alexis was okay – seriously?

AUDIOPOST – This is an interview with a very depressed Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s unimpressive visit to Carrow Road. It seems that Tuesday’s win against Zagreb has tired the lads out and the lack of alternatives has left Wenger no choice but to overplay the first team.

Le Prof is worried about Alexis, never mind the injuries to Koscielny and Cazorla (who played on one leg in the second half apparently). Yet again he said he wanted to rest Sanchez, but yet again he had no choice but to accept the Chilean’s assertation that he was fine to play. This has now come back to bite us on the bum. Arsenal have only gained 2 points from our last possible 9. Would we have done any worse if Alexis had have been given time to recharge his batteries?

I doubt it.

Anyway, listen to his words directly and see what you think…

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22 thoughts on “Wenger interview – Arsenal were tired and Alexis was okay – seriously?

  1. frogarsenal

    He lacks game time awareness and always seems puzzled by the results during his post game interviews!

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  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Okay a Mass Debate… No wait… Not that kind 😲

    Who thinks that Wenger should step down as Arsenal manager at the end of this season?

    Yes 👍 or No 👎

    👴-” Errrhhh … But .. But.. I don’t think so”

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    1. G-Rude

      How can you ask that now. How about we all vote YES now, then at the end of the season we have the League and FA Cup trophies in our hands?

      He will be judged by results at the end of the season, not a knee-jerk poll in November!

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Your such a spoil sport man 😂
        Come ooooon… you should know the script by now,
        But the difference being this season,
        Is the fact that he didn’t sign any senior outfield players!
        And the injuries have been absolutely diabolical,
        Especially for this stage of the campaign.
        Therefore I very much doubt that we will win the league or the FA cup my friend… And guess what?
        Wenger couldn’t DO IT in the January transfer window because the £200 million can’t be touched for a year as it is gaining the higher rate of interest rate in that way.

        🎵Money Money Money 🎶
        It’s not funny ….in a Wengers world

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      2. Nebs

        The season is over when we talk trophies. The crippled squad we have now will be trampled down by Man City and won’t be able to win the Soton away game and will most probably lose another two points against Sunderland, Villa or Bournemouth. We are talking minimum of four defeats in the first half of the season. And this was the easier half. Second half of the season brings four massive super loseable away games: spuds, manure, mancity and Liverpool.
        Wenger, this season’s failure is all on you. Time to resign.

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  3. wizardry

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves. If Arsene rested Alexis and we drew, all of us would’ve come here and complained why Wenger didn’t start him.
    Alexis’ injury is a blessing in disguise. Now he can finally get his rest and comeback rejuvenated.

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    1. Sam, need a striker

      I’m gutted from the beginning of this season, because I know the scenario and you all know it … you just wait

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    2. Goonsquad8

      How is our best players injury who could be potentially out for months and miss 10+ games a blessing? Please enlighten me. So instead of waiting for him to get hurt so he can get a rest by your logic why couldn’t we rest him the normal way for 1 simple game against Norwich

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  4. bobtaj

    I think more of wenger taking a rest him self to go and spend his money in france he didn’t have any excuse not sign players in the summer window

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    1. Darlingbudsofarse

      I doubt he’ll be retiring to France in a hurry, given the present upheaval in that land. He’s a chicken with a long spout!

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  5. Koss

    I think it is best for us to just shut up now, accept our situation and move on until the day that wenger finally gives up and leaves our club then we could have hope of winning the leageau again.

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    1. Khontoll Ngaceng

      and what happened if kroenke still trusts him and give him 5 more year renewal contract?

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      1. Darlingbudsofarse

        @Khontoli Ngaceng:
        Then I’ll suspend my membership and cancel my SKY subscription!

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  6. Demwan Jones

    The good news is all our injured players will be back by january, even le coq will miraculously return, therefore wenger won’t spend a dime. Then on the 1st of february they’ll go back to Abou Diaby’s Medical Institute. Thats arsenal under wenger right now

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  7. Sam, need a striker

    Forget about injuries and bad luck and all that bla bla … here is our lineup:
    Bel Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq(Flamini for now) Cazorla
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez
    Here are the weak links (so weak):
    Mert, Flamini, Giroud
    What are the player(s) who make a difference upfront?
    Only Sanchez (Cazorla, Ozil are great players but they need others to carry the ball)
    This team was desperate for reinforcements in the summer but guess what! we are fine done and dusted according to Mr manager which will never be hold accountable for the mess after-all … You will always come short Mr Manager and I guess you know why, that’s why I’m looking forward for you farewell …
    If you think this team can bring us EPL, you are fool and delusional … yes you are! believe in miracles …. I support my team but not like so many fans here think we are unstoppable, they will all go from high-hope to no-hope which is so depressing ….

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    1. Darlingbudsofarse

      @Sam need a Striker: It’s funny how great fans think alike! I just read your article after I had written mine and realised to my great delight that you chose too not to mention the Manager by name! Yes as far as I’m now concerned, this Manager remains nameless until he leaves his post.
      Thanks for posting a well thought out article!!!

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  8. Colin

    The decision to play Alexis was in hinesight poor, but the decision to play Ramsey was worse. He was no way near fit, and meant that the substitutions were a mess and left Santi hobbling at the end of the game. Ramsey offered Bellerin no protection on the right because he naturally drifts in, but usually has the fitness to get back to position. He didn’t yesterday. Hector couldn’t have any impact going forward for that reason. As soon as Joel came on Bellarin had more confidence and was able to move forwards. However, within a few minutes Joel had to go on the left as Ramsey was subbed for Ox, so Bellerin had to fall back again. Joel and Monreal haven’t formed the same relationship as Bellerin and Campbell.
    If Campbell had started on the right, when Alexis was injured Ramsey could have gone on. When Santi got injured Then Ramsey could have moved there Ox amd Joel on wings.
    It was like watching the French rugby side. Full of promise, played badly and out of position. Please we have the squad, just trust them.

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  9. Darlingbudsofarse

    Judging perspectively from the last 2 games, when I thought we had the chance of nailed on 6 points but we managed only1, I seriously think we NEVER win any meaningful trophy under the present incumbent who must now be allowed to leave with immediate effect!
    I know the season is not yet even halfway, but this is a season judging from the opposition still in the race, where I felt we’d never had the best opportunity presented to us on a platter to win the EPL, yet this man is buggering it all.
    Please Mr Manager go now and take the entire wet, wet Board with you! Good riddance to you

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  10. G-Rude

    Can I just take a second to remind everyone that we are still just two points from the top of the League? Yes we drew an away game, so what!
    lots of teams think that is a good result in the Premier League no matter who you play.

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