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Wenger is RIGHT to believe Arsenal CAN win EPL title

Arsenal are not quite out of the title race yet by Sam P

If you did not see the press conference given by Arsene Wenger yesterday, as Arsenal prepare to take on QPR in the Premier League, you may have missed this, because most of the media reports on the subject focused on the Frenchman saying that we were ‘nowhere near’ challenging Chelsea for the title. You can watch the whole thing via this link to the Arsenal website.

Wenger did say that, but he also put the proviso of ‘at the minute’ in there. He had been asked whether he had given up on the idea of winning it this season but he refused to do so, instead saying that the Gunners were just trying to focus on doing as well as we can for the remaining games. But I got the impression that the manager was still holding on to a little bit of belief.

We all know that it is very unlikely but stranger things have happened. Jose Mourinho was desperate to remind his players as they celebrated the League Cup trophy, that they must not take their eye off the ball, but that is easier said than done sometimes.

It is not out of the question, by any means, that West Ham beat Chelsea at home tomorrow night and so if we beat QPR, that would cut the gap to just six points. SIX Gooners!! They would have a game in hand but also still have to visit the Emirates as well as hosting Man United, Liverpool and Southampton.

So as unlikely as it may be, I think Wenger is totally right not to give up all hope just yet. Don’t you?

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43 thoughts on “Wenger is RIGHT to believe Arsenal CAN win EPL title

  1. fred cowardly

    Lets concentrate one game at a time.

    We are nine points behind and Chelski has game in hand. So long way away. We also played pish poorly against Monaco so need to improve a lot.

    Lets focus on QPR and then after that United. FA Cup is still our best chance of silverware

    One game at a time

  2. SoOpa AeoN

    oh cuz citeh Lost to pooL, we are now being vocal and talking of the title race……. Gr8! …….it’ll be wise we focus on all of our games…….there’s no room for messing around

  3. lee

    As big an Arsenal fan as I am, i’d be astonished if we won it this year. It’s very very unlikely. 2nd/3rd is more realistic. COYG

  4. fred cowardly

    Can you imagine if we did?
    One of the greatest comebacks in history

    And can you imagine the reaction of Mourinho and Adrian whatever his name is.

    Anyway, it is NOT realistic. It is mathematically possible. A man can dream can’t he? lol

    1. NY_Gunner

      @fred cowardly
      I like your optimism Gooner.
      What a feat that would be. Just to see the shocked look on the hating pundits faces, not to mention that of Mourinho’s…

      1. leo

        chelski will never drop points from here on would be a miracle as for us we need to focus on our games esp against chelski/liverlool & manure

        1. muffdiver

          Mourinho would never let them drop 12 points at this stage. Watched them vs spuds they closed the game down like pros, its anti football but it shows mettle-something we lack.
          They have enough depth an we have been inconsistent not them.

          We will not win the title.

          1. NY_Gunner

            Spurs went into the match like we did against Monaco, thinking that it was going to be a walk in the park, since they had already beat them. But Chelsea played them like we played City, by choking off their supply line to their main man. And like us, Spurs had no plan B…

            1. Gooner1604

              Agree with you muffdiver – mourinho isn’t going to drop anywhere near enough points or us to mount a late challenge

  5. Arnoldhino

    Why so negative? Is it a long shot yes. Is it likely probably not. But damn people show some love for your team….do you want or manager to come out and say its over for us better luck next year! FFS you never give up.

    1. muffdiver

      What do u want an 80’s fistbump ?
      Ferris bueller punches the air in glory?

      We dont deserve that title.
      We have looked poor this season.
      So have city man u an liverpool

      Chav twats deserve that title cos they only team that have looked worthy of it

      1. mike

        maybe. but arnoldhino is just reiterating the idea that i love most behind sports. never.give.up. ever. it’s the ones that give up that are the ultimate losers. no matter how many rough patches you’ve had to go through. i love it bc it’s directly applicable to life. never.give.up. ever. even when you think it’s impossible.

    2. ArseOverTit

      Negative or not delusional?

      We need to learn from Chelski because like it or not they are setting the level.

  6. leo

    Per Mertasacker has played every minute of every game this season. I think we’ve been rather harsh on him. he is good especially against those big physical teams , he doesn’t have to be our first choice but would want him to be part of our squad

    1. Budd

      You talk absolute $hit, as usual. Mertesacker did not played until the game at Everton. Only one game in the FA Cup and of course none in the Capital One.

      1. ArseOverTit

        In no way, no how, is per good at what he is supposed to be good at.

        Too old, too slow & too vulnerable.

  7. leo

    another season gone hope he does something about it in summer the title race was over at the start of the season everyone new we need a striker/cdm & an exp gk except le prof
    FA cup & 3rd pos in PL hope that’s all we can do

  8. SoOpa AeoN

    some would do / say just about anything to get thumb ups ….even if it means pretending to want mertesacker on the team or bench……i’m glad he’s been benched, i won’t be sad if he’s sold as well

    1. Bigvalbowski

      Varane, Ramos, Pepe, Pique, Terry, Zouma, Kompany(been off the boil recently, but), Mascherano…………………………………..

      1. muffdiver

        ahem, no he didnt he was benched for boateng an hummels pairing, they never won anything when he was in germanys defence…just saying

        1. mike

          he’s still better than most of the manure defense. i too think we’ve been harsh as fans, especially when he did a great job pairing w kos last season. i know it’s all about the now, but his leadership has been good. monaco and other poor outings this season clearly indicate his decline. but to just bash him and say he’s useless, or less worthy of even playing on manure’s hole of a defense, isn’t quite fair, either.

          1. ArseOverTit

            Stop comparing our players against the sub standard team that Man U currently have.

            We are better and deserve better than them. Currently the yard stick is Chelski and their team because they WIN things. Thought this was the point of football and not just comparing ourselves to other fallen Giants.

            Per is sloooooooow and his decision making is usually crap. Not good traits for a defender.

  9. Bigvalbowski

    Imagine if these results went differently,

    Tie @ Leicester….
    Loss @ Swansea(lead in 75th)
    Loss @ Stoke
    Tie @ Liverpool(goal conceded in IT)
    Tie @ home to Hull

    I didnt even mention the City tie @ home(wasted late lead), nor the Southhampton capitualtion. Drawing @ Stoke and Swansea, coupled with wins @ Pool, Leicester, and Hull would have us smack dab in the EPL hunt.


    1. Mick The Gooner

      It’s a shame those results didnt go our way, but every team can pick out games where they dropped points they could’ve won.

      1. Bigvalbowski

        Completely agree, each of the top teams have dropped points thus far. I still contend that Arsenal would be in the title race if they would if been a little more consistent, especially early in the year.

    2. vijaygunner

      Loss to united at home was very difficult for me. That wasn’t just a worst man united team ever, it was the worst team ever to come on our pitch. I gave up after that match, 88th minute stats united are leading by 2 goals and they had only one shot on target by playing route one football.


    I have already given the title to Arsenal. So, there is no need I repeat what I have said before. But for the doubting Thomases, Arsenal are the 2014/2015 Barclays Premeir League Champions. Period! Who said Chelsea played a better game against Tottenham Hotspur? Tottenham refused to show up in that Capital One Cup final at Wembly last Sunday. They were naive and did not show any hunger for winning the Cup. And thus consequently made Chelsea look great in that match.


    And less I forget, we will still need Rhinosacker in the run in to the season. The man may have lost some pacy. But I won’t forget too easily his equalizing goal at Wembly last year. I want the bosses to play as 1 of the 2 CDMs tomorrow at Loftus Road. As a top defender, that new role will suite him rather than to dump him of like sit.

  12. Dennis

    AW must buy Bas Dost!! he must buy Schneiderlin sell podolski/wilshere. That’s the only way we’ll win the league

  13. fred cowardly

    Look we need to focus and try to win all our matches.

    The PL title is NOT in our hands but 3rd place is. Some People may say there is no difference between 3rd and 4th. Well I think there are two differences.
    1. We will not have to pre-qualify for Champions League in summer.
    2. It will give us a slight mental edge for next season to not be 4th place again

    Also, 2nd place is not in our hands BUT Achieveable. City are more beatable then Chelski

    I truly believe that 2nd place and FA Cup are realistic targets.

    So lets try to focus on each upcoming game and try to win. Who knows what could happen if continue winning and not worry about other teams


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