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Wenger – Jack Must Be Ready In Three Weeks

Arsene Wenger is understandably being very cautious about bringing Jack Wilshere back to the Arsenal first team, but he is adamant that if he is not able to play competitively in the next three weeks, then there is very little chance that Jack will be fit enough to join the England squad for the Euro2012 tournament this summer, or even to build up his fitness while playing in Arsenal’s run-in.

“We will know in the next two or three weeks if he will play this season,” Wenger said.

“We try to keep the hope alive for him and not take too many risks. That means we adapt day to day, to manage him, to improve his physical state and get him fit as quickly as we can without taking too big a risk. That means when he has irritation or discomfort we stop him.”

“We are now at the end of March, that means to go to a big competition without having played at all is impossible,” said Wenger.

“The next three weeks will be decisive. You would think a player who wants to play in June, at the end of April they will have to be competitive. The next three weeks will decide if he can go to the Euros.”

Although I know that every Arsenal supporter would like to see Jack back in action as soon as possible, would it be better if he DIDN’T see any real action until the pre-season rather than risk him in the crucial end of season games?

He will have many more competitions he can go to with England in the future, thats for sure….


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26 thoughts on “Wenger – Jack Must Be Ready In Three Weeks

  1. budgie

    rushing him back would be a big mistake, we need him rested a fit for next season, stuart pearce will try and force him into the squad, Arsene should tell him to p**s off!

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  2. Paul

    I agree with every1 don’t bring him back unless 100% fit I honestly feel jack is the best midfielder in the country and is a future arsenal and England captain the way he moves around the pitch with the ball is like watching a mini INIESTA and he has the touch and passing skill of a young Paul scholes!!!!!!! I just hope he isn’t plagued by injury as it’s not only a loss for us gunners but a loss for the PREM and country!!!!!

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  3. Iyamu E.Martins

    We need to keep him fit for next season,the season is gone.

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  4. Phil Mike Hunt

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    @ Bobby Dylan u dnt know what u are saying , bring him back against those rugby union players of Stoke so that they can send him back to a long term lay off. NEVER ,is better they live him till next pre season.

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    There are only two types of jack.’JACK ASS or JACK WILSHERE.fortunately we have wilshere and we MISS HIM!Doesn’t matter if he plays on the last day for 15 min, but we need to see him on the pitch coz we are always proud of him just as Barca is proud of Messi

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  7. Ibro vc

    If he is fully fit, rest him and let him focus in training so that he will be another new signing next season.

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  8. Henryesk

    Erm.. I actually want him to play in the Euro’s.. Let’s not be selfish now I’m sure Jack himself is dying to be fit for his first international competition and he deserves it. How proud would you be seeing our 3 young Gunners Theo, Jack and the Ox representing their country, terrorising the best players in Europe!? I honestly think he would be deviatated if he didn’t make it so I say.. “Use the force Jack, the force”

    Come On You Gunners!

    Come on England!

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  9. DutchFan

    Let him play if its shure hes 100% fit!

    What a boost would it give Arsenal if he came back though 😀

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  10. Saton81

    Luis Neto. Close to joining Arsenal. Nearly agreed a fee. 4 year deal. No Vertonghen. Replacement for Djrouou and Squillachi.

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  11. Elz17J

    Let’s not forget that if he doesn’t play at the Euros, he’s more likely to play at the Olympics!


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  12. Arsenal1Again

    As careful as we are with improving his fitness, not taking risks or rushing him bacj, it will all be for nothing because he’ll be taken with the England Squad and he’ll be crocked during training. We’ll then hear that he’s hopeful for a New Year return.

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  13. Robin van Bergkamp

    Even if jack doesn’t play in the EPL this year, i’d like to see him play in the Euros in order to get some match fitness and sharpness. Playing EPL is not only a risk to Wilshere re-injuring himself but i don’t believe he’ll come back the same player instantly, which is not good for Arsenal in a crucial period.

    Playing 3-5 games in the Euros would help Jack get into the swing of things again, with preseason games around the corner to further contribute to his match awareness. Regardless what happens, Wenger is the coach and knows what he is doing. Lets just leave it at that and ignore all the other lazy lounge lizards!

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