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Wenger knows Arsenal MUST beat Swansea in FA cup

Every game is important for Arsenal, but when we travel to the Liberty stadium to face Swansea in the FA cup 3rd round tomorrow, Arsene Wenger will know that it could be one of the most important games of the season for the Gunners, and could determine how the second half of the campaign turns out.

Following the defeat by Swansea on December 1st, the Arsenal players have picked themselves up and won four league games in a row. It is a real shame that confidence building run came to a halt against Southampton on New Years day, but it has given the Gunners new belief in themselves and their manager. It is the confidence, or lack of it, that will come from tomorrow’s result that could make this such an important game.

Wenger also understands how much the Arsenal fans want a trophy, it was made painfully obviuos to him after the Bradford game. As a manager, Wenger must do the best for the club, and he sees qualification for the champions league as vital for that. This season, however, Wenger knows that a trophy would do massive amounts for the fans and for the club as a whole.

“I think it is an important moment of the season for us, to strengthen the confidence of the team.

“We feel we are on a good run, but how far can we go? To win in the FA cup will strengthen us.

“It bothers me (trophy drought), of course it bothers me because I am not here to watch other people win trophies.

“For us it’s important to show continuity and consistency and the FA cup is part of that. To get people to believe more in the team it’s important that we win on Sunday.”

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25 thoughts on “Wenger knows Arsenal MUST beat Swansea in FA cup

  1. gunners

    We must take it game by game, to avoid disapointment. remember vs bradford. yes, Arsenal are JO-JO, when they play good they fly like a bird,and whe you expect them to continue with that, they lose vs a much smaller team.

    SO dear gunners lets take it game by game.

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  2. Greg

    Our pride and our season depends on this as gunners!after 8 seasons in the wilderness it would be great for us!

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  3. gunners

    KAKA, DAVID VILLA, BAINES and M’villa signing will make my January.

    Kaka has not been linked with us but, he still have the magic, it is just merinho who don’t like kaka, he delives when he is called.
    D.villa is highliy linked lets hope it is true, as well as the 2 others.

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  4. Jambo

    You think kaka would get in over Santi/ Wilshere – you are having a laugh!

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  5. faithhhful

    I really hope that wenger plays a 4-4-2 formation with walcott and giroud/poldi up front! I would also love to see rosicky because hes been class everytime he has played! COME ON ARSENAL DONT LET THEM BEAT US AGAIN!

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  6. Jambo

    FA cup used to be owned by Arsenal – Let’s bring it home. Swansea will play a weak side as they have Utd coming up. We should be looking to murder them and take revenge for what Michu did to us earlier in the season. We need to throw everything into it. COYG!!!

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  7. ButtFlaps

    Tomorrow 10-0 WALSHOT HUTTRRICK will leave them all at sea like swans.

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  8. VonMich

    We have the potential to win against EVERYONE… and, unfortunately, to lose against everyone too 😀 BUT, the swans will be cooked tomorrow! COYG

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  9. elcid

    Heard Kevin Prince Boateng is rethinking his future at AC Milan and Italy in general, he would be the kind of beast we need. Not that he would be coming though

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  10. Twig

    Giroud Walcott
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Rosicky Coquelin Cazorla
    Gibbs Vermalaen Mertasacker Jenkinson

    Bench: Martinez Arteta Sagna Podolski Koscielny Wilshere Eisfeld

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  11. barbes13

    the fans have heard all those cunning talks before. just wish arsenal all the best tomorrow.

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  12. gunners

    if barca refuse to sell D.villa to us. it shows you how bad wenger has been over the years.

    Henry,Hleb, Fabregas, Song, Overmars,…etc were sold at thier peak

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  13. Jambo

    Liking all those who are talking about 442 formation. Giroud and Walcott would be a deadly combination.

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  14. craig2500

    To be honest its 50/50 if we win this one Wenger needs to up his tactics against a manager thats taken his philosophy and is bettering it.

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  15. lambgoona

    if i see ramsey before rosicky tomorrow i think i might cry!! surely wenger saw how well cazorla and rosicky linked up when they played together?? some creativity is needed on those wings not a player who is going to slow down play and pass the ball backwards or out of play! Unless rosicky just isn’t 100% match fit yet i dont know but he is the best sub we have atm and needs to get involved!!

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  16. Gunner

    Given Arsenal’s record against Swansea you would have to conclude that this a real ‘banana skin’ waiting to be stood on!!! There is no team better than Arsenal to stand on it either!!!! So this one has problems written all over it sorry to say???
    Wenger is right, the best way to prepare for a game is to win the one prior. The problem with Arsenal is that when they haven’t won the one prior they tend to struggle!! Usually takes them 3 or 4 games after to get back to winning, then they somehow lose the plot again after winning a couple and the cycle starts again.
    Arsenal get into trouble when they slow the tempo and start passing square and across the back four too often. Arteta slows it down too much and since the midfield build up starts with him it’s a problem. Arsenal need a pacey left winger who can attack the defense down near the bye-line and the penalty area?? Podolski plays too deep and cuts inside too frequently and Gervinho can get out wide and do great things only to lose the plot completely when it comes time for him to pass or cross. LW should be priority in the transfer window. So should the DM spot, someone who can tackle hard and break up attacks and turn them into counter attacks quickly. Someone who is always first to the ball when it is cleared out of the opponents penalty area???
    The only way for Arsenal to win tomorrow is to get really aggressive and go out to get even with them! This team lacks that quality??

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  17. FG

    Anyone else get annoyed by the constant referencing to our recent run of ‘form’? Our recent run maybe looks good on paper (if you really squint, and wear someone elses glasses), but we won 4 games against weak opposition, some of which were tired, we had a week off to rest, and we had some very favourable referee decisions, and some own goals to help and penalties. We didn’t play well. We should be better than all those teams, and should have expected to win those games.


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