Wenger knows that Swansea will be tough for Arsenal

Swansea City have had a remarkable few years, and Arsene Wenger knows that Arsenal will need to put in a good performance to stop the Gunners becoming another positive in their recent results. Wenger is aware that Swansea will be in a buoyant and confident move after midweek victory over one of the Premier leagues other surprise packages, West Brom.

“They have bought intelligently and, of course, that gives them the basis they had last year, and the addition of the players they have bought in. That makes them dangerous.

“Of course, (Brendan Rodgers) has made the basis of what the club is today, and Michael Laudrup has added some players he knew from Spain, who are very good additions.

“They have Michu, Pablo Hernandez, De Guzman. These players, and keeping Britton, Rangel and the players at the back. They are a very dangerous side throughout and are having a good season. They are a complete unit, very creative, very technical and very mobile.”

They are also just a single point behind Arsenal in the Premier league table and are unbeaten in their last six games. They have also, however, lost to Aston Villa and Stoke City on the road in the league, and their home form seems much better than away. In their last two away games they only managed a draw with Southampton and a 2-1 win against a very poor Newcastle.

Arsenal should still be confident of beating Swansea, but it would be well to expect a hard game and get off to a fast start. If Sagna passes a late fitness test, we will have a strong back four and a strong attack. I assume that Podolski will return. The German was not even on the bench at Everton but has not been mentioned in the injuries, so I assume he was rested.

Wenger should be able to select his favoured line up in midfield of Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere with Walcott on the other side of Giroud from Podolski. There should be no excuses for a poor showing. Come On You Gunners.

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26 thoughts on “Wenger knows that Swansea will be tough for Arsenal

  1. Dan

    Fair chance we could find ourselves in REAL bother come January.

    Come on then Wenger, show us the manager that you’re hyped up to be. I have a funny feeling his number is up.

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  2. shadgunner

    This is the premier League,what else do u expect…sometimes i feel even champions league has some TAKE it easy games sometimes….but EPL..my world…they all hav become so fighting types…remember 3-4 years back,sunderland,west brom,etc used to be considered the yo-yo boys…the ultimate whipping boys…look now,tell..can u even see a single team…that can be whipped apart by Arsenal…

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  3. Stew

    The Swans are probably playing the best attacking football in the league at this point (the link up play is definitely better than ours!!).
    This will be a make or break game the protesting supporters will be out in full force also we need a victory!!!!


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  4. shah95

    swansea definitely wont be easy. we shouldnt be too confident or give the ball away too easily.

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  5. green gunner

    Defense defense defense! We score our fair amount but concede too many. Look at city and united Wednesday night. 2-0, 1-0 wins. Need cover at LB and a DM. Vermaelan to turn back into a beast like teen-wolf. Sagna to get his contract sorted. It needs tweaking, not major work.
    At least Wenger has Santos off cracking rocks in Siberia. It’s a start.

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  6. softstev

    Swansea city will definately be a hard knock to crack. Their compatibilty and mobilty in the EPL has no equal. Arsenal must be solid at the back if we must win. Our back four must very careful with Michu.

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  7. leo

    Arsene Wenger has hinted he will be looking to La Liga in January as he attempts to strengthen his Gunners squad for the New Year.

    llorente/adrian lopez/soldado/benat/isco or will it be another 17 year old from barca academy la masia dubbed the next messi

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  8. leo

    AFC and Adrian Lopez in “advanced talks.” Wenger has also hinted it’s a great time to look into the Spanish transfer market. Certain deal.

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  9. leo

    2morrow there will be a protest march to the emirates The BSM are NOT calling for Wenger to be sacked but their aims resonate with a significant number of shareholders. I’m afraid this protest may get hijacked by others with another agenda.

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  10. craig2500

    well er, it will be tough er, because u know my tactics are how you say predictable er, but its only Swansea’s second season so i have a chance er, but it er, we will see if i get lucky

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  11. leo

    @justjoy wenger will bring in players acc 2 the situation if theo leaves lopez will replace him zaha for arshavin & huntelaar 4 chammakh + djorou 2 could join juve for 7m & henry will join on loan so expect 3-4 signings including henry on loan

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  12. leo

    43yr old ex-Oranje striker Erik Meijer & who used to be a client of Huntelaar’s agent Arnold Oosterveer, has told German SS that the Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaarcould join the Gunners in January. The 2nd time in a month to say that

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  13. artillery1

    Very very Much TOUGH!

    But U knw, If n Only If Wenger Select Team Wisely, Every Team Can bow infront Of Us!

    Poor Management COsting Us!

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  14. Uche

    Well I am not buzzing with confidence and that’s not only because this team has been hemorrhaging its best players for the past seven years but because Wenger undermines the team by playing Ramsey. The stats don’t lie. Playing with Ramsey is like playing with ten and a half men. He is not a threat to the opposition in anyway. Watch theo, Jack and Rosicky charge at defenders and then you will understand why Ramsey doesn’t just cut it. Look, between Walcot, Podolski and Giroud, we have players who can score a ton of goals. But when the midfield fails to create the required chances, thanks to passengers like Ramsey, the strikers don’t get service and we suffer. Did you guys see how Walcot single handedly got Giorud scoring again just when we were beginning to feel we have acquired the services of another donkey from league one? When we create chances, this team scores goals. I just cannot wait for Rosicky to get back into the team. He is our only hope and carries an attacking threat more than even carzola. Rosicky knows the premier league well and takes the game to you whereas Carzola is still figuring out what’s what. I felt so sorry for Carzola at everton. The pace, intensity and physicality of the game overwhelmed the poor man. He did not have a good game inspite of flashes of brilliance here and there.

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  15. Uche

    One more thing. Rosicky is not afraid to make risky passes. He makes the long quick passes and he takes risks. He holds onto the ball well, dribbles through a maze of defenders like oil on a watery slope and distributes the ball very well in unpredictable ways. Thank God Gazidis forgot to sell him too. Rosicky holds the key to our resurrection this season and not Zaha, Klaas or any other player that will need adaptation time. We need our midfield creating chances and until we do that, we will continue to struggle.

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  16. true goon

    Listen.Swansea are playing better football than us right now,unless we do something about the DM position i can see teams like Swansea running rings round us like fulham did.

    If Wenger picks Ramsey again,it shows that he really has lost it,and its not a good sign for the match

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  17. true goon

    An he needs to rest Giroud 2moro,put podolski upfront and play the ox on the left.So we have pace on both wings

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