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How can Wenger get the Arsenal players motivated again after ‘inefficient’ display

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comI have a feeling it is not going to be a very happy morning at the Arsenal training ground when the players arrive. Every single one of the squad will know that the failure to beat Man United has been a massive setback to the Gunners rise buck up the Premier League table, and has opened a big gap to Man United again. I can’t see anyone smiling today even if Wenger offered them all free spins at UK casinos! And even that may not work considering the obscene amounts of money they earn.

But money can’t buy you happiness, especially when you dominate but still lose to Jose Bus Conductor Mourinho! Mesut Ozil expressed the disappointment in the side when he tweeted yesterday:

Arsene Wenger has told us how angry he is, with the defender’s cockups, and the failure of the strikers to get the ball past David De Gea. His last post on said: “Today I am very angry, because the team produced a quality performance with desire. They were strong mentally and overall in a game of that stature to have 33 shots on goal and nothing to show for it… I tell you tonight that I am absolutely angry. When you see the potential we have and in the end the way we started at the back is very difficult to swallow. We know we need to be dominant in the challenges and the first two goals are hard to accept.

“We could have finished better and at the end of the day we haven’t been efficient enough in the two boxes and that’s why we lost the game.

“Yes, I think even at 2-1 we cannot afford to concede another goal. We were going at 2-1 with 25 minutes to go and could come back, but the 3-1 is the killer. Again, we made a huge mistake and gave them the third goal.”

So how is he going to pick the players up and prepare them for next weeks game away at Southampton. It looks like the Boss is hoping that the team can channel their anger to perform even better until the end of the season. “I believe from the game, it has to make us angry and even more determined,” said Wenger.

“If I am a player, and I think with what we produced, we have a huge potential, and we lose the game. We cannot accept that.

“That’s what you want, the players have produced a quality performance. What makes you angry is that you produce that performance and, in the end, you have nothing to show for it. That’s very difficult to accept.”

I can imagine all the players driving to the training ground right now, and I can feel their anger as they think back to everything that went wrong on Saturday. I wonder wheth Shkrodan Mustafi will turn up on time. He has a bit of explaining to do, I think!

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8 thoughts on “How can Wenger get the Arsenal players motivated again after ‘inefficient’ display

  1. Nothing changed

    I am getting a little bit sick of this talk about quality performance. We were not ready mentally at the whistle and conceded 2 goals in 10 minutes and we were down 2-0 after 14. By this time the game was over. When Arsenal are out of the title race they start playing. When the game is over and lost they start playing. We can not be distracted or deluded by what happened after the game was lost. Mourinho’s team have no problem absorbing the pressure once 2-0 up. Our efforts had a cosmetic effect but nothing more.

    Ask yourself how we did when the game was level?

    Late last season when we were eliminated from the PL race and effectively from the fight for 4th we had some good results but again by this time we were playing for nothing. When the expectations are gone we are OK but as soon as there are expectations we crumble. Man U put us away in 14 minutes, that is the real Arsenal the effort to try to catch up for the remaining 75 minutes was “valiant” but should not be seen as an indication or used to prove how great a game we played. No. a game is 90 minutes long if you don’t play the first 15 you can not expect to get credit. We were masters of our own demise not because of unfair or unlucky events.

  2. Sukhjot Gunner

    By forgetting the manure game as soon as possible and getting back to winning ways straight away….

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      By defenders practicing not dwelling on the ball and kicking it downfield as far as practical; and attacking players practising shooting aeay from the goalkeeper!

  3. RichSAAlao

    Hey ! did you watch the “weepy” Claude rated ” World 7″ zero on Arsenal FanTV? What now opened his eyes?? he gave his beloved best zero against Man u.

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