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Wenger needs to stand up to Arsenal board

Most Arsenal fans, even those that think it is time for a new manager, accept the fact that Arsene Wenger cares deeply about Arsenal football club. He always backs the board and doesn’t complain when they fail to provide the money he needs to improve. He stepped in recently at the AGM when some supporters were starting to heckle Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood, and got them out of trouble in the summer by somehow balancing the books.

How do they repay him, by making subtle suggestions that the lack of quality players coming in for the last few years is due to Wenger choosing not to spend money. Although Gazidis previously admitted that Wenger’s transfer acumen and ability to bring players on and improve others had made it possible for Arsenal to be competitive while they paid off the stadium, he is now hinting that Wenger has had money all along.

Wenger needs to lose his rag with these people, and tell them that they need to invest, now, before the season turns completely pear shaped. Plus, they need to get their hands in their pockets and reward the people who the fans think deserve it, the players. Gazidis gets a massive pay rise, while Sagna and Walcott are made to look greedy by asking for a little extra which would still not bring them in line with other Premier league clubs.

Stop covering for them Arsene, they wouldn’t do the same for you. It might be the only way that the board are shamed into supporting the club that supports them financially. Fans are starting to blame Wenger for selling the best players every year, which is crazy. He does like to bring players on and make them great, but not for someone else to then get the benefit. The closest he came to speaking out was when Fabregas left, he said it would be a disaster to then let Nasri go. We all know what happened next.

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44 thoughts on “Wenger needs to stand up to Arsenal board

  1. haywill

    I always like Wenger. I never hate him for bad results. I want Arsenal to win trophies again with him. Hope he loves Arsenal too like we do. Cuz he keeps selling our stars… 🙁

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  2. JS Gooner

    Who really knows what happens behind closed doors at Arsenal?
    It could be any of a huge number of things, although the one thing that is unacceptable is Gazidis’ pay rise. If we were keeping our best players and winning trophies, I think most fans would be happy for the board to be given pay rises. Unfortunately when we ‘can’t afford’ to keep the players that are our only hope of silverware, yet Ivan takes home even more, you know something is very, very wrong indeed.

    Either way, support the team and manager while they’re here. It’s all we’ve got right now. Lets hope Thierry can inject some passion back into AFC.

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  3. Terry Norman

    Do you think a salary of £7 million a year has anything to do with Wenger not wanting to upset the board?

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  4. Terry Norman

    Also, not only does Wenger need to lose his rag with the board, losing his rag with the players for their piss poor performance might help as well!

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  5. No more excuses

    Well said . It’s all dirty politics to dupe the fans . Any frustration that has been aimed at arsene has been brought on himself . We – the fans – ain’t stupid . We may have different views – but we ain’t stupid and dnt like bein lied to !

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  6. 9jagun


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  7. leo

    wenger himself said last week when he first came in that club was owned by passionate members but now it’s just buisness stan kroenke out usmanov in

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  8. Sank

    The worst thing is wenger has never complained against the board for keeping players and contract problems. it indicates wenger is happy with the board and is helping them.

    accept it.

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  9. leo

    i wish somebody would come out & speak against the board i am sure so many people work there surely someone can tell the truth pat rice or former board members this has been going on for quite some time the fans need to know what is excatly going on

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  10. consrod

    read ‘the secret life of Arsene Wenger’ by Oliver Holt interesting take on Wenger’s relationship with the board

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  11. JS Gooner

    @Terry Norman

    Wenger has been at the club for 16 years, he has turned away far more lucrative jobs (most recently PSG) and he has stuck with us through thick and thin.

    Saying £7mil a year is payment to please the board is, in my opinion, an insult to someone who should be respected.

    I truly believe Arsene wants the club to regain lost glories, without financially burning it to the ground at the same time.
    Whilst I cannot say I always agree with his choices as a manager, I cannot question his integrity and loyalty to the club.

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  12. leo

    i don’t know but i get the gut feeling wenger will leave in 2014 for psg even now they are willing 2 sack ancelotti 4 wenger they have put him on top of that list then we will know what is going on the next manager won’t take the crap 4 sure

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  13. leo

    wenger signed the deal worth 7m during danny fizsman’s days when he was there till 2007 even henry at that point was earning 130 a week + 5m bonus one of the reason’s why henry left was because of the uncertianity of wenger’s future google it you can read his interview so stop this nonsense about 7m a year at psd they are offering him close to 12-14m a year how about that

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  14. Cut

    This is probably Arsene’s last season with his beloved Arsenal unless he wins a trophy!
    Man needs to throw caution to the wind and come out with all gun blazing!!!

    Spend! Spend! Spend!

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  15. lifeasagooner

    I don’t think anyone can deny this club is in crisis if we lose against West Brom. I’m sick of the tone of the statements coming out the club. The board talking about winning not mattering – rosicky blaming the boo boys etc… these players and board members are all extremely rich men from us fans buying expensive tickets and they need to shift the whole aim of the club back towards winning. I just sick of watching it all go down the drain and nobody at the club appearing to give a shite.

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  16. mean

    Hillwood said ‘whats all the fuss about its not that we re being relegated’
    now u see where the problem lies , the board dont give a f*** about the fans ,
    so keep buying merchandise and expensive tickets, give them more money like they deserve it

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  17. Terry Norman

    Perhaps life’s a lot easier for Wenger at Arsenal earning £7 mill a year and NOT being expected to win anything, rather than earning more at PSG but being expected to deliver silverware!

    If you think I’m insulting Wenger by implying his earning £7 mill a year is why he doesn’t criticise the board, perhaps you can enlighten me the “real reason” why he’s keeping quiet!
    I’m sure there are a lot of people on here who would like to know the answer to that, beside me.

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  18. JS Gooner

    @Terry Norman

    What I was saying is that Wenger wants Arsenal to do well. Not because he is getting paid £7mil a year for it, but because he loves the club.
    He could easily spend the next 5 years going between other big clubs and getting paid literally twice as much as at Arsenal, then settling down into retirement.
    If he doesn’t win anything at PSG, he’ll easily get work somewhere else.

    He may genuinely believe the board is in the right, yet this is not questioning his intentions, merely his ability (which as I said before I am not entirely convinced of myself anymore).

    I just thought it was unfair of you to essentially label him as a mercenary. My comment had nothing to do with ability and success, merely loyalty and good intentions.

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  19. me

    i dont understand why some fans want wenger to be sacked so much. its not all his fault. the ffp will be implemented soon. we know wenger plays an important role to build our beloved arsenal. keep it competitive through minimum budget and etc. i think thats why other clubs want to lure him out from arsenal and the media isnt help as always. dont be too harsh by destroying his ‘work’. this is the right time for fans to get behind the manager, the players, the club. at least wait until the ffp… keep faith

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  20. Mr Lean

    keep reading about sacking wenger and i will be honest at times recently i have felt the same but when i am calm and come back to my senses i realise he can take us forward and also who else can take over from him,would like to see one day wenger move upstairs and menter a new coach who is a gooner and not in it for the cash,a dutch legend springs to mind

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  21. Mudah

    Are you trying to say that wenger had no choice on all the previous happenings?? Well then you must be kidding…I know that boards are at fault but wenger too!

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  22. Terry Norman

    Call me cynical, but the people I know who really love the Arse go without, just to watch their team.
    If Arsene really “loves the club”, take a £3 mill a year wage cut.
    Doing that he could make it easier to buy a “top” player by supplementing their wages.
    He could buy guys season tickets, who have had to give them up after 38 years because of the cost, and give them to them as a present.
    So when you and others talk about Wenger “loving the club”, i’m afraid I take that with “pinch of salt”.

    If you along with Gazedis are waiting for these ridiculous FFP rules to be implemented, then sorry mate you’re gonna be waiting a long time.

    Already parts of it are fulling apart due to ‘restraint of trade’.

    Owners e.g. Like El Fyad at Fulham are threatening legal action cos it stops owners spending money as they please and Fulham owe him millions.

    Accountancy practises across Europe are simply not equivalent. Reporting, auditing etc in Russia, Ukraine, England etc have totally levels of integrity.

    UEFA thinks it can exclude teams like Barca, Madrid etc ie if they exceed their limits. Do that once and within weeks talk of a new “euro cup” will be bounded about and as usual UEFA’ will S??? Themselves.

    Accountants managed to show countries like Italy and Greece had similar economies as Germany and France ie in order that they could join the Euro. if they can do that, fitting a clubs accounts into these FFP will be a piece of pi??

    The accountants who advised UEFA throughout the drawing up of these FFP rules are now out there consulting with clubs ie in other words how to break them!

    Clubs like city, PSG have already jumped ahead with fantastic ground naming right deals.

    I could go on but that’s enough to digest.

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  23. Tunyzone

    The problem we’ve got is the board and not wenger, unless the board is resovle notting will change at Arsenal. The only problem Arsene is having is covering for the stupid board we have.

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  24. JS Gooner

    @Terry Norman

    If Wenger took a £3mil voluntary pay cut, do you really think the board would spend it on players, the fans, or indeed anything at all?

    Wenger’s salary is not just some random figure, it equates to around £135,000 a week, which puts him above any of the squad. Arsenal’s wage structure if laughable at times, however paying the manager more than the players is not only commonplace, but makes good sense.
    If you had worked at a company for 16 years, you wouldn’t suddenly want one of your employees earning more than you having only been there 6 months.
    Incidentally, Wenger does not decide his own wage and he shouldn’t be responsible for paying for fans’ season tickets. They should be lowered altogether, not subsidised by Wenger.

    You speak of fans who have owned season tickets for 38 years, yet can no longer go due to escalating prices. Are these fans more deserving of free or subsidised tickets than the younger generations who could NEVER afford a season ticket, yet love the club as much as any other fan?
    Again, ticket prices should be lowered to accommodate all, not just long term ticket holders.

    Ultimately the shareholders (Stan being the main culprit) have far, far more to answer for, at least financially, than Wenger.

    The cost of an £80mil Montana ranch could do so much good at Arsenal, but Stan, once again shows he doesn’t care one bit.

    In regards to your FFP comments, completely agree, it’s a joke.

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  25. spider

    @Terry Norman

    You should be in admin, and running this blog, your the only one who tells it as it is, bit like myself, lol, can tell your a true gooner, you speak from the heart and not out your arse, love reading your comments/articles, always straight to the point without the waffle.

    Your a gunner till you die, I can see that, keep up the good work bro!

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  26. sb

    Wenger nor the players cant spill the beans!! These pple are proffesionals with contracts binding sure one of the main clause is not to leak the teams secrets !!

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  27. Terry Norman

    I mentioned the “pay cut” to try and draw an equivalent to those guys who go without ie “who love the club”.

    I hate the fact true supporters are being priced out. Arsenal at their peril will price youngsters out of watching their team. All of us can remember our first time watching Arsenal at Highbury and then being hooked. Other teams give youngsters entry for a £1, we should do the same.
    I was on the BSM and a large number of the protesters there were there to demonstrate over escalating costs at the Emirates.

    In terms of players earning more than the managers, unfortunately that’s a fact of life at almost every team other than Arsenal, but not sure of the relevance of that here.

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  28. Terry Norman

    Thanks mate, but I think the majority of guys on here are “true gooners”. I’m sure we all want the same thing, we just differ on how we get there.

    I’m sure there are a load of guys on here who find both me and my views just as frustrating as I find them and their views. But that’s life mate.

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  29. Hafiz Rahman

    Its not about spending big

    its about signing the right players for the position required…

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  30. palmer17

    Wenger should be doing all he can regarding walcott and sagna contracts we cant lose anymore players morale is low enough as it is

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  31. Terry Norman

    The old saying applies everywhere mate, you get what you pay for.
    Sure you might turn up a “bargain bucket” gem now and again, but we haven’t really seen any of those over the Emirates in a while, have we?

    Your second point is much more valid, to me anyway.
    For some reason, only known to him, wenger continually plays players out of their favoured positions.
    Those players lose confidence and become shadows of the players they were before they joined us. This to me is one of Wenger’s biggest flaws.

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  32. ljgomez

    if i lived in england i would start a strike or something
    this is too much
    until arsenal starts losing fans and losing money
    this wont end
    the fans have to do something about it really.

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  33. john

    When the board and the manager come out in october not even third way into the season with the comment coming fourth is like wining a trophy whats a matter this is not rocket science were this season is heading

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  34. Aussie Jack

    I`ve followed Arsenal for over sixty five years, basically because I was brought up near Highbury ,but the modern game and the modern Arsenal are no longer of interest and whilst I`ll look in from time to time I can`t see me getting up in the early hours anymore, they`re just not worth it. Money has killed English football and the fans are being conned….poor bastards.

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  35. DAMIEN

    I agree,le boss is to blame,how on earth do you wait till the last day of the transfer window n buy low quality players

    lets see
    MERTSACKER..he is good,but not a top level game changer,isnt ruthless and is too soft at the him wit who we could have bought,,samba n cahill n jagielka..they are all beter than him

    SANTOS…any need to talk bout him,,meade is waay much better,,who would have we bought,,taiwo(nigerian ac milan) or l.baines(too expensive i agree)..taiwo wud have been agood back up

    PARK CHU..waste of money,there was holliet and man more nktest

    ARTETA..good,above avarage,hard worker n commited,,but lacks technical ability

    GERVINHO..on and off like wallcot,not so bad,but very frustrating playe

    ALL these were panic buys,with or without the money,and yet he keeps on saying he has been a manager for 30yrs,is it out of arrogance or poor management planning ahead skills

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  36. Ozzy AFC

    I think the truth lays somewhere inbetween what you guys are saying it seems clear to me that the board keep Wenger on and continue to pay his wage as it suits them to keep a manager at the club with an economically austair mind, in other words they know Wengers feelings on the way the game is going and use that to thier advantage in order to take thier cream ff of the clubs proffit.
    Wenger Does love the club but he also feels that the way the gane is is wronbg and he’s constantly trying to prove he can do the same as the other managers with less expenditure which is a noble idea but as we all know its nver gonna happen. Wenger is also someone who wont talk out of turn about his employers when people say the Russian should be brought in they are right but then other state that Wenger would leave if usmanov was on the board, well would he ?? really ? I dont think so remember David dein brought Wenger in and he and Wenger have a good relationship still. Lets remember that the board sacked Dein and stated that they were not intrested in having “foreign investment” then imeadiatly allowed silen stan in as majority share holder whilst vilifying the russian,its not a complicated issues its simple to see if you want to the board manipulate Wenger and keep him sweet allowing him to stick to his philosiphy P whilst milking the club and placating Wenger with the old FFP BULLSHIT!!!! PERHAPS wENGER HAS LOST HIS TOUGH PERHAPS HE AINT THE MANAGER HE WAS AS THE GAME HAS CLEARLY MOVED ON but i dont think you can doubt his comitmant to the club just his methodology whoever manges the Arsenal would fail with the board we currently have, and thier long term strategy (if indeed you can call it that) is plain to see when hILL WOODS SAYS WHEAT HE DOES AND THE STATEMENTS COMMING FROM THE CLUB ARE ALL ABOUT “WINNING NOT BEING THE BE ALL” and silent stan saying nothing.

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  37. Ozzy AFC

    sorry bout the poor quality of the typing and spelling am at work and the lag on oursystem is awful plus I’m a crap typist

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  38. John O'C

    The board at Arsenal is being run by american business men concerned with turnover and branding with an unsymbolic dinosaur ‘Hill Wood’ as Chairman. The contempt that they treat us ‘stupid’ supporters with is astounding. I believe they probably sit up there in there boardroom and sneer at us as they admire the balance sheet. Hill Wood was the root of our downfall allowing these american businessmen into run the club into football freefall.

    Wenger has much to answer for. Yes he is loyal and with integrity but he has stood still and accepted much while the football landscape changed. Arsene certainly is not the evolving type like the truely great managers.

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  39. Terry norman

    John O’C

    Here here mate, well said!
    Summed it all up for me at he AGM when HW said

    “Thank you for taking an interest in OUR affairs”

    I nearly blew a F???ing gasket when I heard that.
    I bet his old man ‘would turn in his grave’ looking at how his son has let both his beloved Arsenal sink to where they are today and alienate the fans!

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