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Wenger – Newcastle made us suffer and Demba Ba was very impressive

Arsene Wenger refused to get into a discussion about Demba Ba’s contract situation before the game, but the Newcastle striker didn’t let the Arsenal rumours affect him and scored two great goals as the Toon restricted Arsenal to 3 goals apiece in the first hour of yesterday’s match.

That Arsenal scored an extra four in the last 20 minutes was probably not a fair end score as Newcastle got tired towards the end, and Wenger admitted that it wasn’t as easy as the scoreline suggests.

He said afterwards: “I agree that Newcastle played their part. The game was not as comfortable as the result indicates. We suffered for big parts in the game, especially in the first half when I felt we played with the handbrake, we were a bit nervous, not free of the chest. We had problems to win the ball back from them.

“Every time they came back but we kept going and in the end of course it became easy, but it was a difficult game for us. Because we were three times in front and three times they came back, but they are a team that is good going forward.

“I was impressed today by Ba, he had an excellent game. The midfield as well, I felt that Marveaux had a very good game. Tiote as well, they were strong. They are a strong team.”

So the Gunners have now won four out of four and are still drawing in the Top Four. We probably really need anpther three points against Southampton to give us extra confidence for the two difficult games coming up after against two of our main rivals for the title….

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45 thoughts on “Wenger – Newcastle made us suffer and Demba Ba was very impressive

  1. leo

    & samir nasri going nut at former spuds bassong was funny the little boy in nasri is still a gunner his agent wants arsenal to take him back i think wenger should bring back nasri better than gervinho for sure

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  2. gooner-hus

    his a good player and i wouldnt mind sighning him but then again anyone can score against our defence at the moment…accept for FORHEAD of course.



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  3. Vish

    Crazy game. Amazing result for us.
    But we do need a CDM. we can’t let teams score 3 against us at home.
    And i still think that BA terrorised the arsenal defence early on. Honestly he could be quite a decent addition to our team. His hold up play and sneaking up on defenders is great.
    What about Giroud. Those 2 goals he scored were the kind of goals that poachers score.
    And keep Walcott NO MATTER WHAT. 3 excellent finishes.
    This is the Arsenal we need.
    After a long time i saw a big smile on Wenger’s face.

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  4. matspanar

    Crazy game, crazy result, crazy player and crazy wenger…..We need good DM…..oh God….please let Mr. Wengerr buy M’Vila

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  5. Coyg

    A few months back the majority hated theo and in previouse post i have told fans to give him support… they licking his balls.

    Dislike like if you want, you know it’s true.

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  6. Fletch

    Don’t believe we need a striker, play 2 up front Giroud & Walcott.

    Spend the money on Walcotts contract rather than 6-7 mil on Ba or any other striker.

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  7. Alex

    Demba ba would be a quality addition to our side. Great performance. Was impressed with Walcott but just needs to improve on his decision making. Still want to give frimpong a go as he is the beast we need in the midfield. His passing game is better than most and is a true gooner

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  8. gunner

    great match yesterday.
    but the biggest disappointment was that we gave away the lead 3 times and what was worse was the manner that we gave them away because they literally brought the ball in the box, crossed it and goal.
    now, some people will criticise gibbs and sagna for having a bad game but i thought until the 70th minute the whole team was playing bad because defensively they were not doing their job properly.
    the reason i say that is because, when we got ourselves into the lead, we just sat back and tried to soak up the pressure and we didn’t put any pressure on the ball what so ever, that allowed them time and space and to pick an inch-perfect pass that made them look like pirlo.
    for the first goal we conceded, it wasn’t just sagna’s fault, i thought it was the whole team because if they put pressure on the ball NU would never have got any where near the 18-yard box. because of this they just passed the ball around and look for gaps in our defence, slowly they made their way towards the goal and all it needed was just a clumsy challenge to allow them to get a goal. in the first half the possession was 60-40% to them, and we are meant to be the team that play possession football.
    the second goal was because of the same mistake and almost everyone made it. again they didn’t put pressure on the ball so NU got more confident and just came at us. every time we got in the lead we gave away the ball and had no desire to win back (apart from wilshere who was running after it for the whole 90 minutes), instead the players lined up in our own half and allowed them time and space.
    possession football isn’t just about making more passes than the opposition, it’s also about not allowing the opposition to have a lot of the ball and getting it back when we lose it.
    if giroud hadn’t come on and scored the 5th goal, i think NU would’ve equalised because as soon as walcott put us ahead, we gave the ball away and just sat back again.
    but anyway, those were the negatives in first half, in the last 20 minutes we were just awesome.
    it would’ve been fantastic if giroud got a hat trick as well.
    that made my week and also nasri trying to kiss Bassong and getting sent off.

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  9. Vish

    your right , Frimpong is a beast but he is still young and needs to be disciplined. His tackles look too bad sometimes. Now i know that is what a CDM’s job is but still, he needs to work on his decision making.
    But damn right he is going to be a great CDM in 2 years.

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  10. David

    Demba ba would be a quality addition to our side and keep theo sign kevin strootman to DM.. We are going to have best strike force in LP an challenge for little.

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  11. obatiku

    Up gunners ! It was amazing yes but strong DM is needed ,,,,,,,,marune felani……..M’vila,,,,,,,,strootman k,,,,,,,, wanyama,,,,,,,,M sisioko…… Infact cheik tiote are all exceptional and proven DM players and am not dictating for Him to buy them but we need 1 of them . The reversal of it is that a manager that can not request for a new jacket for himself ….pitting the board and care for the £ …….STRUGGLING WITH WORN OUT ZIP ……. Um ! I fear he won’t spend to bring smile on ordinary fans face …. Yes a great instance yesterday that cause the equalizer … Legend jack is young and small he should not be the one to stand in that hole that a DM should block … wht is the fact now … God of football will push him to buy players and sign walcot deal and help to get one striker for rotation sake

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  12. dan

    Walcott is not staying the way he waved to the crowd at the end of game reminds me of rvp and think he will do exactly the same and move on he hardly gave fans any hope in the interview after he says the same thing all the time it looks like the writing is on the wall and once again we loose another one of our top players the people who run the contracts at our club should be sacked total discrace letting a players contract run down to his last year before trying to offer a new one you left it to late bye bye theo good luck for the future.

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  13. Ergs

    Sneijder available at £8m wants £180k a week no chance we don’t need a striker next summer we do.
    Ba would be a good signing if the price and wages being quoted come down.
    We definitely need a wide man a proper out and out winger and a left back for definite.
    Def mid would be handy not at a big price tho.
    Veteran keeper would be handy as well we also need to shift the dross and high earners and promote our younger players to the bench.
    Wenger is right when he said only buy exceptional players but he has to be prepared to spend big on a player usually to do this.

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  14. AdamJM

    @ gunner totally agree with you.Its so frustrating.I dont know why we score and then just sit back,we arent strong enough defensively to sit back and soak up the pressure.We are at our strongest when keeping the ball and attacking.

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  15. paul

    great result yday but some worrying signs..
    i feel szcheny needs to be more effective in goal in terms of
    management of defence and also his positioning
    Also, arsenal have left it too late to keep walcott
    just as he has started to mature and be direct…

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  16. Ergs

    totally agree we as Arsenal fans should know by now unless our wage structure or trophy cabinet picks up we will always loose players and forever be in transition!!
    I think he walks end off the season.
    That’s the reality.

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  17. Alex

    Agreed Vish but would give him a go when he gets back from loan. Wenger and could should be able to discipline him and improve his timing during tackles

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  18. roth

    This better not deter arsene from making quality signings come january,we’ve seen this all before.why is it so hard for arsene to see that improving a squad is really important if you want to win titles???

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  19. Brian

    In fairness every big strikers have good games against us because we are not physical enough at the back.We get bullied.Great win but back 4 needs work.

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  20. Segun

    From what I saw yesterday, Ba and Giroud are two different players. Demba Ba has decent pace and he’s very mobile.

    Won’t mind if we sign him cos he’ll be a great addition.

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  21. bagithfdggy

    hattrick hero teo give him the contract good for giroud interesting for podo excellent for chambo and brilliant for ba we should buy him he is just 7£ it is the cost for santos go Wenger and bains and isco and finished for January.

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  22. Matt C


    Should leave enough money for Ba, CDM and a LB. I think bringing Ba in would certainly still work. What if Walcott gets injured? A good alternative

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  23. adamjersty

    no ba , we need european quality, that means llorente/strootman/sneijder, if wenger is serious show it for once, who we buy in jan will show our intentions-

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  24. pa

    Come on guys all the goals Ba scored were lazy goals due to arsenal not having a proper CB but wow Walcott just getting better and better u can’t calm are him to an African international lazy Ba please wenger get Walcott contract sorted and get Mvilla , snijer , and nani please we don’t need Ba he’s waste of money we need a winger ,CB and DF

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  25. Ba

    I don’t wanna c Ba in arsenal t shirt cause he’s too lazy I wanna see Walcott , snijer, shaw and Mvilla please wenger

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  26. daniel

    did you even watch the match pa??? the cbs had nothing to do with conceding a single one of those goals, the first goal was a stupid tackle caused by sagna and accidental hit by wilshere, the second goal was again because sagna was outpaced on the right and gibbs didn’t cover a player on the left that was left completely unmarked, and the the third goal was again gibbs missing ba’s run on the left, they were all caused by sagna and gibbs, those two were having a bad day and we obviously had little cover for them.

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  27. adam

    dnt need lazy african international Ba we have theo please arsene get baines,snijer, and cavani

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  28. vinie2000

    Good win doesnt hide the flawss on the back and they are there because even though arteta is doing Ok in DM position.we get bullied as he’s not a tackler and also many times he leave a big gap between CB’s and Midfield so scoring 7 goals and conceding 3 is good for the eye but not If we face a team Like Chelsea,Man utd or bayern as they are very Physical in that positions. We need a beast who is disciplined protecting our Back four and the only one i will carry on suggesting is ” Y’ann M’villa ” he can come on loan then 10 millions if successful and If we get Arda Turan we will defenitely Be able to go face to face with those three mentioned above.Less than 20 millions spend and we can end the season on the high..but the DM position MUST BE DEALT WITH asap.

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  29. Show

    @Adam, hey man, it seems that you have a particular problem with African Players in general. We need players who can bring a real added value to our team. No matter where they come from. Stop your stupidity.

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  30. philthompsonsnose

    Great spectacle yesterday..

    However.. although We scored 7 our defence again looked like playground stuff!!
    How many of you agree that Gibbs has potential and excellent going forward… His positional sense and general defensive play is shocking!!!???

    A mature left back with experience is urgent and Gibbs should be understudy to them! Baines? Lahm? Kolarov?

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  31. peetr

    walcott is all of a sudden our messiah ? are you serious, he is no thierry henry and he never will be. He missed about 4 chances that henry would have bagged. Imagine if walcott didnt have pace, would he be a pro footballer?

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  32. Gunner

    I promise you chelsea wouldn’t get lazy Ba we need someone with speed theo , cavani and Wesley snidjer please don’t get Ba get quality player trust no big team would take Ba I promise you he just wanna get something he doesn’t worth 90 k we gave out robin and now we looking for lazy African international lol

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  33. bob

    Demba Ba is going to Chelsea to be a bench warmer….not Arsenal. Will they take Walcott too?

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  34. Machiavelli

    The most important thing is to keep Walcott, the best years in a soccer player is between 26-29, Walcott is 23 that means he has still not peaked but with a little traning he might just as well be the next Henry. I say get rid of Coquelin, Chamach and all those other bench warmer’s and buy a left back and a right winger and left winger to replace walcott’s old place.

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  35. Uche Edochie

    After the excitement of yesterday’s game, i am calmer and much more worried about walcot now. I was too excited yesterday that i totally overlooked the fact that walcot was actually saying good bye when he lingered too long on the pitch after the game. He kept walking around and greeting fans a bit more like the way Robin did after our last game against westbrom. I hope i am wrong but we have seen enough of such signs to assume it means nothing. Fingers crossed.

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  36. GP

    Great win but a shocking defensive display.
    We made Demba Ba look like Romario.
    He scored twice while standing still.
    Giroud worked harder for his two goals and had better movement.

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  37. michael c

    Theo has one asset that is most important in any code of football.
    The attribute that can help a player to become a major asset n thats SPEED.
    He is one of the quickest players on the league. We need quick players, Arteta n Mertsacker are SLOW.. Even if Theo does not score in every game , his speed is enough to make the defenders fearful n indecisive thus creating “space” for other players.
    Arsenal desperately need a defensive BEAST, its been a weakness for the past three years. M villa ???a defender with speed is crucial, another midfielder.
    As 4 Diaby.. he has a physical weakness that cannot be rectified..
    SPEED KILLS n the more speed you have in your team , chances of success will increase

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