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Wenger on how Arsenal CAN bounce back and BEAT Man Utd

Arsene Wenger was keen to take the positives out of the way Arsenal passed the ball, controlled the game and produced many more shots, chances and shots on target than Monday’s opponents Swansea City, rather than dwell on the defensive lapse and some wayward finishing that cost us the game.

The Gunners need to stay positive as well because we need to go to Old Trafford and come back with a point at the very least. However, the boss is also keen to accentuate the positive here as well, calling on his players to respond to this latest setback the way we have done all season. Only once during this campaign of over 50 games so far have Arsenal lost two games in a row and that was back in the early stages when we were not playing as well as now. So it is surprising that Man United are such favourites for this game at 7/5 so if you want to make money on betting Arsenal then make sure you use this bonus code for Titanbet to get an added bonus.

So Wenger knows that his team now has the mental strength and fighting qualities to bounce back from a defeat. But he is also calling for the players to see the clash with Man United as a chance to start again and get back to the way we were playing, scoring goals for fun and cutting out the defensive mistakes that used to be much more common.

The Frenchman told the official Arsenal website, “We played against a team with a 4-6 formation, didn’t play and you’re always frustrated when they manage to get away with a win.

“On the other hand, we showed a lot of quality but were not very good in our finishing and guilty of giving away a mistake. At the moment we cannot afford that. When you are a defender you cannot give a goal away the way we did with five minutes to go. It’s impossible.

“It is disappointing but we should get encouragement. If we have done it for 10 games, we can do it again. We haven’t lost our quality here, so let’s restart on Sunday.

“Of course it makes that game important because the way you respond to a defeat always gives you a big indication that the team is strong mentally and that is what is expected of us on Sunday.”

Do you think Monday’s loss will affect the players or will we see the amazing Arsenal of recent weeks back?

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37 thoughts on “Wenger on how Arsenal CAN bounce back and BEAT Man Utd

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    My OH my!……. ArsenaL now Linked with Mario gotze in a 30miL deal!……… What i’m i really to believe?..

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      oh! pLease Link us with Marco Reus as well……. Let’s have those two good friends re-united at ArsenaL

      1. sevenitti

        Tag along Lewa while you’re at it, eh? ^^

        But speaking of Götze – I think he’s slightly overrated. He’s been rather bad ever since he scored THAT goal. When I say overrated, I mean by how people are saying “Show the world that you’re better than Messi”, when he’s not really any better than Özil (by all means, I rank Özil high, but not to Messi/Ronaldo-heights)

        Bale should return to PL – the low lifed scum of the madridistas raging at the players and him especially is just a disgrace. I doubt Madrid are willing to sell initially, but if Bale ever gets tired of the low-lifed fans and wants a move – Arsenal should do pretty much everything possible to get him signed.

        And now, finally ON topic! Wenger’s been blabbering about “mental strength” for years now, even last year when we were bashed by the big teams. Those words are taken with a pinch of salt. One game at a time, thats the way to go. I hope Giroud scores – ever since his streak came to an end, we’ve been rather poor in our attacking.

        1. josh37

          United game should be a bit more open. Will be interesting who starts… Dare I say it, but i think Ramsey may find himself on the bench after his comments on RW.

          1. sevenitti

            I’ve said so all the time: He has got good stats while being on the wing, but we should rather play Walcott there. We are too monotonous with a midfielder/playmaker on the RW – he drifts inwards and the ball goes through the left flank only. Easy to defend against as an attack in total.

            If anything, at least put Özil there, against Liverpool he usually stuck to his flank untill he got the ball, then drifted inwards.

            1. gooner100

              Nah. Walcott is a one trick pony and we need a team performance. I’d stick with Ramsay unless Welbeck or chamberlain are back and fit.

    2. seancali

      We are playing against an average team who don’t even belong in top four this Sunday. We have already beaten them at home and have the confidence to do so once again, I have faith in the players to deliver on Sunday and I hope welbeck starts and gets a brace. COYG

    1. almostawinner

      OG had 1 purple patch in 3 years. we should not depend on him as much as we do. its v. improbable that he can take us to PL title. if he gets injured or off-form we’re at welbeck level for 2 months next season. lets spend the $ and get a fast clinical striker if we’re serious for PL title.

        1. sevenitti

          As much as I want Morata, I dont think Juventus is going to sell both Morata and Pogba this summer. If Morata is sold, i reckon it’s back to Real with that buy-back clause they have.

          1. Gigi2

            80 million on Cristiano, 100 on Bale….
            getting knocked out by the guy that you sold its priceless.
            for those 80 and 100 there s Mastercard

  2. seancali

    We will be looking for a win but even a draw will be a good result. Even if we lose we still have a game in hand, there is a very very slim chance of manure finishing above us this season. For me that will be like winning a trophy, just finishing above manure. They are by far the luckiest team the world has ever seen

    1. josh37

      I think it’s more beating them twice at Old Trafford… It was always a fortress there. It’d be a huge morale boost heading in to next season. I watched them on the weekend. Ashley Young looked there only source of creativity. If Bellerin plays well we’ll make it hard for them

      1. almostawinner

        we have every reason to be confident of “getting a result” at OT. i think we can win; they’ve been pretty useless this year. if we cant win, we should make sure we dont lose. i think our game plan away-from-home (sit back, absorb pressure, counter) is actually better than our home plan.

  3. NickTheYank

    We have to score, that’s it. The Swansea game I had that feeling the whole match that it’s just not our day and ever chance just missed the mark

    I think Wenger isn’t using Theo as he’s an injury worry and if he gets another and doesn’t agree a new deal we’re trying to sell a broken player

      1. sevenitti

        Kroenke selling his shares to Usmanov and sir Africa (forgot his name) would definetely help us win some titles.

        Should have built a 100k stadium, 60k is not enough. Owner’s all about dat financial security and milking the fans with those insane ticket prices.

  4. Robertthegooner

    This is how you build Champions

    Sell Giroud and Welbeck and get Morata and Dybala

    Sell Theo and Oxlade and get Reus and Sterling

    Sell Mertsacker And Chambers and get Hummels and Verane

    Sell Szczesny and Martinez and get Cech and Casillas

    Sell Ramsey and Wilshere and get Pogba and Vidal

    Sell Coquelin and Diaby and get Kondogbia and Schneiderlin


    Bench: Casillas, Koscielny, Gabriel, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, sterling, Dybala

    1. Ozzy AFC

      Jeeesus mate as much as I admire your potential team and admire your positivity I have to ask what are you on?? Meds wise I mean 😉

    2. josh37

      This… This is the perfect example of people who can’t distinguish fifa career mode and reality

      1. gooner100

        Haha. I though the funniest bit was selling le coq and diaby and replace with kondogbia and schneiderlin…was just missing ‘and find an extra 60m’…and then put them on the bench! Lol

  5. Ozzy AFC

    We don’t Offer the wages or the potential for players like Morata or any of these above mentioned players and the truth is our brand has gone down hill over the last few years so all these guys are mearly dreams we aint getting any of them

    1. josh37

      It’s all well and good being doomy and gloomy… But have you been living under a rock?? Ozil and Sanchez are twice the player Morata is currently… And they’re probably making twice his wage as well.

      Whinge, whinge…

  6. Redeye

    List in terms of importance.
    # higuain
    # kondogbia
    # cech
    # left footed winger or reus

  7. Redeye

    Walcott, podolski, diaby, flamini, arteta, Campbell, sanogo, miyaichi
    Jenkinson, akpom, Crowley
    Total sales 37 million

  8. Nokia810

    Wenger can only talk off the pitch and fail miserably on it.
    Plz just leave this summer if u truely love arsenal. And take ramshit,arteta, per and sanchez with u.

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