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Wenger promises Arsenal fans another frustrating summer

If there is one thing that this season has proved to Arsenal fans, it is that there are quite a few players in the squad that have either passed their sell-by date, or have failed to live up to their early expectations. Add to that the fact that the team have collapsed when faced with must-win games and have a real lack of a leader on the field to galvanise the players into action when neccessary.

There are certain players that should be sold, and there are positions that need filling, but our great leader Arsene Wenger has indicated yet again that the fans should not expect too much activity during the transfer window.

Le Prof told the Guardian: “If you look at the top three teams, you will see they have not changed their team a lot. We have to strengthen our squad but it’s not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will have. We are already working but we have to find the players and that is not easy.

“You cannot dismiss that the players are young: Alex Iwobi is 19, Mohamed Elneny is 23, Francis Coquelin 24, and they will be stronger next year but you need to keep a core of players and strengthen where we can. The team is going the right way.”

This is a worrying statement from the Boss, as he doesn’t mention that some of the players are actually very old! We already know that Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky will be leaving so that is three places that need replacing. Cazorla, Giroud, Mertesacker and Monreal are all going to be the wrong side of 30 next season and we need backups to settle in as the veterans play less and less. Surely they can’t ALL be replaced by youngsters from the Academy? And if they are then we will have many more players that will need to mature in the squad.

And please Wenger, don’t tell me again this summer that Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck are world class strikers….

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22 thoughts on “Wenger promises Arsenal fans another frustrating summer

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Surely it’s time for the men in white coats to take mr wenger away? 😲

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      i am totally fed up with this fool year after year he comes up with a load of rubbish to tell the fans, Only the fans will stop this they all need to turn agains him and force him out, While the fans keep putting up with this rubbish it will never change, 10% – 20% even 50% of fans will not change things we need at least 75% of fans to turn against this rubbish, the fans are Arsenal and the fans can change things, time to act now and every match we go to, We don’t and should not have any more of WENGER, Lets face facts he as lost it,

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  2. Bearsenal

    Sorry the mental hospital don’t take patients that cannot be cured …LOL

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    1. NY_Gunner

      There is no cure for mental illness of any form…Thats why mental hospitals do such good return business.

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  3. ArseOverTit


    I feel almost as sorry for him as I do the long suffering AFC fans. Almost…

    Stan Stan, the brand man’s man
    Brand me a club as fast as you can
    He’ll choke it and plunder it
    And what will we be
    A club stuck with wenger
    Until 2073

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  4. gooner tetra

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  5. Georgement

    I just laugh and yet man city has concluded gundogan’s deal,if any other club want to buy player it will be easy for them. Arsenal dilidalied over ardan turan for over a month,while barca signed him under 3 days. I wonder how some myopic fans will still assist stan and wenger by buying season tickets and merchandise when they dont take us into consideration

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    1. NY_Gunner

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      1. ArseOverTit

        What a surprise eh. I guess our brand needs some work to raise its desirability!?

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  6. Pam

    @Nygunner. Why is it that most players would rather choose other teams to Arsenal as you put it. Is it that Arsenal has become such a small team? I think the reason is much more than that. Arsenal’s unwillingness to come to terms with current realities. You have to pay. Penny pinching will mostly get you mediocre players. Wenger’s complicity in this scheme has really taken a toll on the growth of Arsenal as a brand. Wenger would have left if he had any ambition. But no, he is still here because of the lack of pressure to win trophies and also the 8 million.

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    1. NY_Gunner

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  7. rkw

    what the delusional one should admit is that while the top 3 teams have not changed their players much the top 2 have become more successful by changing their manager … anyway no guarantees we will be in cl next season …so will have to wait and see what the summer brings

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  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

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  9. Arsenal_Girl

    Anybody who defends Wenger now is completely insane.

    I hate Kronke but even if Abramovich owned us Wenger either wouldn’t spend big or would be fired

    I’m not saying spend recklessly but last summer we only needed a DM like Krychowiak and a top striker (even Jackson Martinez or Lacazette would have done instead of getting nobody).

    We literally signed NO OUTFIELDER last summer. Every top club in Europe signed someone

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  10. Arsenal_Girl

    “The Team is going the right way”? In 12 years?

    Well Leicester went from PL Virgin to PL Champions in one season

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    The Arsenal Board must be rubbing their hands as this News will mean BIG DIVIDENDS for them again in 2017. They Love this man he spends very little and brings in big money for them year after year. As for the Arsenal Fans he disappoints them year after year and it’s gone on to long now. WENGER has to GO otherwise the best the Fans can look forward to is a 4th place fight last 16 in the Champions League and the odd FA Cup. This is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH Arsenal Fans deserve better. Wenger has blinkers on and can not see that the Spuds /Liverpool Man Utd and Chelsea are all going to strenthen during the Summer transfer window and will be a lot better in 2017 and all Wenger will do is sit on the Cheque Book again. WENGER OUT NOW before he turns Arsenal into an also ran Club.

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    The only strategy this Man follows closely is that one we all know well……….Stick it to the Fan…..I firmly believe he does these comments purposely to lift uproar among the Fans, he seems to enjoy it, specially because when he knows he is untouchable and going nowhere regardless results…. 1 more year is inevitable we will be deluded as him if we think he is going anywhere with 1 year in his Contract left, will see what happens next.

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  13. Jansen

    No surprises from the boss in this statement and maybe he even believes it.

    I honestly don’t care if he buys a single player. I believe he could buy Lewondoski, Messi, Pogba and Hummels and we would still finish 4th. We perform the way the way we do because of him, not because of the players.

    On paper we have abetter squad then Spurs and Leicester yet their managers are better and that’s the difference.

    I believe our pattern of going missing in the big games and in the important part of the season and conceding many headers and from set pieces has been around longer than the players in this squad. It is Wenger and his philosophy that cause this.

    Wenger buying no new players (like last summer) or a few brilliant ones, will make little difference in the outcome of our season IMO.

    These players, and Wenger believe its OK to lose and seldom look at themselves when they lose. That’s why, IMO, they can not show up for 90+ minutes for every game in a season, which is the key ingredient for a champion.

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