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Wenger rules out being ‘kicked upstairs’ at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger’s future remains unconfirmed as to whether he will be staying on as boss of Arsenal with a new contract, or if the club chiefs will finally come to the realisation that perhaps it’s time for change. At the moment I think it’s fair to suggest that the ball seems to have swung back into the ‘staying’ court, with more media rumours hinting at an Arsene Wenger management system next season, although I don’t think anyone besides Wenger really knows as of this moment.

If the Gunners boss was to leave, then it has often been suggested that instead of waving him goodbye as far away as the Emirates as he can go, the Frenchman should be offered a different position within the club structure. Wenger has done an unbelievable amount for this club and deserves the recognition, it’s one of the reasons why the board has never sacked him after all. So to say goodbye completely may be a step too far for Gazidis and co and as a result, it has been suggested whether Wenger may be offered a role as Arsenal’s ‘Director of Football’.

Such a role would leave Arsene Wenger’s coaching and first team management duties behind and he would instead be tasked with the standing in the spotlight as Arsenal’s ambassador. The role within sports clubs has often been scrutinised for being unclear as to what is actually expected, but it seems that a variety of roles can be tasked, with the intention of helping the development and progression of the club. Overall, I think the position is more of a figurehead stance in which someone is arguably standing around to look quite important, whilst in reality, their position is less so of the nature.

Wenger has however criticised these rumours by taking up the same stance of questioning what the director of football actually does. When it was suggested to him by the press, Wenger replied in a Guardian report: “I don’t know what director of football means. It is somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left? I don’t understand and I never did understand what it means.”

Wenger has hit the nail on the head and in my opinion, regardless of whether you think the boss is past his management days or not, I think he deserves a little more than holding a position that nobody actually knows much about. I’ll be honest in saying that if Wenger was to get a new position in the management structure of the club, amongst the board members and executives so to say, I think it would be an important and respectful decision by the club. My only concern is that if we want to start afresh post Wenger, then I fear that even having him in such a high position at the club would mean he could still influence the squad and managerial decisions.

This is also Besides the fact that Wenger has already come out to say that if he does leave Arsenal, it will not be his last coaching job and as a result rumours of interest from Milan and PSG maintain in the media stream.

Where will Arsene Wenger be next season?


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37 thoughts on “Wenger rules out being ‘kicked upstairs’ at Arsenal

  1. JembutArsene

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    1. Rkw

      I thought trump was off his rocker but at least he keeps his ramblings to one hundres and forty characters … Luck fate history absent Frenchmen plus a slightly recent setback and a bit of half baked Hegelian philosophy thrown in for good measure … Hilarious stuff but you might want to go back in to hibernation

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      1. JembutArsene

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  2. JembutArsene

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  3. Guneal

    We got to concentrate all our effort in kicking Mr. Wenger not just upstairs but out probably through the roof.

    For some jembutasskissa who thinks the fans have no respect for Mr. Wenger, I have never encountered any fan that asked for his sack. That’s enormous respect!

    We say NO to a new contract!

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    1. Juhi McLovin

      “I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain it to you.”

      Which is kind of ironic since you’re the only one here writing long speeches regarding same subject, over and over again..

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  4. ArseOverTit

    He will not go upstairs and he poo poos the sporting director role. So he is adverse to anyone coming in in that role and against being that person himself. Yet again he seems an obstruction to progress.

    I for one hope ‘any’ team in the world show interest in his services if they haven’t alr Andy some so yet.

    Sure Monacos manager could move on to another project so he could slip in there or of course to PSG (but I doubt they would want him as they may see it as a step back). He could of course be offered a bumper deal by one of the ‘lesser’ French clubs which I’m sure he would jump at to be back home in his native France. I hope so anyway.

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  5. JembutArsene

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    1. ArseOverTit

      As willy wonka once rightly said “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.”

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      1. JembutArsene

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        1. Yossarian

          “Is your behind jealous of the amount of p00p that just came out of your mouth?”

          For somebody that has appealed for fewer personal insults, you dedicate a lot of your time to personally insulting other contributors to Just Arsenal.

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          1. Admin Post author

            I have now posted quite a few warnings about insulting other Arsenal fans. This will stop now. We are here to talk sensibly about football and I will stop trolls coming on just insulting people. Please show some decorum and accept that not everybody shares the same opinion, but everyone is entitled to their own…

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  6. Vanpayslip

    Good he rules it out. He should leave the club completely.

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    1. JembutArsene

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      1. Vanpayslip

        It is paying dividends. That is all Wenger is good for.

        **ADMIN COMMENT – I am sick of having to change your insulting name. Go back to being Vanpayslip only or I will delete your future comments. This site is for friendly discussion between ALL Arsenal fans**

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  7. chris

    Wenger could not tolerate ceasing to be absolute dictator. And look where it has got us in the last decade.

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  8. ManMulo

    Its a fact that the older you get the more resistant to change you become, younger managers have come in with new a fresher ideas, Arsenal are a big club and we should demand more from the Board as well as the manager, my friends now tell me that they feel sorry for Arsene when they see him in the dug out and i realize that we’re now the team that everyone feels sorry, change is needed, starting with the Board.

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    1. Atid

      Sorry I cannot agree with your opening statement. You only have to.look at the age demographics of voters that voted for change both in the UK referendum and the US presidential race. It was down to the older generations to vote for change and for someone sitting bang smack in the middle, change was required in both countries. Similarly France voted for change, they had a choice of the same old with the 2 main parties or something new with macron or le pen. Thankfully, France didn’t go to extreme, but once again it was the older generation that turned out and voted whilst the young sat back smoking pot, playing computer games and eating haribo, instead of getting up and voting.
      Back to the topic, I am not for wenger being sacked, but I am for Arsenal progressing to a new level and having a fresh approach, change is required and as Wenger has clearly stayed he does not want to be part of that. Therefore the club should say now “well arsene, but we have decided that we want a director of football, its working for Chelsea, real Madrid, juventus, Monaco, Munich, dortmund, etc and we want to go down that route. You have made it clear u dont want the role or to be the manager with a DoF, so we have one final offer for u to remain, that is to become Chairman instead of this old bag of chips, but combine it as The Director of Academy Football, placing you in charge of the heartbeat of Arsenal Football Club” “if u dont fancy that your contract will not be renewed and the club would like to thank you for your service and wish u well in the future”

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      1. ManMulo

        so wait, youre saying People voting a middle aged white man back into power was more of a change than Obama, lol

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        1. ManMulo

          That seemed like going back to whats comfortable and familiar dont you think

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  9. bran99

    Wenger shouldn’t be anywhere near any management post, he should leave for the best of the club. changing formation when the 4th trophy is in jeopardy, isn’t genius at work at all. we were 2nd at one point in time, why didn’t he have the ambitious mind and change the formation when we started climbing down the ladder? or the pressure wasn’t that much coz we were sure top 4 is in our hands?

    can’t believe right until today, our team have never been complete since the departure of the likes of Henry and Vieira, always lacking one or two players to be complete. and the painful thing is that, other managers know what they need in their squads, rectify and wins the league, while the most serving and most experienced manager in the EPL don’t even know what works and what don’t work to win the league (still one of the most paid manager in the world)

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    1. JembutArsene

      You shouldn’t be at our beloved club to cheer then. Shame on you. Arsene is our great manager ever. The manager has already made it quite clear that we are short of bodies but I am worried at the pace he is going about identifying targets and doing his business. I know the prices are crazy but he caused the present situation due to his inactivity last summer. He made his bed now he should lie on it. Not everything is black and white as you see it, As an owner, Stan has no ambition to succeed whatsoever.

      Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal fc, not wenger. Whatever anyone thinks about wenger’s ability as a coach, he spends what he is given, like all managers.
      Overall financial policy at arsenal is decided by the owner, not the manager. This is how it works at all clubs. The idea that he had hundreds of millions at his disposal all these years, but chose not to spend is absurd. As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal. Not only has he been fleecing fans with the highest ticket prices in football and an unnecessary, counterproductive austerity period, but he has also started taking money out of the club; something he promised he would not do. When wenger leaves, my guess is that there will be a token cash splash and then a return to business as usual. This summer I think we will be one of the lowest nett spenders in the premiership once again. With Kroenke in charge the club will drift into mediocrity. The only way to get rid of him is for fans to give up their season tickets. Will that happen?
      It’s unlikely.

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      1. lord wafflebury

        At last, apart from the first 2 sentences, a sensible comment from you without resorting to name calling and sycophantic copy and pasting…well done..i may start giving you a chance instead of ignoring your comments entirely as my time is too precious to waste.

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      2. bran99

        shame on me? thanks mate. you say Arsene is our great manager ever, I don’t disagree, i fully agree, but don’t you think anything great must have an end? he had his time, we saw what he could do and what he did, but those days are long gone, and so should he. there were great people to ever walk the earth, but they are gone.

        Kroenke has a lot of shares, and he might not be leaving anytime soon, so you suggest we should keep Wenger for that long as well? our most successful manager, the longest serving manager in the EPL at the moment, and still can’t figure out how to win the league in 13 years in a row? Maurinho came, bought what’s missing in his team (Fab and Costa), won the league. Ranieri came, did the same. Conte came, does the same.. what’s stopping Wenger from doing it? ain’t he one of the highest paid managers? ain’t he the most experienced manager of all in the PL? ain’t he the ‘forever lying and full of excuses’ one? what’s so hard to win it? I have my answers; he is outdated. can’t keep pace, he’s stuck in the invincible era just like you and some AKBs, clueless, full of excuses. not ruthless enough (at all). so many factors that led us to become the laughing stock on this planet.

        management have their fault, but Wenger is past it, can’t take us anywhere anymore. Madrid and Barcelona sacking managers who won them titles coz they are not yet satisfied, but we hug the specialist in failure hoping that may be he will change and do a miracle..

        Kroenke and lack of funds is not a good reason cause Leicester won it with a shoe string budget, find another reason mate

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  10. ManMulo

    The manager has already made it quite clear that we are short of bodies
    But he goes and buys only peter chech in 2015 – 2016 season lol

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  11. veldanie

    We got your point…you can stop now….dont ruin the discussion repeating these long speeches again and again…

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  12. ManMulo

    Is Arsene has been our greatest manager and we have played some exciting stuff over the years but 3 League Trophies and 6 Fa cups in 21 years is really not a good return when you compare it to other managers like Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep,José Mourinho even Allegri

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    1. ArseOverTit

      Don’t forget George graham.

      Went unbeaten bar 1 game the season before AW entered the picture with a defensive back line procured and forged by he!

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      1. Admin Post author

        Correction Arseman, Arsenal won the title under Graham in 1990–91 losing only one match He also won the FA Cup and League Cup double in 1993, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994. THEN Wenger arrived….

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        1. bran99

          sorry to ask but is the European Cup Winners’ Cup same as Europa cup?

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              1. Taxi4Wenger

                The uefa cup had been erased by uefa i think.

                Third rate cup is meaningless.

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  13. John

    I just hope we make it into top four. But my greatest wish is for Wenger to move on. Gone… change in position……just another fan…….too many excuses and lies……Graham was more successful than Arsene on the pitch……and Wenger was successful from the business side for Arsenal…..I dare say the best business oriented football coach……that’s why most owners want him……good PR man too for the owners…….what Arsenal needs is a football coach focused relatively more on winning significant titles and trophies……not top four and FA cup……..

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