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Wenger says Uefa are taking the piss!

Football, and sport in general. is having a hard time at the minute. With doping scandals and match fixing involving betting syndicates, the integrity of sport is under attack. The unpredictability of sport is what gives it such great appeal, and the Arsenal manager thinks that it is up to the governing bodies to do everything they can to to protect this. It seems, however, that Uefa are missing a trick and are in danger of letting the publis think they are a bit soft on cheats.

Australia has just been rocked by allegations of widespread doping across a range of sports, and there are fears that Britain could follow suit. Wenger believes that football’s governing bodies should take proactive measures, and says he has been urging them to take blood tests rather than urine samples for a while. The Lance Armstrong affair has shown that urine samples are relatively easy to fake, whereas blood is taken by medical staff so is much more rigorous, as well as being quicker and more conclusive.

“Doping control officers at Uefa do not take blood, only urine. I have asked many times for this to be changed.

“I hope we do not have a big problem with doping, but we have to try and find out and see how deep we go into control.

“I don’t think we do enough. It is very difficult for me to believe that you have 740 players in the World cup and you come out with zero problems.”

Wenger believes that England is not tainted by match fixing, but knows it has gone on around Europe and knows that it is disastrous for the good name of sport. We have all seen some strange decisions made by officials, and FIFA’s reluctance to bring in video replays or goal line technology does not lead people to believe that they are trying to ensure fairness.

In Wenger’s opinion, Uefa need to stop pissing about and take some bold action before it is too late.

Sunderland vs. Arsenal will be on

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19 thoughts on “Wenger says Uefa are taking the piss!

  1. j

    tip of the iceburg. Im sure lots of clubs in england alone are finding loopholes to avoid getting detected.

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  2. YoungGunner

    wenger has lost his power in foty.
    no one simply dgaf what he says
    Ashame tbh

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  3. tom

    In all fairness on the doping side of things. Do you really think Wilshere was injured for over a year? people have recovered from being shot quicker than that.

    Were one of the cleanest clubs but i recon Jack was a bit silly over the break, and declared injured to save his career.

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  4. LP

    @Tom WTF? why the hell would anybody ‘declare’ themselves injured if they are not??!!! Jack can’t stay away from football for an hour……

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  5. fred

    he should be careful what he says and wants – it would be very detremental to a certain player at our club and without him we would be nowhere!

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  6. Invincibles nice (1)

    A piss test is simple to pass, you can even get products that will clean it for you so id be very suprised if its not going on… especially at the world cup.

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  7. Ross

    Every time Wenger makes an educated statement people say he’s complaining. There’s a difference.

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  8. Darren

    It’s funny how the more senior managers like Wenger and Ferguson are the ones calling for this degree of control and management. People may just assume “Hey, it’s just the old guys talking about the way things used to be”. I agree with Wenger and Ferguson. There’s needs to be more control before this sport becomes something ugly. Football is a beautiful game, but I don’t want to be around when it turns into a sport full of Lance Armstrongs.

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  9. Joe


    GeoffArsenal just said Kos is fit to play today unless there’s any reaction to the injury from now until kickoff he passed the late fitness test.

    Was really worried thought we might have seen an appearance from Squid

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  10. Greg

    I would like fifa to do some serious drug testing at barcelona! A lot of things seems to go under the radar there!

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  11. MilesLK

    I don’t care. Feed arsenal players drugs for all I care, as long as we win the league

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  12. NickTheYank

    How will UEFA do these things when it might catch some if their darling teams like Barcelona & Manure doing something wrong? The powers that be would never forgive themselves if they had to punish Barcelona for something!

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