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Wenger target rejects Arsenal for Milan

M’Biwa rejected Arsenal bid by TS

A report has been released today stating that Arsenal target, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, would rather play in Serie A than for the Gunners. The Montpellier defender and captain claims he turned down an “important offer” from Arsenal in the summer for the chance to play for AC Milan. It’s no secret  Arsene Wenger targeted the player  last month but new information about the potential Arsenal signing has revealed that the player did not have any interest playing in England.

The player had this to say about the matter, ‘Wenger was keen on the subject but I’d rather play in Italy.’

“I rejected an important offer from Arsenal because my desire is to play in Milan.’

Yanga-Mbiwa is out of contract next summer and Montpellier will try to sell him in January rather than risk losing him for nothing. Montpellier had already lost Giroud to Arsenal before the Gunners came in once more with an offer for the center back.

With the player having openly rejected Arsenal for a chance to play for Milan, the likes of Arsene Wenger pursuing his interest in the player in January looks slim. However, as we all know, anything can happen in football, with players changing loyalties quicker than they do hairstyles. The question that boggles my mind is, why would the player choose Milan over Arsenal? That’s like choosing an orange peel over an ice cream for dessert.

None the less, with the media already speculating who will arrive in January, it’s somewhat of a relief to rule out players who don’t even want to play for us in the first place. Arrivederci Mapou

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34 thoughts on “Wenger target rejects Arsenal for Milan

  1. landi

    anyway, we need a onther attacker, cant win the title with 1 class attacker ! Nikica Jelavić !!!

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  2. No more excuses

    Better bein turned down in favour of milan than everton rite nuff . It doesnt really matter anyway cos our bids are never takin seriously as they are far too low . Milan will pay more + likely pay better wages – but hey – who cares , cos we have verm , kos and our bfg …. Until stan needs a top up for his u.s team anyway .

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  3. Amol

    a player of his quality available cheap
    is must buy….

    now wenger n giroud has to lure him to emirates….also being French koscienly can lure him too…

    if he still doesn’t wanna join arsenal…Thn let it b…wenger can find many players like him…he’s not a bobby Moore…or maldini or geatano scirea….

    news just came out that fellani is gonna leave everton

    so wenger might wanna bring him to emirates….in January…

    diaby seemed good…but if diaby n arteta r injured….wenger needs a back up….

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  4. Ardit

    Couldn’t care less where he ends up wether it’s arsenal or milan or Sunderland etc doesn’t bother me cse I don’t think he’s needed we have: vermaleen, koscielny, mertasacker, djourou, so I think we good in that area of the pitch but I must admit he is pretty solid:)

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  5. Ardit

    And what arsenal are missing from the team is a Brazilian magician like gilberto silva:) he was a brilliant midfielder and in about 3-4 months time if diaby continues to flare for arsenal we will definitely be the untouchables, not invincibles going out about doing a good job an not seen this time we’ll do a good and be known and seen for what we done BUT touched:D

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  6. Aaron

    Why go to Milan at the moment? Half their team is old, probably won’t win a Serie A in the next 2 seasons(serie A title isn’t that amazing anyway). Whereas at the moment Arsenal are in far less mess than Milan, we have a young team, and are in no financial trouble. I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to come to us seeing as he is young AND french.
    His loss…

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  7. Thebiggestgooner

    Don’t need a centre back anyway!

    And he’s got some front turning down the Arsenal, he wouldn’t even get on our bench with the Season our 3 centre backs are having.

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  8. Bs

    How Many more times does this site, want to post this story, I’ve already seen it on here 3 times!

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  9. tissiam

    being french myself(fench algerian)and from marseille,like zidane,platini and many more before and long after them,its a cultural choice,the weather is very important to him im pretty sure he cant stand the cold,also the food,english food has a very bad reputation in france and rightly so,unlike italian food,and mo offence but i went on holidays few times to both cities Milan&London even though i loved london if i had to choose one city to live in ,it would be MILAN,its lifestyle is closer to the french,anyway UP THE GUNNERS&IN ARSENE WE TRUST

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  10. tissiam

    one more thing no one can blame wenger for lying to us about trying to sign quality players in the last windows,this is at least the 3rd player to have confirmed arsenal,s interest in them,but no so great they all turned us down,whats up with that??hoping for christmas to come early this year for the arsenal fans!!

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  11. Chucky

    I think the reason y he doesnt want to come to arsenal is due to the intense competition for places @ centre back where as @ the moment there arent any real world class centre backs @ milan. Despite this setback I think we have adequate cover vermaelen, mertasacker, koscienely, djourou and mikel.

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  12. Chucky

    What we need is another striker. preferably one that is quick and full of movement like matias suarez and our squad will be looking good. we have enough cover in all other areas. I would also love to see Coquelin getting some game time also….

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  13. Sureli

    No worries we got Kozz the boss!
    And Mert the hurt!
    We got the Verminator for any hater,
    We shall blitz with Gibbs, and samba on yo a$$
    So Sanga-Nara!

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  14. craig2500

    Arsenal dont need another player with no interest in the club, nice player and good luck in Milan…

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    Our food used to suck but we now boast some of the finest chefs in the world.

    Escargo anyone?

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  16. dood

    Well Milan are Italian Champions and actually have a superior history over Arsenal regarding titles, cups etc. They also have a much larger wage budget and have a reputation in Italy akin to that of Manchester United in England. I.e. They are always favourites for domestic challenges. Whereas we have the trophyless stigma following us around and gaining weight every season. Really not very surprising he’d rather play for them… I mean what did everybody think would happen to our reputation after this long stretch of pinching every penny and not winning anything?? That said we really don’t need him and are in much greater need of improvement elsewhere. But if it can happen with one player, it can happen with someone we ACTUALLY DO want…

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  17. Tamil Sundram

    too bad for him….he could have been world class in few years time…he miss the chance..there will be others heaps of others in the wanted list….

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  18. Happy gunner

    All JUST ARSENAL followers!!!!!! Would you please watch your language,,,big thank you!!!!! We Arsenal fans,,passionate and appropriate supports…..

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  19. Johnno

    Strange choice by the man. Surely the choice is based on lifestyle because Italy isn’t a great league anymore and Milan are arguably in worse shape than Arsenal. Too much match fixing going on.

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  20. Gunn 'em Down

    there are plenty of other fish in the sea and wenger is very good at catching them. i wouldn’t worry about it

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  21. jack got gooned

    leave the guy alone…
    he preferred milan cos he was getting a starting 11 spot something wch arsenal couldnt offer…
    it clearly says an “important offer” so tat means arsenal bad given him a real good offer but milan outwitted us by saying starting 11 sice thiago left them…

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  22. Nick

    Honestly all this tells me is that this kid is one we don’t want or need. If his “desire” is to play in Italy instead of the best league in the world, for one of the best teams in the world under one of the best managers in the world then we don’t want him!

    I’d rather play in Italy is translated to I want more money and Milan(s) will pay me that. It also means, I don’t want to have to compete for my spot in the squad, I’d rather have a definite first team spot and just walk into it (like Vertonghen did at Spuds!). It’s all money these days, why else would players like Eto’o, Hulk, etc be playing in Russia!

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