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Wenger – The reasons Van Persie WILL NOT leave Arsenal this summer

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger snubbed the possibility of losing Robin Van Persie in the summer, saying that regardless of the decision the skipper makes he’s still going to stay for the whole duration of his contract.

The good thing is that Wenger is trying to keep hold of his biggest and most valuable player, the bad thing is that Robin doesn’t look too eager to extend his contract with the Gunners, mostly because of the lack of ambition to win trophies.

When asked if his captain would still be at Arsenal next season, Wenger replied: “That’s what I will try to achieve.”

“I am confident for two reasons. First of all I want to convince him to stay here and to extend his contract. Secondly he is not free at the end of this season, he has one year of his contract left anyway.

“He has grown mentally and you see it better when you look back with a distance. He has grown into a leader and he is a great captain now, on and off the pitch.”

Even though Wenger’s so convinced Robin will stay, you should still be worried because the Frenchman was offering the same statements with regards to Nasri’s departure last summer, so nothing is certain before Robin will put the pen down or the transfer window will close.

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41 thoughts on “Wenger – The reasons Van Persie WILL NOT leave Arsenal this summer

  1. fullybloodedgunners

    van persie’s age makes it a different situation than samir nasri…this arsenal team is build around van persie..where ever he won’t be like that,so he will be less productive, also van persie is going to be at his peak for only a few more years (unless of course he does a bergkamp /giggs) and he wouldn’t want to sit on the bench like henry had to,when he could create a legacy here at arsenal and cement his place among the greats.Van Persie isn’t really after cash,so all that needs to be done is for wenger to show ambition…in a way,this van persie can help arsenal becoz it may force arsene wenger to buy proven players

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  2. William

    I hope he will stay! I think he will though, who knows whats going on behind the scenes! If Arsene and the board can prove they ambitions by signing some quality players then he will definitely stay!! Arsenal are a few key players away from the title and if they come this summer why wouldn’t Van Persie want to win trophies with Arsenal.

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  3. CristianoRonaldo

    In the summer:

    sell: denilson, vela, bendtner, chamakh, park, squallaci

    buy: mvilla, podlski, verthongen, ganso


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  4. zainkiani

    The most important signing for me this summer is van persie signing a new contract…i hope he do sign a new contract…!

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  5. Paul

    I remember wenger saying the same about cesc and nasri at the end of the day it’s not down to arsen if the directors what the money then they will sell or they can go the other way and give him the big contract he deserves offer 150 to 170 grand a week and he will stay simple as that!!!!

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  6. Mehrzad

    RVP is most committed captain we have had for many years. The only thing he is asking is the same level of commitment from the management and the board. Hence, 2 factors are extremely important
    1) being early in the transfer market and buy some quality player
    2) qualify in the CL

    I think AW got the lesson last year and he will work much harder to keep RVP as well as Wallcot

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  7. woolwich gooner

    I personally think even though i would like RVP to stay if he goes i wont be to unhappy..unlike nasri n fabregas, remember hes 29 this summer n he aint gonna have a season this good agn i think..espesh coz of hes injury record

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  8. Tomma13

    I would prefer we sell him this summer for 35-40 million pounds than lose him for free the following year. But if he goes, he must go early so we have plenty of time to try and lure Falcao to the Emirates, or if not him then Benzema. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that and RVP resigns for another 2 years.

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  9. van persies left foot


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  10. ban10

    wenger wont sell RVP bcoz he knows how important is rvp to the team. The downfall in the start of the season was bcoz of our then captain fabregas left n whole moral of the team went down. Arsenal is 3rd now from 17th in the start not only bcoz of his goals but also bcoz of his leadership. RVP is a great captain n he has given the team hope n ambition which will be much needed in the next season.

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  11. manorhouse

    None of us want a repeat of this season despite the highs. Henry wont be around to pull us out of the fire. Sign rvp if he’s even slightly interested or at the very least, have a plan for goodness sake!

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  12. COYG Malaysia

    Ending the season in style and qualify automatic Champions league spot could just commit Van Persie to stay at Arsenal… 9 points… 3rd spot.. come on you gunners!! do it for our beloved captain!! COYG

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  13. budgie

    Wenger does”nt decide if RVP goes or stays, he does, all , Arsene can do is show his good intentions by buying some quality players, the board will take the money if they get a good offer!

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  14. Gooner Cape Town

    I believe he will stay as Wenger will announce some great signings early in window so RvP will know he means business next season and we need to have our captain leading us up the steps at Wembley to collect FA Cup, amongst other titles. He has become an Arsenal legend and fantastic captain, who leads by example. Give him another 4 year contract and pay him what he deserves. He will also flourish even more with the guys who are coming in.
    Well it’s A-R-S=E-N-A-L Arsenal FC, the greatest team the world has ever seen. Hope he gets a hattrick tomorrow at Stoke.

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  15. Malik

    i think all arsenal fans should boycott the purchase of season tickets until we c wat we deserve we need 1 striker 2 midfielders and a defender and the shipping n loaning of rubbish e.g. denilson, bendtner, almunia exc. c which ever way u want but i believe Van persie is standing up for us fans by threatening this bitch ass board we’ve got but they don’t really care cause they’ll have a big juicy transfer fee(when he goes 2 man city, real or chelsea) and season tickets……. but wwat if there is noone 2 buy these season tickets they won’t be able to cheat anyone anymore rite?

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  16. Straight up

    Same old story . How many players have we heard wenger say that about ? Every1 knows its only a story to get a better price . Does any supporter believe arsenal would turn down 25-30mill to keep rvp for 1 more year ? If he wants to go then he’ll go – but we’ll all know why he left – cos he doesn’t believe in the clubs ambition . Do us a favour wenger – stop treatin supporters like they’re thick !!!

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  17. maroc

    replace AW with pep guaridola? ? ?
    what u smokin blud?
    Hope RVP stays we’ve lost too many great players over the years and i feel were stuck in the same cycle season in and out- aiming for cl football no trophies every year.
    lets change that formula a bit and keep star players and strengthen the sqaud with quality signings.

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  18. maroc

    One more thing i forgot to mention is liverpool (4rm wht i gather) r plannin a sqaud revamp so are likely to chase are targets as well as those f-ckin spuds who want every player we want.
    heard also chelsh– new manager is having a 100m warchest to splash, and manu have expressed intrest in hazard and vertoghen as an evra replacement as fabio is on loan. we gotta get our targets quick and fast b4 the vultures do.

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  19. mojo

    ”The most important signing for me this summer is van persie signing a new contract…i hope he do sign a new contract…!”

    Whilst I agree with the premiss, the conclusion I do not agree with … If our biggest signing is Van persie, we are simply standing still. Holding onto top players should not be the clubs ambition… the biggest signings for us will be additional firepower, a skilled midfield player and a defender, that will show our ambition and consequently van persie will be more inclined to dedicate himself for the long term.

    So, if we just aim to keep our top players, we are not really solving anything… we have proven incapable of winning with them, and what have you seen to make you believe that will change … we need buys to push the team forward, but also push out the dead weights.

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  20. Uche

    While we are aware of the history, let us not use the cesc and Nasri situations to point to what will happen with RVP. Nothing is for certain. No one knows the future. If anybody told you three weeks ago that Chelsea and Bayern will be playing champion’s league finals, would you believe it? No you won’t.

    Things are likely to be different this time around. Not only can we feel it but we can see it as well. We used to bemoan arsenal’s act of getting rid of experienced players in favour of youth and its refusal to sign top quality replacements when they sell. Now it is a thing of the past. I know this because we signed Arteta and Metsesacker, non of whom are twenty year olds. We also recently gave Rosicky, a 31 year old, a new contract. Secondly, we bought Oxlade chamberlain (quality player) and bid for Mario Goetze and Yann Mvilla at the last transfer window. But we did not succeed because the bids came in late and the clubs involved had no time to find replacements themselves. Besides, podolski is a done deal and that is an indication that more top quality will begin to arrive now. News has it that we are at an advanced stage of negotiations for Mvilla. Some even claim that Mathias Suarez and Jan Vertongen have signed pre contracts. Even if some of this gist is not true, there is ample evidence that Arsenal is furiously working in the back ground as we blog here, trying to conclude all our transfers before the end of this season. How about that for change? Relax guys. Robin is the only person now who can effectively force the board to sign better players and I think that is what he is trying to do. It is uncomfortable to read about his agent’s meetings with Juventus but I get a feeling that if Robin pulls off his plan, he will be doing us all the favour of the century by signing a new contract and attracting quality players as well.

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  21. Alex

    RVP is different to Nasri. the frenchman had a very poor attitude for an extended period of time and it looked like he wanted to leave even before the end of the season. RVP visibly loves playing for arsenal and being our captain and hero. i think that if wenger sells the dross, uses the money to bring in 2 or 3 ‘big’ signings that RVP will stay.

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  22. Tom

    First of all, RVP is 29 and would be in his last year of his contract. So if anybody thinks we would get 35-40 mil for him is dreaming. Look, the board and Wenger wants commitment from him by signing a new contract. Well, I think he is looking for the same, he wants to challenge for trophies and he wants to see the same commitment from Wenger and the board to the team by signing top quality players. And you can’t blame him for that. I’m pretty sure Wenger knows that and I think it’s great for arsenal because it will hopefully force Wenger to sign 2 or 3 top quality players. If he doesn’t bring in anybody and RVP leaves then he can’t blame anybody but himself for that. I hope Wenger understands this.

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  23. Twig

    RVP will be staying coz this will be Arsenal’s lineup for next season:

    RVP Giroud
    Podolski Song Sigurdsson Walcott
    Santos Vermalaen Koscielny Sagna

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  24. Big Gun

    RvP is a great player and captain. He has everything in him that Cesc did not. Cesc was a bit of a pansy, like most Barcelona players….and when the chips were down, so was he. All Wenger needs to sign is M. Suarez and Vertonghen, and the cherry on top also would be Mvilla. Get rid of Chamakh, Denilson, Vela, Squillaci, Park (will Wenger ever play him?), Arshavin, Bendtner, Almunia. Loan out Ramsey and bring Bartley back from loan.

    First squad and subs/reserves. Scsezny, Fabianski, Mannone, Djoure, Yennaris, Miquel, Gibbs, Santos, Kossie, Vermalaen, Vertonghen, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Arteta, Song, Mvilla, Coquelin, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Gervinho, RvP, M.Suarez, Walcott.

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  25. tissiam

    hi gunners im originaly from france and the rumours over there is that arsenal are the club m,vila wants to play for next season but he has to wait for the 2 clubs to agree on a fee before he can start discussing personal terms!!so lets pray it happens!!

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  26. k

    To keep Van Persie:
    1)Qualify for champions league
    2)Buy top class players

    Sell deadwood (we know who they are)
    Buy: Podolski (top priority), Vertoghen, Hamsik (napoli),
    Get free: Hoilett

    possibly replaces fabianski with al habsi or something

    I think vertoghen can play LB so this is the line up:

    Walcott/Van Persie/Podolski

    Bench: Fabianski, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Gervinho

    The defence has good players with experience and we can introduce gibbs in smaller games. The midfield is full of young players but with experience on the bench so we can mix it up. The strike has Walcott with pace, van persie with skill, and podolski with strength. The strike also has a good amount of experience. We can start to bring in chamberlain a lot more with gervinho adding pace if needed

    Ramsey isnt there because at the moment he doesnt deserve it but hopefully he can get some confidence because he has potential

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  27. Unadesee

    Since VP is deliberately delaying to sign it means he is keen to leave arsenal. Hates to say it but with wengers antecedents we would surely lose VP at the end of this season(clichy and nasri). Again, he will love some success plus cash which sadly we all know he cannot now achieve under AW.

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  28. Charlie

    If he leaves it’ll indicate the ambition or lack of it which really exists behind he scenes at Arsenal. I honestly think he would only leave if he felt that the club don’t share his ambition, unlike Nasri who was clearly in it for the cash.

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  29. john 3:16

    SELL: Almunia, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Diaby, Ramsey, Denilson, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Vela

    BUY: Baines, Vertonghen, M’Vila, Podolski and Giroud.


    Szczesny, Fabianski

    Sagna, Jenkinson
    Koscielny, Mertesacker
    Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Miquel
    Baines, Gibbs

    Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Song, Coquelin, Frimpong
    M’Vila, Arteta
    Wilshere, Rosicky
    Gervinho, Miyaichi

    Van Persie, Podolski
    Giroud, Campbell

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  30. toby

    vp is one of the good guys in life, and he has genuine affection for wenger, the fans, and this club.

    1/ he is not a money man and never has been, mega money wont tempt him to leave. but thats not to say a decent pay rise to show that we trully value him wouldnt help to convince him to stay.

    2/ he has ambition, and at his age to miss out on a champions league entry for a year is a big deal, plus if we miss out this year whos to say we would break the top four again next year? are we in a position to gaurentee cl football this year and for what ever remains of his top flight career? at his age its probably the most important question he has to face.

    3/ signings are always a big deal, by default a big club buys big players and a small club sells big players so which are we? it must be demoralising for the good players that stay when the better ones leave, its one step forward one step back that leaves you back were you started over and over and we must break the cycle. the only way to do this is to stop selling (deadwood excluded) and start buying. we all want this and so does van persie, so we are all agreed!

    the meat of it( or quorn/soya option for the veggies) is if this team pull there finger out and win 3rd, and wenger pull his finger out in the transfer market, and the board loosen the purse strings to financialy reward loyalty and quality, then vp will surely stay!

    if any of tthe above doesnt materialise then your guess is as good as mine.

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  31. Dave.C

    nice to see some articles back up hope all is well again missed the banter the last few days.

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  32. Jon

    If he does leave its because he wants to try and WIN TROPHIES before he retires and who can blame him for that…….that’s what proper footballers play for isn’t it!!

    I think if VP stays then its because we sign at least a couple of decent players and we can then challenge for trophies, i doubt his main motivation is money.

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  33. RV

    just buy giroud and belhanda. they play together, looking good, really linked and so sharp. podolski is ours. maybe verthongen or m’villa and then RVP will stay

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  34. S.H

    The sad reality is he’s reaching 30 fast and we do have to put our club before any individual. RVP is a living legend and he has proved to be one of Arsenal’s greatest sons. I hope he stays on as long as his career permits, but if we do have to eventually sell him for the greater good, then I will always support Arsenal FC before RVP.

    Lets win the man a trophy next year!

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  35. DenialeeeGoon

    I remembered he said a host of players won’t leave, including Cesc, Nasri etc.

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  36. Ben

    RVP’s dad believes that he should stay at Arsenal and believes he will. That’s good enough for me. Dpesn’t seem like the guy to disapoint his father.

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