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Wenger – Thierry Henry IN and Chamakh OUT in January?

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made it clear that there is every chance that Thierry Henry could come back to play for Arsenal on a short-term loan in January, when the Ivorian striker Gervinho will be away at the African Cup of Nations again.

Wenger also made it clear that Marouane Chamakh is fully expected to find another club during the transfer window which means he will be missing two strikers at the same time and could use someone with Henry’s charisma.

Henry is again coming over to train with Arsenal during the MLS close season, and Wenger was asked directly if he was thinking about another loan and he replied: “Would I sign him again in January? I don’t know. But I don’t rule it out, and I don’t know if he is interested. Last year I did it because we lost Gervinho. This year we lose Gervinho again, so we will be confronted with a shortage. Especially if for example, Chamakh should go, because I cannot stand in his way now. Then we will be short.”

Henry himself was more than happy to admit that he would play for the Gunners again if asked. He said: “I would like to go back to England with Arsenal for sure. I wasn’t planning to go back to play last season. I was there to train and they asked me if I wanted to play. Who knows what might happen in the future. I’ve not yet spoken to Arsène about it so I don’t know what capacity I could go back in.”

Personally I think Henry should come back as an excellent example to the younger players of how a model professional should act, even if he doesn’t play……

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34 thoughts on “Wenger – Thierry Henry IN and Chamakh OUT in January?

  1. Alex guru

    We need to buy bains, fellaini/wanyama,navas and henry! They would be quality signings!
    We shouldnt buy bains and fellaini though, that would be a bit cruel on everton.

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  2. Banga

    Quality over Quantity!

    Arsenal need to stop buying average talents and start going after world class players. Wilshere has been out for over a year and when he came back it was refreshing to see him attack the opposition. You can see he’s by far the best player and he’s only been back for a month and half.

    I think we have a world class goalie in Szczesny and one midfielder in Wilshere. We should be looking to buy a world class striker like a Falcao or Lewandowski who is a star in the making. Arsenal need quality over quantity. So if we have 50M in our kitty bag let’s spend on quality, even if that means we’re only signing one player.

    We’ve been in dire need of center back since Sol Campbell has left. We need someone with size, physical attributes, and most importantly thinks the game really well. Most Arsenal fans think we need a LB but I think if we could land a world class CB, we would be better of playing Vermaelen as a LB as he likes to get up the field.

    Lastly we need a strong defensive midfielder. The english game is the most physical of any of the leagues yet we have Arteta as our holding midfielder. Its time to invest into some world class steal.

    So to sum it up we need quality in the following positions:

    – striker (Falcao or Lewandowski)
    – holding midfielder (M’Vila or Martinez)
    – center back (Hummels)




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  3. Maleete

    We will be saying we need, we need, pls may someone tell wenger to 4get about bring Henry back, let him go for player with enough strenght and attacking option

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  4. Kingbong10

    Banga you don’t know what your talking about…Giroud has scored something like 6 in 6 and got two assists and you wanna replace him?? We need a back up striker not one to replace him plus we got Theo aswell who will more than likely start playing as a striker given he signs .. There’s ambition and just being plain stupid.. We do need another Lb and and Dm though

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  5. Rasta

    i am almost sure he meant if chamakh should go in the sense of go to Nations cup as morocco qualified and Chamakh is on the fringes right now but might be picked. But interpret it how u will.

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Chamakh hasn’t played for Morocco for a year because he not playing for Arsenal!!)

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  6. ahmad

    chamack and gervinho out ! and henry in ! are you kidding me…..this leave us with no solutions in the bench….with means ramsey will be playing as a winger again.
    go and buy or loan a winger to replace gervinho,,,,,you cant replace both gervinho and chamack with henry..he must come to only boost the confidence

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  7. Goonzman

    Henry is such an Arsenal legend, and it will be a wonderful emotional boost to have him back. However, I’m worried that Wenger will want to woo back Sir Henry as a temporary backup plan for Chamakh’s departure to Afcon. Chamakh doesn’t even make it to the bench for the team. Why can’t we find a more long term solution to the problem? Spend money, get a decent player who will be peeking from the bench, and raring to go as soon as Giroud, Podolski & Theo get banged up!

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  8. Sank

    A left back and a towering DM is required after assesing diaby.
    a striker or a winger would be comfort.

    players guaranteedly leaving as in their last yr

    it will atleast free 15 millions in wages.

    only walcott and sagna are nearing end of contract and others are on atleast 3 yrs reserve and the young guns coming from our reserves.

    happy times for gonners start.

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  9. joe

    we have the best players……if u talk of quality players what will man city say as they never qualified with best and high paying wages…in arsene we TRUST!!! bring in who ever u think is good 4 us!

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  10. Banga

    KingBong.. Let’s not get too excited about Giroud yet; it’s a small sample size. However, it appears Giroud is getting comfortable and hence the production. It does not hurt to have depth at various positions. Look at the two teams that are likely to win it this year.

    City- Dzeko, Augero, Tevez, Balotelli
    Utd- Rooney, Chicha, RVP, Welbeck

    Considering the talent our competitors have, I think you’re being a bit naive if you think we should buy a striker to be Giroud’s back up. Gunners need to reach for the stars! 😉

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  11. realist

    I will take henry as cover for gervinho while he is away but if any of walcott arshavin rosicky or chamakh depart on a permanent basis each will need replacing. games come thick and fast in january february. as well as the league we could be playing in all 3 cups during that time. we have chelsea and man city in january we cannot afford to be short staffed so if diaby and rosicky are still missing then they must be replaced. we are hauling ourselves back into contention on all 4 fronts it will he a shame to miss out again due to tight fistedness.

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  12. jk

    Common Wenger dont get me wrong we all love Henry but he is not the long term answer stop being cheap and buy us a world class striker!

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  13. TaPo

    Hidden due to an awesome comment flood to Henry
    still the top scorer for arsenal and top gunner…

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  14. green gunner

    Henry will be back as a coach in 2 years. He loves the club. He loves football (couldn’t be away from it). And his daughter lives in London??
    It’s a no brainer oh god of gods!

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  15. clarks

    Henry coming back even just to train shows how much he loves Arsenal. I say let him play if we need him to and then offer him the role of attacking coach. Plus we need to sign Fellaini, Holtby and either Llorente or Huntellaar as well as a decent keeper to push Szceszney.

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  16. AremaniaGooners

    Every person have his own part in team, and i think King Henry part is not as a player who can replace gervinho, giroud, etc in short terms .. but as player-model and as teacher to young guns and younger player to being an true arsenal player 🙂
    So, im very delighted if King Henry can come back to us in Jan !

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  17. giroud fan

    banga@ – we need a back up striker not a replacement..u did mentioned small sample size on what giroud score now…be patient bro..time will arrived n he will proof to u that 20 goals this season…evrybody panic n not confident on what arsenal deliver now…we just play 12 games anot 26 to comes…

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  18. Travis Bickle


    I agree, we need ONE “world class” striker

    Chamakh (leaving)
    Walcott (possibly)

    is not enough, especially when Podolski is deployed on the left. Arsene is known to always have 3 kinds of strikers.

    1. A tall powerful striker, who is good with his head and link up play.


    2. sometimes 2 versatile strikers, who can be deployed on the wings and possesses pace (usually young)

    -RVP (before being converted to ST)
    -Henry (before being converted to ST)

    3. A player who is “World Class” one who has top finishing abilities and movement.

    -Walcott (Slim possibility in my opinion)

    The latter, is the one we lack. We need 1 “world class” striker. Walcott’s finishing is VASTLY improving, and perhaps he is not far away from being given a trial at least. But if not, then we do need a top striker, to add variety to our strike force. As you can see, one player who seems to be walking the same path as Henry, and RVP, is Walcott. You all can decide if you think he is good enough. Remember, Henry wasn’t a striker until he was 23, and he took time to reach what he became, the same goes for RVP. Though RVP had to wait until Henry left, to get his chance. I believe IF Henry arrives at the club again, there will be a huge chance for Walcott to learn to refine his finishing further and that could be the final step he needs to convince Wenger he deserves a place.

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  19. Kingbong10

    Banga..appreciate what your saying but were nothing like Man utd or Citeh and don’t wanna be..If we signed Lewandowski..Theo would see there’s no chance of him being a striker at this club and wouldn’t sign that contract that were all desperate for him to sign..Im sorry if I’m being naive by thinking I’d rather keep Theo who’s in the form of his life banging in goals left,right & centre for a striker that’s not even proven in the premier league…Another thing is we do have backups already we got Podolski who’s a clinical finisher(showed that again last night) and we also got Walcott who’s now a striker..& we even got Gervinho(ok thats not that great a point) but the guy has scored for us..You gotta look at the bigger picture…

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  20. jhbgunner

    i personally wouldnt mind him coming back to retire at arsenal and eventually become a part of the coaching staff. Thierry is one of the reasons i started supporting Arsenal

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  21. Rasta

    @Admin. the fact that chamakh went to Nations cup and started 2 of morocco’s 3 games makes your “Chamakh hasn’t played for his country for a year” nonsense. Despite what you might think he is still highly regarded outside England and I’m betting based on the reading game his country would be looking at him whenever he plays again. Chamakh was last called up in september 9th 2012 for a game against Mozambique. However the coach rested almost all foreign based players and so taarabt and Chamakh made do with the bench.

    I maintain what i said. Wenger doesn’t and will never tell anyone when he wants to sell a player. even when the deal is almost done he will still tow the company line

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  22. Rasta

    you need to be realistic. And this is what is wrong with the modern fan. No one seems to understand the concept of contracts. people think players think like them. Players make decisions based not solely on which club is big and will win trophies. Infact the very best players make their teams on par with the big boys. Messi could have easily joined Real madrid but he waited his time and when he got his chance, the whole world had to adapt to his style of play. Barca weren’t doing tiki take before messi started leading the line. With ronaldinho it was pass pass let dinho dribble the whole defence then pass to etoo.

    Lets get lewandowski, lets get hummels lets get M’villa. These aren’t weak minded players. all those dortmund boys are winning trophies in germany without all the pressure of the premier league. They are playing champions league football and have a coach who loves them like his children. Why would they ever move?. You suggest replacing a striker who hasn’t spent up to 6 months in the team. Why bother making signings then? What happens when Cavani comes and doesn’t score in 18 straight games ala torres? what then? would you suggest we get Benzema as well. So then we will have 3 strikers, 1 spot and 250 grand in wages for misfiring strikers.

    be realistic. it doesn’t matter who plays in any position. arsenal lose games because they are mentally fragile. man for man arsenal would rank in top 5 with its players in any position in the league. Keeper, right back, left back, centre backs (at least top 10 for 2 of them) midfielders, wide players and now it seems Giroud would on form be in the top 5 strikers in the league.

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  23. Goonertron

    I like this little spell were getting with Henry each year, like a old friend visiting at christmas, can’t say no to a true Arsenal Legend.

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  24. true goon

    4get about Henry,he’s retired and getting paid bundles to play semi-pro football in america,if we’re bringing him back might aswell bring back Bergkamp while your at it.I know wenger thinks it will be good for team morale,but in reality its a waste of time.Go out there and buy a top quality striker and DM player,and give theo his extra 5k a week.

    The fact i havent heard any news about us buy a DM or any new defenders worries me,people like squillaci should be packing their bags and be replaced with some1 like mapou

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  25. jimbo

    legend henry no doubt,why not ask adams bould hey maybe even liam brady .he keeps himself on wheres the desire the new blood ,we need new top class players in there prime its young kids or players on the verge of being over the hill sorry henry you were the best you and wrighty see you next season .lol

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  26. Sid

    what i find funny here is the comment which goes “last year we were short when Grev went and this year he will go again and we will be short again”
    No shit sherlok! didn’t you know about the ANC at the start? That’s why there is a transfer window you know?
    You sell RVP, won’t play chamakh and bring in 1 striker to replace RVP, yes you are short! thanks for waking up!

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  27. Banga

    @Rasta Yes I agree we have a top 5 squad but it isn’t winning us anything. The goal is to become a perennial contender like UTD.

    RVP left because the reinforcements that Wegner was looking to buy were not good enough to make them a contender.

    As for having one of Cavani, and Benezma why not I ask. If Giroud is having an off day, you have a sub that the opponent fears, especially in the late stages of the game when the defenders are tired. Look at what Dzeko and Chicha have done for their respective clubs. Super subs?? I think yes! Who’s our super sub? Gervinho? C’mon mang!

    @kingbong10 I agree with keeping Walcott. Not sure why Wegner does not deploy him as a striker. If he does decide to we’d need a dam good player to replace him on the wing. I like the Ox but is he ready to become a starter?

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  28. Banga

    What could of been….

    It’s unforunate that RVP, Cesc, and Nasri left because our 2010 squad with an addition of a world class center back would be at the top of the table or in contention to the end.


    – Cazrola
    – Giroud
    – Podolski
    – Diaby
    – Rosicky
    – Koscliency
    – Ox
    – Jenkinson
    – Gibbs

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  29. DubGun

    Henry can’t be the answer every time we get in the shit. I love him as much as the next man but, what if he played badly. I don’t think I could bear to watch that.

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  30. dilla

    Bring back Henry! Getting Henry would be a much better signing than spending money on an inexperienced player who needs to adapt to the EPL. If we’re going to win anything this year, we need the winning spirit in the dressing room

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