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Wenger to swap Clichy for Leighton Baines?

There is a very strange rumour that Arsène Wenger is set to the offer his full back Gael Clichy to Everton, in exchange for the up and coming England left-back Leighton Baines. By the summer Clichy will only have a year left on his contract and it is being said that the Frenchman has stalled in signing a contract extension.

The Metro reports that Wenger is fearful of losing Clichy on a free transfer next summer and thinks he may be able to use Clichy in a straight swap for Baines. Previously it had been reported that the Gunners would offer Everton £10 million for the Englishman.

Meanwhile Liverpool are also keeping an eye on Baines (the report continues) and may well try to hijack Arsenal’s move with a bid of their own. Juventus are also reported to be interested and are prepared to offer £13.2 million for Clichy.

Wenger believes that the England international will be able to slot into his Arsenal side with little effort and can be a good example for youngster Kieran Gibbs.

Clichy joined Arsenal in 2003 at 18 from French side Cannes. He is the only player left in the squad from Arsenal’s invincible Premier League winning side of 2003-2004. He has played 254 games for Arsenal and eight for the French national side.

I have very little belief that this is likely to happen myself. If Clichy really intends to leave, then it will be simply because he is desperate to win some trophies before he ends his career. Is he likely to accept a move to Everton, who could only hope for a Europa Cup place every few years?

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11 thoughts on “Wenger to swap Clichy for Leighton Baines?

  1. toby

    clichy is a weak link. he hesitates and panics when the balls on his wrong foot, he also gets caught as last man EVERY TIME WE PLAY FOR OFFSIDE! i do like him and hes paid his dues but if we are serious about sorting this team out his position has to be strenghtened. baines is a great choice but admin is rite no way would clichy go to everton, like juventus there are many clubs that do rate him, and what ever we get for him should go along way to securing a decent replacement.

    if west ham go down i still think that scott parker is an absolute must ! maybe a few other hammers too ! ba looks worth a punt, obina looks solid also. should be an intresting summer

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  2. elvi

    hope this is true, baines is better then clichy………and if cesc is sold this summer Diego would be perfect replace for him.

    @toby…scot is very good player but he will be 31 in summer and his peak form is way to end so i would preffer j,barton on him.

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    are you crazzy that clichy will go to everton ????

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  4. joel

    IZZAGUIRE should be the replacement and if not baines.I think we should cash in for clichy

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  5. shreyasbabu

    hey guys , com’on clichy is good enough for left back,Baines is decent player but not enough for arsenal .

    see true problem is not clichy , it’s with our center backs.

    just look at barca for the matter ,which resembles arsenal game play , there Dani Alves and Adriano move forward to attack ,where Carles Puyol , Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets , just this three hold up when it’s counter attack .

    just look at our CB they too loss to hold up,

    i would suggest mr.wenger bring some unknown gem who is storng and hard tackler with TV5.and song should improve his tracking ability rather offensive .

    show those big oil money club, that football isn’t money-football is beautiful game

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  6. Digger

    If Juventus want to pay 13 million for him then let them. I’ll happily drive him there free of charge, he’s been nothing but a liability this season

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  7. Jazz

    L.Baines will be to expensive and a waste of money, as we already have a ready made replacement in K.GIBBS.

    K.GIBBS has the potential to be the next A.COLE and it is deffenetly worth promoting him so he gain the experience.

    At the end of the day, that is the point of the youth system

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  8. OutGunner

    Clichy is a liability.

    A nice person with no doubt, but we must take we can get for him if any club is interested in him.

    And we will have to bring someone experienced in that position, not repeat the same mistakes of gambling with the defence and going for inexperienced (and injury prone) Gibbs. Being thrust into the spotlight will not do him or us any favours.

    I don’t know a lot about Baines though to be honest…

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