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Wenger trying hard to deliver for Arsenal on transfer front

Arsene Wenger on his striker targets! by Ash

Having now left 2013 behind and transferred into what looks like a promising 2014 on the Arsenal front, it’s the topical time of the January transfer window, in which manager Arsene Wenger is always pressured to buy by the fans, players and board members alike, yet he always fails to deliver.

In the past Arsenal have managed to sign stars such as Andrei Arshavin, (when he was good), in the January transfer window. Whilst Nacho Monreal also joined last January, however more often than not Arsene Wenger shows little more than the odd Ryo Miyaichi when it comes to January and so although there is a lot of talk about potential options, I’m certainly not counting on any spectacular news.

Bearing this in mind however, Arsene Wenger has today been quoted on Sky Sports News stating his intentions of this window, and unsurprisingly Lewandowski was mentioned.

Wenger said: “Yes, we looked into Lewandowski, but honestly he signed for Bayern one and a half years ago, everyone knows that. They can only make it official now because he is in the last six months of his contract. We are like everyone; we look out there and see what is happening. If an opportunity turns up, you know as well that all the big players are at big clubs at the moment and they go for important targets.

“Unless you have a club in a desperate financial situation it will be difficult. If we find someone like Serge Gnabry at that age when no-one knows them, then maybe. But I just said many times we don’t rule anything out.”

It’s interesting to see that Wenger basically suggests that he has enquired about Polish international Robert Lewandowski at some point in the past year or so, however clearly that means very little now with the striker surely set to join their arch rivals Bayern Munich next summer.

This then led to suggestions that Arsene Wenger could make a move for the much wanted Bayern Munich forward Mandzukic, stating: “Lewandowski is at Dortmund until the end of the season and they will not sell Mandzukic now – maybe at the end of the season.”

This also suggests that he has been interested in the Croatia forward, however he still doesn’t publicly deny he won’t try for him this January. Mandzukic is just one of many players Arsenal have been linked with over the past few months in our search for a striker. The likes of Berbatov, Diego Costa, Benteke, Lewandowski and Martinez, have all had their fair share on the back page of the national newspaper, however if I’m honest I don’t think we will sign any of these players to help aid our title challenge and anyone we do sign will be someone of the ‘Serge Gnabry age’ as Wenger so calmly put it.

The prof is telling us not to worry and that he is doing his best, but can he pull another great signing like Ozil out of his transfer hat?

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54 thoughts on “Wenger trying hard to deliver for Arsenal on transfer front

  1. DeteMacotula

    Just buy Martinez already! he has a release clause and already said he would agree to join us. Moreover we don’t actually have to pay the full clause we can negotiate.

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    1. Never Give Up

      Apparently Arsenal approached Porto and if we are unable to get Morata on a sixth month loan he could be our target.

      But this is Wenger, for all we know he could be on the phone with Gary Linekar pleading for him to come out of retirement on a sixth month loan deal xD

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      1. arsenalfan1

        If Wenger hasn’t already made a release clause bid for Diego Costa then he is not ‘doing his best for Arsenal’. Why are we making excuses for him finding a striker in January when it is purely due to his own f*cking around that we didn’t sign a top class striker in the summer.

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        1. atid

          Perhaps like many others wenger is not convinced Costa is worth the money. I mean where has been for the last 5 years? 32m is not a snip and there are no guarantees with Costa or martinez come to that.

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        2. Antono

          @arsenalfan1: It’s not only about his release clause, mate. Diego Costa’s decision is also decisive in such transfer.
          As for me, it is understandable if Costa prefers to stay at his current club, at least till the end of this season. Here’s some of the situation he faces:
          – Atletico Madrid is now 2nd in La Liga, same point to Barca with only 5 goals less.
          – Atletico just strengthen their squad by getting José Ernesto Sosa on loan.
          – In UCL group stage, Atletico made 16 points of possible 18; a superb performance indeed (Porto was sent to Europe League).
          – Atletico will face AC Milan in UCL 16, chance is open for them to proceed to UCL quarter final.

          It is clear for me that Diego Simeone and his squad seriously target the La Liga trophy and proceed well in UCL; they mean it. So, if we were Diego Costa, it is wise to help him answering this question: “should I best stay or moving to Arsenal?”.

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        3. SAGunner

          Agreed and stated so previously.

          Wenger…What do you want – save E20,000,000.00 or win trophies? Both are not possible – the squad as depleted as it is will battle to stay in the top 4. Even at full strength we will feel the shortage up front – Giroud does not cut it – he lacks ability with the ball on the ground and misses more good chances created by our brainy midfield than he uses. We need a ball playing centre forward (a la Drogba) big strong and capable. For my money you can bring back Adebayor!!!!!!! He is streets ahead of Giroud.

          Remember that Wenger was an economics boffin long before he turned his hand to football.

          Looking at his lack of bold action for the club it seems that he is going back to his “economics” roots.

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    2. Antono

      Seems big names only available (and easier to get) in summer? If this true, a half-season immediate solution is needed. People are talking about Morata on loan, which is also not easy to finalized, due to Madrid’s resistance. What else?
      Just wondering why we are not talking about Pato anymore. Not worth or, not suitable or, any other consideration for not doing so?

      I’m thinking about Pato, also because he’s not UCL cup-tied. If we get him now and IF with him we have a bigger chance to beat Bayern for getting into UCL quarter final, it means a possible additional Arsenal earning of about €3.9 million from UCL QF prize (2012-13 figure). Well, perhaps enough to increase our re-bid on Pato or on a loan scheme?
      Not to mention yet about his definite contribution in our FA dan EPL games.

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    3. GoonerGreg

      I dont know why we dont go for Loic Remy. He’s already up to the pace of the Prem and bangs in goals, imagine him with the right service! we could get him for 12-14m and on decent wages so financially it wouldnt be a risk at all. Plus he reminds me of Henry the way he opens up his body to shoot.

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    4. Emmanuel Muwanguzi

      I say, Wenger should go for that Swansea hitman, Wilfried! If that’s the spelling. That guy is strong, good in the air, picks off defenders, he made Komapany and his compatriates look like kids. I mean, he is not even Cup tied.
      What do you say Gunners?

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  2. SD

    Not in January.

    There just aren’t any world class players available in the January market. At least without massively overpaying. Someone like Berbatov or Vucinic is most likely. Guys that are either not playing much or discontented or otherwise are young and unproven.

    Everyone else is very tough to get in the middle of a season. Not saying it is impossible. If Martinez wants to be here bad enough he could make some noise and try to force a move, but do we really want someone who is willing to disrupt the team for selfish reasons anyway?

    I think it is possible we find a young player or two, and possibly a 6 month rental on Morata or Berbatov. It’s hard for me to see anything bigger than that happening this month.

    Hopefully Arsene will surprise us all.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Regarding your question about Martinez, yes if it’s going to benefit arsenal why should we give a rats asss if it disrupts Porto? All I care about is arsenal getting back to where they belong and that is winning trophies.

      If he disrupts Porto who cares and even if he comes for 2 years then wants to move I don’t care either, he could be the key for arsenal winning silverware this year and that will set us up the following year regarding transfers and we would have our pick cause everyone would want to join us

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      1. lcebox

        I agree but didn’t utd win it last year and who joined them
        We would be in better position but still nothing is certain just cause you win the league

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    2. GunnerCPH

      A loan move for Mirko Vucinic might be a fine idea. He’s a great finisher, can bring others into play and is on the strong side.

      Basically, he’s the perfect second choice striker, who can push Giroud and make sure that he has to stay on his toes to make the starting XI.

      He may even be free to leave on loan, seeing as Juve are Champions elect at this stage, having just hammered second placed Roma 3-0. The only thing that will slip them up now is a lack of motivation coupled with arrogance. Whether they have Vucinic or not won’t have any effect on this.

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  3. jofest

    The only thing that is constant is changes, we are all in for a suprise this january. Wenger, Arsenal and the Fans honestly need some silverware this season to stop other clubs and pundits from been ridicule us. Therefore, there must be changes.

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  4. Big Gun

    Apparently Wenger is pushing for Morata loan deal which if it happens I would be quite content. I seriously think that Jackson Martinez is our best bet though. The guy has all the attributes needed and his goal tally this season speaks for itself. On top of that he supported Arsenal as a youngster. That right there is quality we can sign in January.

    Let’s be honest, what other strikers are available even in the summer? Falcao, Cavani, Ibra would simply cost way too much in wages, an would unsettle the other squad members earning a fraction of that. Suarez is not going anywhere for anything less that 100-130m (confirmed by Liverpool). Lewandowski will be at Bayern. Rooney is a good player, but I just feel ill thinking of him in an Arsenal kit because his attitude stinks and has threatened to leave United for years. Costa recently just extended his contract with Atletico and the directors said he is going nowhere. Just because his buyout clause is 32m, doesn’t mean that is what it will take to get him. By the end of this season, Costa will be worth 40-50m, maybe even more which in my opinion he is not worth. All the other strikers mentioned including Mudzic are simply not good enough for what we need and we can only get them in the summer – TOO LONG TO WAIT.

    Getting Martinez now would not only solidify our chances at winning the double, breaking 8 years of trophy drought and bolstering our squad to win again in following seasons, but I can guarantee that end of this season his price will have inflated. Get him while we still can for relatively cheap compared to what he will cost in the summer.

    Regardless, I’m sure Wenger will make a good decision and lead us to glory this season. COYG

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    1. sollygunner

      agree with ya big gun

      if we want martinez lets just buy him now no messing

      if the reports are to be belived we are trying morata loan
      if that dosnt happen then will be willing to spend big on martinez but if hes the big name we are willing to spend on why not just do it

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    not good or hard enough….yes we can sign someone if we are willing to spend n meet the asking price….every player has a price

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  6. Gooner Cape Town

    If every player has their price and Kroenke has agreed to support Wenger and bankroll any purchase, why can’t we get a top striker? I am not saying pay stupid money if player is not worth the asking fee. Still think maybe Wenger will surprise us in Jan as he has seen the light and knows that this is our best chance for silverware.
    Here’s holding thumbs.

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  7. leo

    Ferguson: THE greatest club manager, but left United in a mess.

    Arsène: Brilliant manager but set club up for life beyond his reign. Legacy.

    many manure players are looking to quit the club hernandez,rvp,rooney

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    1. davidnz

      Ferguson greatest club manager.

      Years in management 39

      17 League titles. 2 ECL titles. Total 50 trophies.

      Wenger. 29 years as manager.

      3 Premierships. Total 11 trophies.

      Mourinho 13 years as Manager.

      7 league titles. 2 ECL titles. Total trophies. 19.

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    2. GunnerCPH

      Vidic’s agent has come out and said that a new deal will not be pursued and that the captain is leaving in the summer.

      Evra, their vice captain, is repeatedly linked with a move back to Monaco.

      Giggs is (again) set to retire at the end of the season.

      Kagawa, for some reason, isn’t playing enough and will surely force his way out in the summer.

      Rio Ferdinand’s deal is set to expire and no attempts have reportedly been made to strike a new one.

      Nani is set to leave for Juve.

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    3. GunnerCPH

      Basically, if all these predictions come true, United will have a first team fit for stoke. Take a look at their starting XI for the next season:

      De Gea

      Rafael – Jones – Evans – Buttner

      Valencia – Carrick/Cleverly – Fletcher/Anderson – Young

      Welbeck – Zaha/Januzaj

      How many would make it in our team?
      De Gea would. As back up!

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      1. GunnerCPH

        They have to get a completely new starting XI. None of their midfielders are to United’s standards. Fletcher and Carrick are only fit to play back up and the fact that they are starting Cleverly is so laughable it’s almost a shame (not really, though :D).

        Now that Rooney and RvP are out their best attackers are Welbeck, who I wouldn’t trust to lead the line at Bolton, and Januzaj, a player so obsessed with diving someone ought to get the lad a pass to Sea Life.

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  8. samtz

    Wenger just bring in Jackson Martinez!he is tall,fast,deadly on air,strong for EPL,two footed,loves Arsenal!Martinez will hit the ground,bt it seems Wenger needs a Cheap Morata and surely Morata will take time to Couple with EPL..I WONDER why Wenger delays for J.Martinez..

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  9. leo

    Arsenal are keeping tabs on Barcelona’s Pedro, and would move for him given any encouragement replacement for theo we did try for him in summer with messi returning he may consider his future

    rumors also that arsenal could xabi alonso for free in summer replacement for diaby ?

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    1. Matt C

      Diaby hasn’t played a single game this season. Xabi Alonso is already 35 and would not be good enough to start regularly in our midfield.

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      1. leo

        william carvalaho,lars bender or adrien rabiot are seen as options

        xabi alonso wanted to join us before he left for madrid but benitez resfused to sell him 2 us i doubt we will go for him there are better options pogba would be amazing

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      2. Goonsquad8

        Hahah 35? The guy just turned 32 last month where do you get your info from?

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  10. goonerian

    Off topic.. The way manchester united are going down, they will soon discover crude oil.. lmao

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    1. RK1339

      Wenger- Invincible One
      Pellegrini- Promising One
      Mourinho- Special One
      Moyes- 2-1

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  11. indiangooner

    The best option right now I feel is KLOSE ,his contract runs out in summer I guess
    He is comp different player than giroud. Has good fitness level now (scored recently against inter), is not cup tied and has good understanding with ozil and podolski.I think ox and gnabry will fill the void of theo.players like di maria n pedro are difficult in jan.morata is also good bt he will need time to adjust in premier league’s physicality

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    1. gpurdey

      I was thinking exactly that the other day. His contract runs out at the end of the season aswell. We could offer him a 6 month contract. Despite his age he still has pace and is a great finisher he would be perfect for our club. The only problem would be persuading him to come, would he want to put his world cup place in doubt? Wenger buy KLOSE

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      1. gpurdey

        Also he is not a cheat like most man u players. He scored a goal with his hand in Italy and despite it being given went over and told the ref. Could you see Ashley young doing that? This isn’t just good for us because its honest sponsors love this and we could charge them more as a result.

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        1. Gorgo Italiano

          We could charge a sponsor more money to sponsor us because we have just signed an honest player?????

          I’ve heard it all now.

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    2. bulletLoading....

      If Wenger ignores Jackson Martinez. Then he should go for Klose if he is avialable that is.

      I am not sure if Klose has lost some of his pace. Or if he’s lost some of his fitness level. But one thing I am sure of is that HE HAS STILL GOT HIS KILLER INSTINCT IN FRONT OF GOAL.

      Good point about his understanding with Ozil and Podolski.

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  12. kaacha1

    hello gooners… off topic, who do you think is a better keeper btwn victor Manone and Lukas Fabianski? my opinion is Manone… do u think we missed out on him???

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo what rumours have you heard about targets or interests for transfers??

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  14. Laurentkboi

    If we go unbeaten in the league from here we will win it, wishful thinking

    RVP-Roo-Hernandez-Vidic-Evra leaving? That’ll ice my cake

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  15. Mike

    The fact that it is so difficult to get a player in January just shows the importance of the summer transfer window.
    We are now being fed BS about lewandowski and will end up with an average 15 goal a season striker if any.
    If Gazidis was half the professional davd dein was and wenger was half a competent as he was 10 years ago we would not have been stuck with the likes of these lot for the past years and all on ridiculous salaries which limited our every move.

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    1. junweiseah

      I wouldn’t include Fabianski in that list, he is a great backup goalkeeper who is over his past of being Flappy-handski. Just look at his assured performance against Tottenham. I’m sure that if he left for a mid-table side he would be first choice, no doubt about that. Mannone was our third choice and now he’s first choice at Sunderland.

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    2. Big Gun

      I have to agree with you to an extent. After the construction of the Emirates, to set up a wage structure like they did, handing a player like Denilson or Diaby 60-70k a week for 3 years contract was ridiculous. We have had to wait out many of those contracts without getting anything back from the players performance wise. Wenger ended up signing players with ‘potential’ on these terms, which bit us in the arse both financially and in terms of team performance a few years down the line. I would rather have Wenger signed a player like Mata for 100k a week, than 2 or 3 of the players mentioned in your post. It would have cost LESS and we would be getting more value out of the player.

      Anyway, what’s done is done and Mesut Ozil has proven turning of a new leaf in this case. Wenger has realized he cannot turn every youngster into the next Henry and sometimes buying the complete package is the way to go, especially at the moment. Let’s be positive and look forward…we are top of the league, have youngsters like Gnabry, Zlalem, Eisfeld, Ramsey, Wilshere and Gibbs making the future of Arsenal look extremely bright and a new financial power to acquire big names if we so desire. I truly believe Wenger will make a good signing in this window…we are so close to breaking the trophy and have a really good chance of winning the double that too much is at stake for Wenger not to take this window seriously.

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    3. arse

      ahh somebody living in the past, anyway wenger has done some mistakes and agree to some of your points but there are more positives than negatives this season

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  16. Tatek

    every one saying bring martinez and last summer every gooner was saying bring lamela hhaaa ware is lammela now spurs buys player bc of thy fame no wenger buys stars so stop wondering and support our beloved ARSENAL let wenger deal with transfer bc he always beat us when it comes to that.

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    1. junweiseah

      I agree, let’s believe that Wenger will strengthen the team in the best way he can. A couple years back everyone was screaming for Christopher Samba to replace Mertesacker. Now, Mertesacker is our solid rock in defence, along with Koscielny. Everyone was crying out for Lamela earlier on this season, and even cursed Wenger for letting Spuds sign him. Now? Even our very own youngster Gnabry shows more purpose with the ball than Lamela, and is currently playing better than Lamela. Keep faith in Wenger, and trust him that he will bring us to the title! COYG!

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  17. Simon_m89

    Buy buy buy…that’s all I ever hear. We’re top of the league FFS! And it’s not like we haven’t had injuries to deal with. If a good deal comes along I’m sure Wenger will know about it. Stop picking the team apart and support it! Belief is the reason we are doing so well.

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  18. Onochie

    We need a Cf but we should forget Costa,he can’t come this January,we should be persistent about Morata,Pato and am not too sure of Martinez,even though he’s asking to come,the big question is how long will it take for him to adapt? On another note,I think we should take it easy on our Tackles outside the Box,can’t afford to have another Injury,I say we strongly push for both PL and the FA cup,we will surely get one if we stay fit,have a couple of addition/s and hard work.

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