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Wenger vows not to sell any more players to Man Utd

When Robin van Persie made his first return to Arsenal yesterday, it was always going to be a major talking point. The Dutch striker, his new manager at Manchester United and Arsene Wenger were all expecting a hostile reception from the home fans. It could have been a lot worse, I thought, but some were surprised at the booing.

It was certainly left in no doubt that the Gooners have not forgiven the former captain for forcing the move to out Premier League rivals. Many fans still blame Wenger for allowing the move, although I feel that the financial constraints he is forced to work under left him little option.

After the match, Wenger declared that he would not be doing it again, though. Arsenal have sharpened up their contract policy and seem to have learnt from their mistakes in the past. Of the players that Arsenal want to keep, only Bacary Sagna will enter the last year of his contract this summer. After his performance yesterday, though, that will not be too much of a concern to most fans. The future core of the team have all been signed up on longer term deals this season so, hopefully, that is one less thing for Arsenal to worry about.

When asked after the game what he thought United and Ferguson would do in the transfer market, Wenger replied, “I don’t know, but he won’t sign them from us!”

Wenger also revealed that van Persie was allowed into the home dressing room by his former team mates after the match after nearly going into it by mistake on arrival at the Emirates. It is different between professional footballers because they are in the same boat. Was the striker hurt by his reception? Maybe, but not as much as the Arsenal fans were hurt by his defection. After scoring his penalty and not celebrating, BBC commentator Robbie Savage (and well known wind-up merchant) thought we showed no class by booing him. That just shows that Savage does not understand football fans at all.

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51 thoughts on “Wenger vows not to sell any more players to Man Utd

  1. alxunder

    no sh@t….
    the person who gave the ‘weapons’ to all of our rivals domestic and not,now bs us that the remaining weaponry in our gun cabinet will be left untouched…
    all this till summer season starts…
    lets wait and see…

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  2. Machine-Gunner

    Robin Van Persie can go to hell.

    He’s a traitor.

    -Machine Gunner.

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  3. Raphito

    RVP still wish he is an arsenal player… But his ego made him to leave us… Up Arsenal

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  4. ash

    for a moment you think maybe it is out of order booing him. but then you think of the 7 injured season he has with us and how we/wenger stuck with him only for him to be gone in the very first good season. even if you honestly do want to leave, you need to try at least one more season or anything to repay the devotion. i would of thought that anyone spending 8 years at arsenal would instinctively learn to hate their rivals, manchester united being one of the list toppers there. forget him and forget sagna, hes refusing to sign a new contract, well i say be rid of him and we can finally start building a team with players that dont want to leave because of their own selfish ambitions

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  5. Johnno

    I believe Wenger about this. But I don’t think it will happen on account of the board and the bean counters… Not sure what I’ll do if we sell any of our top six or seven players this off season… If we sell Podolski or Carzola and don’t replace them I’ll probably give up… Selling Fabregas and Nasri and replacing them with Arteta, selling Song and not replacing him and replacing RVP with Giroud has pushed most of us pretty far as it is…

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  6. CUT

    We as fans would honestly like to know from the club as to what is ambitions of the club going forward?

    Is challenging for league title club’s the main objective or is it to qualify for CL and win FA or league Cup?

    As such please don’t raise there and other fans expectations higher than what the club is aiming for and also charge the match fans accordingly for ticket prices!

    Nothing is more frustrating and annoying, when one pays top whack for a product and it doesn’t do what it says on the tin!

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  7. ks-gunner

    there will be no player sold to manure anymore coz we dont have any kind of world class players left to be sold….Fabregas gone Persie gone…..

    Manure buys only top players and what i heard earlier is that they are about to try to have a go one Bale….deluded wenger

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  8. juhislihis

    We have an expression in Finnish which in translated goes:

    It’s easy to cry when you’ve already shat your pants, monsieur Wenger.

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  9. Neil

    I am a Wenger fan, but some seem to think he made Arsenal a big club.

    Well,we’re going to go at least 9 years without a trophy (the next one available being the League Cup in early 2014).

    So, in the 9 previous years prior to Wenger, how did we do?

    2 League titles
    1 FA Cup
    1 League Cup
    1 European Cup Winner’s Cup

    Yes, Wenger has done great things and I’ll always back him, but to say he made us a big club is wrong.

    Prior to Wenger, we didn’t release our best players. Only Brady and Stapleton spring to mind in thirty years.

    Now, some will claim that Wenger found the players and has a right to sell whom he sees fit.

    In some cases, he may have got it right.

    Seriously though, a manager’s job IS TO BUILD A TEAM ANYWAY!

    We can blame the board or Arsene, but Arsenal Football Club have a tradition of not selling their best players.

    The club were quick to champion ”Tradition” when doing the guard of honour.

    What about our tradition as a big club.

    This summer is the biggest one in years. It will tell us if we are a big club or a feeder club with the highest ticket prices. A club that generates gate receipts as high as any club in the world. A club with massive TV revenue and a new competitive sponsorship deal.

    The game is up for Stan and co (or Wenger…who knows?)

    They have no more excuses.

    Big club or selling club. We will know by August.

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  10. NIKK

    But doesn’t include emirates so lets hope the deluded ones don’t next sell the stadium to Manure….especially as majority of their fans reside in London!

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  11. Neil

    In fact I forgot about our League Cup win in 1987. So that’s 2 League Cups in total 9 years prior to Wenger.

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  12. Dan

    Robbie Savage is a F***ing c**t who was a crap player. He worships Fergie and the Man U alter. I don’t take any of his views seriously . He’s a joke.

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  13. yehaa

    Another BS statement. Business is business. Feeding the board money by selling players. Have no care for the fans.

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  14. gunners from Ibadan

    The damage has been done. maybe we sell the board to them. Like seriously someone suggested cabaye The guy will be good along side arteta. Those hailing ramsey for running around are idiot. with fans like you arsenal will never win anything. Ramsey was suppose to be a box to box midfielder in a 3 man midfield and all we see is running his socks off. People ought to be running their socks ofc trying to mark him not vice versa. How many times was viera, scwetienger, xavi, yaya toure running around tactless. Imagine a virtuoso box to box midfielder like arturo vidal to play we will have an unusual drive and whoever is playing in the CAM won’t have to drop much to get the ball and arteta won’t be push up too much too. The closest player we have for that role in arsenal is wilshere and diaby but shame injury won’t allow.

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  15. para

    It looks like this summer is going to be the courtroom and AW’s final trial with the fans and supporters. Let’s see what he does. I’ve noticed that AW has changed. Before he used to say exactly what he thinks, but now i’ve noticed he has learnt to “play the game” and say what is “PC” thereby keeping himself and the team away from the insidious reporting of the media.
    Anyway, to the game, if we can play like that, than why don’t we play like that every game? I know we cant keep that up all game, this is why we also need multiple game strategies to be able to combat things happening on the field.

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  16. gunners from Ibadan

    The closest players for that role are vidal, moussa sissoko, cabaye, fernandinho, joao moutinho, kevin strootman, kross. And all are possibe if we want to do it. And if you turn me down because i spoke the truth about ramsey then you are free. Imagine when gilberto silva and viera. A player that can drive the team forward with accurate forward bursts and also defend is what we lack. Ramsey gave us 44 games and 1 goals and 2 assists. All we see is running around and misplaced passes. If you think ramsey is what we need in that role you can go to hell. you are worst than wenger. And those claiming wenger did us a favour by building a good stadium. I will rather remain in highbury and will trophies than come to a big stadium and go trophyless and moving downwards.

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  17. TrueGunner82

    One player too late wenger, I’d rather have RVP at city, purely becuase i know way tooo many UTD fans.

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  18. luke

    To hell with robbie he should mind his comment. I think he doesn’t no football enough.

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  19. TrueGunner82

    there’s more talk about a Fabregas this morning in the papers, it does make sense if he was to make a return… he’s trying to buy this £5.4 mill appartment in London AND he wants to raise his daughter up in england apparently. I hope this is true.




    My dream for next season.

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    Am so worried about the future of Arsenal,i found our game wanting,its clear we can never compete with the man united kind. for sure we need to strengthen our squad at least to compete for the trophy next season…

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  21. Liam-Jenko

    In all fairness there is not a lot Wenger could of done, he shouldn’t be letting players go into there last year of there contract especially your captain, I can see why RVP left and why Wenger sold him to united
    Rvp is 29 and didn’t think we would win a trophy and he hasn’t got a lot of time left in his career to stick with us, if he was 24-26 it would have been a complete different story, if it was because of money he would have went to Man City, he chose Man Utd because he thought he would have had a better chance of winning and he was correct, but i believe he still has Arsenal in his heart, he has not once said 1 bad word about Arsenal and has scored against us 2 times never celebrated once, i respect him for that!

    Wenger had no choice to sell him to Man Utd, it was either sell him to Man City, Juventus or Man Utd, If we sold him abroad we would have only got 10-14m for him, and he preferred Man Utd to Man city, and if we never sold him then we would have had a player who doesn’t want to play for the club anymore, who would then be able to go for free later in the summer!

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  22. Blue

    Of course he won’t there’s no one left that united would want!!! But late for that now wenger KMT

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  23. Vlad

    I don’t care about RvP or any other player leaving – it’s the nature of the business. You get paid more, you have a chance to win a trophy – you go for it. What I do have a problem with is those players going to our biggest rivals. Why sell Nasri and Clichy to ManC? Why sell RvP to ManU? It’s like giving your worst enemy a gun, which he then uses to shoot you with. It makes no sense at all. As for RvP, he could’ve gone to Juventus, and win his trophy there. I hate the F*cker! He deserved more than just the boos. Kos (who, by the way is playing beautiful football right now) should’ve ripped his legs off. I said this before, and I’ll say it again – enjoy it while it lasts, Van Persie. Karma is B*tch, and you’ll get what’s coming to you. In a year or two, you’ll get injured, and Fergie is not going to be as lenient as Wenger. You’ll get dumped, and will spend the rest of your days warming a bench at some no-name club.

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  24. Ganaz

    yeah ,Wenger cant sell to Man U what about selling to Barca and Man city?The truth is that we are short of top class players now so I dont think there was any meaning to vow!Yesterday’s match only displayed that Fergie is at the highest level compared to Wenger.We were lucky that we were the first to score…otherwise things could have turned worse.

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  25. Big Gun

    A top four finish this season looks good, and what even looks even more promising is that players like Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott and Chamberlain will all be around next season. This is a good start, as for the last few years we have been handicapped beginning of every season, because half our team is new. This time, we will begin the season with a fully meshed squad, and the new players we get (Jovetic and co) will be reinforcements and can only better our squad.

    This is all speculation though, because we have no idea what Wenger will do in the transfer window. We all know he needs to sign a CF, DM and perhaps another GK or CB. Whether he does it or not will yet again make or break the upcoming season.

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  26. Uche

    Wenger is so good at this game. He knows how to look so harmless and innocent at times like this and yet he hatched this plan to sell our best players with Gazidis, Kroenke and co. Wenger has done a good job of making us blame the board for the transfer policies that have seen us buy crap players while selling our best players. But do you guys ever stop to wonder why he keeps defending Robin Van Persie? He knows Robin is the victim. Robin tried to use his influence in the club to make the board more ambitious and they systematically forced him out by offering him a crap salary that wasn’t worth his true value while selling alex song (the same things driving all of us crazy)as well.

    And then Robin was made to look bad. Guess what guys? Podolski was bought before Robin was sold and so was Giroud. Why? The board already planned to cash in on Robin. Never let fan sentiment cloud your vision of what is happening in this club. Wenger has a lot of power in that club. He set this socialist wage structure that everybody is complaining about. Wenger set that policy long before kroenke took over. Do you remember what wenger said at the height of the walcot transfer saga? He said he was capable of telling the board to keep walcot and pay him what he wants if he felt the player was worth it. The board wanted to sell walcot so badly. Wenger was the guy that prevented the sale because he could see at the beginning of the season that we had no firepower besides walcot. Giroud wasn’t scoring then.

    My point? While the board are responsible for the footballing demise of this club, so is wenger. The arsenal board are so in awe of wenger that they have left the entire club for him to run. Nobody tells him what to do. For christ sake, wenger was the one who recommended Ivan Gazidis for the job he has in arsenal now? That is how powerful he is. So do you really believe him when he says that our players are sold against his will? He is part of the problem. They pay him a lot of money, pressure him to balance the books and make 20 mil while winning champions league and he accepts it without complaint. Wenger is powerful enough to make the board listen to him. That is why they don’t even dream of firing him. So why doesn’t he use his influence to change the direction of the club? RVP tried but just wasn’t influential enough. But wenger can. Nobody can do what he does.

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  27. dude

    The only world class players to be sold off is wilshere,carzola and maybe koscielny

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  28. TrueGunner82

    @Tobias, why does wenger not play podolski up front, why does Verm sit on the bench, why did ramsey always play through rough patches, why has cazorla played on the wing? So many question. I put wilshere on the wing because if i thought if cazorla can play on the wing maybe wilshere could, plus a creative three behind the striker. Puls in a 4-2-3-1 formation, the two wide players arent actually wingers, they’re actually CAM roles and the centeral role is a CAM/CF role.

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  29. GP

    Robbie Savage used a referee’s toilet and and left the contents as a joke because he had class. His word means nothing
    Why is he invited into the dressing room after the game?
    i thought that Santos shirt episode was over.
    Dont players have a public area to socialise after games.
    We have gone completely soft as a club.
    Wenger is a disgrace for trying to make this sound ok.

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  30. Andrew

    Sorry I have to be blunt it’s to late the horse has already bolted.

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  31. DCC

    I have had about enough now of the RVP haters..

    He met with Wenger and Gazidis to establish the ambition of the club and they fell short…. We all moan about the board and lack of ambition and that something needed to be done. Well RVP appears to be the wake up call they needed as they are starting to make the right noises…

    I loved watching RVP in an Arsenal shirt and I do not blame him for leaving, he is no spring chicken and needed to leave to win a title…. Trust me he wouldn’t have won with us and we all know it..

    The bloke has conducted him self with respect and dignity … Me certainly wasn’t a Nasri or Adeybayor…

    ARSENAL is and always be a club that prides itself on tradition and class…. As supporters we need to recognise the same in our players ….

    Total respect to RVP And to those who want to hit the red button… Do it with pleasure, it says more about you, than you realise…

    ARSENAL till I die !!!!!!

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  32. Kitsilano

    @ DCC,

    I agree with most things you say. However, the ugly part of the story was the following:

    1) He was the captain of the club. With captaincy, comes certain responsibility. As a captain, you don’t hold your club to ransom and you definetly don’t go to your biggest rival. I am not only talking about England. The captain of Barcelona doesn’t go to Real Madrid, the captain of AC Milan doesn’t go to Inter Milan, the captain of Celtic would not go to Rangers. If he knew time was running out and he wanted a trophy, he should have chosen not to become the captain.

    2) He could have left without saying the little boy inside him always wanted to go to Man U. That was a big no no no for me.

    3) With him in the team, and Wilshere’s return after a year, Cazorla and Giroud and Podolski joining I strongly thing we would have been pushing for the title more than United. Take out RvP out of ManU and we are a stronger team. Him joining ManU made them PL champions.

    The very strong run we are having now is evidence that RvP departure hurt us very badly in the beginning of the season, but the team has slowly adjusted to the life after him.

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  33. dan

    See if wenger keeps his word after next season when they come in for wilshire he is giving arsenal one more season to challenge for trophys if they fail he will prees for a move with mancs his first choice so watch this space!!

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  34. KickuPtheArsene

    Wenger saying “no player will go to ManUre” has more to do with ManUre’s disinterest in our remaining crop of players rather than our unwillingness to sell. The Arsenal management has already cemented the fact we will prostitute our players to other teams if the price is right.
    I smirk when I hear “£70mil in the war chest” thrown around. We might have 70 mil, but I bet all the other teams in the top of the league will have much more than that to spend in the summer.

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  35. georgie b

    I just came out of a year long coma. We sold someone to Woman United?

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  36. robbie

    does anyone REALLY believe this


    every single arsenal player is up for sale from pretty much any team. If you would sell your top scorer and captain to man u why would you not sell the others….surely the captain and top scorer is the LAST player we wanted to sell…

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  37. Ganaz

    @ks-gunner it’s you who has to consider writing in here because to it seems you are well with Wenger lies…and please don’t forget you need to be an Arsenal fan not Wenger’s fan.One day he will leave Arsenal regardless your trust on him.Because of your belief now-days top four is our trophy.You are part of Arsenal problems because you don’t embrace the truth and facts.

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  38. LAHAI.5

    Wenger is a coach arsenal is a football club R v p is a player the highest shareholder is a billionear but wenger is doubtful arsenal fc is uncompitiative Rvp is ambitious and stan korean is selfish and disrespectful with no pride and shame so how can we arrived at succes with all the above people

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