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Wenger – Walcott is now the complete player for Arsenal

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott may only be 23 years old, but amazingly the win over Sunderland this weekend was his 250th game for the Gunners. The Londoner has drastically improved this season and has already netted 18 goals (5 more than his previous best) this season, and has just signed a new long term contract with the club.

His manager Arsene Wenger is more than pleased with his progress. “It’s unbelievable. I believe what this season shows is the remarkable evolution of Theo Walcott,” Wenger said on

“He’s a complete player today and his transformation is absolutely sensational.

“He improves every week and it shows that he is remarkably intelligent as well, because he understands things quickly, takes them on board and is open-minded. That’s why I believe he is always improving.”

It is now seven years since the raw youngster arrived from Southampton as a prodigious teenager and he was quickly hailed as a future star, so maybe the fans expected him to mature much earlier and gave him some stick last season for some inconsistent performances, but now he seems to be more than a one-trick pony and is looking far more assured in front of goal.

Walcott has always wanted to emulate his hero Thierry Henry, and if he really does keep improving perhaps he could end up as a true Arsenal legend as well………

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23 thoughts on “Wenger – Walcott is now the complete player for Arsenal

  1. Gunners

    He has improved. But there’s LOTS to improve still. His passing weight, his shooting, his heading. Apart from that he is fine

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  2. Adam

    Chuffed for Theo, the media and pundits did everything they could to make him seem like just a ‘speed merchant without a footballing brain’ but he’s stepped up this season (again) and proved the doubters wrong. That’s arsenal personified.

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  3. Awesome Gunners

    Im still on the Fence when it comes to Walcott. I do agree that he has improved alot this season but he is still not World Class, something that we all thought he will become.

    So i hope he improves more each season so that at the end I can really honestly say that he is a world class player.

    Congrats on the improvement Walcott.

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  4. Dan

    I look at Gareth Bale and see a complete player. Him and Theo were at Southampton together and Wenger chose Walcott. Yeah, our “Professor” really has the eye to spot the stars.

    Spurs get one of the best wingers in the world, and we end up with a headless chicken who f**ked us over for half a season demanding more money, then we give it to him making him feel like he’s God’s given gift. Yet Wenger never gave that sort of money to Cole, Hleb, Nasri etc. The players who are worth that kind of money.

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  5. Absolute prince

    THEODORE JAMES WALCOTT !!!! One day you will be remembered as an arsenal great,

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  6. Bob Dylan

    He has improved in everyway and is not frightened to run at players anymore, he really needs to improve his long shooting, expecially on his left foot, i think the coachin staff are doing a good job on him, now bring in dennis who will complete walcotts progress

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  7. Kosio

    I like Theo. For once someone was loyal to the team. Yes he wanted a pay rise and got one (but honestly doesn’t every one of you want a pay rise on their job ? ) , and he didn’t run straight to united or barcelona in a rough time for the team. He has improved indeed, especially his finishing is much more impressive than before. Theo brings a shift into our game that scares opponents. Combined with Giroud, we have speed and crosses in the box make sense, and with wilshere and cazsorla bringing technical quality, on our day we can offer everything you want from attacking football. I wish Theo puts his shooting boots and we make a statement against Bayern!

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  8. Kjacko

    Without Theo are team is so slow its embarassing. We need him just for that tbh. He just seems a bit selfish. Perhaps because he feels like he is competeing with Giroud and Pod for CF position?

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  9. sunny

    Theo is amaizing this season. He was unlucky again agains sunderland to hit the bar.
    He will touch 25 goals this season. That is a amaizing for a wenger.
    If you see his graph, he is improving every season.
    In 2-3 years times once he improves his aerial ability, and left foot,may be shooting from distance also, he will be in the class of messi and ronaldo.
    18 goals and 12 assist is geniunie world class and if we add 6 more goals and 4 assis, it will become 50 goals.
    Theo we need you to fire more goals to assure FA cup and CL spot

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  10. ferro....

    Its ridiculous to say theos a complete player, were still waiting for theo to fulfill his potential and the boss says hes a complete player.. huh?

    If this is the best touch and control of the ball were likely to see and this is him at his best whilst taking players on and also his best timing of runs… well then im going to have to rethink the phrase potential worldbeater.

    I like theo but a complete player… come on. A complete player is someone who does everything and the last time i checked theo doesnt track back and he rarely takes players on unless its a race for the ball, he doesnt header and doesnt get physical, his passing can be good but not by any means an eye of the needle pass and his crossing is inconsistent, also his second best quality goalscoring has plenty of room for improvement, and lastly but not leastly his touch and control is leaving much to be desired. Bergkamp were a complete player and Vieira were a complete midfielder, Jack is looking like he may be one if he can add more goals but theo… never has he looked complete.

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  11. Arsenal1Again

    Yes, when my kids drew crap pictures with crayons I used to say, “Wow, that’s good”.

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  12. tamerAFC
    anyone else read this article and laugh at the spurs fans talking at the bottom, im not just trying to hate on them coz they’re spurs fans but come on they really think they’re better than us and i just makes me laugh they have never beaten us in the league and they are 4 points ahead of us remember last season!! again its not coz they’re spurs and i’m arsenal so i’m suppose to hate them but really we are such a better team and I would rather have wilshere by far than bale plus we have Walcott which he may be not as good but he could get to be better I think if he keeps progressing and all are other players are better than their squad just look at the names its not hard to work out, this isn’t just hate but look at the facts, I have a Tottenham friend and i’m sure he’s deluded just like the rest of them, not say i’m not with all the optimism I have for 8 years but at least I can see potential in our team from the youth coming through to us reaching the same height as we use to, we’ve been there before(at the top) they have never, and our manager has their manager has struggled and is so inexperienced not saying they can’t but just weighing up probability between the two teams and im sure we’ll come out on top. We always do

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  13. true goon

    he’s played more than 250 games,hes scored about 60 goals for Arsenal in those 250 games which is a goal ratio of about 1 goal in every 5 games,not very good for a striker or a winger.But he has improved hs goal scoring ratio his season,although he still needs to improve his finishing,heading,his runs,his back to goal hold up play,his dribbling,passing and decision making aswell as his crosssing.So how he can he be the complete player now?

    Every time Arsene Wenger speaks he says something silly,talk less Arsene!.

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  14. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Theo has improved a lot this season. If he makes a 30% improvement next season, he will be very, very close to a world class player.

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  15. Jon

    Comments saying Theo is overrated or that he still has to improve to be a top player are B*LLOCKS!

    Theo is a top player now and yes he can improve but without him we’d 100% be a few points worse off in the league and would have gone out to Reading in the cup.

    Theo and Jack in my opinion are our best 2 players and some idiots here shouldn’t overlook how good he is clearly becoming

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  16. gary

    typical wenger talking nonsense to prove himself right.

    Walcott is good, far from world class and still has lots of areas he could improve, which is why complete players, like Henry, Bergkamp, Messi are so rare.

    Arsene’s ego talking again

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  17. londongunner

    His not a complete player! but at the end of the day his playing well and still improving! most players peak 25-27 look at persie! i never thought he was world class… he used to be that guy with the short temper and who blasted the ball miles over the goal…

    theo has weakness but i think he can improve on them and i think he will

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