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Wenger – Walcott is stronger and has learned how to escape injuries

Theo Walcott’s early Arsenal career was seriously blighted by injuries which carried on even up til last season, but now that he has matured, Arsene Wenger fully believes that he has learned to avoid the worst of the tackles that come his way, and his body is better equipped to recover when he takes a bad knock.

Theo was subject to some strong attention from the Stoke defenders on Saturday, but Wenger is pleased with the way he came through the game in the end. “There were some heated moments, I don’t think there was anything exceptional in the tackles. Theo Walcott got good treatment today, but I am very happy because the way he responded to it was with full commitment and desire to impose himself. That is where you see that Walcott has become a different player recently.”

Now that Wenger is utilising Walcott more as an out-and-out striker, he will be having to leap over more and more outstretched legs this season, but Wenger thinks he is ready to cope with it.

“He is 23 years old and there is always a change at that age,” Wenger said. “What people forget is that Theo does everything at 100mph, so every time you get hit it hurts you more than if you are slow.

“He plays at high pace, but he has learnt to escape sometimes and he imposes himself more. He uses his body better now.”

If Walcott carries on progressing the way he has this season, could he really emulate his hero Thierry Henry in the next few years?

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20 thoughts on “Wenger – Walcott is stronger and has learned how to escape injuries

  1. Sureli

    Why not? Henry was not scoring like theo at the same age.
    All he needs to do is keep it up.

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  2. vishaal2304

    i think santos poor performances till now is because he is just playing in the wrond pisition. i stay firm that he should play as left winger… he is more of an attacking than defending player…note that he was very successful while playing as lw scoring more than 17 goals in just 25 appearances..

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  3. landmind111

    I’m liking theo’s game, he starting to realise he has the tools to cause damage to any team, Pace is a deadly weapon, and he is using his more intelligent and aggresive. He can finish very well, but he needs to stop all this central talk, he’s more effective on the flank, Henry used to drift wide so he could use his pace, and finish from angles. Walcott can score from the flank very well. Long may it continue.

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  4. Sank

    Just dont be selfish.

    walcott denied giroud 3 hatricks and 5 simple tap in goals.

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  5. Absolute prince

    Walcott is really important to us because he speeds up the game, plus gervinho is coming back they got pocked in the eye by the super eagles they wanted to fry. lol

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  6. John Legend

    Theo has improved. His finishing, movement, aggression……. Just his crossing needs some more perfection.

    I hope Ox develops faster.

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  7. BruceTongaBull

    Walcot is close to being world class but im worid about the ox.. he appears to have lost that aggressiveness he had at the end of last season and early this season. Anyway time is stil on his side.

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  8. BruceTongaBull

    Fellow Gunners…. has anyone noticed that TV5 is not his usual self… I think Kos6 should be our first choice center back… leaving the two to rotate

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  9. ram

    at the start of the season, i saw too many Theo haters in here, too much of slating and just want to sell him in the Jan window.. He has done really well to silence all his critics.. Thats the attitude you need to have to become a great.. He still got so many years and he can improve a lot..:) keep it up Theo..

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  10. koolio

    I saw some c*nt on Skysports saying Rooney is number 1 and Sturridge is number 2 striker in england. Hah! Don’t make me laugh.

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  11. ceezee

    What makes barca ǻ great team?

    They’ve a balance technical mechanism & Ñøt necessary depending on natural abilities e.t.c “pace” power or even body balance..but If ǻ player is technically sound, he’s good enough to play for the catalans.,we all know barcelona is the team to beat, Theo is so poor technically, but gifted with just speed. I bet will be so poor i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ class..very poor football education even Ramsey is well induced with ǻ better fooball brain .

    Whilshere is technically sound & ǻ mid field engineer. Watch out next season the money bag clubs( manchitty, psg) will hunt for his services. A english man is average but Ñøt whilshere! THEO is too english & Very Very AVERAGE!

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  12. John

    I have always loved this kid no he is not the new coming he is walcott. I do think he needs to slow a little but he should be played there from the off. So thats mr AW prob. The thing that gets me is he cant cross a ball so end of season send him to davids house? For the summer lol he must owe us a little for tranning with the arsenal boys. This is an arsenal boy win or loose we do it as a team

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  13. cedric

    i loved theo even when peoeple hated him…i knew that there was something special about the wing of the gunners plane,and now that he is starting to show what he is capable of i am more than glad

    keep it up THEO WALCOTT

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  14. Uche Edochie

    Theo is the most dangerous player in arsenal. Believe me, in the abscence of new signings, renewing walcot’s contract was the true success of our transfer window. I am sure that those folks that wanted him sold now realise that he is such a vital part of this team. Imagine if we had sold theo and replaced him with ox? Ox is good but he is not on the same level with theo as far as efficiency is concerned. It is no coincidence that walcot is our highest goal scorer and he will hit 25 goals or more by the end of the season. Happy to have him. He is one of the very few true gunners left.

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