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Wenger wants more from Arsenal players

Arsene Wenger was obviously pleased that Arsenal managed to get a third Premier league win in a row, especially as Tottenham’s draw meant that we finished the day in third place in the table. There is no sense of achievement coming from the Frenchman, though, as he is well aware that the performance was not great and that this was just the beginning if Arsenal are going to call this season a success.

“It’s good but not enough. We want more.

“It was much more a win because we really wanted a result more than because we dominated the game.”

Wenger had demanded that his players repay his faith in them and they did that, but it was not brilliant football by any means. It is often said, however, that good teams grind out results when thay are not at their best. If Arsenal can do that sometimes to complement the games when we are fluent and creative, it will breed confidence throughout the squad.

Wenger has promised to give the players a rest over Christmas, but he will expect a much sharper, more dominant performance against Newcastle next weekend. The players know that they have brought pressure on their manager this season, but they are starting to show that his faith was not missplaced.

January is going to be hard for Arsenal, with games against Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool but if Arsenal are in a winning habit, there is no reason we cannot win them all.

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29 thoughts on “Wenger wants more from Arsenal players

  1. chunners

    Yup lets win them all! this is the winning streak that will define our season.
    Also Mr. Wenger, please reinforce the squad in this transfer window, that too will add confidence in the squad!
    Arsenal FTW

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  2. mohawk35

    Wenger wants more from the players. Name me a coach who doesn’t and I will show you a poor coach. You can be proud of the players and want more at the same time.

    That is the essence of competition – continuing to strive for ever better performances and greater glory.

    The way to do it – Training and putting the best team possible on the pitch for each meaningful, competitive game.

    Win em all.

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  3. Londoner

    That’s more like it Mr. Wenger. Besides, I’d be devastated if he said he was happy with the performance. 3 points is what really matters. But dont expect us to perform like this after the new year. Plus we’ll get service by much better players by then.

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  4. Malik

    i love the mentality, that’s it tell them they need to produce better than that, 3 points is good but WE ARE THE ARSENAL ad we win with style!

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  5. Saffat

    It seems now that with financial backing he claims to have, Usmanov stating he would like to take control, and a string of good results Wenger has his spirit to win again. I hope we find new additions to the squad to compliment the team as a whole. If this keeps up I’m sure we’ll win some form of silverware.

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  6. S.H

    I don’t want to make excuses but I have to admit the pitch was slippery and tough to play on. Wigan parked a bus with the extra man in midfield. The conditions could have easily produced a draw. We were also lucky on the Kone.A attempt and the ref seemed to call things our way. Still not convincing enough for mine. Good to see Wenger demand more from his players.

    I’m sort of spewing we’re not playing on Boxing Day. That extra game later might come back to bite us on the backside. We play Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool in Jan. It’s important the team gets a good run to end the year.

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  7. Eosas

    Good game today, might not have been as beautiful as we have come to expect but the players played the game. After getting the goal the game changed to be more defensive and it worked. If we are to return to winning ways this is a good example of how you leave the pitch laughing on a hard day at the office.
    PLEASE ADMIN, COULD U DO A PIECE ON PER MERTSACKER. Sorry for the capital letters Gunners, just wanted it to attract admin’s attention. I really think he deserve a talk about. While we take the time to rant about any shortcomings in the team its only fair to also talk about the positives.
    I think this guy has done well considering all the sticks he got from us fans until recently for not being a sprinter . I just know am more relaxed when he is back there

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  8. juhislihis

    TBH, we havent had a marquee win this season (losses to UTD and Chelsea, City draw, won 10-men Tottenshiat) so let’s get used to winning. Today we won ugly but still a win so:

    1. Clear & replace: Santos, Squid, Bendtner and Chamakh at least, get rid as many we can. Replace with bargains/prospects or promote younglins.

    2. STRENGTHEN the squad in January:
    – Bring a true bully to boss the midfield. For age, price, injury proness and actual possibilty for tranfer considered:

    Wanyama/Capoue/Denisov/M’Vila. I prefer the latter. Yann is young, physical and has an attitude problem. Perfect for AW to be tamed (might not cost more than 10m too).

    – Fullblooded winger (or AMF if Santi plays W). This is the tricky one but there’s quality.

    Isco/Mkhitaryan/Eriksen/Holtby/Willian/Nani/Mertens/Schürrle and my favorite James Rodriguez. Hope this will be solved and picked wisely.

    A defender and a striker would only be plusses and I dont wanna analyze them.


    – Tie Walcott and Sczcesny until 2018 and give Sagna a 3-year.

    4. Make sure parts 1-3 are done by January 31st so we are ready be an intimitating team once again.

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  9. Mowember

    Wenger looked so happy, i just hope he doesnt use 3rd place as an excuse not to buy players in january. We are good but we need to strengthen some positions, striker, cdm and winger thats all. We are facing bayern, i dont want to get hammered, we actually have a good chance his year if we get trough. Either real or man utd will go out and bayern if we make it. Wich leaves only barcelona as the biggest threat. And we have shown in the past we could beat them so fingers crosses wenger buys.

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  10. Vish

    We can easily beat all those 3. Just 1 or 2 good signings and it will be a cakewalk.

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  11. dilla

    Lets just hope the players want as much more for themselves as wenger wants. When our team plays like we give a sh*t we can beat anybody. coyg

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  12. nw2gooner

    I dont understand why we dont play podolski on the right and ox on the left, when we are playin theo upfront? that way both players can cut onto there strong foot. No need to cross to theo with his height, imagine podolski cutting onto his left, with the power he has!!

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  13. jon

    I too hope that he doesn’t use this as an excuse why not to buy in January. If we add 1 or 2 quality players, we could still salvage the year. We need to some spark, new blood to energize the team.

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  14. jon

    Apparently Emirates have put some results driven clauses in to the new sponsorship deal we have just signed. We would loose part of the 30 mil/year if we don’t qualify for CL for example. That’s very interesting. If this doesn’t push the board to spend on new quality players, nothing will.

    Senior VP of Emirates stated that they have put those clauses in to “keep us on our toes”

    Classic case of: you have to spend money to make money.
    Im sure Gazidis is loosing sleep over this.

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  15. owens

    We only need a striker and a DM..yesterday we was a game of luck..we had no player to come in and change the game..cuz our subs were sh*t..xcept coquelin..wat happened to giroud and rosicky?

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  16. Mudah

    Even if I have some complains to do about a game, that must not be the game which we got all the points (3points)

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  17. Kunle

    To me we played poorly,no penetratin in d 1st half until d second.walcot cant play as a lone striker,he needs a partner upfront along wit him,for instance wenger changing d formation to 4-1-3-2 (syn-sagna,mert,thomas,gibbs(defence),arteta(dmf),podoski,wishere,cazorla(attacker,amf,Amf/winger),giroud and walcot(attackers).wit dis formation and selection,we will be positive in winning.wenger needs to get in players like Ba(striker) dat will be able to feature in d champions league,i will nt support arsenal bringing in david villa becos he will nt be able to play or feature 4 us,we need to buy a play dat will be able to play 4 us in d champions league nt only d league games. Also we need a dmf(mvilla,capoue,diame). To me two is okay 4 us.wenger shouldnt have two much believe dat walcot or podoski or giroud can play alone upfront,they all need another partner to pair wit them.wenger should open is eyes and see d good work rooney and van persie are both doing upfront 4 manu united. To me 2 strikers upfront is deadly than 1 striker playing alone upfront.wenger needs to try out other formations in matches nt just playing 1 formation in every problem wit wenger is he intends to play barca style of game dat will nt win us anything 4 50yrs to come. Even we buy quality players dat will nt make us win trophies since we are still emulatin barca style.

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  18. mohawk35

    @S.H. I don’t where you got the idea that the ref called things our way. You could say he did call a couple of big ones our way, but those he just called correctly – the PK and the late non-handball.

    But in the 1st half especially the ref was absolutely letting Wigan have their way.

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  19. arsenal4eva

    last nite game again show we lacking of creativity in da midfield…we were too slow,..cazorla is a bit off da pace I think…sign a quality midfielder, which can make thru passes, speed, good technical ability..n also, defensive midfielder to strengthen our back 4…plus anotha proven striker (A.Lopez wud be ideal, IMO)

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  20. Jeff


    You can make up whatever you like and post on this site. Leo never said anything you couldn’t find on any other transfer rumor site. Why do you act like he has insider information?

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  21. Gunnerineverylife

    I dont realy get all the hype about Adrian Lopez,he has scored just twice in 15 league matches this season and scored just 7 in 36 matches in the last season.

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  22. Dan

    If Wenger wants the best from the quality players on the pitch then he needs to do 3 things:

    1. Buy a goal scorer

    2. Buy a solid lump for the midfield

    3. Let Bouldy work with the defence.

    And also make sure players like Gervinho and Ramsey only ever play Capitol one cup and lasst 20 mins off the bench in the league.

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  23. S.H


    I wasn’t implying that the ref was in our favour, it just seemed like we got more calls our way than we usually do. That was a soft penalty given. I’m sure some Arsenal fans would have complained about that had it gone the other way.

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  24. synsix

    @Eosas yes Mert has been a revealation, and then again he had more then 80 German caps on his name/that speakes volume about his tallent as well/but something which sete him apart from many others is his kool head/never seen him losin his head/great guy

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