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Wenger Wants Rule Change To Stop Rory Delap

Arsene Wenger was recently in Switzerland with a host of other top European managers to discuss the future of the game. Other attendees at the UEFA conference included Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola and Andre Villas-Boas.

A ccording to the Metro Ajax coach Frank De Boer revealed a controversial proposal put forward by the Arsenal boss. He said: “Arsene wondered if we could get rid of the ‘no-offside from a throw’ rule.”.

He added that Wenger said: “They can be very direct, and there is a growing trend for teams just to throw the ball to the far post. We’re supposed to be playing football not handball.”

There is no doubt that Wenger has Rory Delap and Stoke City in mind with his proposal since he also asked for clarification about the use of towels to dry the ball before throw-ins, something that has irritated Arsene Wenger.

However Gunners fans will hope that the arrival of Per Mertesacker will go some way to protecting the Arsenal goal from set-pieces, they have the highest rate of conceding from such instances in the Premier League. The German defender is almost 2 meters tall and will be an imposing presence in defence. It’s a good things because Wenger may well have to rely on his defenders rather than any rule changes from FIFA to help his side keep clean sheets.

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24 thoughts on “Wenger Wants Rule Change To Stop Rory Delap

  1. T2T

    If the new players integrate properly, the first choice back 4 now looks extremely strong. Sagna was last year´s #1 RB, Vermaelen was #1 or #2 CB in his only season so far (sadly he was out injured last season). Mertesacker can be on par with Vermaelen although with different qualities. As LB, we now have 2 top players, Santos (#2 in Brazil and Gibbs #2/3 in England). As DM, Song and Frimpong, Arteta has also played DM earlier in his career.

    I am so looking forward to the rest of the season.

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  2. menace

    The use of the towel should be really stopped. The best way is to use one for every throw in and also bring one on before free kicks and goalkicks. It will highlight the issue and stop it very quickly, particularly if players start polishing their boots as well.

    The long throw is not an issue but the no offside from a throw should be exploited more. I’m surprised that Theo’s pace is not used to exploit the rule from throw ins.

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  3. DEO

    I don’t see anything wrong with a teambusing the skill of a player to advantage. Soon Wenger will start complaining about free-kicks from which many goals are scored. He should go and concentrate on developing such skills in his players and then work onndefending against such skills.

    Focus should be more creating fairness in Referee decisions through video replay: key decisions such as goals, off-side goals, penalty awards, yellow/red cards should be subjects of video replay. These are decisions that can make or mar a game for a team.

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  4. Jason

    It’s good that someone has the guts to say something about it…because everytime they dry the ball with a towel, they time waste on purpose, and that is a load of sh!t.

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  5. liban

    Anybody going to watch the germany game tomorrow instead of england in order to see mertasacker looooool

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  6. Malcolm from Plymouth

    Arsenal… weaker or stronger?
    Goalkeeper: NO CHANGE
    Defence: Clichy out. Vermaelen is effectively a new player this season so he’s added to 2 other world class defenders in Santos & Mertesacker plus the talented Jenkinson who looks a bargain. Verdict… STRONGER
    Midfield: Fabregas and Nasri out. Ramsey is effectively a new player and he’s added to Miyaichi, Arteta and Benayoun. Verdict… NO CHANGE
    Attack: Bendtner gone. In are Chamberlain, Park and Gervinho. Verdict. STRONGER
    Arsenal now boast six 1st team players who captain their national side!
    Overall verdict… Arsenal are STRONGER

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  7. Dec

    Have to disagree with Arsene on this one. Delap uses a fair tactic that any decent athlete could develop and practise if they choose to. It’s direct but sooooo effective why doesn’t every full back practise long throwing techniques? The flight of the ball is so much more difficult to deal with than a corner. We’ll be better equipped to defend this year with Per but why we don’t have a similar threat in our weaponry is just stupid or pure snobbery. Wait ’til Delap has Crouch to aim at, yikes.

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  8. eef eem

    @ dec, wenger didn’t say d throw in should be stop but d offside rule that was taken out…he is so rite about dis n i strongly support wenger

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  9. stan

    I understand what wenger feels when he plays against such a way to play soccer. It’s frustating when you love the beautiful game… But it’s also true that you can play with the rules the way you think is the best because the only aim is victory. Arsenal could use such technics from times to times if we could do it with positive results. That makes the challenge more interesting.
    But things can change, rules can change… Soccer evolves as everything and it’s never a waste of time to reconsider established things. I wouldn’t be an opponent to a reform that grants wenger’s wish. And concerning the towel I’m persuaded that most of us already think this is weak and shouldn’t be seen anymore.
    Wenger is critisized because he’s moaning all the time, but he’s one of the few that have the b*lls to open his mouth and try to shake a corrupted and lazy system.
    I give our coach full support. He does everything he can and more.

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  10. luwegunner


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  11. Dec

    I’ll accept a ban on the towel, but the long throw in is a skill that nobody at Arsenal can do. Bet even the great Messi would be useless at it. It’s as valid as bending a ball around a wall, more valid actually as they’ve not helped the process by producing a technical aid like they have for the free kick experts with modern boots. Good man Rory.

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  12. jgooner

    Easy way to stop this is do what wolves and bolton did, move advitising boards closer to the pitch lol, that way delap can’t get a run up plus it worked

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  13. Jimmy Jones

    I don’t see necessarily see how this targets Stoke and Delap, preventing their long throw tactic.

    Last time, I checked, when Huth goes up and Delap goes for the throw, Arsenal (and every other team) have their players back marking and defending the players (playing them all onside any way).

    WARNING: Video contains Arsenal conceding a goal from Delap’s throw.

    Under the ruling Wenger is proposing, this would still be a goal because between the Stoke player is onside with an Arsenal defender and the keeper in front of him.

    He’s asking for offside ruling to be in effect from throw ins because teams are using it as direct passes(much like a free kick from the same area); so there can be defensive tactics involved to “attempt” to counter the offensive tactic.

    It’s not like if throw ins can be offside, that every defence is just going to sit on the halfway line since a throw back would be considered a backpass and not under the limitations of the offside ruling leaving a lot of space in the back to be exploited.

    All you’d get is defence staying back in box and possibly trying to catch any runners offside just before the throw is made and offence trying to stay onside and then run forward (as the pass is made) to attack the ball.

    Trying to play a highline defence to force the offence out of the box just leaves a big gap between defence and goalie for a quick throw back and a cross to exploit.
    Personally, however, I would not like to see this rule changed because it will stop the quick throw when no-one is back and someone makes a quick run. Defences should be punished for this, not rewarded. There’d also be the issue of if the pass was square or forward and linesmen struggling to make correct offside decisions. They get enough wrong as it is.

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  14. Cox

    Come on guys! Wenger never said there is fault in Rory’s throws except his use of the towel. He wants the offside rule to apply on throws as teams who have the strengths like Rory may take advantage. His throw is as good as a free kick!

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  15. Sean

    The headline is terrible cos it sounds like wenger is picking on Rory D..He is saying that England need to stop there caveman approach to footy..Arsenal play football, but teams seem to come out to stop arsenal playing football wen they should be matching it and trying to beat us…Most English player lack technical ability…PUT THE BALL DOWN, GET UR HEAD UP AND PLAY FOOTBALL

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  16. Wenger is a joke

    Wenger never said anything about Rory so not sure where that headline came from.

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  17. Sunny

    In football not everybody knows d rule accept if u apply ur trade into footbal,so most of us givin coment
    are supporters not footballers.
    however we should allow FIFA to come up and sanction the pettition proposed by Mr Wenger.

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