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Wenger wants to scrap January transfer window to stop Alexis moving to Man City?

All the rumours are saying that although Man City failed with a reported bid worth up to £60m for Arsenal’s Alexis on the last day of the transfer window, they have every intention of trying to persuade Wenger to sell in January instead.

The Chilean is now forced to remain at the Emirates with his contract expiring at the end of the season, but the fact is that if Man City go through to the knockout stages of the Champions League, then Alexis will still be able to play for them as Arsenal are not in the competition, giving Pep Guardiola even more reason to push for the sale.

Wenger is obviously worried that the January window could destabilize Alexis even further. Le Prof said: “What’s happening now is that the transfer window is closed. September will be okay.

“The players who are tapped up in October, they already start to think: ‘Where do I go in January?’

“That’s not the way to be on board with the football club. We are here to entertain people. You can [only] do that with people who are on board together, with people who want to achieve something together.

“Not with people who, when things don’t go well, think: ‘Where can I go next?’.”

This sounds like desperation talk from Wenger as he wants to stop Alexis from being disturbed mid-season, but it was the Boss himself who said that being in the last year of a contract would make our contract rebels play better. Now he is saying something completely different!


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27 thoughts on “Wenger wants to scrap January transfer window to stop Alexis moving to Man City?

  1. Jerick

    If we were able to keep him in the summer window then we should be able to in the winter window as well. I can only see him leaving if we are in a good position come January and a good enough replacement is available for us. It would be good business then to get 25mil from whoever than making him leave for free in 3 months.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Well if you had got Lemar, Draxler or Mahrez and a top CM like Seri or Goretzka it would not be a big deal. Wenger’s dithering and ineptitude in the transfer window has not only cost us a chance of challenging for the title, but making the Top 4. Getting a couple more signings this summer could have also eased the blow of losing OX as well as Ozil and Alexis next summer.

    Wenger should have thought about all of this before the window opened. Wenger is absolutely inept and clueless in managing and creating a successful team

    1. Vlad

      I love it when FIFA managers and keyboard warriors are coming out of their holes. What do you know about transfers and running a football club? “If we had Lemar, Draxler, Goretzka, CB, etc… “. Why not Messi, and Ronaldo while we’re at it? David Ornstein, aka Arsenal Oracle has reported that Stan Kroenke who “wants to win trophies” will not invest a single dollar into Arsenal FC. He thinks that we are self sustainable, and are capable of managing our own finances. You know what that means? I’ll spell it out for you – NO MORE PLAYERS. Stories about transfer kitties are just that – stories. We simply don’t have the money to compete with clubs like City, Barca, PSG, Real, etc. So leave Wenger alone, the guy is actually doing the best he can with what he’s got. When Kroenke leaves… or I should say IF he decide to sell the club, and leave, then, and ONLY THEN we might be able to get the good old glory days back. Until then, support the club, the guys on the pitch, and stop moaning about something that we have absolutely no control over.

      1. ZA_Gunner

        Disagree on two points.

        1) Wenger has a voice and if he’s not happy that he’s not allowed to spend on the players he wants then he needs to speak out like Conte otherwise he as responsible for covering for the board and owner.

        2) It is a denial and a farce that fans has no control and cannot do anything. I suggest instead of being afraid and scared of not being able to do anything and hiding behind your nice house with nice couches, go out and voice and act in the interest of the club you love. I support the team but not the club and the way it’s currently run. It’s easy to single out fans and say they are imagining or stereotyping them that because they play FIFA they know little about football. We are one of the richest clubs in the world charging highest ticket prices so money is there and we should be able to buy those players, but we lack the ambition and care, not because we should expect less from the club.

  3. Sue

    I wonder if Alexis will turn up, seeing as he’s ‘desperate’ to leave us! I hope he does play well & we go on a really good run. After the start we’ve had we could do with it. He may not end up at the Etihad, might decide giving a different league a go.. if he does leave us I’d rather it’d be abroad somewhere

    1. Tas

      Which ever whay you look at it Arsenal has been his home for the past three years so even doe his pi**ing everyone of Arsenal is still his home and he will get the support from the fans

    2. ZA_Gunner

      No point to worry about Sanchez now, that’s for the management to bear the risks. We can only see and watch the season unfold but at the same time voice our discontent at the people running the club and holding them accountable.

  4. Mobella

    This is nothing new. That has being his stands as far as January transfer is concerns for years. There is no ulterior motive or something.

  5. Jeremy

    He just ran out excuses for not strengthening the club. I think he would be most pleased as he will have even lesser to do or pretending to do.

    Window or not window, there will be no player coming in. So it doesn’t really matter any more.

    He should just face up to the fact that Sanchez will leave. Self denial doesn’t help.

  6. John0711

    No he want to scrap Jan transfer window and shorten the summer window so he doesn’t have to spend the money earned “oh hang on a minute “

  7. walle

    Wenger should just retire.. He is out of touch with realities of modern football. Thats why players are queuing to leave Arsenal. He already has his excuse for failing this season- “the january transfer window”.I don’t see why the january transfer window should be closed because Wenger says so. Arsene Wenger can’t complete a signing january or summer window for that matter.

  8. Mr pat

    Arsene wenger should just shut up and get on with motivating the players for the next match which is crucial because if arsenal don’t get a result against Bournemouth then I’m afraid the season could go south pretty quick, and I think wenger is beginning to like the sound of his voice rather than making arsenal fc great again

  9. Mr pat

    I’m really getting upset by all so called experts saying sanchez is the soul of arsenal what utter garbage, the feeling in the dressing room is the players would prefer him and ozil gone, that way we work with what we have unfortunately wenger doesn’t know how to get the best out of his players frankly he needs motivational skills, we’ve won matches without sanchez so what’s the problem people, we are arsenal for petes sake

  10. Tas

    I think we should not let Sanchez play against City we don’t want the same scenario as OX against Liverpool the twelfth man

    1. Coldzero

      The Ox was definately the 12th man and should be thouroughly ashamed of himself. I have never seen such an obvious and blatant disgusting display.

  11. Jeremy

    I think most people are resigned to losing Sanchez so no one really bother calling him our soul any more.

    It’s just keeps me wondering how Kroenke feels when his 60m worth player left for free.

    Maybe he would strangle AW and that d***head who claimed success in the transfer window just ended. That guy should be told the story about Emperor’s New Clothes.

    1. gmv8

      Who cares what Kroenke thinks? Fans don’t care about money which goes into subsidising Kroenke, maybe we would care if we thought it would go back into Arsenal. Kroenke is the perpetrator of all of this because he is RESPONSIBLE for signing AW up for another 2 years, at least Gazidis was trying to cut down on AW’s power, and bring about some change – director of sport etc., but Kroenke went completely against him. Ok, maybe he should resign, because he can’t do anything, but having another Kroenke yes man replacing him, isn’t going to help Arsenal Football Club. Having said that, I did feel a bit sorry for AW, with Oxlade-Traitorlain sticking the knife in him, in todays comments. He was in Wenger’s favourites all the time, and Wenger put a damaging amount of faith and trust in him, which did influence our results, trying to shoe horn him into the team. Even if he did think AW was a cr@p manager, he could’ve at least had the decency and respect to keep his mouth shut.

  12. Grandad

    Sanchez has been built up by the the British press and media (with the notable exception of Ian Wright) as a world beater who is vital to the future success of Arsenal Football Club.To turn down £60m for someone who is arguably past his best as his recent performances for club and country would suggest , is totally mad. He has become a disruptive influence in the dressing room and considers his team mates and AFC beneath him. I for one am becoming tired of his histrionics on and off the field and would swap him for the likes of Draxler or Lemar at the drop of a hat. He does not want to be an Arsenal player so why did Wenger and the Board hold on to him . Yet another example of an error of judgement or put another way,incompetence which unfortunately pervades this great Club under the current regime

    1. Coldzero

      Well said! You are probably going to get a red arrow fly past for saying it though but I for one wholeheartedly agree.

  13. ZA_Gunner

    Get on with the modern football Mr Wenger, don’t try to get every system to work in your favour, instead rather adapt and focus on football and trophies. Your job and responsibility is not one of a football analyst or philosopher…

  14. Mikekobi

    AW is really really specialized in failure and he shud take all the blames.
    I started to dislike him when he didn’t sign higuain few years back bcus of 2/3m before Napoli snatch him away.
    The best solution now is to boycott few games and see how it goes.

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