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Wenger – We were really unlucky today (Sky interview)

It was certainly a crazy day for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger was obviously very annoyed during the game, but when you see a stat that says the Gunners had 73% possession you can only be left scratching your head as to what went wrong.

We had a good team out on paper and when Olivier Giroud put us 1-0 up you would have thought we only had to hold on to the ball for the rest of the game. The question is; Can you put two more injuries, one own goal, and a missed penalty after 73% possession all down to just bad luck?

Arsene Wenger seems to think so! Here is his interview with SkySports after the game…..

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19 thoughts on “Wenger – We were really unlucky today (Sky interview)

  1. Jim A

    We desperately need someone who can run at defenders. All we do is pass the ball side to side without anyone penetrating.

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    1. Trudeau

      Someone like, oh I don’t know, Walcott, Wilshere, Roscisky or the Ox perhaps? I’m not having a go at you Jim A, just at the baying mob that will say we should have bought someone who can run at defenders… These injuries aren’t helping us (maybe bad luck) but the bigger blow might be having no quality cover for Coquelin (definitely bad planning).

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      1. rkw

        My god …says it all…Walcott is a whippet he can’t run at defenders -at least with the ball at his feet — though occasionally past them..wilshere has another job — which I hope he resumes for us shortly as he is missed –…. rosicky was quality but is another player past his sell by date….that leaves ox who is way too erratic … Answer we needed to buy a griezman or a reus or a drexler or a dybala in last window as REAL supporters of this club wanted … Wenger’s response 17 yr olds with potential … So yes one up for the baying mob

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    2. Luko Bratzi

      My feelings too,if Rosciky were fit he is the type we need,but again can’t get 2 games out of him. Arteta Flamin the later best we have now and again are defensive. Ramsey is the best we have that’s why I would snap up Vardy he is fast strong the type we miss like Henry Wright. Giroud is like Hartson back in Grahame days, this Arsenal side is to up and down on games. Again over 70% of play and we just fart about left to right back try again,players like Scholes Lampard where are they that hit from outside box, so sadly missed and yes and Van Persie too. I believe this will be our worst year in an unbalanced squad of mediocre players, old and overrated,young and ordinary + the odd special like Sanches who really should be with another more focused club as Wenger who gets one good result and then can’t really pick the right players for the job especially subs and when to sub Would Mertisaker play for Spurs United Chelsea City not on your nelly so why is he in and not Chambers, I don’t understand Wengers mentality . CB

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  2. goonthinker

    no attitude no passion
    but this can be down to wenger.
    i heard he is against long range shooting.
    I remember the time when ramsey scored that wonder goal against galatasaray he said that he was against that idea
    he also speaks of patience so that means no urgency
    so maybe we need to start blaming wenger for such kind of performances because maybe he is the one who wants players to play like that

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  3. cheeterspotter

    UNLUCKY! In life you make your own luck, good or bad. Any gooner could see this coming. You’ve needed an extra class striker even with Walcott fit or not. How many goals have our current strikers missed in the last 2 games alone
    As for a PROPER DM, we’ve needed one since Viera left.Coquelen has been at the most, adequate, but you’ve papered over the cracks with Arteta,Flamini and the penalty taker.
    Arsene,I’m afraid your looking very weary and I think your time is up.
    Your luck has run out.
    Thank you and goodbye.

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  4. Durand

    Arsenal’ s lack of quality depth was on full display today. Sanchez has the work ethic of at least 2 mere mortals. Does Arteta even have a couple decent or average performances left in him?

    Maybe worst performance I have seen from Arteta, ever. I actually felt bad for him; all jokes aside, I really wonder if he’s done. Haven’t seen him bring anything to team that someone else isn’t better at doing for quite a while.

    Typical Arsenal, roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, injuries, almosts, and would haves, could haves, and should haves.

    4th place is Arsenal’s b#&ch son

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  5. arsenalian

    Good news/bad news. Le coq injured but on the plus side Arteta injured.
    Don’t know we are going to compete without le coq though.

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  6. juhislihis

    I cringe every time someone claims our injuries are due to ‘bad luck’. Especially when this ‘bad luck’ has followed us for 10 years now. Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky and OX are not injured because they are unlucky, they are injured because they are simply injury-prone a la Owen Hargreaves.

    I didn’t include Theo on that list now because his current injury is 100% Wenger’s fault and the world saw that.

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  7. Budd

    The only bad luck I have seen today was when Cazorla slipped. But that was it. The whole team should run and hide for one week. Wenger fscked up by bringing Arteta for the hard tackle Flamini (personally I would have brought Chamber on but hey, I am no manager). I know, I am talking after the game took place and we could have nicked one point though but I am too pi$$ed to give anyone a passing grade. Rubbish, useless. Good news is Citeh made fool of themselves too. Kudos to Leicester, they are the (surprise) rightful leaders. Title is still disputed. Anyone can have a go at it.

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    1. baldyloxxx

      What a season it could have been if wenger had if bought just 2 outfield players. With the way city, Chelsea and United are playing there is no better time to have taken the prem.
      But no, because of his stubourness or incompetence (or both) we will again go for the top 4 trophy and no doubt United will crack the league with I team that would have made fergie cry.

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  8. El Blaze

    Wenger is the most experienced manager in the EPL and yet acts like he just joined this season. Everyone who remotely knows football or follows it around the world knows that to win the EPL you need quality in depth. But some how, for reasons one can’t explain the man who should know better than everyone else goes into every season with a shallow team full of injury prone plays.

    I can recall how most of us pleaded, beckoned, clamoured and at some point screamed about the need to buy an adequate back up for Coquolin, bcos as people who have followed football for a while now we know that’s it only a matter of time before a player gets suspended or sustains an injury. But the man who is supposed to know best decides to ignore the entire world, irrespective of his bitter experiences in the past.

    I hate to say this but the truth is that Wenger is an arrogant, stubborn fool who is trying to win an argument with the rest of the world at the expense of Arsenals trophy winning potentials.

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  9. HA559

    1 shot on target 2 goals for West Brom. I think we are unlucky on that only. The rest is poor defending and forgetting the shooting boots.

    Today the grass got its revenge against Cazorla. All these previous games including last season where Cazorla misses clear chances (last one v Bayern) he keeps pointing to the grass/pitch as if it is the pitches fault, perhaps grass is to long.

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  10. baldyloxxx

    The worst thing about this season is I can see Spurs finishing above us. That will truly be the worst season in 20 yrs.

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  11. ArseOverTit

    Ozil falls over and gives WBA the chance to score.

    Campbell has the opportunity to score and shows his lack of quality.

    Santi slips and fails to secure us a point.

    Coq got injured like we knew he would and Arteta scores for WBA.

    We loose the opportunity to make the most of Man City’s spanking by a resurgent klopp team.

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