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Wenger welcomes Aubameyang to Arsenal?

Well today’s the day at last, and we will know for sure by about 6 o’clock this evening whether Arsenal have secured the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Dortmund or not. Because the German transfer deadline is finishing at 5pm we will know if his replacement has been secured by the Bundesliga side, and we can breathe a little more easily.

It would appear that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are extremely confident of all going to plan as they have inadvertently published a video on the official Arsenal website (and quickly deleted it) which shows Arsene Wenger welcoming PEA to the Emirates and describes how happy he is to secure the Gabonese hitman.

Wenger was quoted as saying: “Yes, it’s good news.

“We need people who can give us more offensive power. We aren’t efficient enough going forward.

“I’m convinced he will bring us that. He has a big challenge in front of him, he wants to win the Premier League.

“I believe he’s welcome. I believe that’s absolutely good news for us.”

When asked about how PEA will improve Arsenal, he said: “Overall his pace, his finishing, the quality of his runs, the quality of his reception to crosses.

“His huge physical capacity to repeat runs, which will be important in the Premier League because the physical level is high.”

So everyone expects it to be announced officially soon, but if it fails to go through whoever was responsible for publishing the video will surely be getting a very heavy dressing down from the Boss!


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15 thoughts on “Wenger welcomes Aubameyang to Arsenal?

  1. McLovin

    With Xhaka and Elneny anchoring this ship, we will surely sink.

    Elneny doesn’t have any strengths really, apart from sideways passing.

    And the one who scouted Xhaka needs to be sacked. Imagine we missed out on Kante because he was too expensive for Wenger, but opted for Xhaka who actually cost more. There is truly just one Arsene Whinger.

    BUT THE F’N CDM!!!!!

  2. gotanidea

    Dortmund and Aubameyang cannot cancel the deal, because Dortmund fans have disliked him for forcing the deal (like Ousmane Dembele’s behaviour when forcing his move to Barcelona), similar to how Arsenal fans treated most ex-Gunners. His height, strength and pace would be a great addition.

    I hope Lacazette can be more dangerous by playing behind him and his connection with the other German speaking players like Mkhitaryan could help Arsenal. Unfortunately he could be the last transfer in this window, but I feel Arsenal still need players like Adama Traore to break their opponent’s defense from the wings.

  3. John Wick

    I cry myself to sleep thinking Alex Iwobi is one day closer to being club captain ? turning on the Tele to see big yellow writing Arsene Wenger agrees new one year deal on top of the one that’s left! I was genuinely excited about the Aubameyang transfer until that charade last night now it just feels like we’re signing Alexandre Lacazette all over again! Please someone burn that number 9 shirt the curse of Francis Jeffers still remains ? how has my team fallen so spectacularly ? Comedy Centrals new Sitcom … Arsenal. coming to your TV screens soon ?

  4. John0711

    From the boss ??? he couldn’t run p*** down bank. Very is quickly tuning into the worst manager possible no idea how to organise, no idea how to play in form players and no idea who to buy
    get out of OUR club wenger

  5. Mfenguboysa

    Aubameyang will regret coming to Arsenal. Soon Wenger will play him at Right Back (RB) and that’s when he will know that he’s doomed! The only transfer dealing we as Arsenal need is for Wenger to leave, after he is gone, then the rebuilding of Arsenal can begin

    1. Konstantin Mitov

      I would write this comment in golden letters at the emirates. When will the fans finally force Wenger out I don’t know really…

  6. Anko

    It is good we are signing players but our main problem is Arsene Wenger, he needs to go! I watched us play yesterday and I just could not wonder if our manger has anything left!!!! His plan walked us straight into defeat. He made Swansea’s plan look very easy. We passed the ball side to side for a long period and left the defence open. Am sorry to call you out but HIGHBURY44, I hope you enjoyed the game. Because when I said Wenger wasn’t doing enough you pointed out that we just beat Chelsea and I am still unhappy!

  7. summerbreez

    After last night I would be surprised if Auba completes his signature
    A none existing midfield and then he pulls away elneny what on earth was wenger up to ?
    So slow side wise passing burning time with no plan and an empty midfield what kind of tactics is this? the arsenal woman team would have won it

  8. Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    Welcome Auba, it surprise me as no one seems to point it out that Lacca is not a good striker, he look like an ordinary player, tnk God new striker is in. Secondly, willshere is becoming so important in d middle, very creative n skillful. Elneny n Xhaka r jokes. Peter Zcez is now a leaking basket, lastly, wat happened to our defence some must be done

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