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Wenger’s Arsenal signings prove he has not lost it!

Arsene Wenger has been getting alot of stick recently, with an increasing amount of Arsenal fans becoming disillusioned with Le Prof and suggesting that his time is up. It is understandable, I suppose, when Arsenal lose to Norwich and throw away two goal leads in consecutive games. He has been criticised for his summer signings as well, but that is one thing I cannot agree on.

Whether it was Wenger, Silent Stan or the whole board who were responsible for the sale of Van Persie and Song in the summer, it was Wenger who sealed the deal on Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud. The little Spaniard settled in straight away and is being compared to Fabregas and Silva and now looks an absolute steal at around £16 million.

Giroud had a slow start but Wenger was sure and kept his confidence up. Now we no longer get comments saying Giroud cannot cut it in the Premier league. It has not really taken that long for him to get going, and he certainly needs to revise his target of 15 goals for the season, the Frenchman has already got seven.

Podolski started well but went off the pace a bit. He was fresh and sharp again on Saturday, and it is just a matter of getting acclimatised to the Premier league and the amount and intensity of games. He is world class and a great acquisition for Arsenal.

Arsenal have three players tied at the top of the league goals list, and it is the three newcomers, so Wenger will be delighted. Another player that Wenger was criticised for signing was Gervinho, but until he got injured he was the top scorer. The Ivorian took longer to adapt but he was proving to be the player we hoped. Of course there will be flops, but every team has them.

Just be glad that when Wenger’s signings do not make it, they have not cost the club £50 million like Torres. Hopefully Wenger can keep up the good work with some quality signings in January.

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64 thoughts on “Wenger’s Arsenal signings prove he has not lost it!

  1. Jego

    How about sacking the clubs medical team? Selling deadwood? Signing CDM and LB ?

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  2. arshavin

    Again the Wengerites are back afterk just one victory.Such a poor article,I mean a manager has to get more things right than just signings,Wenger has good eyes for talent,for that he can be our scout,but on his current managerial struggle it seems that he has lost it,and can’t manage or motivate the squad.

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  3. Mohamed

    Torres looked like a bad buy to begin with he was misfiring before he left Liverpool

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  4. COYG

    We need a proper CDM!!!!! Arteta is being wasted in that position!!!!!!!!! Wanyama is the answer!!! He can play CB as well.

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  5. Trishit

    We should be backing the team and the manager at the moment. Once a season starts its foolish for anybody to criticize their team. A Faltering team will be destroyed if their supporters start rebuking them and may rise up again if their supporters back them up! We play half the game when our team is on the ground! so COYG!!!

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  6. jk

    Good point about medical team it cant be coincidence that we seem to constantly have players out

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  7. mo

    thumbs up if u think am right and thumbs up if u think am wrong
    ok cazorla and whilshere is the best 2 players in arsenal

    i wanna know plz.

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  8. Gideon

    From my heart the question I would like to ask Mr Wenger is that is Ashavin one of the dead woods in Arsenal? After Gevinho’s injury he still refuse to give him more playing time.Totenham’s game,he brought in Santos instead of Ashavin who is far more creative than Santos. Please let this observation be conveyed to him. Besides,Theo Walcott’s wish should be granted;we all see what he did on Saturday.

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  9. craig2500

    Without RVP we are getting goals no one was saying that the players we had were all crap but with the goals we are getting we are not winning games and that boils down to tactics which IS Wengers fault.

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  10. craig2500

    i said that if Giroud looked good from the start and if he got around 15 goals in all comps it would be a good first season, he’s half way there already and next season will be better. Gervinhio is the on off disappointment and Vermaelen seems to be having a shocker as captain letting lots of free kicks which have turned to goals. Merts on the other hand has show his class this season.

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  11. leo

    come on everyone knows park was bought to sell shirts only in south korea rest of the asia i am damn sure would prefer podolski,cazorla,wilshere it was a stupid decission that backfired we need to sell the overpaid players the wage structure is stupid heard now ox wants 50-60 a week where will it end jenkison recently signed a 5 year contract for 25 a week sort out the medical staff & sign a striker, a cdm & a lb edinson cavani would be great

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  12. ks-gunner

    Fact is we are about to lose Sagna and Walcott the way…we lost Persie and Song and many others before them bec of the money…und u come up with a uselles article trying to justify the incompetence of some players aka….Gervinhio Santos, Squelaqi ,Chamakh ,Park who simple are not good enough for Arsenal standards……

    Giroud was a good buy but he cant be compared to Robins class…if u are forced to sell class then use the all the resurses from the sale to buy the same equeivalent in class…and not going out for the cheap option aka Wenger trying to make the useless look good with force…..with the outcome of Arsenal suffering every year from his stubborn actions….

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  13. ks-gunner

    Leo man Edinson Cavani is the real deal…but as Arsenal supportets we can only dream about seing him in white and red….they asking for £40 but i bet they would let him go for £30….which is still way over our standards…:/

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  14. Rory

    3 signings have been great for Arsenal, now get park,bendtner,ramsey,squallaci,chamakh and gervinho out. Even though I like Chamakh there is no way he will get in this team with the strikers we have! I would love Arshavin to stay for atleast another year!

    January: there will probably only be one good player joining maybe two, and even with Giroud and Walcott on fire i would still like another striker, and then a left back

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  15. leo

    @ks gunner dude it’s his agent who is making all this noise he said arsenal & lfc have opened talks with him in an interview another fact is that chelski will get probably falcao,lewandowski to manure,jovetic huntelaar,de rossi to city balotelli to psg that leaves us & probably juve & lfc ,juve are after villa & llorente all acc to media who knows i don’t think we will get him but his agent can’t be lying even arsenal scout steve rowley was present still won’t believe till it happens

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  16. 9jagun

    I will be happier if my team wins something not just qualifying for champions league or beating totenram cos i have gotten use to that. So wenger needs to big up and knw his main rival was/is Alex Ferg and not AVB. so the writer should big up too and put arsenal were it really belongs. is it not better to win the premierleague and still qualify? I swear if we had RVP and Song still on we would be at the top by now with what we showed last season.

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  17. leo

    acc to italian journalist napoli wants djorou they even made a 6-8m bid in summer lol they are also interested in bendtner as well so maybe 20m + djorou/bendtner that’s what the journalist claime just a week ago but i will only belive when it happens till then just bieng hopefull for once i hope wenger surprises us fans

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  18. JustJoy

    Poldi (bundesliga)
    Cazola(la liga)
    Giroud (french championat)
    diff leagues surely need tym to settle.. Our Problem is KONKEGAZIDIS BOARD..

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  19. tissiam

    do any of you know actually know anything about football,cant believe the comments you,re coming up with,van persie had one great season out of 7 with us,so how can u compare with giroud whom only a couple of weeks ago you were calling a apart from his assists was losing too much possession, leaving our defense exposed,and before he got injured gervinio was scoring goals,some of of you just repeat/write what you read before,coming up with the same old points,i agree people have the right to be unhappy &disagree but do it in a fair&intelligent ways,shame on you

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  20. mohawk35

    Wenger may be a great scout, but he still insists on playing Ramsey and watching him chaotically disrupt the Arsenal attack week afer week. You don’t “have it” when you can’t recognize what virtually everyone else in the world can – that Ramsey has not turned into the elite talent that Wenger still fantasizes about.

    Most midfielders throughout the EPL are better and would do much less damage to the Arsenal attack. Arsenal also have reserves better the Ramsey.(Eisfeld for example).

    Hey Wenger – the Ramsey experiment has failed – get over it – let it go – we beg you.

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  21. A dissapointed gunner

    Look at it this way, th combined price of all the flops in our team is about 20m, Torres cost 50m,
    We still need to do this march to show we are not weak and will be happy with one victory, we need to buy wayama , holtby+huntelaar on pre contract agreements for the summer and a lb, not a massive mega money signing, a player to cover for Gibbs and give him competition, same with the goalkeeper department, a swap for fabianski?

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  22. Goonertron

    It’s really depressing seeing a player have a great season only to know he will be sold in the transfer window, selling Walcott will be a big mistake he is probably the best crosser in the EPL at the moment, I can’t believe how much he has improved this season.

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  23. Goonertron

    I really want us to give it all in the FA and League Cup this year, starting to forget how it is to win something.

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  24. AremaniaGooners

    I feel arshavin will sold by Wenger in January due to his high sallary on the club .. So it make sense if Wenger just put him on the bench but always play ramsey.
    just my opinion

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  25. ks-gunner

    bro dont get ur self all hyped up…from what i can tell is that Arsene would not even sighn Messi for £35m if he had the chance to…let alone for Cavani…its all sweet tallk man to cover Arsenal current bad run….its simple not how things work out at Arsenal…bec we have become a cheap selling club without any ambition……champiouns leuage qualefication is our main targed …the meaning of this is that no Cavanis in the world will sighn for the likes of us eva..:D lol

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  26. snakeoil

    When RVP was 25 years old he had a mostly healthy season and he scored 20 goals in all competitions (2008/2009). Giroud is on pace to easily match RVP’s goal total from that season.

    I am certainly not predicting that Giroud will become RVP – those things are almost impossible to predict. I am just offering up a little reality about RVP’s abilities when he was only 25 – he was not the iconic superstar he has become today. Giroud is performing quite well.

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  27. Richard

    When you see your team being asset stripped year after year and The “G” man coming out with trite (crap) words (bullshit) that one has always to read between the lines to see what he is actuallly saying (“In two years we will be able to compete with any team financially”)

    If you know what he means I’d very much like to know. Its like he has the same script writers that Sir Humphrey had in Yes Minister.

    This is just to prove that not only the “G” man or his sidekick the “lone Ranger” can talk absolute drivel and make it difficult for anyone to understand what he means not what he says.

    OK got it, well I havn’t

    MERRY XMAS even if you don’t believe in it, or Xmas!!!!!!!

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  28. abel

    Eisfeld has scored 2 superb goals tonight.what does he have to do to be promoted and also get ahead of ramsey in the pecking order?

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  29. palmer17

    We will just act like we are trying to sign cavani to act like we have ambition

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  30. Coyg

    There’s this Brazilian called Fernandinhio. Buy him now whilst he is cheap. That would be a better signing than santi carzola. And you have to be exceptional to beat santi!!! Just check him out on YouTube.

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  31. bob

    These love AW articles, in Wenger We Trust banners at games, comments backing AW at other sites like Just Arsenal lNews….some of it is AW’s PR team…. these people are paid big money to put out fires, keep fans in check, all round their job is to make AW look good and keep fans from have a reason to protest.

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  32. realist

    @ abel

    eisfeld is a different player to ramsey and you have to ask yourself why ramsey at only 2 years his senior is approaching 200 top flight appearances whereas eisfeld has the one sub appearance to his name? eisfeld is an atacking midfielder whereas ramsey is often played as an attacking midfielder whereas he is more comfortable deeper lying. people need to get off ramseys back he is not even 22 yet but has captained his country has 5 international goals and 25 international caps. He is not a.first choice starter and if everyone was fit which at least ramsey is he probably wouldnt even be on the bench as i would expect that diaby and rosicky would be the 2 midfielders on the bench. but he is certainly worthy of a place in the 25. As for eisfeld he is also quality and i would like to see him given his chance.but at the expense of rosicky who is always injured not ramsey who i think gives more to the club than say diaby who is also always injured.

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  33. realist

    Look here most teams have a quality starting x1 and a bench then approximately another 11 players capable of coming in and doing a job. i dont see we are so different. please try it list united citys chelseas and spuds best 18 then write down their next x1 i think ours stack up against theirs in all departments and that is without including players out on loan.

    here is ours (in my opinion)
    sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
    wilshire arteta
    walcott cazorla podolski giroud

    mannone jenkinson koscielny diaby rosicky chamberlain gervinho

    next x1
    Yennaris djourou miquel santos
    coquelin frimpong
    eisfeld ramsey arshavin

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  34. James

    It is extremely annoying how from one win, heads are instantly turned the other way. Some of you people here are just stupid.

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  35. nik

    Ramsey is our Darren Fletcher….in time he will come good just like Fletch.

    Ps Author forgot to mention Arsen’s latest signing…100m deposit in the bank all signed up and rolled over for another year in high interest account!

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  36. Bouba

    Don’t CARE about Zaha!!!


    Getting Zaha will clearly mean that Walcott is going…
    Another parody of Arsene Wenger and his disgraceful crony, Ivan ” I have no clue about real football ” Gazidis.



    SAGNA WANTS £100,000/week… Give it to him. He is the best right back in the league 3 seasons running… He might be the only player we have who would walk in any team in the world right now.

    WALCOTT WANTS £100,000/week… Give it to him. He will get better and it is an investisment.

    CHAMBERLAIN WANTS £60,000/week… Why not and give it to him… You are giving Squillaci £50,000/week and that disgrace Djourou £ 55,000/ week… It just does not make sense!!!!!

    WHY ARE WE PAYING SO MUCH ( seats and the rest ) FOR SO LITTLE….????

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  37. Salman

    eisfeld scores 2 goals in an under 21s match against norwich!!! ohhh wheen will wenger bring him to the first team..

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  38. Invincibles nice (1)

    Totally agree as your always bound to get the odd flop especially in the reserves, and even if this seasons buys hadnt of or dont work out you can not erase the fact that in almost all previous situations/seasons Wenger has replaced the outgoing players more than adequately with his firefighting skills consisting of Anelka/Henry Overmars/Pires Platt/Veiera Cole/Clichy/Gibbs Adams/Cambell Veiera who had no equal/Gilberto invincibles work horse Hleb/Fabregas Arteta/last season Fab this season Song, better late than never Cazorla/Nasri and more, le prof does all this on budget with our owners knowing our le prof can do a certain type of job that not many could better, but i do realise now more than ever with the manc chels alike basically cherrypicking everywhere and our salary cap not budging combined with the fact that no one could get recruitment right every season that we have to give the boss the benifit of doubt as he has done wonders over the years, so when we can compete financially with the big clubs there is no one id rather see spend that money than the man in charge right now

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  39. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Salman

    would love to see Eifeld in the first team playing…

    but with Arsenal fans keep shouting for more signings…

    there will be zero chance for him…

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  40. mo

    @ tissiam, it is u my friend who is deluded and hasn’t a clue abt football, yes van persie had one injury free season out of 7 but he was class before last season and he is class now World class at that. he single handedly I repeat single handedly got Arsenal into the champs league with his goals where would arsenal have ended up last season??? Giroud is good but no where near in v.p’s class. His strength is mainly in the air and his physical side, he is too slow for the premier league but I do hope he does well becuase he has a good work rate. Song is probly the best D.M Arsenal have had these past 3 seasons and Only the best team around Barcelona have bought but im sure you know better then them. Arsenal have always lacked depth that’s thier main problem don’t blame players for leaving they have every right that want to win Trophies something Arsenal football club don’t seem to care about anymore.

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  41. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Mo

    Giroud is a late bloomer….comparison has to be made fairly….

    Giroud at this moment is not in RVP class yet…but in future maybe…

    Say if Giroud was to score 30 goals Premireship goals and contribute 12 assist…will he be considered a world class player then??

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  42. mo

    @ hafiz rahman, no he would not he would have to perform consistently for a few seasons, now u may say v.p only had one good season you would be wrong, V.P has always been class just very unfortunate with injuries. But anyone who knows about football will tell you wat he did last season Alone puts him in the world class bracket. He is a complete player that is wat put’s him in a class of his own and led to probly the best Manager out there Fergie to buy him

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  43. Andrew

    The table tells the story.

    How is Arsenal better without Van Persie and Fabregas?

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  44. S.H


    I thought you were going to be what your name suggests. Instead you’re deluded that Ramsey deserves a spot in the 25! Here we are 7 years without a trophy and yet fans like yourself want trophies but aren’t willing to see we need to improve on our squad depth. Sacrifices have to be made. How many more bad Ramsey performances do you want the team to suffer from? I’ve had enough of him. The boy can’t hold the ball or pass forward. He always slows the play and loses the ball in very dangerous areas. Do you even watch the same games??

    You’re comparing Ramsey’s caps for WALES compared to Eisfeld’s GERMANY. Ummm sorry to bring this to your attention, but Wales have the same chances of winning the euros as a country not even in the continent! There’s a big step in class when you compare the 2 countries. That means Germany is much more competitive, and besides Ramsey has been fortunate to play for Arsenal at a young age so obviously that would help him get into the Wales team. He is older too! Eisfeld will eventually represent Germany as Wenger will spring him in the right direction as a footballer. It’s just a matter of time. Eisfeld or Ramsey? Zee German anyday!

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  45. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Mo

    True Giroud has to perform consistently…

    But RVP spend most of his time on the sidelines with injuries…

    and he cant prove himself to be class till last season…..

    this season he managed to do it again….which is good

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  46. S.H

    @Hafiz-Rahman and Mo

    RVP had 8 years with Wenger from 21. Giroud only 3 months and 26. That is the difference, but the potential is there. We can’t ignore it. Technically he will get even better as he is now playing around top premier league players. It’s like sending your kids to a selective school compared to a public one. When they are surrounded by smarter pupils, they follow suit and their learning curve shortens. It is the importance of INFLUENCE that is the subject at hand in Giroud’s case. We have seen how Koz and Jenkinson have improved dramatically over just one season with Wenger. The same thing will happen with Giroud. In fact, I think he has done better in a short period than the 2 aforementioned. Koz and Jenkinson didn’t really hit their strides until their 2nd year in the league.

    Giroud IMO is the perfect model of what Arsenal should stand for. He is a fighter, an underdog, but above all, a believer. I just wish more fans would embrace him and return that same belief. All my Arsenal mates have bought either a S.Cazorla, Podolski or Arteta shirt. Initially I didn’t want to buy this year’s jersey due to awful design, but Giroud has inspired me to buy his.

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  47. James

    Most people on here are so bipolar. They are saying to protest and boycott and then arsenal defeats a ten man team and everyone acts like the embarrassing defeats never took place

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  48. sperez

    LOL! That’s the whole fuc*ing point. Wenger doesn’t spend much on a player because he knows he would be accountable if his expensive signing proves to be a flop. Better gamble on youth with ‘potential’or shite from League One that may improve or not. Don’t take any risks. There’s not an ounce of daring here. Wenger safe zone. Many Wenger’s signings backfired but this slips under the radar because they didn’t cost much money. However, one cannot turn a blind eye to Wenger’s wage policy: pay similar wages to good and dross players. This is a mess that has denied any progress at Arsenal. So, Wenger is afraid to spend big ‘cos he would be on the spotlight as Mourinho once said. However he has no qualms to spend valuable resources paying exorbitant wages to appease the shite. This is really an embarrassment.
    Why don’t you talk about Bendtner, Denilson,Diaby,Djourou, Squillaci,Chamakh,Almunia,Fabianskiand other shite players that represent nothing but money down the toilet? OH, but Wenger is such a financial genius! What a joke !

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  49. giroud fan

    dont under estimates giroud plz…u can see his work rate when we play against fulham, spurs and MU….with 7 goals in hand i think he will contribute more expecting him to score 25 goals for us this season…believe me…i cant wait to wake up at 3.45am malaysian time to watch our warriors even though many bad comments given to them this seasons….

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  50. S.H


    You said, “That’s the whole fuc*ing point. Wenger doesn’t spend much on a player because he knows he would be accountable if his expensive signing proves to be a flop”.

    So Cazorla who cost us 17M, thus breaking our transfer record isn’t an expensive signing? So Wenger fears that he would be accountable, then spends 17M? I think you’re talking cod shit mate. First of all before you question someone’s spending, look at your own. Would you buy a brand new boat when you’ve got over 200K left on the house mortgage? It’s called prudent and rational financial management. Something you might need to learn in order to understand Arsenal on a much grander scale.

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  51. Big Gun

    One victory against a ten man Spurs isn’t going to patch things up so quickly. It’s a good start though. The fact that United and Chelsea have also lost to weaker teams just shows you how unpredictable the game is. This is the thing – Wenger a lot of the times has poor squad selection and plays certain players even the fans and commentators know he shouldn’t. Needless to say those players cause a problem, and sometimes Wenger does nothing about it the whole game. I have been saying for years, like many of us that Ramsey just doesn’t have what it takes. It’s taken all these years for a lot of the other fans to see this too, but Wenger still keeps playing him. If Arsenal want to win games, they need to cut out this constant side and back passing, and Ramsey is notorious for this. We need players that can drive forward and create chances. This is why Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott and Ox are such good players.

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  52. Mr Michael

    Really!?!? This article was written just after winning “one” game!!! That we were on course to being soundly beaten in! We’re destined for nothing!

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    You named 3 new player above, 1 is very good – 1 is average – and the other still need to prove himself, so don,t comment o how good these players are that Wenger has bought, We have had a good result against spurs but don,t get above yourself. These season we have played some of the worst football i have ever seen arsenal play !!!! NOW THAT IS A FACT !!!

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  54. Ambrose

    Dear Readers,

    1. Whether the Giroud and company have succeded or not, there is justification whatsoever for selling our best players every summer basically for financial gains.

    2. The above players are senior players and not the Kids Wenger was madly in love with who have terribly failed to transsform Arsenal into a Cup winning team- 7 trophless seasons.

    3.Buying such players was basically out of pressure from the fans. Otherwise he was going to buy his traditional KIDs.

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  55. anonymous

    carlos velo scored 2 goals for sociedad on sunday..and we’re still keep players like ramsey and squid

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