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Wenger’s delayed decision is causing unrest at Arsenal

There continues to be plenty of talk on the Arsene Wenger situation at Arsenal, with a clear divide between those thinking he will leave and those thinking he will stay at the club for another season. Whatever the decision is, it seems that we won’t find out the truth until the end of the season, with Arsene Wenger remaining coy on the situation every time he is asked by the media.

It is a pressing subject that is beginning to grow rather tiresome for many. The fans just want to know whether there will be change at the club for the first time since 1996 and if so, what options there are to look for in the future. Barcelona boss, Luis Enrique recently stated he’d be leaving the club at the end of the season and it has allowed for speculation to move from being about his future, to instead looking for who can take the Spanish club forward next season. I understand that it’s a similar feeling at Arsenal, because at the moment it’s all that seems to be the topic of interest in the media.

One Arsenal legend is calling for the board to just make a decision, instead of leaving the fans, the media and the players, in the dark. David Seaman said: “He was my coach for six, seven years and we had some great, great times there so I’ll leave it to Arsene, he does that superbly! But at the moment it’s the same old, same old and I just want the club to come out and say what’s happening. Is Arsene going to stay or is he going to leave, but just come out and say it because all of the unrest that is happening is just building and building while nobody knows what’s going on.”

Now I’m not to sure if the players, the board or even Wenger himself knows where the manager’s future lies and I genuinely do believe that his decision will be made at the end of the season. However you can’t kid the fans into believing that he hasn’t thought about his future. Wenger may not have made up his mind yet, but there’s a few reasons as to why he may not want to talk about the subject, until the season is done and dusted.

An official announcement could take media attention away from Arsenal as a whole and make it the Arsene Wenger show instead, much like it was when he was celebrating 20 years at the club. It takes away the notion that this is Arsenal FC, not Arsene Wenger FC and with the club in a sticky situation both domestically and in the Champions League, the last thing we need is unwanted mass media attention.

Secondly and probably the more pressing issue is the potential to cause unrest amongst the players. Knowing mid-season that there could be a change of manager could have a bad effect on the squad, causing unrest between the players that perhaps would prefer him to stay, over those that want change. Some fans may think that they are the only ones that are divided on the issue, but I’m sure there are a few players in the squad who have their opinions yet obviously remain unspoken on the subject. Causing unrest in the squad is not a smart move, especially given that we aren’t in the strongest of positions right now.

Of course an official announcement may put the minds of some fans and players at rest, particularly for the likes of Alexis and Ozil, whose contract situations seem to determine largely on Wenger’s future. However I believe that the two reasons above outweigh this and so I can completely understand why the management at Arsenal are remaining silent on what the future holds.


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14 thoughts on “Wenger’s delayed decision is causing unrest at Arsenal

  1. khangunners

    This is ludicrous. Even Leicester sacked a manager who gave them pl after a century. We are here wasting time and killing our fans passion with wenger. Wenger has done a very big sin and that is killing the passion the fans had towards the club. Cmone its arsenal football club but everywhere you go us fans just talk about how bad wenger has been and how we seriously need a change. We are watching our own team with the hope they loss, to me wenger should even be sacked now. Any fan supporting Wenger after yesterdays lineup am sure opened his eyes and am sorry tosay this but if you still support wenger after the stunt he pulled off yesterday then you aint a gunner for sure.

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  2. khangunners

    So many fans used the excuse that even players should take up responsibility of there performance. Am very happy that wenger proved them wrong yesterday and showed them its not the the players. Even if a player took responsibility yesterday no way could we win wenger handicapped us even before we got onto the pitch. He talked about playing direct seriously? Sanchez could hve played in the no 10 role or even on the flank and we could hve been more direct than anything. That lineup was to show us fans he doesn’t give shit about what we say about him. Its like he is telling us ill be here next season lads enjoy

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  3. khangunners

    Admin why hve you moderated me?? Hve i used any abusive word? Cmone man this aint cool

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    1. Admin Post author

      Your comment was moderated automatically because it contained a swear word….

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      1. khangunners

        Hehe cool. Maybe the anger was too much didnt see the swear word

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  4. goonerboy

    Look, imo I think Wenger wants to win the FA cup and finish in the top 4 BEFORE he signs a new contract…

    In the next few weeks,he will begin to wax lyrical about a big the FA cup is and how it is a good trophy to win…

    Remember,he said he would have left if we hadn’t won that first FA cup..unfortunately, I find myself wishing we miss the FA cup and a Top 4 finish just the this man to leave..

    But then, making the Top 4 is important for a club like Arsenal, even if Wenger is gone because we can NEVER pay the wages that will turn a player’s head to sign for us without the CL ala ManU with Pogba and Ibra…

    The mentioned players left the former clubs that were in CL to sign for Utd..because they can attract them with wages, in our club,we don’t bid enough,we don’t pay good wages, we can’t even pay our best player what he deserves…

    If Wenger leaves without making the Top 4 and Sanchez left too,its maybe a bit difficult for the new manager to sign the players we need/want…

    Having said that, I think the best is we make the Top 4,miss the Fa cup and then Wenger honourably leaves…

    But if Wenger can be reasonable enough,even if he wins the CL he should go regardless,we need a change and it is long overdue…

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  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

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  6. Jansen

    If we were humming along nicely and on our merry way to another comfortable top 4 finish and all was stable at the club then perhaps the club did not need to address Wenger’s future.

    As it stands we are in a downward spiral. Our best player has a broken relationship with the manager, our second best player is “ill” all the time and the rest of the squad refuses to put in a 90 shift even in a game as big as Liverpool on the road.

    If Wenger plans to leave it needs to be announced ASAP. It will at least lift the anger of fans which will improve the atmosphere around the club and at the games.

    If Wenger and the owner want him to stay than man up and tell the fans he is staying, don’t expect to be able to sneak this fact past us in a few weeks or months time after a rare win against a top 6 opponent or so. Perhpas announcing he will stay might cause his players to decide to start playing for him again because at the moment only Ox and Welbeck are really giving it a go and Sanchez of course because he doesn’t know anything but to give 110%.

    The lack of clarity is killing this club.

    Wenger will have destroyed his legacy if he leaves us with no CL football and without our best two players and will be all of his making.

    Would he secretly like the next manager to have to start without world class players and without CL football? Just so it might make him look better historically?

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    1. Trudeau

      And here I thought I had read my last Greek tragedy when I left high school three or so decades ago….

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  7. reddb10

    sitting around waiting for Wenger to decide is an insult to every true gooner. If we had an owner or chief exec who actually gave a s##t about the club, wenger would have been sent packing years ago.

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