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Wenger’s lies should be unacceptable to Arsenal fans

We were served a big fat lie… Again! by Konstantin Mitov

Well folks, what is there to talk about really? First I wanna know why did we play 2 players which we’re definitely selling vs Liverpool and left our 2 new signings on the bench? Arsene Wenger for you. Honestly I don’t know how he will step out at the Emirates in 10 days feeling okay with way he lied to every single one of us again.

Actually Arsene doesn’t really care about the club, all he loves is himself, so instead I’d ask how would you, the people at the Emirates greet him? Sterling + cash for Sanchez? You’re having a laugh. I bet Arsene will eventually accept cash only because Kroenke suddenly heard how much money he can make, but I doubt that Stan even knows the result from Sunday.

Mustafi edges closer to an Inter loan, and while I do agree players who don’t want to stay should leave, I’d put them on the market on the first day of the transfer window, so that we can buy replacements. Instead we won’t buy anyone and just make a large profit. Despite his bad attitude, Sanchez is still by far the best in the squad and we’re selling him to Man City.

The only way I’d accept a deal is if Aguero comes the other way, but we’ll just take the cash, because we left it to the last day for this to happen. If an Anti-Wenger march doesn’t spawn from this I think we are doomed. Seriously, the amount of levels on which this unacceptable is so damn high you cannot imagine.

Oh wait! This is Arsenal… Any sort of shambles is fine here. I’m lost for words. Anything but fans taking a direct sweep at Arsene and the board from now on is a joke on us.


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33 thoughts on “Wenger’s lies should be unacceptable to Arsenal fans

  1. HA559

    I can’t wait to see what happens OFF the pitch when Arsenal play Bournemouth if Sanchez goes to city for £70m and we don’t even get anyone. Kroenke will gladly pocket all of that maybe give Wenger a 1 million or 2 as bonus for a great return on investment.

    1. Haxan-$word

      Wenger must be thinking. …..
      why get anyone as Sanchez replacement when Joel Campbell is back in training .

  2. kev

    JUST IN:News coming in is that Man City are set to make a bid of £65m+ for Alexis Sanchez.Take note as I brought to you some hours ago that any bid of £65m+ is going to be accepted.

    1. kev

      Ox has now agreed personal terms with LFC at £125,000 a week.He agreed with Chelsea at £190,000 a week though but preferred Loverpool.Arsenal have also accepted Liverpool’s bid but the payment plans are yet to be accepted ie. the money upfront,add ons etc.

  3. Milton John

    Until and unless kroenke, Wenger, Ivan are left this club the fans should boycott all the games irrespective of home or away matches. That’s the only solution. Nothing else will do no good for club and fans.

    1. Nebsy

      Too bad that only a tiny fraction of fans would do that. Especially when the majority of the public at the Emirates are tourists and occasional locals. Or am I wrong on that one?

      1. jon fox

        I disagree that the majority are tourists, clearly they are not. True we do have several thousand tourists but even they will cease coming in such numbers when they find the ground half empty and the atmosphere poisonous. Social media is world wide and this is a main reason we need to use world wide sites to inform those who live abroard what to expect if they DO turn up. It can not work overnight but we can make a huge start by boycotting the Bouremouth game in massive mumbers. I reckon only around ten to fifteen thousnd on average are actually tourists and even a lhalf empty ground, consistently, will be a massive blow against the Parasite Kroenke. Stay away to hurt our club in the short term but to save it in the medium and long term. BTW , though I do not in any way advocate violence, it is clear from the timing that last nights ramraid on the Armoury was part of the hate campaign. I say no more on this but ask yourself if you REALLY think it is just coincidence that it happened just a day or so after the Liverpool surrender! Random criminals? Personally, I think not.

        1. Jeremy

          It’s the season tickets holders that could be the first to plunge the knife into Kroenke’s pocket.

          Tourists are at best touch-and-go.

          The ball are in season tickets holders’ court.

          They had suffered way too much. Hard earned money for Losers’ Act.

  4. Paul P

    I just don’t get any of what’s going on at the Arsenal. None of it makes any sense. Players falling over themselves to leave, seemingly no one wants to come in, those that remain have no idea what position they’ll be playing in from one week to the next. Morale at the club is sinking faster than the Titanic. To all intense and purposes those in charge are committing professional suicide. Why are the doing it? More importantly, why are Wenger and co still there?

  5. Ugochukwu

    Wenger is a big fool and a selfish idiot who cares for him and kroenke and Ivan… They are using arsenal for themselves alone… Man.u,, Chelsea have always been winning d trophy for the past 16years and these 3 fools are not borederd to win too… You can’t keep and still leave someone that has not gotten anything for the club for good 16years and still offer him a 2 years deal… Ibrahimobiç can’t afford that… Arsene Wenger is an old fool… Ivan is Vulture… Kroenke is a Ram

  6. Jeremy

    Evil Trinity of AW, Kroenke and Ivan must be removed.

    All three are equally culpable for misery suffered by fans for years.

    Ought to be shot and shot again if survived the first shot from firing squad.

  7. Cappiee

    What is the way forward????? All i keep hearing is Arsenal to selllllllll, Re we even buying any replacement?

  8. John0711

    Something going on, it doesn’t make sense to let all these players go, the club knows there is a bubbling anger with the fans at the moment , especially after all the lies “again”.
    However I really don’t understand what’s happening at the mo, even the staunchest wenger fan will know we are going struggle top 7 this year let alone top 4
    That would mean reduced money coming in

  9. Sean Williams

    As of today the Spuds have made 3 signings to our 2. Amazing how confident all our supporters were believing that another couple of signings were coming our way as well. Now it shows that Spurs are much more aware of what they are doing than us. To me Wenger is either sick or deliberately sabotaging the Club. He is past his use by date and needs to be binned. 9 million quid a year to drag the club into the mire along with himself and the supporters.

  10. l

    You guys expect coaches to tell the press everything about their club’s intention about transfer.
    If you still don’t believe or realize that Arsenal owners are more crazy about additions to their pockets more than football glory, you are far from reality.

  11. GoonerKev84

    One day left of the transfer window and as usual we look to be doing nothing, not really surprised though the powers at Arsenal need to get their massive salaries! Its beyond me why fans even turn up at games they’re being mugged off time and again! I can’t wait to hear big talking Ivan gazidis bullsh*t of excuses this time! Arsene is accountable to the fans? Arsene is accountable to himself and that’s that! Transfer deadline day tomorrow I wonder where arsene will be? Probably climbing up Mount ego.

  12. ArseOverTit

    Unless the ‘non football tourist’ arsenal fans stop visiting the armoury, and stop buying match tickets as well as protesting on top of that, NOTHING will change. That’s why Wenger got a new contract because the pressure wasn’t sufficient..

    Unfortunately there are far too many people I know who have season tickets and don’t want to attend anymore for one reason or another but they still rent out their tickets; resulting in the seat being filled.

    People must be vocal, and not afraid to upset the regime, the current manager and players otherwise nothing will change. It’s been like that for seasons culminating in the protests last season which in themselves were dissapointing because of the complacency, fear or misplaced loyalty a lot of AFC fans feel.

    Wanna contribute to Chris Butlers Wenger/Kroenke just giving page then share this link as well as donating so more projections, banners, planes and such can be procured:


    And keep informed by registering/logging in here;


    If you can’t be there in person (or even if you can), YOU CAN DO SOMETHING to save our club!

  13. jon fox

    I wonder just what it is that binds us so tightly to the club we love, when in fact most of us detest the owner, board and manager and have for many years ? Serious question because though I know I love the club still , with all my heart, I want it to do badly, in the short term, to force Kroenke to sell up. When 2-0 down at Liverpool at halftime, I found myself wanting a huge beating eg 8-0, 9-0 or more. I was actually disappointed that it stopped at four, because although the peformance(if you can call it a perfromance at all) was diabolical the score , though embarrassing to a degree, stopped short of being like the 8- 2 at Old Trafford and to be honest we need a lot more of those huge embarrassing defeats to enforce change. We have actually to damage the value of the club to force Kroenke out. I would point out the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Our dilemma is this: While trying to feign indifference by boycotting games, merchandise etc. we also need to admit our love AND hate by actively using social media. For those who will still attend , no matter what (despite many of them vowing to never go again, like some well known names on Arsenal fan TV , but who we know will still attend ) using huge banners and singing constant Wenger, Kroenke Board out songs/chants. I have nothing but admiration for those who do go home and away week after week, year after year, but I know, most on here know, and they who attend also know that they would be serving our club better by stopping going. Financial blows against Kroenke are the most damaging weapon we have and for those who we all know will still attend anyway, the songs/ chants/ banners are the next best weapon we have. However you choose to do it dear fellow Gooners, pick up those cudgels and fight, fight and fight again to beat the cancer consuming our club, before our eyes.

  14. Howard

    Is this thread populated by the types of people that voted for Donald Trump? It sure looks that way, to me.

  15. Ivan

    One positive that I see from reading posts on this forum is we all care about The Arsenal. I think we do see differences in what we see as the root cause of the problem.
    For me I see it as:
    Evil Stan – runs a string of sporting clubs that do not win. Bizarrely the American fans do not have the same tradition of having ambition for their club. Anybody who has visited American Football will know they are happy just to be out having a beer and a hotdog and cheering their team no matter what they do. I believe it is for this reason Evil Stan does not see a problem at Arsenal especially as he is only in it to increase his fortune. That in itself is a good enough reason for us to want him out. Another really good one is his utterly despicable TV channel showing animal kills.
    Gadzidis – Has his background in America and so see above regarding his mentality. His loyalty is only to what he personally can get out of Arsenal monetarily not love for the club. He sees the club making money for Evil Stan so for him that is his primary function and why he keeps saying the club is in a good place when all the fans and TV pundits say the opposite.
    Wenger – 20 years ago was an innovative coach. His training methods, dietary requirements for players and contact in France helped Arsenal as a club add to the already very solid foundations that he inherited. However all things change and the football world has caught up and overtaken his training methods and he was always weak tactically and this has only got worse when he is pitted against the current coaches. He was once good at man management but probably because of the age gap it is clear the players no longer play for him. I think he is a decent guy who because of the stresses of the job has lost the plot completely and can no longer be effective. I once worked for a manager like that and it was all sad to see.
    So in conclusion I think we can only progress as a club if all three went. Depressingly I don’t see it happening. Instead at best we will see the usual last minute panic buys that Wenger does not want so does not play much. At worst just players out and the worst season since the mid 70’s when we almost got relegated.

  16. Tim

    There is no excuse for Wenger not making sufficient buys to strengthen the team . It will be touch and go to get top 10.

  17. Henry

    For me Wenger has got one day to sort this club out.. the only way to please the fans at the moment is signings..

    Here’s my theory

    We’ve signed
    Kolasinac free
    Lacazette between 46-52mil

    Outlay 50odd mil

    Szezseny 13.5mil
    Gabriel 10mil
    Gibbs 7mil
    Ox 35-40mil
    Sanchez 70mil

    Gained 140odd mil

    We all know we have a big cash reserve stashed away somewhere for Wenger and kroneke retirement fund lol!! Over 100mil they say.. plus the 90mil we have gained

    The only players that would please me as it stands

    VVD 60mil mayb bit less money if we chuck in Walcott
    Manolas 35mil
    Nzonzi 40mil
    Goerzka 25mil

    Our Sanchez replacement hopefully be either REUS or DRAXLER around 50mil for either of these 2..

    But who am I kidding? Same old lies.. it would nt surprise me if we didn’t sign anyone.. we are soo indesicive and oldfashioned in the transfer market?

    I worry for our club boys.. they gotta leave right? Nope trust me when I say.. he won’t leave and the board haven’t got the bottle to sack him!! We will be stuck like this for 2 years.. 2 years with a coach who has lost the dressing room and is outdated!! Board pay him 10 mil a year so he takes the flack from fans and media whilst they hide away in America doing fuck all..

    Let’s hope he picks our 1 st 11 for EPL games and rotation with Europa and cup games for everyone else..

    And stop playing players out of position might help Wenger u stupid old fool!!

  18. Perry Ames

    I still feel supprised that some fans are supprised by what is going on at our club, you see I have supported arsenal since the early 60s and I have known some great times and some really bad times but the major difference is I see is two fold
    1: manager and board continue to be less than truthful when it concerns our club
    2: we as fans love our club players mostly do not hence players like the ox, Sanchez and many others in the past quite happy to go to a rival for a few pounds more even though they were part of the problem in the first place .
    Sell anyone who does not want to play for our great club and get players in who do, I used to respect the players who wore our shirt but after Sunday where the hell is there pride . I just needed to get this of my chest

  19. Chris


    Bell……………..must….. Kos………..beast..




    Best we can hope for. Would be a miracle I know (sale of ox may scare the club into signing marhez, PLEASE). CM the real issue as well as the bench with outgoings.

    1. Janssen

      Chris are your having a laugh? Did you see the performances of Ozil and Sanchez? They don’t want to be part of our future!!! Why would you have them in your starting 11??? So you can get some more indifferent performances?

  20. Vlad

    Give it a rest already, Konstantin. If the player doesn’t want to play for the club, they should be sold, plain and simple. Sanchez is one man, whereas Football was, is, and will always be a team sport. Yes, he’s the best guy on the team, but at the same time he’s cancer. Why are you not talking about the rest of the players wanting him out? It’s all over the news. Instead you talk about how Wenger “lied” to us about selling him. It’s not in Wenger’s hands anymore. Sanchez’s head has already been turned. His mind is somewhere else, and he will be nothing but a distraction. So it’ll be in everybody’s best interest to sell him, and sell him fast. Frankly, I’d be more upset if he walked out on a free next summer. I don’t know whether the money we receive from the sale will go towards a replacement, but it’s still better than nothing.

  21. Tim

    What can explain Arsenal’s ineptitude in the transfer market? It’s the same season after season while other clubs find players to strengthen their squads. Is it all down to Wenger or is he being restricted by a “profit before all else” board? If the latter then any new manager would be ona hiding to nothing.

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