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Wenger’s raving shows what is wrong with Arsenal’s priorities

Blaming staff for no transfers is frankly ridiculous… by Konstantin Mitov

I am amazed. I truly am… I thought we had hit rock bottom with Arsene but this is just insanity. Arsene reminded us all that Arsenal has 600 employees which need taking care off…

Do I actually have to explain what’s wrong with the very nature of this sentence. I’d be demoralised if I am an Arsenal player. We have an accountant / manager in charge who cares more about the money than the football.

Honestly I couldn’t care less about the results, because statements like this hurt much more. United didn’t speak about Pogba’s fee. Mourinho said I want him and he got it. We cannot even compare with Manchester clubs. Now do you see why Van Persie, Fabregas and Nasri all left?

We are a joke, a business and a circus all before we are a football club. The Emirates has to vote its concern with this, because it’s more than just a statement. This is the doom and gloom of one of England’s biggest football clubs. We spend the same money teams like Crystal Palace do. Soon we might be finishing close to where they do.

We need to change. Unless the fans say something, this dismantling of the club will continue. It is a huge pain for me, but is there a point to talk about anything else? If you are not convinced we need a change, when what I’ve been moaning here about for a long time is publicly confirmed by the godfather of this club, then I really see no way of getting a different outcome than the one we know all to painfully well…


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35 thoughts on “Wenger’s raving shows what is wrong with Arsenal’s priorities

    1. john0711

      Even though your joking muff I thumbed you down. Somethings are not funny:(

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  1. Uzi Ozil

    Oh men, what is happening to my beloved Arsenal?


    Arsene should pay the fans as well….Sigh

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  2. inapropriatetelletubbie

    I think we can all agree Arsene was… A great manager, Times have changed and he’s inability to adapt to the changing circumstances are tainting his legacy. Who seriously believes we are capable of anymore under him. It’s time for him to go because if he signs a contract extension I can’t in all good conscience continue to watch the club its always the same problems under Wenger… I’m not sitting here saying Wenger Out, but instead thanks for the memories its time to go

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    1. funkyrith

      Just one note, if it is the board who forced AW’s hands, we will see another puppet like Eddie Howe replacing AW next year, and not a high class manager who can magnet top players

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      1. Big G

        Correct, but at least we will all know and can then take action against the board.

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  3. funkyrith

    AW has lost it. AW can be a successful pundit, but not a successful coach anymore. He is prehistoric dinosaur in this modern era, both in transfer and tactic. Teams and managers evolve with time, we are seeing a devolution at Arsenal, slowly becoming irreversible. If board is the one to blame or AW, AW should tell the truth and leave. He knows what he needs, but wants to achieve big without it to take credit. Hell, even for that he does not change his tactic as per the resources available. His injury record, along with transfers and trophies is worst in the last 10 years in EPL, least for any top club.

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    1. Clamclam

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      1. funkyrith

        I will stand up and support them, if after getting 100M extra TV and Shirt money they spend the same on improving the club. Buying players who can walk into starting eleven, improving top player contracts. Being 2nd, 4th, winning FA, Community Shields, or for that matter Emirates cups are trophies that dont count outside UK. Only EPL or European honors. A year where Leicester City finished top, we finished second, and were do we stand compared to Real/Barca/Bayren?
        Why the hell our low wage players who never do anything get more than Spurs or Everton high wage players? Why Theo is retained year after year making good money and not breaking a grass? If you want to run it like a business, run like a professional one. We are neither big cup winners nor a professional club like Dortmund, who come back each year after losing top players to fight, not giving excuses like we did 5 years back

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    2. Handyandy

      I’m afraid he’s well past his ‘sell by’ date. If He just doesn’t want to step aside because he admits himself he needs the lifestyle, he’s addicted to it. But that’s not fair on us fans. The board are a bottom line board. They’re not concerned with winning anything, just that their profits are rolling in. It’s perfect, a manager who refuses to step aside and a board who are happy with the situation. We’re screwed!

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  4. Ramterta

    Wenger acts as if we are on bayern’s level when we are not even on Chelsea’s level.
    We have really depreciated in the past couple if years.
    We used to sign players in the calibre of bergkamp but now we are struggling to sign vardy.
    Sad state if affairs at this once great football club

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  5. kev

    Why arw you guys worrying yourself so much?I thought many people here were like they’ve lowered their expectations so why the unnecessary anger,panic and hulabaloo.Many here were behaving like they have absolutely zero emotions regarding our transfer season and look it’s all shambolic.At times I wonder if people watch the same matches I watch because seeing how certain players have been overhyped in previous articles.From Giroud to Campbell and the other average lot.I wonder if Girpud would score 27 goals in 33 games if he played for Slimani’s team.The funny thing is here people will decide to ignore the stat and say Giroud is clearly and Slimani’s garbage.This even shows that we prefer to use stats when it favours our arguments.Like for e.g Ospina’s so called legendary stats people will always use that issue to defend him.Then take for e.g Johny Evans people will say he’s average ok fine but no one ever checked his stats.VERDICT:LOVE IS BLIND INDEED.

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    1. john0711

      I don’t use stats Kev , Giroud is ok and if he had Griezman and Sanchez with him we would compete for the PL, however Evans is Garbage, he only played for Man U when they had inj and is playing left back for West Brom yes the mighty west brom

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    2. jonm

      Kev, I find that stats can be quite usefull, I watch giroud and feel that he misses a lot of chances, does not score enough goals, not much pace etc. The problem is that for other strikers playing for other teams I tend to see highlights so see the goals and very near misses, some have a lot of pace. I end up feeling that the likes of vardy, kane, aguerro are much better than giroud.

      I then look at the stats and find that these other strikers also miss a lot of chances. They all have played different amount of times and some teams are awarded far more penalties than us. So i look at minutes played per non penalty goal in the PL and am surprised how well giroud compares. In fact giroud, kane and vardy are very similar using this measure and no surprise, aguerro is much better.

      The net result is that whilst I still think we need an upgrade on giroud, he compares better with other PL strikers than I thought. It also follows that the standard of player required to be an improvement on giroud is higher than I thought. The stats also convinced me that we should definately keep giroud. Of course when I put the above stats on here I get thumbed down because it does not accord with what people think of giroud.

      As for ospina, i watched him in the WC and was very mpressed and was really pleased when he came to arsenal. Highly rated by messi, based on comments after an international game. A goal keepers main job is to keep the ball out of the net and it requires a good defense as well as a good goalie. However, if someone is going to criticise a goalkeeper and say they should be changed (as fans on this site were saying a year ago) and that goalkeeper has the best stats by far in the PL in terms of goals conceeded, saves per goal conceeded etc then I expect a very robust argument to justify their point of view.

      Stats are not everything but can be very helpful.

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      1. Jim A

        How about the stat, aerials won on the attacking half? That is one of his biggest attributes but no one ever says anything about it here at Just Arsenal. I would like to see which striker compares to him there. Obviously none. His goal scoring and assists?
        Vardy had an incredible year with 24 goals and 6 assists on 36 starts. Giroud had 24 goals and 6 assists on 37 starts.
        So I agree with you jonm he is doing fine as the euros clearly showed. Where is our other forwards and mids that can score 20 goals or high teens for goals is the question. Sanchez check but other than that nope.

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  6. jonm

    Valencia have just started playing las palmas in la liga. Mustafi is not playing, do not know if he is on the bench. It is on sky sports,

    We could look on this as a good sign, alternatively he could be going to chelsea, or he could be injured or perhaps being rotated, who knows?.

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        And he has come on for the start of the second half.

        #His not coming to Arsenal!

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        1. jonm

          I remember watching nasri playing at the emirates, i think against liverpool in the PL and the transer to manu went through a few days later.

          Valencia have shipped three goals in the first half so perhaps that has convinced them to play him. Cannot see why he was on the bench in the first half if he is staying, unless he is not ready after the euros.

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  7. Robin Vanpayslip

    Can’t believe you’re dissing Wenger like that.

    This is the guy behind Giroud, Mertesacker, Walcott, Wilshere.

    Show some respect as dude obviously got skills

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  8. kev

    @john0711 it’s people like you I don’t get.Do you know Chamakh may have been a worse player than Giroud but let’s be honest Chamakh was a better finisher than Giroud.Even him was labelled as garbage.Can someone name a striker with exception of Gervinho(man he was awfully out of this world) who played for Araenal who Giroud had better finishing than.Giroud is to me part of Arsenal’s worst finishers ever and please let’s not deny it and note I considered only “finishing”..Play Giroud with Messi or Maradona and he’d still go many games without a goal.One of Arsenal’s worst strikers to me and one of the most luckiest players in the world.

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    1. john0711

      Players worse than Giroud who have played for us as CF
      Lord Bedtner
      I’m not saying girlie is world class no where near but he’s ok

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  9. jonm

    Valencia game, commentator said mustafi is on the bench, some talk about transfer to arsenal in connection with valencia losing 3-1. It is now 3-2 after 35 minutes.

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  10. mark

    His comments about ‘staff needing to be paid’ shows just how patronising he really is. He thinks everyone is stupid apart from him, who ‘knows’ how to run a football club (apparently).

    Honestly, please AW keep making these comments, because they simply show how deluded, arrogant, patronising and out of touch you are with employees of AFC, supporters, fans, press, players, and anyone remotely connected with football in its entirety.

    Please get him out before he makes this club a laughing stock!

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Too late mate, Arsenal fc will be broadcasting their own reality tv show soon.

      How embarrassing,
      Sanchez set’s his DOG’s Up with their own Instagram 😲
      That won’t go down well with our rival Pals and Chums! 😂

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  11. Wayne Barker

    how sad even a club like valencia are holding us for ransom. 2 games already over 5 points already dropped. We need a major turn of events to compete for the title now. The confidence is on its all time low. Look at the body language of players like Sanchez , it is not looking good. The players have given up, the manager has given up long time back, fans have given up, the board does not give a damn, average players like Walcott giroud Ramsey are just here to earn their wages. Bottom line for the first time our season has ended even before it has begun. And even a mustafi cannot change that.

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  12. kev

    @john0711 I was asking of players worse than Giroud for Arsenal in terms of finishing.I consisered finishing only.Out of your list when all are in form you can argue that Walcott is better.But in terms of finishing he’s the worst of that lot.Only Gervinho’s finishing is worse.The guy doesn’t deserve this club and so does many of our current players.Face reality he’s odinary and if you were a manager and wanted success would you put in a £30 bid for Giroud?Yet his stats suggest he may be worth £30 showing the contradiction between stats and real life.The earlier we get some average players out of our club and stop defending the indefensible the better for us all.With this kind of mentality success will be far from this club.

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    Mr Wenger and the Board have turned Arsenal into an also ran Club. They should have done their business early instead of leaving it until now.Other Clubs now see how desperate Arsenal are and how little time there is left so they up the double the price.Unless this is Wengers plan all along so that he can say I tried but could not get anyone because the price was to high.
    He has to go and go now.

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  14. Dmyers

    Arsenal fans who always attend the games are not different from Wenger because you all go to the games them com on here demanding a change. FFS….u be the change and do not turn up for the games and let the empty seats do the talking. Fans here in Jamaica are depending on you.

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