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Were Arsenal RIGHT to turn down Tiote transfer?

There will be a lot of pressure on the young shoulders of Francis Coquelin between now and the rest of the season, especially if Arsenal do not sign the top class central midfielder that many were expecting from Arsene Wenger in the January transfer window.

It does look increasingly like the Gunners have wrapped up the shopping early this time, sparing the Arsenal fans the annual torture of transfer deadline day, although many of us will still be hoping for the manager to pull some sort of rabbit out of his transfer hat.

One player that will not be coming to join Arsenal however, according to a Daily Mail report, is the tough tackling Newcastle and Ivory Coast international midfielder Chieck Tiote. And the paper claims that we could have snapped him up for a decent transfer fee of around £12 million after the Magpies offered him to us.

Tiote is the sort of no-nonsense and hard working defensively minded midfielder that many pundits felt Arsenal needed and there is little doubt that the recent performances from Coquelin, which have also earned him a new contract, have convinced Wenger that he already has such a player in the squad. But will Coquelin keep it up and prove that Arsenal were right to snub the transfer of Tiote? Or will the young Frenchman’s form or another injury problem leave Arsenal exposed again?

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27 thoughts on “Were Arsenal RIGHT to turn down Tiote transfer?

    1. Twig

      Have you ever got the spelling of a player’s name correct at all? Maybe just Jo, Fred and Edu. LoL.

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  1. Skandalouz

    I would much rather have we develop our own boy Le Coq into a solid defensive midfielder powerhouse slash vacuum cleaner than signing Tiote or an unknown french midfielder.

    I really hope we’re into a little surprise on transfer deadline day but my god what a total difference in oppose to earlier transfer windows, we actually look done and complete this time around, accompanied by EARLY deals aswell! I’m sure we’ll be hearing some rumors this weekend though (Sissoko, Lacazette, probably even Reus haha).

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  2. andyarsenal05

    Will we get Illarramendi in the summer? He has rejected a move to Bilbao and waiting to see if Arsenal wants him. Not sure whether it is true but he would be a decent addition to our squad.

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    1. themadhurata

      The rumour has more about it then the average one.

      I think he rejected moyes at real sociedad. There were relatively strong reports that arsenal was behind it. But as rumours go even when sources aren’t weak they still need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

      Maybe Schneiderlin number one target then Illarramendi.

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  3. fred cowardly

    Wenger said to day “Highly Unlikely” that we will sign anyone in next few days

    Also, Wenger said “if someone of quality stands at my door, I will open the door”. So, I can only infer from that Tiote is not of good enough quality for us.

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  4. themadhurata

    Have watch tiote play football? Tiote? Really? The guy is useless. He has no quality at all. He isn’t that great in this tough tackling that you are going on about.

    The question shouldn’t be about him being good enough for arsenal, the question IS is he good enough for Newcastle.

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  5. Sumant The Gooner

    Coquelin is one of the reasons our winter transfer window looks decent. Before the window opened, there was seemingly glaring need of a robust cdm. Apparently we had the solutions in ourselves.
    In Coquelin we already have someone who is better and less reckless than Tiote. Tiote wouldn’t improve our team. We may however need to buy another decent cdm in summer but that too depends on how Le Coq performs from here until the end of the season.

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    1. Ks-Gunner

      Why gamble on a poz which is so important to us. We need more then 2 dm’s. Coqueling is a fresh called hero who frankly is still unproven. Wenger had no feith in him but he ws called back bec of the sole reason of injurie crises.

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    2. BarryL

      Agreed, Le Coq is a better option than Tiote, who has been trying to engineer a move away from the Geordies since season started. Le Coq knows the Arsenal system well.
      Save the money so we can compete for additional top class DM in the summer (Like Schneiderlin) to help him develop even further, and give us a squad to challenge Chelski & City

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  6. Ks-Gunner

    We need players who can turn us into a better side. Tiote will not. Shneiderlin is simple perfect.

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  7. Ks-Gunner

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  8. fred cowardly

    Even with Chelski signing Cuadrado today, we aren’t far from being as good as them in attack

    Chelski= Hazard and Cuadrado
    City= Navas, dzeko, Jovetic, Silva
    Arsenal= Sanchez and Walcott

    Chelski= Fabregas, Oscar, Willain
    City= Nasri, Silva, Lampard,
    Arsenal= Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky

    STRIKERS (our only weak point)
    Chelski= Costa, Remy, Drogba
    City= Aguero, Bony, Dzeko, Jovetic
    Arsenal= Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom

    So a Top class Striker is all we need for attack
    a DM is all we need for defense

    Then we are sorted

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    1. Ks-Gunner

      There is a big gap in quality bro. Just thinking of Citys striking force being all better then our main striker makes me upset.

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    2. jonestown1

      Sanchez the “winger”. LOL. Citeh “wingers” Dzeko, Jovetic and Silva! What are you on? City play with 2 strikers in a 4-4-2 so need more squad strikers. Same as Man U when you repeatedly list RVP, Falcao, and Rooney. Chelsea and Arsenal only use 1 striker so comparison is dodgy.

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  9. goonerwineverything

    in the summer we will have a full defense roster to choose from with jenko coming back to strengthen the r//b+(just being a backup c/h in case of injuries again), means that chambers can concentrate next season on just being a c/b as i feel to make big progress in his career he will need to pick one specialist position, (c/h in my own opinion would be the right choice) and stick to it otherwise it might hinder his playing time at arsenal i the long run.

    same goes for hayden he needs to choose d/m or c/h unless he is like javi martenez and plays both excellently, summer will be just one big name in attacking position(£40million+) again and maybe just d/m or box to box midfielder for £20 or £25 million a we are ready to rock and roll to the title. COYG

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  10. goonerwineverything

    dont need tiote, le coq and bielik will be fighting it out for top d/m spot for years to come staring from now. keeping arteata for guidance and backup as hayden will be fighting out with them also for next season as well.
    was great to see crowely training with the first team today wont be long until he gets a game, maybe f/a cup next round or against villa lol, he will be fighting with zelalem next season for spot in the midfield, great to see competition coming through, and always great to see we stick to our philosophy and not waver in the face of financially doped teams.

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  11. RSH

    Tiote is not nearly good enough for Arsenal. 100% right to turn him down. I’d much rather stick with Coquelin and Flamini until summer.

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  12. Bartender

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  13. jonnhirons

    Yes we where right, Tiote is not of the right caliber for Arsenal.
    Right now i would do anything to keep coquelin happy, and keep his development going.

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  14. Gundam

    Rubbish player… Just grab yourself a run of the mill rugby player for 50k a year. He will do the same job Tiote will do for the team. Bump a few people and grab a couple cards.

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