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West Brom game shows how much Arsenal need a new striker quickly!

Arsenal need a striker and fast! by Twig

One positive thing with the current Arsenal team is that the goals are coming from all the players. Players like Mertesacker, Arteta and Koscielny, whose main business is preventing goals, have appeared on the Score Sheet.

Watching today’s game against West Brom, one can’t help the feeling that Arsenal seem to be playing without a striker. With Wenger preferring Podolski out wide, it seems our only striker is Giroud. Giroud had a difficult beginning but he has picked up over the last few games to start scoring. However, the manner of his play – which seems heavily dependent on aerial balls – doesn’t seem to fit Arsenal’s game which is generally played on the ground. Serious questions must be asked of a striker that demands the ball to be played to him in a certain way!

Both Giroud and Podolski seem to be heavily one-footed – I’ve mentioned this several times. Today, Podolski somehow contrived to miss a goal that he should have struck with his right boot. Wenger once said that RVP was the most left-footed player that he has trained, but even RVP was able to score quite a generous amount of goals with his right foot.

Frankly, Arsenal deserves a striker with better movement, good ball control and speed. Putting Giroud through on goal is almost useless as he can’t beat the last man for speed. He cannot also dribble past defenders or keep the ball at his feet to bring other forwards into the game. Podolski is similar, but I think he’s better than Giroud down the middle. Seeing Podolski on the wing makes me cringe. He almost always passes the ball backwards and is easily dispossessed when put under pressure.

Liverpool has Suarez, Manchester United has Rooney and City has Aguero all of whom are good scorers with good movement on the ball. Arsenal deserves much better than the current pretenders leading our line. There are a lot of proper strikers around that are looking to get out of their current clubs or have an affordable buy-out clause.

Wenger should make getting a proper forward as Priority Number One in January. With a midfield full of ball-players and passers winning games REALLY shouldn’t be a problem for Arsenal. A proper striker will help in converting our ball possession into valuable points.

Very little can be drawn out of this game. It would have ended up as yet another 0-0 draw for Arsenal were it not for the controversial penalties that were awarded in our favour. The midfield created chance after chance but the strikers were found wanting.


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47 thoughts on “West Brom game shows how much Arsenal need a new striker quickly!

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Another Ridiculous Article… the moment that Arsenal strikers (Pod and Giroud) are not scoring means Arsenal needs a new striker….

    How do one classified as proper?????

    why not sign 38 strikers????? 1 for each game….more than enought to cover for one another……

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  2. Toni Balle

    One must wonder how you would have felt watching Alan Smith back in the late 80s and early 90s. You could have said bringing in another striker would help bring about variety, but to say Giroud isn’t good at bringing other forwards in the game is just ignorant in my opinion. Unnecessary, pointless and ignorant article.

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  3. gooner-hus

    we knew from the start that gıorud cant fIll rvp boots not sayıng he isnt good its just his first season to be fair to the guy..apart from that he is a good player giroud i expect him to be big for us in the future but now we really need a quick skillfull striker like ADRİAN LOPEZ, OR JOVETİC,OR EVEN CAVANİ. WHO EVER IT IS I HOPE WE GET A STRIKER THIS JANUARY. COME ON ARSENAL SPEND SOME MONEY AND TEAMS WILL FEAR THE GREAT ARSENAL ONCE AGAIN.

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  4. artillery1

    Yes We need But All Chacnes Fall to GErvino n We knw he always Miss, If thy Fell to Giroud, there Must B Goals!

    IF Gervinho is Not Given Strike Role n he should b on Bench, Goals Will COme!

    Its Simple, Returning WALLCOT n GIROUD, it will B awsome Combination, Giroud In Air Plus Very Clever Flicks N Ball Holder Around Box n Walcot Is PAcy is His FInishing is Getting Better N Better, so Goals Will COme, plus Podolski is there too!

    Yesterday Giroud Again Flicked Ball as He Flicked For PODOLSKI but Unfortunately, it was GERVINHO n POOR POOR MISS!

    Walcot n Podolski can Feed Giroud in Air!


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  5. ynk1307

    Cant understand why chamakh isnt even on the bench. He can control a ball on the ground due to his good technic, you could see that against reading and olympiacos. We should at least use him as a sub, he is good in the air and has better technic and ball control than giroud

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    Why buy strikers that are looking to head the ball if we play the ball on the ground? Because we bought them at rock bottom prices and they are playing them in way that neither they nor arsenal can benefit.
    …yet we sell RVP and are about to sell Walcott so we turn a profit for the Board….

    It’s hard to think we will qualify for CL unless we win it..what are the chances of that with the current team? I’m sure Real Madrid and Barcelona are shaking in the boots when they see gervihno in our line up.

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  7. artillery1

    Man RVP took 8 years, Give GIROUD at Least 1 season!

    He is Using His Strength n its not His Full Strength he still Need time to Adapt Premier League to knw How Much he Need To Work More on His Strength, n We Knw He vl!

    2 or 3 years Back, RVP was miss fring He was Not top Class STRIKER at that Time plus Adebayor, Not World Class too!

    But WE were Winning!

    Our Midfield is Back plus Walcot was not there n Podolski too, oke Podolski Miss but every striker can miss! Give them chance!

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  8. Ali

    We don’t need another striker because Giroud and Poldi aren’t good enough, we’ve needed one more from the beginning. Podolski is pretty good on the left and in my opinion that should be his preferred position because he does good defensive work as well. Giroud has certainly added an aerial threat and given opponents something more to think about. Plus his holdup play is great and he allows for others to get in the game. Since this is their first season, we need one more proven premiership goalscorer and my choices would be Dzeko and Ba.

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    if wenger do spend on a striker then it would be Demba Ba..proven premier league striker..not too old..n mostly because he has a release clause of £7.5m
    fit all criteria for a wenger choice of buy

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  10. sean

    gervinho has been playing very badly so far this season…..i would definitly prefer arshavin to gervinho

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  11. Dan Parkin

    Lewendowski is very similar to Giroud just with far better movement, so we have to rule him OUT! Rémy is the man we should chace!

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  12. ogbeni

    The writer is absolutely right you guys attacking obviously just watch football but not footballers or have never kicked a ball in a competive lever except in your frontyard. Giroud’s legs are useless he does not have control of the ball the ball tells him where to go and you guys call that a striker? pleaseee let’s get someone else for God’s sakes.

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    Giroud is slow,we need someone who is quick and can dribble well.

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  14. artillery1

    People Talking too MUch Abt CAZORLA dive, thy Forget HAZARD YOUNG etc etc!

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  15. landi

    I think we should buy a winger and a dm.
    If we buy a new winger and keep walcott then we can use giroud,podolski,walcott in the striking role. And that is more than enough, I belive we will get m’vila, wenger pushed back so the media wont talk about it so he can have him for less money 🙂

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  16. owens

    Take for example against shalke 04..if not for walcott giroud would av given away the ball..dats just 1reason i will give to say his slow..his good but slow..and being a slow striker and aerial ball only ur strenght wont help..we can all see evry1 now knows his good in aerial balls and are marking the hell out of him..again against fulham we saw the goal he mist..and walcott again came to our rescue and put it to his(giroud) head,..we need a striker and a winger

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  17. Jonny Arsenal

    No. We need wingers. Putting forwards on the wings isn’t working. Real wingers will provide better delivery. Podolski, ox, Walcott and even Gervinho have said they prefer to play centrally. When is Wenger going to buy players who actually LIKE being on the wing ?

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  18. arsenal4life

    We missed our chance by letting go Aguero. Het would be the perfect striker for us. I think Aguero or Benzema are the perfect strikers for Arsenal.
    I Hope we buy some players in the transferwindow, because we need it.

    Sell: Squilachi, Chamakh, Djourou, Santos (Arshavin?)
    Loan: Ramsey, Frimpong
    If Walcott does not sign swap him with Sterling.

    Buy: Left Back, Defensive Midfielder, Striker, Winger
    LB: Willems? Armero? Baines?
    DM: Fellaini? Gustavo? Diame? MVila? Capoue? Kuzmanovic?
    Winger: Zaha? Sterling? Isco?
    CF: Adrian Lopez? (prefer) Huntelaar? Llorente?

    I prefer: Willems, Fellaini, Isco and Adrian Lopez

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  19. tom

    Giroud is not a great fit for our style. He is not the kind of striker that can create on his own, that’s just reality. He never did it at Monp. We have always had strikers that could create and beat defenders. This is the first time in over 15 years we don’t have that in a striker and I think the whole team suffers as a result. You guys remember Henry, dropping to midfield sometimes to get the ball and than driving past multiple defenders? RVP used to do the same. Both of them could beat defenders one on one. Giroud can not beat defenders one on one. I don’t think I have ever seen him out run a defender either. He just doesn’t have the pace and technique.

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  20. Suka

    Wenger is not worry if Arsenal fail to score goal..the only worry is he dont have good striker to sell next season…

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  21. Aziz

    Fully agree ith the article. Arsenal have no clue when entering the final third and definitely need a striker with an instinct for goal. RVP, Tevez. Saurez, Aguerro,Michu, Demba Ba and Defoe are more effective than the lot we have, and the ineffectiveness of our strike force in front of goal has cost us dearly in plenty games. Dissapointed in Gervinho who lacks the ability to strike power shots and cannot head a ball.

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  22. Dan

    Play Podolski as the main striker. We’ve seen the goals he scores from out wide so there is no reason why not. Play Theo on the right, and Chambo on the left and Podolski will fancy his chances of getting on the end of the balls they provide. The guy works his arse off aswell which is nice to see from a modern day Arsenal player.

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  23. dude

    @artillery1 – please type in uniformed small letters u attention seeking buffoon !!!

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  24. Grenadiangun

    i am reading that Man u wants ZAHA…Oh my how i dislike that team called man u…i hope they get destroyed by man city…
    I agree we do need another striker…Giroud is more a point man and too slow..that is why i would go for lopez any day…we need a more technical striker…The best i know of out there is Falcao but we have to be realistic Arsenal cannot afford Falcao.

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  25. Jmwaura

    I keep wondering how he scored 21 goals in france he can score goals but clearly not suited to arsenal style

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  26. Terry Norman

    If Gervina had a brain inside that big head he’d be brilliant. He did miss chances, but to his credit, he didn’t stop trying.
    Podolski chance was the most unbelievable miss, still can’t work out how he missed.
    We do need a striker, but a DM is more important a purchase far am I’m concerned.

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  27. Aussie gunner 247

    I dont honestly think another striker is the problem its our creativeness suprisingly.look at wilshere and cazorla walcott and giroud while arteta is not doing alot of attacking tho. why you not play arshavin! Der mr wenger hes the one whos been putting in top notch crosses ang getting assists when hes only come off the bench good for giroud and podolski. now that he wont play arshavin now hell get in bad mood and start playing shocking again.
    Another striker will help though, buy a winger like arshavin but less moody, so then podolski and giroud up front with walcott up there to arshavin to deliver crosses and other winger to. Wilshere cazorla genuisus attacking mid. Also need left back and a defensive mid.

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  28. Jack

    Once we have zaha we can finally play walcott down the middle with zaha on the right

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    one thing for sure gervinho has the worst header of the ball.. he’s no CF.. i refer keep giroud.. my preference is bring in another CF option.. need at least 2 CF if you want to be a BIG CLUB

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  30. KickuPtheArsene

    We just don’t have option up front. We just need a simple up front finisher. Most EPL team have at least 1 (basic) forward who, if nothing else, can just put the ball from their feet to the back of the net (Suarez, Aguero, Tevez, RVP, Rooney, Defoe, Holt, Lambert, Ba, Berbetov … The list goes on). They all (apart from the very talented players in the top clubs) can net the ball without fuss. Nothing fancy, no frills football. The only player I can see that currently fulfills that criteria is (and I too can’t believe I’m about to say this) is Walcott. And he almost certainly on the way out of the Emerites.
    The more I look at the equation, the more I’m beginning to wonder if it now time to move Wenger on. (I too cannot believe I’m even saying that!). It seems that what seems blatantly obvious to most of the fans who have any knowledge of the game, that Wenger keeps playing the wrong players, or the right players in the wrong positions.
    Play Podolski and Giroud up front together. Or Walcott up there. Or Walcott and Giroud. Wenger just try something different. Who knows, it just may work – because it obvious that everything you currently are stubborn in doing, is not working. My question is – is Wenger just an old dog with old tricks, and isn’t able to change it up anymore. Hence any manager in the ELP can easily defuse our attacks, because it’s simple to see what we continuously try and do up front.

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  31. antares1786

    I totally agree with the author in terms that the midfield created chance after chance but the strikers were found wanting. Nobody answered sharpening passes. CONCLUSION: We haven’t any strikeк with a good positioning inside the opponent’s penalty area in the squad. giroud, gervinho and podolski simply do not know what to do! They must work much harder on trainings, cause RVP was highly left-footed too, but in summer 2009 instead of vocation he trained dribbling, shooting and other elements with his right foot. As a result, he became both footed, but still likes his left a bit more and also became EPL top-scorer (he might happened even earlier but he suffered from long-term injury). I strongly believe that Wenger should make giroud and podolski do the same and we will have the result. moreover, wenger should rotate them as strikers and find another left winger, cause no one in the squad is totally appropriate for this position and can be considered as only a compromise. We need someone who plays directly this position, like isco, affelay or else.

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  32. mark

    its true. like RVP, arsenal need a striker who can also push up the field and get involved in the build-up, and also create space and provide for the wingers to score goals.

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  33. Gundam

    It is rather simple really… Gerviniho screwed up about 5 attacking chances on his own… I won’t bother reading this because the problem was quite clear from what I saw

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  34. Jon

    Our up front options of Giroud, Gervinho and Podolski are not great. They all cost decent money too, so not great buys from Wenger. Not sure what has happened to Podolski, that guys has completely disappeared in the last month or so. Why has he never finished 1 single game?? Gervinho, well what can I say, might be the most frustrating player to watch in the league (after Ramsey) Giroud is doing his best but he is not a good fit for us. Theo and his contract issues are not helping ether. How has this not been solved one way or another? Good job board. Ox is little off but he is still a young kid.

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  35. philthompsonsnose

    before you read this further.. let me just put the record straight.. I love Arsenal Football club and want us to win everything possible, play the most attractive football and be the best team in the world..but:-
    The debate should be something like this…
    We all know the difference between Great,Good, Average, and Below average/poor/bad etc..
    So when we see teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool (80s-90s) Man U (90s-2005) we should all be in no doubt those teams are/were Great..Agree??
    Where do you see Arsenal..? If I am to be realistic.. (including the invincible team) I would say my perception over the past 15 or so years is somewhere in-between Good and Great..?
    Here is where I agree with Twig..
    How many of yesterdays starting 11 would be playing in ‘THE’ invincible side that was (on its day) Greater than or on a par with Barcelona? Answer – not many!!!
    So here is the question to Arsene Wenger:
    Are you building a team that is Great? Good? Average? or Bad?
    Getting back to Twig, and Giroud in particular, I’d like to personally ask Mr Wenger what he saw in Giroud to make him sign him? He’s slow and cumbersome,visually naive,and a poor team player..He lacks any hunger and seems completely out of his depth! An Arsenal kind of player???
    I’ll open the debate further..
    What constitutes a Great player.. speed? vision/? poise/balance? attacking ability? How great are/were these..Henry? Zidane? Messi? Cantona? what do they all bring…?
    I feel Mr Wenger has lost sight of this Greatness in a player and is slowly turning Arsenal into an Average/Good team..
    My case in point is the combined signing fee of the chuckle brothers Gervinho & Giroud £25m!!!!!!
    Great? Good? Average? Poor? Only Wenger can answer this.. but those of us that know.. know the answer..POOR/AVERAGE!!!
    When Arsene Wenger realises that Giroud & Gervinho are quite literall ‘SHITE’ we might just edge up the table to that 4th placed trophy he so covets. He might suprise us all and conecde his error of judgment and buy players that are of Good-Great ilk..and then we could…just could be nearer challenging for the Premier league…
    Come on Wenger let’s make Arsenal GREAT AGAIN!!!

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  36. DrPepper

    I agree with @Hafiz Rahman the way to go is sign 38 strikers.

    If we had of signed all the players this site has linked us to – as definite deals. Then we probably would have had 38 strikers.

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  37. true goon

    hold on i’ve been saying on this site since start of season that we need a new striker not only me mind,but slowly over the passed few months people have been waking up 2 this.Then giroud would score a few goals an all these people seem to think that we don’t need a striker anymore.
    But now it seems the majority have realised that Giroud will tae at least 2 seasons to really hit top form and we need a top class striker,better late than never i suppose,just goes to show how much most of you guys know

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  38. jumper

    this article says the truth…giroud is plan B,a very good option off the bench provides different dimension but not a starter…get the KLASS HUNTER..but the only problem is how quickly can he adjust to the team…as for podolski he must be playing better i agree but i think he thrives more behind the lone striker more..his game style is like that…but we know the stubborn wenger won’t change the we ll have to be patient about that his performances on the wing might improve

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  39. saras


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  40. arsenal4eva

    Striker: Adrian Lopez/Jovetic
    Winger/ CAM (Creativity): Isco/ Yarmolenko
    DM: Mbiwa, Wanyama

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