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West Brom v Arsenal Review – Tight game but Gunners robbed by Referee

West Brom may be bottom of the League but they didn’t look very intimidated at the beginning of the game, and after Arsenal had two (very disappointing) corners early on, the Baggies came extremely close to opening the scoring when Phillips got on the end of an excellent cross from Rodriguez and Petr Cech had to dive well into the corner to save the Gunners.

West Brom kept attacking and, with Cech holding his groin, came close again a couple of times. although Lacazette also nearly turned in the box but got blocked. The first 15 minutes was spirited end-to-end stuff and Iwobi got a great pass from Sanchez in the box but knocked it over the bar. Arsenal seemed to take control in the opposing half but there was always the danger of a break from the Baggies, with Rodriguez and Phillips looking the biggest dangers.

The rest of the half was looking pretty even with West Brom attacking maybe even more than Arsenal and getting closer to Cech than the Gunners were to Foster, but there were more fouls creeping into the game. To be fair Iwobi let off a cracking curling shot that nearly bamboozled Foster but the Englishman domehow backtracked and forced it around the post. Two minutes before the end of the half Xhaka floated a lovely ball behind the defence but it just got stopped before it got to Alexis and the corner came to nothing.

For all Arsenal’s possession in West Brom’s half they seemed to take too long on the ball and the defence crowded them out of the game. Perhaps we should be testing Foster more with long-range potshots. A 0-0 draw was a fair result at the break in my eyes….

Arsenal started the second half on the front foot with the Baggies keeping most of the players behind the ball. Lacazette won a freekick on the edge of the box but Alexis couldn’t get it over the wall, and another set-piece a minute later came to nothing as well.

Arsenal still seem to be suffering from an inferiority complex away from home and West Brom came back into the game and started worrying the Gunners defence with chance after chance and Arsenal were finding it hard to get out of their half. The pouring rain was probably not helping the quality of our football…

On the hour mark Lacazette tried a driving run and got his shot off but he simply can’t score at the moment and it was straight down the other end again. Lacazette again got close to another deflection into the goal but it went wide and he went down clutching his ankle to worry Wenger for a moment.

Arsenal suddenly started playing with more urgency as the clock reached the last quarter of the match and they have stepped up a gear. Laurent Koscielny has played many games lately and when he started limping around it was no surprise that Wenger took him off and brought on the veteran Mertesacker but we were not doing much defending anyway. Arsenal are pushing and Wenger brought on Welbeck to aid the attack in place of Iwobi (who had a much better shift today than usual), as we desperately need a goal..

This left space at the back and West Brom twice tested Petr Cech in the space of two minutes as both sides look for the win. West Brom then got a freekick that went straight at the wall. Arsenal look to be running out of time and can’t get close to Foster’s goal, while the Baggies look like they have the extra striker.

Finally Arsenal get a break and Sanchez forces a freekick inches from the penalty spot and finally Alexis gets it right and curves it through the wall with the help of a wicked deflection, and into the goal. A massive sigh of relief from Arsenal fans and players alike but there were still five minutes for the Gunners to hold on.

And immediately calamity as the ball goes into the box and the ball is kicked straight at Chambers. The ref blows the whistle, much to the anger of Chambers and Wenger, and Cech gets a card for protesting at Mike Dean too much. Of course Cech has never saved a penalty and Rodriguez slots it down the middle. Game bloody on! Arsenal bombed forward again but they are only given 4 minutes to get an equaliser, while Wenger carries on moaning on the touchline. He is right it should never have been given but moaning never changed anything I’m afraid….

Was there enough time for Arsenal to nick a crucial point. No – They were just run out of time….

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83 thoughts on “West Brom v Arsenal Review – Tight game but Gunners robbed by Referee

      1. McLovin

        Fun fact:

        Cech has saved ZERO penalties during his 4 year,stay at Arsenal.

        Fun fact 2:

        He could’ve saved 4-5 had he just stayed in the middle.

        What a donkey.

        1. muffdiver

          fun fact…the nearest bridge to me has a 120ft drop

          just walking one sec….

          anyway guys happy new yeaaaARRGGHHHHHHHHHH

    1. slimmajeed

      Arsenal is really messed up. no enthusiasm in de squad. Dat fighting spirit is dead. Wenger is clueless. De club needs a serious overhaul. Chambers is a joke.

  1. muffdiver

    thanks ref, u bald bas…
    still played terrible

    happy new year gooners
    all i ask for 2018: arsene to leave

    dont care what happens
    tired of this dross

    just tired of it – he is the nucleus of all the wrongs of this club now

  2. Ox

    How can you say we were lucky we are crap to watch I can’t stand to watch these over payed idiots anymore btw grandad wenger needs to go he’s to far back in time we need a change

    1. Xxnofx

      Agreed nothing lucky about that .half the players look like they don’t even wanna be there and the other half are pretty much shit ,so not the best combination

  3. Sad Gunner

    You play rubbish, you get a rubbish result. I can’t remember the last time I had the game on an only looked at the screen once during a whole match! Boring boring Arsenal, but not for the right reason.

    1. muffdiver


      dude if ever there was an excuse to get drunk at new years
      its this

      im getting so wasted tonight i hope to wake up married to a hooker named cherry
      2018 here i cum!!!

    1. McLovin

      Not a penalty but it was the same cancerous display by Wengers team. Oh and our goal scored was an own goal.

      WBA deserved to win based on the chances. Not by that penalty though.

      Only way Wenger will leave Arsenal is in a coffin it seems. He has no pressure to perform.

    2. Kenny Rolfe

      Anyone has any doubts, go to your computer, put in “select group referees wikipedia” very simple

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Sure Wengers got to go, so should half the squad maybe more especially Cech, Ospina, Bellerin, Xhaka, Iwobi, Walcott, Mertesacker, Ramsey but that doesn’t alter the fact that we get some disgraceful decisions by these incompetent cheating referees. Maybe some of you should take my advice and read up on the PGMOL, see what a corrupt untouchable organisation they are run by former ref Mike Riley, you’ll find some interesting facts where their so crooked that they even make FIFA seem honest. How long have these decisions been going on and all I keep hearing is “don’t blame the referees” well why not, that decision today would never have been given against Man United or Liverpool, that’s just how it is. Cheating northern referees. Yeah I know I’m angry


    What a load of rubbish Wenger has to go Arsenal lucky to get the draw. Same old same old Arsenal . Wenger has only plan A after that he hasen’t a clue.

  5. HA559

    Arsenal only attacked for a total of 10 minutes in this game. Absolute rubbish football. The identity of this club is long gone. Wenger made and destroyed it.

    Players don’t even play good for most of the match, then go and complain about penalty decision in the end.

    1. Salmonella

      Penalty was harsh but as defender you MUST put hold both your hands behind your back/buttocks while defending CROSSES!
      Every top defender does that

      1. Wolf

        You would think so with so little time to go. Wenger dosen’t instill those kind of thoughts in his player. World class defender wouldn’t of made that mistake. We make all the errors

  6. Perry Ames

    We didn’t deserve to win but yet another cheating performance from Mike Dean who knew exactly what he was doing but the FA won’t have a look at him

  7. Lupe

    We need VAR in PL so referees don’t have to make stupid and harsh decisions like that. We played ok but not very good. We seem not to know how to use lacazette effectively. Top four is looking really difficult. God, we have fallen so far down, just hoping we bounce back to being a top club again and i hope its soon rather than later.

      1. Lupe

        Yeah, that what i mean by soon rather than later. I hope wenger leaves soon so we can get back to where we are suppose to be.

  8. Rkw

    We didn’t deserve to win .., we don’t deserve a top four finish … and we won’t get it under wenger … we r a shapeless team with at least 5 players who are lucky to be in the epl let alone a club with the riches of arsenal … whatever it takes to get rid of wenger is fine with me the guy is a delusional fraud and an albatross round our proverbial neck …

    1. RSH

      Correct. There’s nothing to even be disappointed about. Any fan who watches the games already know we are not top 4 material and won’t be making it. We’re just living up to our new standards which is Europa League quality football on a good day. These are the standards that Wenger supporters have signed off on so they should be more than happy with the results.

    2. Me

      I think its a mill stone.
      Albatross’s brings bad luck to sailors after an idiot shot and killed one.
      What a poor team Arsenal have become – surely for all his arrogance and ignorance he must see it and must be thinking its time to move on…

  9. Franklin

    This is the new year gift Wenger has for us. He has broken Ferguson’s he should just respect himself and resign. Its been over a decade now and no improvement whatsoever. I’m tired and ashamed of being an arsenal fan at its all because of that old stubborn man

    1. muffdiver

      wasted here mate
      quality player.

      but wenger cant utilise his strengths,
      hes nearly 70 and the man looks fresher than the daisy

      WE ARE F$%^%$

    2. RSH

      lol, Arsenal struggle to set up a single shot for him, nobody ever picks up his runs. All they do is bounce the ball around. Notice most away matches Arsenal create just about no chances for our forwards. Horrible midfield, no creativity, no tactics, just tap the ball around for 90 minutes. That’s all Arsene tells them to do.

  10. Salmonella

    It’s only the first day of the new year & I’m already in RANT MODE?????


  11. RSH

    Cech is so useless. Has NEVER saved a penalty for us. Automatic goal when one is given. Harsh call in my opinion, but Arsenal embarrassing for most of this game, took a deflection to take the lead. Wenger a moron for going with Iwobi and continues to embarrass himself. Congrats boss! More of the same in 2018, but the sheep love it.

  12. waal2waal

    Champions don’t rely on “luck” – rather they rely on cause and effect. Man City (it pains me to say) pay for quality like de broyne, sterling, silva and “the effect” they’re exactly where their fans want and expect them to be – ie in a class of their own making. i want my team to be the architect of its own success too – not vying for 5th or 6th place in the epl.

  13. Sue

    Out of the top 6 we’ve scored the least & conceded the most. Can’t even beat bottom of the league…. oh we’re flying!! More of the same to look forward to in 2018…god I’m depressed!

  14. Buteo

    My wife and my daughter wanted to watch MR Bean from about 60 min into the game, and for the first time in my life i gave in. We are very very boring these days…..

    1. Sad Gunner

      Buteo, the team plays like Mr Bean with that Turkey on his head, no sense of direction particularly where the opposition goal is concerned these days.

  15. Sad Gunner

    Wenger won’t step down, he will move upstairs. Eddie Howe will get the managers job and become his puppet. Sorry, meant to say apprentice.

  16. muffdiver

    agga pass pass pass ..iwobi and xhaka
    agga pass pass pass…iwobi and xhaka

    to the left to the right ….but never towards goal
    happy 2018..alexis to be sold

    1. waal2waal

      @muff – you a knack of helping bring on the smiles: Happy New Year to you and all our expectant long suffering fanbase and to the admins of this fan-tastic website.

  17. Me

    Arsenal under performing season after season after season.
    And no one can figure out why.
    811 games?
    He should have gone after 400.
    The very definition of washed up and finished…
    Save some face Mr Wenger and just walk away…

    1. waal2waal

      …when we were smashing it we were called the irresistible force – we had players with strength of character whose program was to win – present day we play a game of wait till our competitors have exhausted all the jewells there are to be sold and instead we have a habit of buying from the bargain basement, other than that were promoting mediocre squad players and using media hype to present an aurora (around those players) of potential that they evidently cannot achieve or live up to. ever since the hype of us being among the richest clubs and having a sizeable kitty to spend on anyone we wish to, like for example mbappe, AFCs ambition does not match that of the fans.

  18. Drayton

    Say what you want about championship teams, but you can’t deny that we defended well today (for once) and dropped 2 points bc of the ref alone. I don’t how Mike Dean is still a Premier League ref. Perhaps that’s how far the quality has dropped. This guy is a complete liability to any game he officiates and obviously has a bias against Arsenal. Time to strike that online petition back up? FFS!

      1. Drayton

        This has become a trend with Mike Dean. It’s no longer just an “unlucky” instance. It’s complete incompetence and perhaps bias to/against certain teams and happens far too often. I rarely blame referees, but he is a cancer to the PGMOL and needs to be removed

  19. Disappointed

    Pass efficiency was extremely poor and most pronounced in the last third (especially from Sanchez). Team does not play wide and forces up the middle, very predictable. Lack of cohesiveness and concern from all. Many are happy to draw a paycheck and thinking about their futures somewhere else. Lacazette is a quality player, but with no service and accurate link up play what else should we expect. There is a good chance this team will be gutted in Jan and in the summer transfer window. Not looking good. Mike Dean made an unacceptable error which threw the game. Nothing will happen to him though.

  20. Wolf

    When last as Bellerin taken on a player down the flank let alone go past him?? Its all, stop, pass it bk with him

  21. mickmematethemasterfarter

    aw post match interview think he mentioned the moon conspiracy theory also??alex iwobi diadora league player….

  22. Vlad

    I said it before and I’ll say it again – NO Ozil, ZERO creativity. Sanchez (bar the deflected goal) and Iwobi were once again atrocious on the wings. I haven’t seen so many misplaced passes in one game in years. Wilshere and Xhaka partnership doesn’t work. I’m an AKB but Wenger really messed this one up with his team selection. It’s West Brom, not effin Chelsea or Liverpool. Why do we need 3 CB’s in the back when we know they’ll be defending with 10 men? An extra attacker would’ve been much more useful. We really missed Ramsey, and Ozil in this game but we still had Walcott (yes, Theo) and Welbeck that should’ve started ahead of Iwobi, or should’ve been introduced at halftime. Anyway. I won’t let this crap Arsenal team, and this crap game ruin my mood. Happy New Year’s, Gooners!

  23. Dotash

    Happy new year to all. ‘Aseni’ Wenger, you are a good manager, but I think you should consider retirement after this season. The team will play better after the rain and drizzle, they will stop fizzling out. I hope by that time ,top 4 hope will still be alive then. Thank you Mike Dean, you are a good referee, at least Wenger will be busy in the transfer window. Wishing you all. Happy New year

  24. Innit

    Wenger robbed us innit. For over a dozen years he failed to build a team good enough to win the PL and CL while United, City, Chelsea and even Leicester won the PL and Liverpool, United and Chelsea won the CL trophy.

  25. musty

    yeah the ref robbed us, but why is cech not saving spot kicks… it has reach a new level that we cant win 2away games in a row…. this team is messed up….. WHY WENGER WHY?!

  26. jon fox

    So “iwobi had a better shift today than usual” , Mr. Admin, Pity not one Gooner agrees with you and all who mention him on here rightly think he was pants, as usual , only worse. Why is your view so out of step with all? Are they all wrong or are you! As to the game, well in the end it did us a favour, since to me anyway, it is quite clear we are not going to finish top four, which means we will be either fifth or , as I believe, sixth. And that good news means Wenger is more likely to be sacked, which is the all important thing to happen before we can ever improve. Now we just need to keep up all the pressure to sack him on social media and phone ins and fly “WENGER OUT” banners etc again, which I predict will be happening before February is out. GOOD !

  27. Shinoda

    I’ve said it before & I’ll keep saying it again. Arsenal is regressing badly & the sooner things change, the better. I’ve never fallen asleep watching an Arsenal game but I had to mute that match & play music coz I was really struggling to concentrate. Arsene Wenger is done. We are so boring & sluggish, it’s always de’javu watching us play. I don’t understand how any fan would be happy with the state of this club. I’m so pissed off, thank God for whoever discovered alcohol. Anyway, Happy New year gooners!! You all deserve better from this club.

  28. Shinoda

    We will finish 6th this season. That’s a promise & a guarantee. I don’t mean to be pessimistic about my team but the evidence is glaring. Oh and as long as Wenger is the manager, all our players will be or will look shit. Wenger has simply managed to ruin most players this past few seasons & that’s why I’m not gonna continue blaming most of these young players. I just want to know what more I can do to bring change to this club. I have stopped buying merchandise & I no longer have the interest to travel from my country to go watch us play.

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