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What are Arsenal’s Priority Positions For The Summer Transfer Window?

Ranking Arsenal’s Priority Positions For The Summer Transfer Window

Every year Arsenal seem to go into the summer transfer window with the same priority positions needing to be filled and every season then starts with Gunners fans scratching their head and cursing Arsene Wenger for not buying the correct players and in most instances no players at all.

Who will make Wenger smile this summer?

This campaign has been very disappointing for Wenger, his team and those who follow the club through thick and thin. The Express has reported that it appears that the Frenchman is going to renew his contract, which means the status quo will probably continue.

If Wenger were to have a change of heart and leave or eventually realise that changes are needed to allow Arsenal to compete against the EPL’s and Europe’s best teams, there are certainly a large number of positions that will need addressing.

The club is also likely to lose some of its talent in the upcoming window. There is a question mark hanging over the future of Alexis Sanchez, and Paddy Power have him at 13/5 to join Manchester City, 5/1 to join Juventus and 5/1 to move to Chelsea. Meanwhile, odds of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joining Liverpool are 4/7, to leave for Manchester United they have it at 14/1, while Newcastle United are rank outsiders for his signature at 28/1, according to some bookmakers.

For Arsenal to shine next season a lot will need to change and the list below goes some way in identifying the positions and personal that will be needed.

5: Cover or replacement for Hector Bellerin

Barcelona want to sign the young Spanish right-back Hector Bellerin in the summer and Arsenal will need to bring in someone as cover or as a replacement for the fleet footed defender.

Let’s face it, Mathieu Debuchy isn’t good enough to put pressure on Bellerin and has hardly made an impact since joining the club from Newcastle United.

The Gunners have already been linked with Sabastian Corcha from Lille, who only has one year left on his contract. Whether or not he is the type of transfer to raise pulses is debatable, and Arsenal will arguably need a better player than Corcha is they want to challenge for trophies during the 2017/2018 season

4: A new left-back

Put bluntly, Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs aren’t good enough to take Arsenal where they need to go. Gibbs hasn’t made the grade for years and is also injury prone. Monreal is 31 and nearing the end of his career, and according to he has had his worst season for the Gunners since 2013/2014.

The Sun has reported that Jose Luis Gaya is a potential target, although they will need to fight Manchester City for his signature. The 21-year-old has played 92 times for Valencia across all competitions, scoring one goal and registering 10 assists.

3: Central midfield

Santi Cazorla should be a massive part of how Arsenal play, but the fact is he’s missed most of the last two seasons through injury. Now is the time for Wenger to pull out his cheque book and spend money on a world class midfielder. New blood is desperately needed as the likes of Granit Xhaka and Mohamed Elneny’s games aren’t suited for the creating role. Anyone missing Cesc Fabrigas?

Assists wise, only Gylfi Sigurdsson would probably be available for transfer in the summer. The Icelandic star has 12 assists for the campaign, the same number as Christian Eriksen and more than Cesc Fabregas or Alexis Sanchez. However, he normally occupies a more advanced position on the pitch, similar to one Mesut Ozil takes up.

2: An attacking midfielder

There have been whispers that Mesut Ozil is being left behind by the modern trends in football. Jeremy Wilson wrote an excellent piece in The Telegraph about it, and there is no doubt that his performances have dipped this season.

The 28-year-old was responsible for 19 Premier League assists last season, currently he has only 6. Might a player like Emil Forsberg from RB Leipzig be a good buy? The 25-year-old Swede has had a cracking season, scoring eight goals and creating 16 in the Bundesliga. This adds to his eight goals and six assists from the 2015/2016 campaign.

Whatever happens this summer, Wenger will need to come up with a solution to his Ozil and attacking midfield problem.

1: A new striker

This is the issue that gets talked about the most by disgruntled Arsenal fans and keen observers of the Premier League. Every side that want to win trophies needs an excellent striker. Chelsea have Diego Costa, Manchester United have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester City have Sergio Aguero and Tottenham Hotspur have Harry Kane.

The Gunners have Alexis Sanchez, but is he really a striker? They have Olivier Giroud, but he seems to fall just short of greatness every season. With Sanchez’s future in so much doubt, buying a top goal scorer must be priority for Wenger.

But who could he turn to? There is Romelu Lukaku, but he’s made it known that he only has eyes for the blue part of London. Across in Germany Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has 28 league goals, but would Arsenal have the stomach to pay the massive fee required?

Is this the best striker in the world?

In Spain Antonio Griezmann would be a good shout, but would he not prefer to move further up north and join Jose Mourinho at Manchester United?

There are always the lingering Alexandre Lacazette rumours, but they’ve persisted for ages and Arsenal have never seemed that keen to sign him. Whatever happens, this will be the key area to strengthen in the summer.

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20 thoughts on “What are Arsenal’s Priority Positions For The Summer Transfer Window?

  1. Tinashe

    How about we start with the coach? l think that should be our priority and it will play a huge in determining who we sign.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 3

    1. JembutArsene

      There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that. There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that.

      But what you’re saying doesn’t happen, I’ve read on here, listened on the radio, seen online people blaming Kroenke and then absolving Wenger, you cannot do that.

      You either think Arsenal are not being run properly, in which case you want change, or you think Arsenal are being run properly, in which case you support Wenger and/or Kroenke. But you get people on here who will bash Kroenke, be really critical and scathing (rightfully) then the argument just jumps onto Wenger being complicit and being part of this rotten machine and suddenly the irrational defence begins. Yet these same people will then say to you ‘you’ve got agenda’ or ‘you can’t see things clearly.’ Laughable.

      Kroenke is not ambitious because he hasn’t fired Wenger.That proves Kroenke is the primary problem.

      No Arsenal fan believes finishing fourth should be our objective ….None

      It’s just that some love the club so much there is only so much ridicule they can take

      Most of you just want to see Wenger disgraced …..others want to see the players who actually play for us do well

      You can call that AKB or whatever but others have found a way to still enjoy Arsenal despite Wenger

      At the end of the day football is a hobby for fans not something to obsess over.

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  2. odein4

    The first thing is to get that Man Wenger Out, right now I doubt if he can even use this team to win the female league.. why do we shy away from the obvious

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  3. Arsenal_Girl

    We need a player in almost every position

    1. Manager
    2. Top LB (Monreal and Gibbs are decent but not of Top quality like Bellerin on right)
    3. Back up RB (jenks and debuchy wil surely leave)
    4. Another reliable CB
    5. Top DM (been needing one for donkeys years)
    6. Another CM to push Ozil
    7. Top forward
    8 (maybe). Another Top forward if Alexis leaves
    9. Replace Gadizas with someone like Dein

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    1. Yossarian

      And somebody to replace Cazorla, because he looks like joining the “Always injured” party now.

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    2. RSH

      I think a better manager solves A LOT of problems. Mustafi not a bad player. Him and Kos can be a good partnership. RB, yes we need backup, not urgent though. DM, Xhaka IS good enough, this was just the worst season for him to come under so much instability. I think the main positions are striker, CM, and CAM. Cazorla is old, unreliable, and Ozil is not good enough. And we’ve needed a top striker since 2012, so nothing new there. Out wide, we will lose Sanchez, but we still have Perez who hasn’t really gotten a chance, Ox has been improving, Welbz, can do a job… Being realistic, I don’t think we buy a winger this summer no matter who the manager is. Our attack is not good enough though and has completely depended on Sanchez all season. A better manager can drill out defense to actually be good. Overall I’d prioritize CAM, CM, ST, LB. Oh and of course kick out the old guy killing this club.

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    3. vinie2000

      I do agree. We need new coach ( i’m not a hater just objective all season long ).
      RB ( Sidibe from Monaco looks good ) – Bellerin
      LW ( I’m a fan of Rodriguez al day long ) – Nacho
      CB ( I do believe we got 2 good ones ” Kos – Nustafi ” and 2 ok back ups ” Holding – Gabriel” – Per needs to be shipped )
      DM ( Xhaka isn’t DM – Coquelin ( play his heart out but average for team like us needs to go on loan ” Anyone saw the flying tackle against UTD?” HILARIOUS DEFENDING. – Bakayoko from MOnaco ” Vieria” , Luiz Gustavo ( DM can play CB too )
      CM I would love Bernardo Silva.
      Forward: quit few called top strikers but way to expensive so let’s go for Lacazette the cheapest of all. Balloti one season wonder to expensive, Antoine? not a chance..Abumayang? Dreams..Mbappe ? expensive and risky so for us knowing Wenger. OG will be our main ST as he will come out on deadline day that we tried but could not find that special If we get Allegri or Jardim then half of that list will come true. If wenger stays, we will be fighting Europa not top four as SPUDS will get stronger..Conte will bring top strikers..Mourinho getting Griesmman..Pep will go for ABU and we will bring back TAKUMA ASSANO the revelation in Bundes 2. More pain in the horizon fellas, more hurt.

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    4. JembutArsene


      Arsenal are a massive club. Do not for one moment underestimate that. It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious manager who will do anything to win. No one was absolving AW of his slightly recent setback, but that was only pointing out that he is not the sole reason for our problems as a club.

      Be a miracle if you could provide an opinion without the AKB cliche, just forewarns everyone the you’re a complete bellend who thinks his point of view is superior as he derides others. Be permissible almost if your arguments weren’t full of utter shytes. Simple example: we want to play a possession based game, scoring a lot of goals so we have a striker who links up well with midfielders. Unfortunately he’s not a prolific scorer and he can’t create anything for himself (Who can remember Giroud scoring any goal in which he took more than two touches before shooting). To combat this, we have Sanchez and Ramsey who are pretty decent goalscorers. Problem is Ramsey cannot control the tempo of a game effectively (An important factor in possession based systems e.g Xavi, Alonso, Pirlo) and neither can Coach which means you either replace Ramsey with a controller or add one to the team… this is when you add Santi and move Ramsey out wide. Now you have creativity with Özil and Ramsey and Santi but no width because Ramsey and Sanchez will always come central which means your fullback will always push up leaving you with less defensive cover. Coq reduces that problem a bit but can’t do it alone. Offensively, Giroud is very static, clogging up the areas that Sanchez likes to move into, limiting the latter’s effectiveness. This team can cope in most matches, especially when the opponent has a poor midfield but take one player out and we have nobody who can do a similar job. If you had a player with Ramsey’s workrate and goalscoring as well as Santi’s controlling ability, then we could have a better wideman on the right. If you had a more a striker with more goals and/or pace, then you could bank on Sanchez scoring a lot more with more space to work in.

      I get the feeling people think buying players is like panning for gold – the longer spent in the creek the more chance to find the nugget – , but really it’s about patience. You identify the target, do the requisite research , make preliminary off-record inquiries and then you make the approach. After you negotiate or not.

      The detail work is busy enough but the basics are simple.

      No reason to suppose AFC do any less than what they should.

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  4. Goonerboy

    I think you are a little harsh on Debuchy and Monreal..
    Debuchy started brightly and we were all pleased with his performances until he was undone by two separate long term injuries…
    The reason he isn’t getting a look in anymore is because of his attitude to Wenger in the media..

    And Monreal on the other hand has done reasonably well imo, a consistent loyal professional..but as you have said, age is now the problem, in an ideal world we should get an upgrade, and Monreal should be phased out slowly…

    However, I agree with other positions, we definitely need a LB, RB (back-up) two forwards if Sanchez leaves but one World class if he stays…

    A deep lying playmaker, like Pjanic, Cesc, or Ki from Swansea,lol…
    There is really no point in listing names other than to just fantasize and have fun….a lot of work is needed this summer!

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  5. RSH

    Watching Juventus play… we are miles behind being close to a good European team. Arsenal can only dream of getting anywhere near UCL trophy in this current state. Europa League is definitely our level under Wengers dictatorship.

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    This is one of those articles you’d Love to do away with

    Begin with eliminating wenger, see how interesting it gets

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    1. RSH

      That’s what every “What does Aresnal need this summer” article should begin with. Assemble the best XI players under Arsene and we wont win the league. The man can’t manage a winning side. Hasn’t known how to in over a decade yet people still think he is god.

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    1. RSH

      Wenger already ahead of the rest. Has already included him on the list of players we “almost signed”

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      1. vinie2000

        YAYA SANOGO, TAKUMA ASSANO AND KALLSTROM WILL BE LIKE NEW ADDITIONS.resign Pascal Cygan, stepanopulos, ,Park Yun , Myachi.. and Andre Santos and we got a winning team . THAT’S OUR MARQUEE SIGNINGS THIS SUMMER UNDER ANOTHER YEAR WITH WENGER. Here we come Brighton..

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        1. RSH

          I still get Andre Santos nightmares, let’s now go there 😭

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  7. Sean

    Okay we need loads of changes, OUT;
    Wenger, Ivan, Stan & Dick
    Ospina & Wojc
    Debuchy, Per & Gibbs
    Perez, Giroud & Ozil

    Allegri, Overmas, Usmanov
    NEW GK – Cech fights for no1
    NEW RB – Aurier
    NEW LB – Gaya or Kolasnic
    NEW DM – Carvalho
    NEW AM – Isco or James
    NEW RW – Mahrez
    NEW ST – Aubameyang, Lacazzette or Lukaku

    Tho im just dreaming. Thats how u make a statement 🤔🤔

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  8. Vanpayslip thought of the day: AKBs have below average IQ

    Only one change needed – Arsene Wenger

    Rate this comment: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

    1. JembutArsene

      There’s no them vs us you simpleton. You’re an arsenal fan (allegedly) and so am I. Shove your classification up your arse pal or don’t address any of us true stay positive and supporting trough thick and thin fans and not glory hunter simpleton fans like you.

      Not having you tots to talk to would be a big improvement you pleb. Nice of you to think of yourselves as the entire blog though you melon, your ego’s might be big but sadly your intelligence doesn’t match.

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  9. Fritzy81

    Send sanchez to chelsea for Abrahim and Ake
    Team for next season

    …..Danillo (porto)….Xaka……….
    …………….Max Mayer…………..

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