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What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

Arsenal in Decline by MG

There is no doubt, unless you are the ultimate optimist, that Arsenal FC is in a downward spiral.

This decline started with the sale of Thierry Henry, for a pittance, and the failure of the manager and Board to replace him with another first class striker.

Since that time the club has sold their best six players and replaced them with two first class players, Santi Cazorla, Thomas Vermalen and one good forward in Lucas Podolski.

There is no doubt that the manager has been restricted by financial constraints with the new stadium but that limitation should have had no affect on strengthening the team during the last 2 seasons.

I believe that the manager is unable to face the obvious truth that the current squad are 5 players short of earning even a fourth EPL finish this season.

The ‘Board’ are responsible for the manager’s performance, the manager is responsible for the player’s motivation, team formation and selection, and the players are responsible for the performance on the pitch.

The ‘Board’ have failed to replace Arsene after 8 years of failure, Arsene has failed to motivate and upgrade the team to get the results a successful club are judged by, the team have failed to produce enough performances to win even a single trophy or worse that that a performance that can make the fans proud. Bear in mind that I am talking about 8 years here.

To redress this we need the following things immediately;

To buy a first class Centre back, Left Back, Defensive Central Midfielder and a guaranteed goal scorer.

A change of manager, we need to strike a new path away from young inexperienced players who we only sell on when they are mature.

A Board who have a strong desire to see Arsenal at the top of the League and Europe, and not just content with seeing their shares rise every year.

This season may well be a ‘watershed’ for Arsenal, we will not qualify for the CL in fact we will be lucky to finish in 6th place.

Tottenham will be placed above us and we will still have the same squad at the end of the season that we started with this year.

Our negotiators are so useless they cannot even permanently offload Squillaci, Bendtner, Djourou, Denison, Chamakh, Arshavin ect…

Worse that they cannot even negotiate to bring in quality players to strengthen our team in a time of need.

I am an Arsenal fan for over 50 years and I will continue to support them, but this season is the final straw for supporting a deluded and ‘out of step’ manager and club Board.


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63 thoughts on “What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

  1. ripple

    What gunners need to end the drought? How about 10 more players like Jack Wilshere. I don’t know what Laudrup is smoking. Wilshere is a football monster wrapped around a core of pure class.

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  2. wazz gunner

    Wen henry viera bergkamp came dey wer not d 30-50 millions signing…dey itself wer d winner…money cant garuntee success…it just bring stability..wat v need is a Winning mentality…v need 2 think like champions week in week out..& only few players like jack, santi, TV5 hav dat…v can b gr8 again..v vil b gr8 again..trophies vil come..i believe in Arsenal Fc..#COYG

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  3. Greg

    They need to definitely spend to return the force they once was!”the invincibles” thank god for Jack wilshere full blooded gunner!

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  4. SlengTeng

    I think Wenger still has it in him to win us more trophies. What other manager can produce talents like Wilshere (RVP, Song, Nasri, Henry) so regularly?

    But we do need a couple more class players in key positions. Where’s the money?

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  5. VM

    1. Talented and hardworking…never knew this was a problem, there have been teams nowadays that have beaten us from being hardworking alone, Swansea, Bradford the list goes on. More often that not Arsenal hasn’t lost because we were beaten, we lost because we withered and just didn’t show up on the day.
    Chelsea match? – two soft set piece goals
    Man U match, we never showed up
    Swansea Match we withered
    Bradford match we withered
    There have been very few teams this year that have downright outplayed us and to me that is a problem, a BIG PROBLEM. Losing to a team with more talented players is nothing to cry about, it hurts but if they’re better they’re better. But losing to teams based on hard work, pressing, grit determination and a never say die attitude, things which require absolutely no money to ascertain is something that should concern the fans.
    Before any players are bought Arsenal need to acquire these traits. Best of all they are free and unlimited. Before we think about just getting stars we need to remember how to win, how to put our backs against the wall and let the other team know, I’m sorry but you’re just not beating us today, plain and simple. Press for every ball, fight for possession, never duck out of any tackle. Do these things and you will eventually end up creating your own luck and great things can happen. A team one the champion’s league last year because they decided they just weren’t going to lose.
    Arsenal can do the same, but we need to learn to fight again, remember that badge on the shirt you pay your allegiance to, you aren’t just a player.

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  6. shady

    1. Quality signings to shore up the team and provide depth.

    2. Be rid of the unusable/underperforming players any way possible – send them anywhere for free – even pay a team to take them – they are poison to any top team. (squishy, park, bendtner,etc.)

    3. Pay the better players more than crappy players.

    4. Wenger needs to make squad selections based on player quality rather than favoratism.

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  7. holy14ever

    Becos there is only talk and no action taken by fans against the board. they will never fear anything since they are rich and control everything. they can and will remain defiant of what they prioritize while we yell and scream.

    only one word: boycott.

    i know a true fan will not agree to that. but a true fan will also do whatever it takes to see changes for the good of the club. must we become a liverpool or even bottom table club before we act?

    an empty stadium will give us a voice to demand total honesty of how the club is run.

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  8. Alex

    Cavani benzema/lewandowski and gotze. Ship Walcott out he’s inconsistent and is acting like a brat. Giroud is not good enough up front. Then bring gotze and line up in a 4-4-2.a new versatile defender who can play lb rb and cb like sakho.
    Sagna verm mert/new defender Gibbs
    Gotze wilshere frimpong/diaby/coq carzorla
    Cavani benzema
    Very strong team

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  9. ripple

    I don’t think Arsenal need to buy the most expensive players – only teams owned by oil barons can do that.

    That said, Arsenal absolutely must do more in the transfer market to buy quality players. You cannot just sell sell sell and then hope your team stays competitive.

    It can be done wisely, and prudently, but it must be done. Unless players in the reserves are ready there is no other choice. Players cost money whether Arsenal like it or not.

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  10. Greg

    We need a board that is more passionate about arsenal FC more concern about the fans desires to return their beloved club to greatness by making quality signings!not just only looking out for huge profits and even selling off our best players turning the club to an auction house!

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  11. king

    There is no creativeness in any current arsenal players. There is only few players play with full heart such as wilshere, vermaelen, Szczęsny, gibbs… I think we should have just sold walcott and buy 1 world class player (even Michu, lambert, hobbs) doing better than him eventhough they are in smaller club… I dont see why we should not loan HENRY… temporary is better than nothing… look back how many games we would have won with Henry for January, and coming Feb… we are sinking

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  12. johnverdal

    arsene wenger dont wait for walcott to sign contract otherwise it will be too late. just try to sign world class players from now.

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  13. YoungGun

    If we do spend it’ll be in the summer my dream would be
    Class Players
    CB – Hummels
    CM – Alonso
    Striker – Cavani/Neymar
    Winger – El Shaarawy
    A few squad players
    RB – back up for Jenk – Yenarris
    LB – Santos – Meade or another lb
    LW – Gerv – Ryo/Gnabry
    CAM – Arshavin – Eisfeld
    ST – Chamakh – Afobe

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  14. Arsenal till I die

    One world class striker, one world class all rounder midfielder, one world class versatile defender and jack whilshere captain. For sure it’ll end arsenal’s trophy drought.

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  15. papercutz

    After watching walcott up front he is not strong enough for that position he seems to fall over himself in good positions! He just needs time…. But you know wat I’m tired of waiting for a player to get good! Ba was perfect!

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  16. Hafiz Rahman

    anyone recall Joel Campbell??? gosh hes scoring sick goals in Spain…..

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  17. dboy

    One win and people are already thinking we don’t have to bring players in. We are now running for the home straight. With the fixture congestion some players will definitely show fatigue. All of a sudden admin and people like him are making excuses for Wenger not spending rubbish there is money.We need depth in squad in order to rotate players and rest them even Laudrup knows how important the last stretch will be. If Wenger does not buy he will not win FA cup and even top four might elude us not even speaking of CL. Winning one game does not mean we’re ok. We need at least five game streak. Depth will make the difference at end of season.

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  18. Johnno

    Sorry, but Verm is not a first class defender… Vidic, Kompany, Terry back in his day, Campbell in his day; these are/were world class defenders. Kompany is patently better than Verm. Carzola is arguable. David Silva, Kaka a few years ago, Inesita are world class, top class players. Carzola isn’t at their level so that suggests he isn’t of the highest calibre.

    Unfortunately we have a greedy board and a manger who seems happy to take his 6m+ a year salary (one of the highest in the world and the highest in England) to take the heat from the fans. In this day and age no one can compete for titles in one of the top leagues on this budget.

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  19. Arslan

    Agree that Carzola & Vermalaen are 1st class BUT both are not consistent enough like last night’s match, Cazorla was like a passenger… Vermalaen are worst this season unlike last season where he’s excellent… remember he gifted Van Pussy the goal? Only if these 2 players can play consistent enough like the way Fab played consistent for d whole season…

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    What Arsenal need is Hard work and determination and best of all LUCK!!!

    look at RVP United squad…theres no dept in midfield and defence…

    and counting on only 2 world class forward in Rooney and RVP to score as many goals as possible….

    but they have LUCK….and Referee…

    Arsenal players must learn from Barca and Utd and dive when neccesary…

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  21. Cameron

    Fan of over 50 years? Then you’d know all about when the club was up and down never able to hold a spot before Wenger arrived. Be thankful that during the trough of the clubs performance cycle, this is the worst season, and we will still be ahead of Liverpool. Which position would you rather be in? We need world class centre-back? Yeah because Mertesecker hasn’t been a stalwart in the German national side. New left-back because Gibbs isn’t next best for England after Cole. A garunteed goal scorer because Podolski hasn’t scored over 40 times for the German side. We don’t need a defensive mid either. Who would you drop? Logically it’s everyone’s favourite, Wilshere. Look at the crap you’re saying before you say it. You’re embarrassing yourself, and it’s made even worse by your failure to spell ‘Denilson’ correctly. Arsenal fan of 50 years…more like arsenal fan who reads too much Daily Mail.

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  22. gunner forever

    I fu*king hate this guy Bob. What a sh*t articles you can write! My god, first you complain about referee that had a very good game so you can defend the clown on our bench and 11 idiots on the pitch, now you are abusing Nasri! You know what, the idiot here are YOU! Get a life and shout up if you have nothing smart to write about!

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  23. Jack Wilshere

    To the Writer,
    Very good to know that you’ve supported Arsenal for 50 years.
    Awesome…. I hope we can win and all enjoy the taste of success once again.
    I’ve supported Arsenal since 14 years.
    I am ofcourse only 21 but I look up to you guys.

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  24. S.H

    @Gunner forever

    I wouldn’t say I hate Bob, that’s a bit strong, but I must admit you are perfectly right about his weak analogies of the game. Most of his articles are just repeated news. If you google Arsenal news, I bet you will read a similar article from Bob. What ever happened to originality and creativity? Oh that’s right, we have something called cut and paste!

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  25. Ricardo

    @ Hafiz Rahman , i have been thinking that for years too.
    This is soccer not rugby. If you fall to the ground and roll around a little, you get a free kick or penalty. Man Utd have been doing it for years. Ronaldo ,Rooney, Nani etc.

    If you look at other teams, they are all doing it. Suarez OMG , and remember Drogba, WTF !!

    I would rather loose like a man then win like a cheat. And that is what makes AFC more commendable than Man UTD. We dont cheat.

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  26. Awesome Gunners

    WIlshere is brilliant and looking like the plpayer we all knew he was. The only scary part of this is that another team like Man Shitty, Man United or Chelsea might come along and snatch him even though he has signed a long term contract with us.

    JW is someone who thrives to win. We can all see it in the way he plays. He needs to win so I think if we have any chance of keeping this great player in the future then Wenger should sign good players with the intention of winning.

    Otherwise sadly we will lose him in the near future.

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  27. michael jensen

    arsenal need more power one new front player one Dm player and one defender.arsenal need to show power.arsenal have many good player but they need 2-3 player a lesder to show power when the young players go down and dont now what to do.

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  28. giroud fan

    we need consistency in our teams rather than u splash the cash to buy urs prefer players…i cant imagine if u all a coach/managers of arsenal..surely we will sink like portsmouth …

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  29. Sank

    Among our loanees only JOEL CAMPBELL is shining.
    he is playing regularly for betis which is 4th in la liga and just behind real madrid. he plays on right wing and i can assure he is a real talent from what i see.

    he has tricks, good crosses, spectacular long shots, plays short passes and good header and close control, he defends and track backs, always willing to have ball and create something, scored with his both feet. he just lacks some pace and stamina and is sometimes selfish.

    i have watched him 4 times and i feel surely he will get work permit next season.

    ryo – injured with wigen

    all other young – playing at lower leagues and some not even making the bench.

    bendtner, park, denilson, djhorou, chamakh – not worth mentioning.

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  30. Mujnigeria

    *Chelsea have won 11 Trophies.
    *Barcelona have won 16 Trophies
    *Juventus have been relegated, promoted
    andwon the league
    *Over 1,000,000,000 people have
    been born
    *Twitter has been created and
    gained 500 million users
    *Ex- Arsenal players have won 44
    *Arsenal have received
    £261,020,000 in transfer fees

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  31. Darule

    Keeping the English core is important but i am not sure Walcott should be part of that core group. I know many might disagree but Walcott is a liability i never liked him as a winger because he did the same things all the time defender could easily read him run till the opponents corners and send in a blind cross. Now he is trying to be a striker the opportunities he had last night a special player like henry or Persie would have knocked in the goals. He was in two minds when he miscued his shot, try to claim a penalty when he was one on one with keeper trying to take the blame away from him and not making crucial runs when the midfielders are looking to send in the killer pass. For 90-100k a week I would rather have sold him got some with a more footballing brian in there. The amount of time he got dispossessed shows he is far from special. The only arsenal Theo has is his pace!!!

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  32. SAM

    My question is who would u replace arsee with ???
    It is evident that the core of the problem lies with the board not the manager. Arsene brought Henry for 12 mil back in 2000 and u tell me he cant sped big to get world class players. The difference is we had David Dein who sadly has been replaced by Blood sucking Ivan Gazidis, who ironically cost us more tha the entire chelsea management. The fans should protest against the board, stan kronke doesnt even come to the matches, call abromavich whatever u want but atleast he is true fan of chelsea FC. If we get alisher we would not only have a ardent supporter but a owner who will spend to bring the best to arsenal FC.

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  33. Gunner

    We win a game, world class performance from Wilshire, Theo on the verge of finally signing, and all this site can do is drag up negative shit again and again.

    WTF is wrong with you lot?

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  34. green gunner

    Agreed that we have terrible negotiaters that can’t off load our dead wood. If Ferguson or mourinio wanted players gone they would have people to get it done quickly.

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  35. Shubhashish50

    Great blog I would really appreciate if these thoughts are delivered to the Arsenal Board and the manager…..But seriously I don’t think Arsenal will be signing any top quality player this time around in all probability we may end up signing a goalkeeper in Butland of Birmingham City but do we really need 1 now at this point??? I don’t really think so maybe Arsene should reconsider his options of managing Arsenal next season coz I think he has really fallen short of all footballing ideas…WE NEED A PROVEN GOALSCORER AND A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER thats all!!!!!!!!

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  36. markokoko

    So after 50 years as a football fan you clearly know nothing. The arsenal board are not to blame. They have made funds available for wenger to spend but he has chosen not to because he feels his current team is good enough to challenge for trophies. I think though that he has finally accepted that he made a mistake even if he hasn’t said it publicly. Just look at his actions. All the obsolete players at arsenal that never get used, he is trying to get rid of. Chamahk,arshavin,chu young,bentdner,squillaci,santos and djouoru and denilson have all either been sent out on loan or have been told that they will be sold asap. The problem facing wenger is that because that’s so many players that need to leave, he cannot bring anyone new in until these players have left and space made available. I do feel that wenger is still the man to bring arsenal back to glory days I just hope that he hasn’t left it too late. And to all the people saying that its ridiculous that wenger is paid so much should just shut up. Wenger is paid that much because he is the any company the boss gets the biggest salary. When players start getting paid more than the manager you start having shit happen like what’s happened at city and chelsea where the players rule the club.

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  37. Charles Otieno

    Arsenal never used to buy world class players – even during the invincible days. The club bought players that are hardly known and converted them to world class. It is not the inability to buy that has brought the club down. We do not have the same manager that used to make players world class. he does not even know what players to buy that he can make world class. Even players that have proven to have potential in their clubs, once signed, turn into flops. He is more relationship minded to the extent that he is unwilling to neither sell poor players nor substitute non performers on time.

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  38. mr lean

    at last a great article on here well written by a true loyal gooner,need to be holding board more accountable for there poor decisions and lack of ambition

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  39. **** Set Gunner ****

    I am not suggesting that we should get all of these players but these are the options we need to look at for sure:
    GK: Sketlenberg
    CB: Hummels.
    LB: Baines, Luke Shaw
    Mid: Fellaini
    Fwd: Jovetic, Schurrle.

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  40. abc

    generally i agree with people saying that money cant buy success. man city is the perfect example of that considering how well the f**ked up 2 CL appearances. but when you let your best players go just like that you either have to replace them with players of same (or better) qualities or you make sure there’s a proper replacement beforehand! it’s simple logic man! sadly none of these are happening in arsenal and i really doubt that we’ll be in the CL next season

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  41. Ricardo

    @ Set Gunner.

    We will not get any of those players. maybe at a push Luke Shaw, because he is mmmmmmm nah.

    Those players you mentioned are in demand, and will get 50k a week more elsewhere. If we approach them with an offer, so will everyone else with a better offer.

    If you needed a job, and ASDA offered you 50 quid a day and Waitrose offered you 80 quid a day. Which would you choose. ASDA NO. you would go to Waitrose.

    If you needed a job and AFC offered you 90k a week, and Man City offered you 180k a week. Which would you choose. AFC NO. you would go to Man City.

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  42. RC Gunners

    0. Play 4-4-2 because our team is made of 4-4-2 players. Yesterday, despite their unusual lack of efficiency, I thought that Giroud-Walcott paired up really well and Giroud provides assists regularly. So I think he should start when he is fit. He really brings smt different to the team.

    Szecescny – Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs – OX, RECRUIT, Wilshere, Cazorla – Walcott, Giroud

    1. Offload the following players:
    Fabianski, Djourou, Squilacci, Santos, Arshavine, Ramsey, Rosicky, Gervinho and maybe even Diaby

    2. Acquire:
    – Left back (Baines ideally but could settle with Tremoulinas from Bordeaux),
    – Central Defender (Yapou M’Biwa would be a good acquisition and so would N’Koulou. However, if Subotic or Hummels can come, no one is going to say no).
    – Defensive Midfielder: Miguel Veloso would be ideal. If not, we can go for Capoue from Toulouse or…Scott Parker from Tottenham where he lost his place to Sandro. Diame from WH would be an ok addition as well.
    – Winger: Zaha seems to be the obvious choice but it looks like he is going to Man Utd. We need a really good winger with some experience of the highest level. There are not many around…
    – Striker: I think with Walcott, Giroud and Podolski, we have a good mix of qualities BUT I think we need one more striker. I do not think that we need a Falcao or a Cavani as I trust Giroud and Walcott to pair up nicely by the end of the season and to to bag a lot of goals and assists. I would say we would need maybe a guy like Dzeko or Lewandowski and if they are not available, we should turn to a player like Gameiro who is quite amazing at running behind strikers.

    3- Loan out our best youngsters to decent teams in the EPL or in premier leagues in France, Spain, Germany or Netherlands. We have some cracking players coming up like Eisfeld, Miyachi and Gnabry but they need to play at the top level week-in week out. I think Miyachi needs to go to France to get more physical. He d be perfect at Lorient or Rennes. Gnabry can use some more German or Dutch league and Eisfeld might be developing well in Spain or Portugal.

    4. I really think that we have a decent squad but we lack steel, resolve and experience of winning. We need to acquire a few players that can bring in these qualities to our team. We need more depth…I hope we win the Cup this year….

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  43. punisher0908

    I have a feeling this article was written by Kemp under his new alias.

    Arsenal were 10 x the side that played them in South Wales. Jack Wilshere was oustanding. For the sake of the player I hope we can win something soon.

    Cut Walcott and sign a quality stiker AW, you and everyone else knows he’s not your next Henry.

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  44. RC Gunners

    This season the team has been a lot more lethal in 4-4-2. Arsenal is a lot about possession football but the sad truth is that we are better at counter-attacking than at controling games. When we had a lot of psosession by playing 4-3-3, we did not do much with it. We have now found a very good player with GIROUD who can nod goals and also provide assists. Giroud-Walcott is really an excellent tandem, very complementary. I think people really underestimate the potential of this partnership. I do not rate Podolski much despite his credentials, I do believe he is an excellent bench player but he is too inconsistent and we need someone that can attack freekicks and corners and Giroud is the right player.

    Yesterday, we had 27 shots playing 4-4-2 and I think it speaks a lot of our abilities to create in that formation. If we get the right anchorman in midfield (I love Arteta but I do not believe he is the right anchorman), I truly believe that we would have a balanced team playing 4-4-2.

    Come on Gunners!

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  45. sku

    I think we lost our DNA when we lost Cesc the team never really looked the same without him. Last season even before Nasri left we looked different without Fab4 perhaps that is why we saw a lot Song playing attacking play.

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  46. FrankinTas

    Cameron, you should learn to spell “guaranteed” before you criticise another’s spelling.

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  47. boss

    this article was terrible, it seems like this guys living in a fairytail about replace the board does he think that there players were u can just sell them to another team and get some one else in

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  48. dade

    Arsenal need Hummels, hes a heart of defence he is a wall and with him its gonna be hard to score on us him and vermaelen in the centre with sagan and gibbs on the sides, dont really think we are really in nrrf of a midfielder but if we are then diame is the one and a player who would change our attacking force would be Shaarawy, put him on the left wing and PODOLSKI on the centre, he is a beast in shots and walcott on the right very fast.

    Sagna/jenkinson Hummels/koscienly Vermaelen/mertesaker Gibbs/santos
    Diame/Arteta Wilshere/diaby
    Walcott/chamberlain Podolski/giroud El Shaarawy/gervinho

    send out ramsay on loan and play coquelin and jenkinson. Giroud have to get playing time too. Same with Chamberlain, mertesaker and koscienly. The bench: Fabianski, mertesaker, koscienly, jenkinson, diaby, coquelin, chamberlain and giroud. I dont know what to do with gervinho hes not always playing good. If he proves him self good put him in that squad. What do you need more when you have 2 good players in every position?

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