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What Arsenal need to save the Season

Arsene Wenger gave football fans and journalists plenty of ammunition to attack Arsenal with when he said that qualifying for the Champions league was like winning a trophy. Oh, how they laughed. Well, you ask the manager of Tottenham, Liverpool or Everton which they would prefer, and if you get an honest answer they will say Champions league.

Arsenal fans are so used to getting into the Champions league that maybe we have forgotten what a big deal it really is. The thing we haven’t done is win a trophy, for nearly eight years now. We are desperate to get our hands on some silverware, and Arsene Wenger has joined us in that wish now, as he proved by playing his strongest team against Bradford City.

The problem is that, now we are struggling to qualify for the Champions league, it has become vitally important again. What you need to get in the top four is consistency, and we just haven’t got it at the minute. We can’t even be consistent for a whole 90 minutes. We can be fantastic and we can be awful.

That is why, for me, Arsenal need to focus on the cup competitions. If we go out of the FA cup, it will bring pressure down onto Wenger and the players, which will hurt the confidence further. There is plenty of time to go on a run and make up some points on Tottenham and Chelsea, but one bad game will see us go out of the cup.

Arsenal have proved that they can be brilliant at times, and that is what it takes to win a cup. A cup run will help our league form, but an early exit could be devastating. It goes without saying that Arsenal need to add some quality to the squad as well and I hope that Wenger has something up his sleeve.

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102 thoughts on “What Arsenal need to save the Season

  1. Cannon Balz

    Sanga was an absolute disgrace!
    His positional play was very poor and when the above and his game reading were way off the chart in the wrong direction of coarse your opposition should focus in on that weakness which they did on numerous occasions.
    What made it even worse was the fact that his conversion rate and quality of crosses was that bad at one point I had to hide all the sharp objects in the room to stop me from offing myself,at this level it isn’t about playing the ball into a dangerous area it’s about putting the thing on someone foot head ect…..and Sanga can’t do this to save is life!
    On the other hand Jenkinson is one of the best crossers of the ball period not just as a full back,I’ve been really impressed with his range ect and a lot of our problems have come back since Jenkinson hasn’t been on the right.
    Wenger can’t be letting Bould do his job as Sanga should have been off for lack of ability to play at the level requires and Bould should have been in the guys face so I suspect he’s a lame duck on coaching the defense and thus another yes man that allows Wenger to eroded our heritage of defending very well !
    In closing we ar in need of 4 players
    1) A goalie to knock the young Pole back into shape!
    2)A true defensive mid to create real balance and stop our Center backs from being exposed aw to early which contributes to our lack of shape at times
    3)A full back that can cover both sides of Wengers wish list on Def and attack
    4) And a fwd someone who is clinical inside the 18 yard box and here is the only time I will throw out a name and say pluck Darren Bent out of his Hell Season the guy can score goals and that’s what is needed
    Please Please

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