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What Arsenal REALLY need to do this season!!

Arsenal do NOT need big changes! by Sam P

The season so far has been a disappointing one for Arsenal fans, but do not think that Arsene Wenger and the players are any happier than the rest of us. After last season and with some good business done in the summer transfer market, we all expected the Gunners to be challenging for top spot in the Premier League at the very least.

It has not happened for various reasons. Everything going right for Chelsea is one and do not make the mistake of ignoring the damage that a horrendous and continuous run of injury problems have inflicted on us. But what’s done is done and Wenger needs to make sure that we finish the season as strongly as possible.

A lot of Arsenal fans are understandably hoping that the Frenchman uses the January transfer window to fix the problems but I do not see it that way. The only big mistake that Wenger made, in my opinion, during the summer window was his failure to sign another central defender and as long as he puts that right in the next 10 days, we should be fine.

No manager can plan for nearly 10 players missing every week, the squad sizes do not allow it in any case. What the boss really needs to do is use this bad luck to foster a real team togetherness and that is what I think he is doing and what produced the stunning team display at Man City last weekend.

We already have the players, but if those players give it their all for the rest of the season, it will be like a different team and one that could beat anybody. Don’t panic, believe in yourselves and go out and play. Simples!

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20 thoughts on “What Arsenal REALLY need to do this season!!

  1. Andrew U

    Wenger needed another defender and a defensive midfielder before the season ever started! His failure to fill out the squad in the summer has come back to bite him in the butt. It’s his own fault. Injuries happen ever year, but you have to be prepared. Wenger wasn’t!

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    1. sevenitti

      As true as it is, it’s good if he actually is trying to bring someone in during the january window. Bielik is a nice signing, but it’s not a direct improvement. He shouldnt be the great backup-man

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  2. Sumo

    This player getting injured has now become a trademark to us. Don’t know if we will be ever able to eradicate it, but contingencies should be made.

    I think Mathieu Debuchy is very unlucky. We would have liked to see more of him. As for Brighton, hope we can play Serge Gnabry (it’s been so long).

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  3. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

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    1. KickAssFan

      I never understood all that my Maths teacher said about you, not at all.

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  4. davidnz

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

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  5. Champagne Charlie

    Wenger clearly needed to get another CB and DM in the previous summer window.That’s unquestionable – we’re trying to buy a CB now while we’ve been rather fortunate Coquelin has emerged following a mass of injuries in midfield….otherwise we’d also be desperate for a Carvalho type.

    So I disagree, as these are major reasons we’re 13 points behind the PL leaders. We finally have balance in the squad (an able disciplined DM in Coquelin) to play alternative formations/tactics as we saw Sunday.

    Fair enough let’s do the best we can from here on out, but I think top 3 this year and a real CL push is more likely in our reaches.

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  6. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

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  7. cheeterspotter

    Unload Flaming and Artefacts,both surplus. Sign Pogba with Coq as backup..
    Pogba is multi positional in the midfield,trust me.
    Last but not least see out Wenger’s contract as he’s yesterday’s man.I can’t wait another decade for him to workout how to play away from home again.Did he even work that out or where man City shite? Debatable.

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  8. Gunner

    For Now Arsenal need
    > To sign 1 quality CB plus DMF…(I kno, I kno it wont be easy in this transfer window – but im sure we can get sum1 better than flamini as back up for Le Coq..)
    > Learn to play the way we did @ Man city for the big games.
    > Wenger needs to rotate/rest good players…esp when FA/CL and PL games close by…
    > and don’t loose to Man U, Chelshit, Spuds, Pool…

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  9. @sama

    I feel you @Pythagoras LOL. If we can play the same way we did at City against big teams that way we can improve our points tally.

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  10. FFFanatic

    Love all these people just baying for big money purchases instead of listening to the good point the OP posted. Yes – the team needs to band together and act as a unit to get through to that fourth spot and have a good cup run. Then we can look again next year with fit players.

    That said we DO need to buy – our defense is bare bones thanks to another catastrophic injury to a first team player. We need at least a CB so that we can use Chambers/Bellerin for the right, Monreal/Gibbs for the left and have cover for the centre.

    I’m also still of the mind that against weaker teams with fast strikers we NEED a different defender to Merts. He is more suited to games where we can sit back and defend deep – as soon as we push up the ball behind becomes a big issue. A faster CB would be very appreciated so we can rotate a little.

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