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What can a simple Arsenal fan do to change anything? Here are some suggestions….

What can a simple Arsenal fan do to change anything? by Kieran Daly

I have read several excellent articles recently (including the Wengers Faults by Jon Fox and of course all of Konstantin’s) – and written a few, highlighting the almost despair with which a vast majority (I believe) of Arsenal fans now feel. The constant message is that Kroenke, Wenger and the Board are going nowhere, making no changes and totally ignoring any feedback from fans, but even also ignoring the opinions from basically the whole Football Community now, saying Arsenal is in crisis and Wenger should go.

I think Wenger leaving is half the solution but if he is replaced by another Kroenke puppet then what’s the point?

But, apart from complaining and writing about it, what can we actually do? Many of us are not even in the UK, so can’t really march or hold up banners and so on.

Last year, in spite of the criticism from some TV pundits and large sections of Arsenal fans, a very successful protest campaign developed. Yes, it wasn’t as widespread as some expected ,and yes it kind of died when Arsenal had their miracle late run, but the use of flying banners and images projected onto the Emirates walls had major impact. The publicity generated almost impacted Wenger (who was as close to quitting as ever before) and almost impacted the Board (who timidly suggested a Director of Football). In addition, don’t forget on the back of it, Usmanov made a 1 Billion Pound bid for the club! So it had HUGE impact!!!

We need to get the Arsenal hierarchy to feel the same level of embarrassment, anger and frustration that the fans feel so that they will do something. Look, Kroenke must be as stubborn as Wenger if he doesn’t think selling up and **going away** isn’t the best thing to do. Can anybody really get Kroenke out if he doesn’t want to go? No. But what if he was made to realize that not changing was not in his best interests? But how do we convince him?

Money and Sponsorship, that’s how. Hurt them in their pockets where they feel it. What if Emirates, Puma, etc, turned around and withdrew sponsorship due to the embarrassment their association with the club was causing? It’s happened before in other sports, remember Tiger Woods?

This is what we can do ……..
What if every Wenger Out fan committed in writing to never boarding an Emirates flight or buying another Puma product until Wenger was sacked and this message was sent to these Sponsors?
What if everywhere Emirates was publically associated with a failed club with a toxic fanbase ? How long would they maintain sponsorship ?
If all sponsorship money, merchandise sales and so on dried up and impacted the Clubs value and revenue, how long would Kroenke continue to hold out to Usmanov? We fans have more influence than we think if we unite and use it properly.

Ideally all this could start with the Arsenal Supporters Trust but this may not be the most passionate vehicle for change.
What if a Kroenke/Wenger Out Club was set up? People could join and pay membership. Contributions could be made depending on means and conviction. I contributed 100 pounds last year towards the West Brom Banner flight and would to 2 or 3 times that again. I would pay that every week if I thought it would get Kroenke and Wenger out. We need to do the same again, and this time stick with it , regardless of a few good results against teams already on the Beach.

We need to get a Facebook page or Crowdfunding organization setup or something so that enough negative publicity is generated so that Kroenke et al can no longer ignore us.

We need images projected onto Emirates constantly. We need flying banners at every game. We need to buy TV, Radio adds to give the message that Arsenal fans have had enough.

We need to write and message Skysports, ESPN, BEin Sports all around the World that we have had enough. Get Arsenal FanTV broadcasts expanded and publicized more.

Anything else that contributes to Arsenal’s Management feeling uncomfortable and gets potential change happening. As they say, you cannot make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. We need to start cracking some eggs !!

This is what a simple fan can do.


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14 thoughts on “What can a simple Arsenal fan do to change anything? Here are some suggestions….

  1. drew is pissed

    dear loyal london based gooners: if you attend the next home match then you are just as retarded as wenger. just watch it on skysports. many thanks

    1. Maccer

      I genuinely believe the real problem is Kroenke not Wenger. The only thing I could see working is a boycott on tickets, crazy that we have the most expensive season tickets in world football! Only when he stops making money will Kroenke walk away

  2. BOBBY

    Boycotting Home Games Is The Only Real Way To Have The Board Give Into The Demands Of Fans. If Fans Can Boycott Atleast 4 Home Games, I Think They Will Beg The Fans To Come Back With The Changes Required By Fans.

    1. Pablo Picasso

      With our stubborn manager and board it would take more than that too.

      Correct me here, haven’t the tickets been sold already, hence whether you show up or not the club wont lose a penny?

      It would take a combination of things for us to be heard:

      – from what the writer has pointed out
      – your suggestion of missing games
      – crowd singing negative songs
      – to small things like throwing toilet paper on the pitch
      – to waving simple white cloth’s like the Madrid fans do.

      Its the simple things that will make the media jump on and after that something has to give.

  3. Peter T

    £100M to spend on transfers they said!
    I’ll think you’ll find they’ve made!
    18 Players sold or released…
    £126M (if Sanchez goes)
    At least £15M saved on wages!!!
    The board must think we’re the biggest f-ing mugs on the planet! Keep buying tickets and shirts, wow! I’m done for now!

  4. gunnersrocks

    Wenger krienke gazidis law aeveryone out ..take ur ozils walcotts along wit you people..

  5. Jack

    I completely agree hurting the owner and the board momentarily will have an impact. We should all get together and start. This should not die down with a few wins. This campaign should continue till we get the change that the club deserves. Whoever is interested to be the new owner should have no doubts that Arsenal FC is brought back to glory or else she/he will also not be able to stay as a owner

  6. Finding Dory

    Honestly I have been a Wenger supporter and in the Wenger In crowd since last year. I am close to switching to Wenger Out. But not yet. From what I understand, Wenger played a dangerous game with his squad selection against Liverpool by playing Ox with Sanchez and Welbeck. He did this knowing that the majority of the other players (except the newer ones) wanted Ox out. There was and has been a rift between Ox and others. So Wenger played Ox in the hopes of securing the sale of Ox to Chelsea. He left out new guys to keep them away from the drama. But his selection of Ox and his strategy angered the other players even though they were told what he was doing. The other players felt like Wenger purposefully tanked the match to sell Ox. In the short run it had a negative effect on the players. In the long run it worked as Ox is gone (Good riddance!).

    Sanchez is thought to be held onto. However, the same players that complained about Ox have said to get rid of Sanchez as well. But, this isn’t as big an issue as Ox was.

    Sanchez will go at the right price. But if he doesn’t it’s ok.
    Ozil is definitely staying. He will sign a new contract after transfer market closes.

    AFC will bring in Lemar or Draxler. Possibly both. Lemar on permanent basis and Drax on 2 year loan with option to buy.

    1. Dotash

      Thank you for this information- Arsene Wenger. I cross my fingers to see your claim a reality. But why are you not thinking of resignation?. Looking forward to an average season.

  7. Adebayo Olawunmi Abiodun

    Please let start with the creation of #WengerOut pages and groups on all social media in the world where we fans can support,fans should stop going to watch match for atleast 10 to 15 games whether we win or not. i stand gidigba with the people on #WengerOut issue.

  8. Frederico

    We Arsenal fans have to look inwards at ourselves and understand how truly passionate fans can effect change. We’re too quick to forgive long periods of blunder when suddenly a little spark arises and we win the FA cup or something. If we truly want change, as they say “Actions speak louder than words”. I therefore agree with the following measures: Boycott home games; Don’t buy merchandise; and ignore sponsor products. (If you must watch the games, its cheaper from home any way)
    The truth is we fans are becoming part of the problem as we forgive and forget in a whim. Which big team keeps a coach that has not won their national championship for 14 years and gives them a 2 year extension? In fact which truly big team with big aspirations keeps such a manager for even 3 years?
    Over to you my fellow fans.

  9. Arsenalislife

    These greedy board people don’t care and they don’t have any shame whatsoever. But we fans need to fight, a big fight – real fight to change this and not being carried away with some positive results. Can you fans in London do us a favour by emptying the Emirates for one game, just one game? When I say emptying, it is like empty like helllll. And protest outside?how much painful is that as compared to the current pain we are in and the situation of this wonderful club? We beg you for this favour. You don’t have anything to lose.

  10. Godswill

    Empty stadium.
    Boycott, boycott, n boycott until Wenger is out.
    He an accomplice in crime against the fans.

  11. Michael Amuakwa

    Boycotting home games and not travelling to see the Europe league matches will send a signal to the arsenal board and that Sadist called Wenger. I have followed the Arsenal for 28yrs, and I must admit this is the worst year for my beloved team. I can honestly see Wenger running our team to a mid table position this season. His selection is so skewed it can only come from a wicked heart that enjoys watching us suffer. These days, I have to skip work because of taunts from rival supporters. Wenger is sending a lot of Arsenal supporters to their early grave right here in Ghana. Please Gooners in the UK, increase the pressure on this sadist to quit lest he succeeds to killing all of us here. We are at the butts of all jokes. The latest being that even the arsenal club mascot has handed in a transfer request. We are being killed slowly by Wenger!

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