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What chances do Arsenal have of a Trophy?

What do we want from this season? by KJ

This season has been a travesty after the start we had. We were on course to actually give a real go for the title challenge this season after impressive wins against Liverpool and Southampton before a vital away draw against champions, Man City. However, today we sit 18 points behind league leaders Man Utd and it would be utterly delusional to expect us to turn it around.

So now that the league was over, I was looking forward to getting some silverware by winning the Capital One Cup. But we managed to mess this up by losing to Bradford of all teams. 2 down now and only 2 left.

I don’t really have any expectation when it comes to the Champions League. We’ve never won the competition and don’t look close to doing it now. We’ve finished second in our group which is a considerably worse position than winning the group. I don’t subscribe to the theory of “it doesn’t matter whether you’re first or second in your group, you have to beat the best to win the CL”. This is a misconception in my opinion. You’re more likely to go through the last 16 facing weaker team than a stronger team regardless of how you put it.

After that, you have 3 more games until you win the most coveted trophy in European football. But in our case, we’ll have to face 4 difficult matches rather than 3. That one match could be the difference between winning or losing the trophy. Look at Chelsea’s run. It started with games against Napoli and Benfica. They wouldn’t have made it had they been forced to play the likes of Madrid earlier on (which they may have had to if they got second in their group).

Our only real hope of silverware this season lies with the FA Cup. It’s a nice trophy to have and is well respected in Arsenal’s long standing history being the second strongest club historically in the competition. It’d be nice to win it again and hopefully instil that winning mentality for future seasons.

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37 thoughts on “What chances do Arsenal have of a Trophy?

  1. LordZesu11

    Pretty slim. FA Cup? Tough trophy to win. I just hope to god the team can put together a run now and don’t go and draw to Wigan. Nothing surprises me with Arsenal.

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  2. dave

    I want to see a positive reaction from the board, manager and the players. No disrespect to the FA cup but it’s no good to win a trophy and continue on the path this team is headed. There needs to be a change of attitude and methods, for example by signing real quality players, get rid of deadwood ,and change the wage structure. If the team can really make significant in roads on these fronts, the the current plight is almost justified.

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  3. L

    Bit naïve to suggest Chelsea wouldn’t have won CL without topping their group, they still had to beat Barca and Bayern, honestly 1st, 2nd makes no difference, you’re either going to beat the best or you ain’t.
    Plus being second we could still draw Malaga or PSG who I think are both Beatable. Lets try and be positive instead of constant scrutinising and dwelling on all the negative outcomes.

    Also the gap is 15 points not 18 (I still believe!) plus everyone seems to be forgetting that Man U only just beat reading 4-3 and we just smashed them 5-2. That win is a lot more positive than a lot of ppl are trying to make out! COYG!!

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  4. Shah95

    Premier league: no chance. CL: we need a miracle. Fa cup: too difficult. No trophys again.

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    Tough for the League…

    if Chelsea can win champ league by parking bus….Arsenal can do it as well..

    the boys have to play their best…and lose with pride and honour even if they dont win….

    and slowly they will get there

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  7. Sureli

    Our chances are very slim, if any.
    We just need our swagger back first. Lets string a few wins together, and then we will dream about trophies.
    Miracles do happen though, but I’ve been burned too many times before to expect any.

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  8. bashman

    stranger things have happened ( chelsea winning CL), arsenal can win a trophy this year if they sign players (to lighten the load) and stay injury free, but more importantly find some form and consistency then why not

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  9. RSH

    Very slim again this year. League Cup was our only clear shot. FA Cup is a hard win, and right now our only chance.

    Premier League seems miles away at this point unless results go our way and we improve. Same can be said for Champions League. So far it seems we have more of a chance in the CL than Premiership. I don’t see us being consistent yet to win the league.

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  10. Al Bundy Weed

    when mr wenger loses to the swansea there is a crisis but when Barcelona or Real Madrid lost to hercules fc it’s not a crisis,shame on you wenger haters haha wengerwetrust

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  11. k

    None this year but if we spend then we can definitely challenge next year.

    We need 4 top players:
    A top striker
    A left midfielder/winger
    A Diaby type player
    A backup left back

    We then have 4 top strikers with: Walcott, Podolski, Giroud and the new striker. We strengthen the left side which has been a weak point. We balance the midfield, solidify the defence and increase the depth. Then we add some depth to the left back position

    First team:
    Wilshere//New mid//Arteta
    Cazorla//New striker//New left mid

    Defence is solid and the midfield is balanced with good defensive and offensive qualities. Cazorla I put on the right as I feel it suits him to be able to cross, dribble, take on players, shoot and cut inside. The new striker I would hope to be clinical and take the chances and the new left mid to strengthen the left.

    Second team:
    Jenkinson//Koscielny//Djourou//New left back

    The attack on the second team is absolute class. The midfield has Rosicky and Chamberlain who are great and Ramsey who is a good squad player. Then the defence, with the exception of Djourou, is almost as good as the first team. Mannone is obviously not as good as Szczesny but decent backup.

    So depth is great and first team is great. Four players away from trophies. Make it happen Wenger (and the board).

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  12. ams

    no chance at all…
    we just won against reading…
    the weakest team so far..
    i hope there will be something happen in january transfer window…we reallyy need a world class player….COYG..!!

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  13. pursuit of happiness

    i would be happy to see fellaini, and cavani or demba ba signing in jan

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  14. ripple

    If Wenger would make starting team selections like he did v. Reading, and if Arsenal make some good transfers to provide some depth – they have a chance at a trophy.

    If Wenger keeps reverting back to insanity by showing loyalty to proven poor quality players (as he did today again by putting Ramsey in again) while shunning players of decent quality (Arshavin), and if Arsenal continues to hold onto to poor players (like signing Ramsey again), they don’t have a f##kin prayer.

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    Guess someone needs to send a message directly to Wenger about Ram and ger…

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  16. Emaster

    We win one game and the trophy talk starts again. Why don’t we just take it one game ate time and see where it takes us. Every win doesn’t mean we are winning the championship and every loss does not mean we are being relegated…

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  17. YoungGun

    January moves but not something that can’t happen like El Shaarawy or Götze
    Def – we have to get rid of @least 1 of the 3
    Santos – Willems, Shaw
    Djourou/Squid – Miquel, Ogbonna, Zouma, Angha
    Mid – Should have done this in the summer
    Diaby – Frimpong(I know he’s on loan but next year he won’t), Verratti
    Arshavin – Eisfeld
    Att – Gerv has to go in the summer
    Chamakh – Henry but it’s a short loan so we’ll still need another striker
    If Walcott stays he’ll be the extra striker but we have to bring back Ryo what the f*** is he doing @ Wigan
    If Walcott leaves still bring back Ryo – Zaha, Llorente, Pato
    And once we get through this horrible season we’ll make the big moves in the summer
    Hummels, El Shaarawy, Götze, Pogba/Asamoah/Acquah

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  18. dilla

    Off topic….

    Our record (in all competitions) when Theo IS involved in the game. 9 wins, 6 draws, and 3 losses.

    Our record (in all competitions) When Theo ISN’T involved in the game: 3 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses.

    Our record is significantly better when Theo plays. Can someone send this statistic to Wenger and the board? PLEASE GET THEO TO SIGN!!!!

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  19. George kaingu kombe

    This is what Wenger nid to focus on to puzzle our rivals,in window transfer ,1The wage structure be amended to the level of convincing Big names be attracted to wear Red n white at Emmirates,2 Talented,creative pace n strong striver,at the range of Falcao n cavani,3 Defencive midfielder at level M-villa or much more offencive.4 Strong back up centre back n left back.Last bt not least Usmanov be given seat on Board n deadwood be wraped n deposited according to their ability.

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  20. ripple

    @dilla: You are right about Walcott. Yet it is almost as important who is not able to play when Walcott and other quality players are on the pitch. Sadly, Arsenal have players who are poison to the team but who are unable to do their damage when the better performers are selected.

    I thought Wenger’s starting squad was excellent and they were able to keep an attack rhythm while in other games the attack has been interrupted when poor players give away the ball repeatedly.

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  21. mohawk35

    My heart soared when I saw the starting squad selections for the Reading game. My faith in Wenger was restored.

    My heart sank when I saw that, instead of giving some players a well-deserved opportunity, Wenger put Ramsey on the pitch again. Ramsey has been given many chances to prove himself – what about other players who might actually be able to help the team.

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  22. mohawk35

    @dilla: Good Point, However, if Wenger cared about statistics Ramsey would never get a start. Over the past 30 games or so Arsenal’s premier league record of getting a good result with Ramsey starting is abysmal.

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  23. GUN

    If we buy 2 quality players in January and keep the current squad, Arsenal can fight for a trophy.

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  24. Ryan

    Looking at our team we cannot sustain a decent run in competitions as our squad doesn’t have quality throughout to cope with the fixtures – Arteta, cazorla, Giroud and wilshere cannot start every game! Simple as go and buy players who can challenge for positions – not chamak and the standard will raise automatically, I don’t think we’ll win a trophy because of that I disagree completely with what u say about finishing first in the group I feel that u have to deal with what’s being thrown at you regardless and if we overcome tougher opponents than that gives impetus for the trophy however if we go out next game of course I’ll be disappointed but on the plus side we can concentrate on the league!! The most important thing write now is securing 4th no champions league football would cripple us like Liverpool because your automatically looked at by other players as a lesser team it’s in the name “champions league”

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  25. Johnno

    PL is no hope. CL we had to change tactics and play bit more uglier, direct football like Chelsea did. FA Cup we’d need to play full strengths squad and take them like a PL match… Which would then drain us for the PL and CL. We can win a trophy, but I don’t think we’ve got enough depth to do well in CL, finish top four and win the FA Cup. Add to that our players going off on international duty too.

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  26. Ban10

    for me the real trophy is signing walcott and sagna and diaby fit for 2nd half of the season and wenger buying a LB n DM

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  27. Big Gun

    Some of you fans are just plain mad. We win one game in like 5 by beating a bottom of the table team and all of a sudden we are title contenders?? LMFAO. Look, its good to be positive, but come on guys be realistic. Arsenal are the most inconsistent team atm. One week we look so damn good, the next week we look like a bunch of old men mowing the lawn. We have an outside chance of top 4. That is it. We need something extra if we wish to beat teams like United, City, Chelsea. Let’s face it, United might lose to a few crumby teams here and there, but when it comes to the big games, they come to the party in full force and that’s where it counts. Their victory over City no doubt will most likely be the decider for the league. I really hope we can get 2 world class players in Jan. We just need that something extra because I believe our team CAN BE GOOD if we are all on the same page and Wenger plays the right squad.

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  28. semon raj

    Arsenal” Just think about wining the next 3 games before the January transfer. After January hope Wenger does some good signing”.

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  29. Charles Otieno

    I nolonger know how to cheer the Arsenal teams. Looks like even the players have fugured a way to play well to save Wenger’s job and the go back to the damn lazy habits

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  30. Goon-Tah

    The Reading game didn’t really test Arsenal’s defense, which on the break has, quite frankly, been shambolic. I’m happy about the win, but I won’t cling on to any false hope of a turnaround in our fortunes while we are showing no serious signs of correcting our deficiencies. There’s just something very unsettling about our defending

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  31. holy14ever

    i jus want to say that if the board really cares about us fans and place our needs before their individual earnings, try their best to let us be proud, we will have a trophy next season or soon.

    gooners, leave AW alone, he is AFC DNA. its the board. if they let Walcott go, its sad to be a Gooner.

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