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What does the future hold for Arsenal’s Ramsey?

Aaron Ramsey scored the winning goal for Arsenal on Friday night after coming on from the bench, but is there reason to be worried about his future?

The Welshman has shown on a number of occasions that he has the ability to play at the highest level, but numerous injuries have stunted and slowed his progression over the years, and there are always worries that we could lose him to injury at any point in the season.

Jack Wilshere’s regular fatalities have all-but ended his career as a Gunner, and is expected to leave the club this month, but Aaron Ramsey is surprisingly free from speculation at present, despite having entered the final 12 months of his career.

The former Cardiff midfielder has been flourishing in the new 3-4-2-1 system alongside Granit Xhaka in 2017, and has always seemed content in an Arsenal shirt, but why has there been no contract extension agreed?

There is no indication that talks have even taken place over a new deal, although you would assume that there have been sit-downs on a number of occasions this late into it, and his importance has grown consistently over the years.

The Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil sagas appear to have taken priority, and that better not allow both the Ox and Ram to lose patience with the club. I would certainly feel unappreciated if my contract was allowed to run so far without progress on new terms, and others being prioritised would only enhance that thought process.

Could our club be shooting themselves in the foot by overlooking these two key squad members? Does Ramsey deserve to be a first-team regular every week? How much of a blow would it be to lose Ox/Ram?

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18 thoughts on “What does the future hold for Arsenal’s Ramsey?

  1. John0711

    I know he gets a lot of stick but I think he would be better in the no 10 role. He would score goals create havoc and assist in defending from the front

  2. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    When it comes to Ramsey my main concern is for celebrities that turn up dead in the days following him scoring. If he has a good scoring season we might lose a whole generation.

    Fingers crossed the next one is Rolf Harris

  3. Chetachi N. Davidson

    Winning goal? That is the height of your sentiment. Let him go please, his style of play is not appealing, let Wenger go to Spain we have so much replacements.

  4. gotanidea

    He is a good B2B CM with high stamina, I hope he can be like Casemiro or Rakitic, a player that can bring balance in the midfield area.

  5. Prakash Gupta

    I miss the 2013/2014 Ramsey. He was literally unplayable. An eye for goal and no fear in trying to dribble and get into good positions.

    I think the pressure has gotten to him to impress constantly. No wonder he’s been sloppy these past few seasons.

    Really do hope that Le Prof encourages him to be fearless. Xhaka-Ramsey partnership would be very commendable then.

    1. Ignasi M

      Hang on, hang on, Ramsey has been regularly injured.

      He’s a quality player and more potent than Ozil. Arsenal would not have won the last two FA cups if it wasn’t for Ramsey. At least he tries hard even if he’s having a bad game. Oil just disappears as soon as he’s man marked.

  6. Ronny

    Wenger is relaxed on Ramsey future/contract as he’s his son and favourite no? 🙂
    # Ramsey golden child

  7. Yossarian

    For me Aaron Ramsey is a bit like Theo Walcott. He has spells of being very good, which is always appreciated when it happens, but (Except for once) it’s only spells and never a whole season.

    That makes him (And Theo) good temporarily they’re on-form, but not to be relied upon as constant first-choice players. They both have their useful strong points, but are not complete players at top-level.

    Ramsey’s role in the team should be as an alternative partner to Xhaka when a better 1st-choice player is unavailable (Cazorla). I would personally like Jean Michael Seri to be that player in the long-run.

    1. Boluwatife

      come on guys, Ramsey is not always inconsistent, only always injured but he doesn’t take long to pick form. He’s always the culprit whenever we play awfully partly because unlike others, he doesn’t disappear. he keeps trying. we need to appreciate him. plus has anyone notice how often he gets injured whenever he’s played out of position? let this guy and Xhaka be our midfielders and let’s judge at the end of the season.

  8. Break-on-through

    The cup performances will have helped his confidence. Aaron gets into great positions so now that he is looking to find his feet again, he can be an important player for us. People are fair most of the time I believe. They will look at it and say of sort, well, since those end ten games last season, and this goal coming off the bench, as long as he’s improving I will hold my tongue and hope for the best.

    If he is going to play CM for us, well then he should take a leaf out of Oxlade’s book. Ox went and looked up who he thought was best fullback in the game, he really studied him. Aarron needs to find a player who is similar in size and engine, likes to go forward but what makes him best or one of best is the all round work ethic. I’d like him to look up Verratti, he’s even smaller, but boy can he mix it up. But I’m not sure Ramsey would have the patience to be like a Verratti, allot goes into his positional awareness, and all the small touches done so quickly that they become big touches. I’m not sure about Ramsey learning from him unless he wants to just add a defensive game and keep all of his own forward style. Or he could look up Kante, have a look at why he is so quickly in peoples faces and if Kante has any no no’s, or what his no no’s are. Sometimes it’s easier to see what people won’t or cannot do than it is to see what elevates them.

  9. Waal2waal

    ramsey’s football career has reached the do-or-die stage he is scoring and that breeds confidence in a player to start scoring more. if he can recapture his form of 3yrs ago he can be immense in current campaign and be instrumental in our/his success. he has also the monkey on his back of being here to long and with it being viewed much the same as TW who though appears to be full of promise he in fact is a hinderance to younger talent wishing to break into the arsenal first eleven. a.ramsey is fully under the microscope so lets hope he delivers.

  10. HydrogenDwhiz

    We truly need Ramsey though he makes foolish decision with the ball he doesn’t look like he’s serious on the ball
    he works hard for the team tirelessly, Ramsey is very good in marking and winning possession for the team
    I’m pretty sure arsene will keep him in the team
    if we can get a midfielder like kante then our midfield is surely balanced

  11. Mathew

    Ramsey is my favorite player in the team. A wholesome team player, hugely positive and immensely gifted. He must stay on .

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